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Course Objectives, This course is designed with an interactive framework to merge learning and application. of theory and concepts This means to foster a learning environment in which students. become skilled in the use of marketing planning concepts More specifically students will. have the opportunity to, Engage your ability to apply theoretical learning and reflect upon your. experience in the field of marketing strategy as well as investigate current real. world business and marketing problems using analytical marketing tools. Identify evaluate and implement marketing strategies. Expand and apply knowledge of selected strategic marketing processes. concepts and methods, Demonstrate proficiency in professional business communication in the. preparation of a strategic marketing plan, Describe how effective marketing planning contributes to competitive advantage. value creation and organizational decision making, Pose relevant questions and direct your own course of inquiry.
Work collaboratively to solve problems propose and evaluate solutions and. defend recommendations,Course Website, I will make course readings grades lecture notes announcements research help. tutorials and other class materials available on the Courselink website You are. expected to check this site regularly for course announcements and updates. Instructor Communication, The Instructor may be contacted at the information provided above With respect to. email communication every attempt will be made to respond to emails with 24 hours. of their issuance Appointments to meet during Office Hours must be requested via. email at least 48 hours in advance of the requested meeting date. Course Materials, The required book for this course is listed below Additional short readings from. newspapers industry publications academic journals and websites will also be. required during the semester and will be communicated in advance on Courselink. Title The Marketing Plan Title Selling Sales,Handbook Management. Author Marian Burke Wood Author Jobber Lancaster,Edition 4th Edition Edition 8th Edition.
ISBN 978 0 13 608936 0 ISBN 978 0 273 72065 2,Publisher Pearson Canada Publisher Pearson Canada. Academic Freedom and MCS 2020, Academic freedom is at the core of university studies and research As such you will. find that Professors may differ in their approach to teaching a specific subject You. should be aware that different sections of the same course that are taught by different. Professors or in different environments e g Distance Education may have different. textbooks different grade assessment methods and different grading schemes. Online Communication, As indicated the course website will be used regularly for communications in. this course In addition I may communicate with you from time to time via your. central email account uoguelph ca You are required to check this account. on a regular basis Please note that I will not edit my mailing list to your. Hotmail Yahoo etc account, I encourage you to make use of discussion board on the courselink site Please. note I do not monitor the discussion board If you have a specific question. related to an assignment or grade than email me directly to make an. appointment, Emails I endeavour to check my email daily excluding weekends so you can.
reasonably expect a response within 48 hours Please do not email me. questions about a topic that require long explanation for assignment feedback. or related questions that would work better speaking about in person. Teaching Philosophy, You cannot teach a man anything you can only help him find it within himself. I generally believe that as scholars we contribute to society in two distinct but inter. related activities through our research and through our presentations whether. written or spoken at conferences or in the classroom I find each of these activities. inherently rewarding personally and professionally I also find one to the exclusion of. the other is unbalanced research without publication has limited value and teaching. without reference to the current state of the community s knowledge is misleading. I believe that learning is a shared responsibility amongst the teacher and students. Therefore the classroom is a place of knowledge discovery much more than a location. of information transfer This belief is informed by my professional background as well. as my many years spent in the classroom on both sides of the podium The. classroom can be put to a considerably different and higher purpose than simply. passing stale information from one generation to another and it is with this. understanding that I have come to greatly enjoy the teaching activity. Each person in a classroom is situated across different fields of valuable knowledge. and experience and that disparate knowledge and experience results in two. significant issues both of which can be beneficially employed to facilitate learning 1. different people receive information through the lens of their own unique experiences. and learning styles and 2 different people can uniquely contribute to the knowledge. discovery process through appeal to their particularized experience Accordingly I. endeavour to engage students in the learning process as opposed to simply teaching. at them all classroom participants help to expand the knowledge available for. discussion and in the creation of new shared knowledge a process that may also. serve as insight for new research, While I orchestrate and direct the conversation to ensure that necessary and. appropriate marketing topics are covered it is the informed curiosity and active. participation of the student participants that is most exciting and rewarding As such. I tend to use a largely Socratic based method of teaching for both case and non. case based materials actively calling on all participants to expand and explicate the. insights of other participants Also I will do my best to use current examples effective. presentation slides and other media to make the content engaging and generally. foster a stimulating and collaborative learning environment When students engage. this process everyone in the classroom gains new insights and understandings than. can be productively employed across contexts,Teaching Approach. This course will utilize a combination of lectures class discussion guest. presentation s and cases addressing marketing issues and the group marketing. assignment These activities will provide the student with the opportunity to learn the. concepts and theories of the subject area and to apply this knowledge in a systematic. and logical manner consistent with the stated learning outcomes Information will be. provided from a variety of sources reading assignments from the text short written. assignments handout materials and audio visual presentations. Evaluation,Students will be evaluated in this course through. Final Exam 30,Class Participation 10,Group Project Marketing Plan 30.
In Class Assignments 3 30, Students are responsible for ensuring that you do not have a time conflict with. examinations in other courses You are not permitted to enrol in this course if you. have a time conflict with another course,COURSE SCHEDULE. WEEK TOPIC READING,UNDERSTANDING MARKETING STRATEGY. 1 Course Introduction Group Formation Chapter 1,Sept 9 Developing Marketing Strategy Plans. BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITY,2 Business Sustainability Marketing Planning.
SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS UNDERSTANDING MARKETS CUSTOMERS. 3 Competition Internal and External Forces and Chapter 2. Sept 23 Marketing Planning,Defining Customers and Markets Chapter 3. In Class Assignment 1, PLANNING DIRECTION SEGMENTING TARGETING AND POSITIONING. 4 Planning Direction Objectives and Marketing Support Chapter 4. Sept 30 Customer Research identify select align Chapter 5. MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS,5 Creative Strategy Chapter 9. Oct 14 Thanksgiving Day No Class,BRAND PRODUCT STRATEGY. 6 Brand Product Strategy Chapter 6,Oct 21 In Class Assignment 2.
SUPPLY CHAINS IMPLEMENTATIONS,7 Channel Logistics Strategy Chapter 8. Oct 28 Implementation Assessment Chapter 10, 8 Aligning Pricing to Strategies Marketing Planning Chapter 7. Nov 4 In Class Assignment 3,PERSONAL SELLING, 9 Development Role of Sales in Marketing Chapter 1. Nov 11 Sales Strategies Chapter 2,10 Sales Responsibilities Preparation Chapter 7. Nov 18 Personal Selling Skills Chapter 8,SALES MANAGEMENT.
11 Recruitment Selection Chapter 13,Nov 25 Motivation Training Chapter 14. Group Projects Due,12 Organization Control Chapter 15. Dec 2 Salesforce Evaluation Chapter 17,TBA Final Exam. Description of Assignments and Exams,Final Exam, The final exam will include a combination of multiple choice and short answer. In Class Assignments, There will be three 3 in class assignments The assignments will be written during.
class time at the end of the class and take no more than thirty 30 minutes each. They can include multiple choice fill in the blank and short answer questions. Questions can pertain to any of the material covered during the course with respect. to the relevant topic areas including those topics contained in the guest speakers. presentations and class discussions,Group Project, This course comprises a group project Students will work in groups to undertake a. major integrative project to develop a marketing plan for an existing company. Additional details related to the marketing plan project will be provided in a separate. document During and after your group assignment you will have the opportunity to. evaluate the contributions made by each group member including yourself Your. contribution to your group will directly correlate to your mark and your peers. evaluation of you More details of the peer assessments will be available with the. assignment,Research and Referencing, Since assignments in this course will require additional reading and research students. will be required to appropriately cite their resources References and in text citations. must follow the American Psychological Association APA style guide For a quick. reference on using APA style use this handout, http www lib uoguelph ca assistance writing services components documents apa. 2010 ccupdated pdf, If you need help finding resources for this course you can visit the Research Help. Desk first floor of the Library or use one of the online options. http www lib uoguelph ca assistance ask us, That the assignment of grades at the University of Guelph is based on clearly defined.
standards which are to be published in the Undergraduate Calendar for the benefit of. faculty and students and that the definitions for each of the numerical grade range. letter grades be as follows, 80 100 A Excellent An outstanding performance in which the student. demonstrates a superior grasp of the subject matter and an ability to go beyond. the given material in a critical and constructive manner The student demonstrates. a high degree of creative and or logical thinking a superior ability to organize to. analyze and to integrate ideas and a thorough familiarity with the appropriate. literature and techniques, 70 79 B Good A more than adequate performance in which the student. demonstrates a thorough grasp of the subject matter and an ability to organize. and examine the material in a critical and constructive manner The student. demonstrates a good understanding of the relevant issues and a familiarity with. the appropriate literature and techniques, 60 69 C Acceptable An adequate performance in which the student. demonstrates a generally adequate grasp of the subject matter and a moderate. ability to examine the material in a critical and constructive manner The student. displays an adequate understanding of the relevant issues and a general. familiarity with the appropriate literature and techniques. 50 59 D Minimally Acceptable A barely adequate performance in which the. student demonstrates a familiarity with the subject matter but whose attempts to. examine the material in a critical and constructive manner is only partially. successful The student displays some understanding of the relevant issues and. some familiarity with the appropriate literature and techniques. 0 49 F Fail An inadequate performance,Grade Complaints. In the event that a student feels a review of an assigned grade is warranted such action. may be undertaken in accordance with the following points. No request for a grade review may be submitted until 48 hours after the receipt of. It must be understood that a review of an assigned grade may result in a lowering. of the original grade as grade reviews can result in either increases or decreases. to the originally assigned grade, Requests for a grade review must be submitted via email with specifics provided.
as to the reason for the grade review request, Upon receipt of a grade review request the instructor will return the results of the. grade review via email within one week of the receipt of the request. Attendance, Students are expected to attend all sessions of the course Should a student be absent. from three classes the student is required to contact the Instructor to review for the. Late Submission, Assignments will be accepted after the due date but a late penalty will apply where. 10 will be deducted off the assignment for each day that the assignment is late. marketing principles and strategies they learned in MCS 1000 to develop a marketing plan and to explore sales as a career In a world of rapidly advancing and ubiquitous technologies the field of marketing is continuously evolving to define and meet new challenges and opportunities in the modern market This course provides students with the opportunity to augment their knowledge of the

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