Delivering a Collective Leadership Strategy for Health Care

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Executive Summary 1, What is the Need for a Collective Leadership Strategy 2. Delivering a Collective Leadership Strategy 4,Discovery 5. Discover the Gaps in Individual Leader Capacity 6, Discover the Gaps in Collective Leadership Capability 8. Delivery 15,Delivering Culture Change 16, Delivering Cross organisational Collaboration and Teamwork 17. Delivering a Collective Leadership Development Strategy 18. Realigning Talent Management with Collective Leadership Practices 22. Assessing Impact on Organisational Performance 24,Conclusion 25.
References 26,About the Authors 27, Old people sit in the shade of a tree because they planted seeds some basic operating assumptions It means that leaders. many years ago This Ugandan proverb captures the leader must emphasise collaboration as a key principle of success. ship challenges we face in the NHS and embrace their organisation as a learning organisation in. which the capabilities of individuals and teams are continu. The strategies and tactics that worked in the past are not ally enhanced. sufficient to address the challenges and opportunities of the. future The leadership that has worked in the past is equally Leaders in formal roles must create the conditions in which. ill suited to overcome the demands resulting from a chang responsibility power authority and decision making is dis. ing demography and increasing complexity of health care tributed within and throughout an organisation rather than. delivery at the top of a hierarchy They must redefine their leadership. role to focus on empowering collective leadership amongst. While there are no easy ways of adapting to a rapidly chang all staff and embrace their responsibility for ensuring that. ing environment it is incontrovertible that a sustainable these staff are valued supported and engaged in fulfilling the. leadership culture is a necessary condition for delivering safe organisation s mission vision and strategy. integrated and compassionate care within budget Helping. the NHS achieve this goal is the raison d etre of the collabora And it means that organisations must span their boundaries. tion between The King s Fund and Center for Creative Leader and work together rather than implement effective leader. ship CCL resulting in two reports that outline the impera ship within organisational silos. tive substance and development of collective leadership for. health care The reports advance our understanding of the Our reports are a call to action for leaders in the NHS to think. importance of collective leadership for health care and how and act differently about how to build and lead the type. it can be implemented to deliver sustainable culture change of sustainable organisations that will ultimately determine. and improvements in patient care whether the NHS meets the future health and health care. needs of the people it serves Will we plant enough seeds to. From decades of research we know that quality of leader build forests for collectives or will the seeds we plant provide. ship can improve the effectiveness of individuals teams and shade only for the privileged few The choice is in our hands. organisations We also know that leadership development. efforts focusing only on individual leaders and teams often David Altman Chris Ham. fail to produce desired impact at the collective level Focusing Executive Vice President Chief Executive. on collective leadership requires organisations to challenge CCL EMEA The King s Fund. This paper is a collaboration between the Center for Creative Leadership CCL and The King s Fund. CCL and The King s Fund are currently developing an offer to support NHS organisations in the design. of a collective leadership strategy For more information please contact. Kathryn Kernick Nicola Hartley, Regional Director UK Ireland Director Leadership Development. Center for Creative Leadership The King s Fund, Rue Neerveld 101 103 B 1200 Brussels Belgium 11 13 Cavendish Square. London W1G 0AN,M 44 755 461 3169 preferred United Kingdom. T 32 2 300 9602 F 32 2 673 6306,T 44 0 20 7307 2662.
Email kernickk ccl org M 44 0 7918053799,Website www ccl org. Email n hartley kingsfund org uk, CCL is a 501 3 registered educational charity head Website www kingsfund org uk. quartered in Greensboro North Carolina USA,Registered charity 1126980. The King s Fund is an independent charity working to improve health and health care in. England We help to shape policy and practice through research and analysis develop. individuals teams and organisations promote understanding of the health and social care. system and bring people together to learn share knowledge and debate Our vision is that. the best possible care is available to all,Executive Summary. We have witnessed the impact of organisational Developing and implementing. culture on quality of care safety and organisational. effectiveness in the NHS Prominent failures such as an effective collective leadership. Mid Staffordshire highlighted that a good organisa strategy comes in three phases. tional culture is a necessary condition for organisa. tional strategy to succeed and leadership is the pre. Discovery Design and Delivery, eminent influence factor for organisational culture The Discovery phase involves collecting data and.
intelligence about the strategy vision mission,Leadership culture must be understood as the. future challenges political context and opportu, product of collective actions of formal and informal. nities for the organisation This process enables, leaders acting together for organisational success. organisations to identify the leadership capa, It is not simply the number or quality of individual. bilities required to face the future and the gap,leaders that determine organisational performance.
between current and required future capabilities, but the ability of formal and informal leaders to pull. together in support of the organisation s goals The Design phase involves identifying required. leadership capabilities for individual and collec, We believe that collective leadership in health care. tive leadership and the means to acquire devel, is necessary for overcoming challenges that the NHS. op and sustain those capabilities, now faces Collective leadership means the distribu. tion and allocation of leadership power to wherever The Delivery phase involves elements from. capability expertise and motivation sit The respon organisational and individual leadership. sibility of leadership is shared by each and every development alike targeting culture systems. member of the organisation and processes as well as leadership development. in synchrony,A collective leadership culture requires new mind.
sets not just new skills These take time to develop While the process of developing collective leadership. Many health care organisations have focused their starts at board level all staff across the organisation. development efforts only on individual leader com will need to be involved in this endeavour with their. petencies For sustainable change they need to respective expertise contributing to the collective. advance both individual and collective leadership leadership process. mind sets Making the shift to collective leadership in. an organisation requires strategic implementation Collective leadership offers huge opportunities for. creating cultures of continually improving high, quality and compassionate care But it requires cour. age persistence and professionalism from all leaders. informal and informal to fully realise its potential. The complete dedication of the board and leader, ship team to empower all staff as leaders and trust. in the process of collaboration in the organisation as. the foundation for its leadership culture are keys to. We believe that the challenges that face health care. organisations are too great and too many for leader. ship to be left to chance or to piecemeal approaches. Through working together with health and social care. organisations and in consultation with patients we. can develop leadership strategies that will ensure. the NHS confidently faces the future and delivers the. high quality compassionate care that is its mission. What is the Need for a Collective,Leadership Strategy. Like most health care systems worldwide the UK Most organisational managers are aware of the value. National Health System NHS is experiencing of well defined strategy Few however give thought. increasing demands and is subject to changing ex to the leadership required to deliver fundamental. ternal pressures to improve quality of care is spite of changes in the direction or capabilities of the organ. budgetary constraints Success in responding to these isation Without proper leadership even the best and. challenges depends on a robust supply of leaders boldest strategy dies on the vine its potential never. and a leadership culture with the capability to enable realised This paper explains what a collective leader. large scale and sustained systems change As outlined ship strategy is based on Pasmore 2009 and how. in our companion paper Developing Collective Lead to develop and implement a leadership strategy for. ership for Health Care West Eckert Steward Pas health care organisations It requires that health care. more 2014 leadership is at the core of organisations organisations fundamentally change the way they de. efforts to nurture cultures that provide high quality velop leaders and create new leadership capacity with. continually improving and compassionate care parallel and integrated development of individual and. organisational capabilities, Specifically we argue that it is collective leadership. the engagement of all members of staff in the organ Over the past few years we have witnessed the. isation and patients into the leadership process that impact of organisational culture on quality of care. is needed to create the cultures that NHS organisa safety and organisational effectiveness Prominent. tions need now and in the future failures such as Mid Staffordshire have highlighted. that a good organisational culture is a necessary, However for a sustained positive impact on organ condition for organisational strategy to succeed and.
isational culture collective leadership needs to be leadership is the preeminent influence factor for or. implemented strategically The leadership culture ganisational culture. must be understood as the product of collective, actions of formal and informal leaders acting Leadership is comprised of individual leaders. together to influence organisational success It is of course but also of the relationships among. not simply the number or quality of individual leaders them Research and practice from the Center for. that determine organisational performance but the Creative Leadership and The King s Fund show that. ability of formal and informal leaders to pull together where leaders and leadership relationships are well. in support of the organisation s goals developed organisations benefit from direction. alignment and commitment Drath et al 2008 The, In this publication we describe the components of a King s Fund 2012 2013. sustainable and comprehensive collective leadership. strategy for health care, 2 2014 Center for Creative Leadership All rights reserved. Direction means agreement among people at every Good leadership ensures that these three outcomes. level about the real purpose of the organisation that is direction alignment and commitment are balanced. what the collective is trying to achieve together This can with each other creating the foundation of a strong and. include hard goals and targets for example about care supportive organisational culture Direction alignment. quality and safety as well as softer goals for an organisa and commitment are constantly co created changed. tion s mission and values such as compassion transpar and re created by the actions and interactions of both. ency engagement and patient centricity formal and informal leaders in the organisation and the. roles they assume Communication influence negotia, Alignment refers to the effective coordination and tion innovation and collaboration occur up down and. integration of the different aspects of the work so that across organisations. all efforts fit together in service of the shared direction. Yet these processes are not random A collective leader. Finally commitment means that everyone in the ship strategy ensures that the actions and choices of all. organisation takes responsibility and makes it a personal leaders are aligned with the organisation s strategy. priority to ensure the success of the organisation as a mission and values It ensures that collective leadership. whole rather than focusing only on their individual or is not only established but also sustained so that cultures. immediate team s success in isolation of high quality and compassionate care can flourish. 2014 Center for Creative Leadership All rights reserved 3. Delivering a Collective,Leadership Strategy, Implementing a collective leadership strategy is a complex.
endeavour It involves a series of steps which we refer to as. Discovery Design Development and Evaluation see Fig. ure 1 These elements of a leadership strategy target leader. ship at the individual team and organisational level Figure 1. In the Discovery phase deep analysis focuses on current. and future capabilities of individual leaders as well as the. Delivering a Collective Leadership Strategy for Health Care By Regina Eckert Michael West David Altman Katy Steward and Bill Pasmore Contents Foreword Executive Summary 1 What is the Need for a Collective Leadership Strategy 2 Delivering a Collective Leadership Strategy 4 Discovery 5 Discover the Gaps in Individual Leader Capacity 6 Discover the Gaps in Collective Leadership Capability

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