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Introduction, Table of Contents,Introduction 3,Session 1 The Interview 6. Session 2 Teaching 1 Entry Points for Demonic Strongholds 15. Session 3 Teaching 2 Closing Entry Points 23,Session 4 Deliverance Session 27. Session 5 Teaching 3 Staying Free The Narrow Road to Life 32. Children s Deliverance Ministry 37,Spiritual Roots of Sickness Disease 39. 3 3 Feb 2015 Above Beyond Counseling Ministries Inc 2011 Page 2. Introduction,1 Introduction, This student training manual has been developed by Above Beyond Counseling. Academy Much of the supplemental teaching and specifics of the deliverance ministry. process are covered in the Deliverance Manual Plain Simple which also contains the. referenced handouts It is important to have the Deliverance Manual Plain Simple. also as you go through this material It offers insights and understanding into some of the. practical aspects of deliverance ministry The process and information contained herein. have been developed and refined over a ten year period We believe that every deliverance. ministry should build and expand upon truths and insights gained by others . We have benefited from resources and insights offered by Warfare Plus Ministries . Henry Wright Peter Horrobin Derek Prince and others There is none perfect but Christ. himself and our purpose is to offer a model and process that has borne fruit We continue. to learn about deliverance ministry and changes in this manual and our ministry will reflect. that as we gain more understanding We are not theologians but rather licensed. counselors Our premise is simple we believe God s word is true today and that part of the. calling for the church is to cast out demons Mark 153 15 19 We make no apologies for. that and only wish to give some insights and put forth a ministry model that we have found. to be effective ,Ministry Class Overview, Above Beyond Counseling Ministries was created to help Christians become all.
they are called to be according to Ephesians 3 20 and also to train and equip them to do. the works of ministry There are two main components . 1 The Counseling Center http AandBCounseling com is staffed with NCCA licensed. counselors with MA PhD Degrees in Clinical Christian Psychology Counseling to help. people move into the fullness of all God has for them Ephesians 3 20 We minister. locally in Tampa and Clearwater FL and also worldwide via Skype internet. technology Individual couples and family counseling along with deliverance. ministry are the main services provided by the Center . 2 The Counseling Academy http AandBAcademy com focuses on education and. training and there are two major focus areas deliverance ministry training and. helping people earn a degree and be NCCA Licensed in Clinical Christian. Counseling , Deliverance Training This Deliverance Training Boot Camp is an intensive online. course that expands on some of the teaching here and focuses on some more in. depth assistance to train others in deliverance ministry In addition to the online. teachings you will access to help from us via in office visits or Skype sessions . We are committed to your success Our most fervent desire is that deliverance. ministry in the church is raised up as an effective tool to help set God s people. free This and other resources from our ministry are geared towards trying to. help provide options here , 3 3 Feb 2015 Above Beyond Counseling Ministries Inc 2011 Page 3. Introduction, Christian Counseling Degrees We have long recognized the need for more. trained counselors in the Body of Christ and have taken the steps to be qualified. as a Certified Academic Institution with the National Christian Counselors. Association We offer a program of study whereby motivated students can gain. their Masters or Doctoral degrees in Christian Counseling and be licensed with. the NCCA This tremendous program provides flexibility for students to pursue. their studies online or via books at home Study and progress at your own pace. with affordable tuition modules paid as you progress . For more information please visit our website at http AandBAcademy com . How to Use This Manual, This student manual is intended as an accompaniment to the online Boot Camp. training Watch the teachings and add your own notes as appropriate . It is vitally important that you learn and understand the Above Beyond five step. deliverance ministry process first Within each step this manual details the teaching and. tools that we use for each of the five steps or sessions The Deliverance Ministry Plain . Simple Teaching Manual contains the baseline teaching and model that we use to present. to clients and seminar attendees The handouts are also contained in that manual You. should have the Deliverance Ministry Plain Simple Teaching Manual with you as you. watch the Boot Camp teachings , 3 3 Feb 2015 Above Beyond Counseling Ministries Inc 2011 Page 4.
Introduction, As detailed below A B uses a five step deliverance process Personal or one on one. ministry involves an interview two teaching sessions the deliverance ministry session and a. follow up session to assess progress and to teach the prayee how to stay free and on the. narrow road that leads to life The Released to Soar Deliverance Seminars use the same. teaching but also incorporate PowerPoint slides more heavily In addition there is no. interview session and the follow up teaching is addressed in a CD and handouts given to. each attendee, Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5. Interview Teaching 1 Teaching 2 Session Teaching 3. Session 1 Session 2 Session 3, Group Staying on, Teaching 1 Teaching 2 Deliv the Narrow. Session Road , 3 3 Feb 2015 Above Beyond Counseling Ministries Inc 2011 Page 5. Session 1 The Interview,Session 1 The Interview, The purpose of the interview session is for the minister to gain an understanding of.
the client s background It is an opportunity for the prayee to open up about their past. and share the concerns issues that have led them to seek help in the first place It is also an. opportunity for the minister to give an overview of the ministry process and to build up. faith and expectancy for what is to happen For the purpose of this manual will use the. terms as follows , Minister the person who is doing the teaching and leading the deliverance. ministry session, Prayee the person who is receiving instruction and deliverance prayer . It is important to draw a proper balance between allowing the prayee to express. themselves and their issues and their concerns and between the ministers need to gather. powerful and useful information so they can pray deliverance prayer more effectively . These sessions should last no more than an hour although it may take longer initially until. the minister develops more skill and learns how to direct the conversation effectively For. some prayee s the counselor will have to do a lot of work to draw information out of the. For others they will want to do a lot of talking and get off into areas that really aren t. hopeful for you to minister In those instances It is important to be able to redirect the. conversations politely and firmly so that within the allotted time frame they have an. opportunity to share what s on their hearts but that you as the minister can also gather the. information that you need , We have found it most effective to simply take notes on a pad as the prayee shares . Others use questionnaires but we like to keep the sessions informal and gather the answers. we need over the course of the discussion , We believe that all believers can be trained and equipped for deliverance ministry . It is not just for the pastor or counselor or some other special person Having said that . we believe that the minister needs to be properly trained and equipped to do deliverance. ministry hence the reason for the teaching materials we have prepared There is much. more to deliverance than simply calling spirits out of people . The preparation work including the interview and teachings are vitally important to. having an effective deliverance session Similarly the fifth session where we outline the. process to stay free and continue to do spiritual warfare is vitally important to a successful. outcome as the prayer goes forward We are not quick to lay hands on people and quickly. begin to call out spirits Our basis for that plus the processes we use will be fully. explained in the course of these teachings , During our private individual counseling session one of the first sessions is geared.
towards understanding the background of the client A handout which describes general. 3 3 Feb 2015 Above Beyond Counseling Ministries Inc 2011 Page 6. Session 1 The Interview, questions asked is in the Deliverance Ministry Plain Simple manual The general. nature of the questions asked is as follows , What are the issues you are dealing with . Tell me about your home life growing up , General atmosphere in home. Mother father issues Stepparents , Brothers sisters get a very brief snapshot of their lives to see if there are. generational curses at work Who was the favorite in family . Abuse growing up type and by whom to break soul ties Traumas in your life at. What is the first memory that you have Not one someone told you about or one. you saw in a picture but one you have in your head . What age were you , Occultic activities of family members.
Significant Relationships History Don t need a complete list of sexual. partners experiences , Abusive controlling ones soul tie issues to be addressed . Any in occultic activities, Is there anyone who hates you or has ever hated you or your family Curses issue . Did someone ever take away from you someone that you loved Boyfriend . Occult Sin in background Freemasonry Generational . Physical Issues Infirmities Be looking for spiritual roots . Tell me about your relationship with the Lord , Address salvation issue Determine are they saved or religious . 3 3 Feb 2015 Above Beyond Counseling Ministries Inc 2011 Page 7. Session 1 The Interview, Let us consider each question in detail These questions should be used as a. framework for understanding the prayee not necessarily a complete checklist that needs to. be followed sequentially , What are the issues you are dealing with .
May seem obvious but it is important to understand from the prayee s perspective . what issues they are dealing with When we meet with clients privately this question of. what are the issues you are dealing with for some people it s a very difficult question to. get started on Some are very ready to speak and share their hearts but some need much. more prompting , Sometimes venturing forth a potential list can be helpful depression anger . addictions pornography it will give the prayee an opportunity to respond and begin to. hopefully open up It is important to make the prayee comfortable telling them that you. just want to get some understanding of the issues and their background so you can pray for. them more directly We also tell them that we don t need to know all the details . Some are concerned that they are going to have to lay out all their dirty laundry . That can be daunting especially if they do not view you as a professional or someone. they can open up to For instance when we address the area of sexual sin we make it. clear we are not looking for detailed accounts of activities and partners and are not asking. them to bare their souls to us Most of the preparatory homework they do is between. them and the Lord the ministers do not need all the details Make note of each area. mentioned , We believe it is very important for the prayee to be able to share their hearts so we. don t put too many bounds on this initial interview We let them begin to speak we take. notes and ask questions as appropriate , If you can understand the prayee s initial issues at the outset it helps to focus. questions as you progress through the interview process . Tell me about your home life growing up General atmosphere in home. It is important to gain understanding of the prayee s home life It is at this point that. we can begin to get an understanding of the prayee s family situation while they were. growing up learning about their mother or father stepparents and so on Did they grow up. in a good home Was it an abusive environment Was are a lot of fear in the home This. is an open ended question and gives the prayee an opportunity to speak about your home. environment As a deliverance minister what you are seeking to understand is potential. generational issues as well is open doors for spirits that might of coming true abusive. environments such as fear and anger , Mother father issues Stepparents . 3 3 Feb 2015 Above Beyond Counseling Ministries Inc 2011 Page 8. Session 1 The Interview, When we do an interview we like to make one column for the father one column for.
the mother and ask the prayee to tell me about their parents The information we are. looking for in this part of the interview is what issues and or potential strongholds their. parents dealt with or deal with now For example did her mother have fear or was there. depression or anger in her Similarly for the father what issues were active in his life for are. Deliverance Training This Deliverance Training Boot Camp is an intensive online course that expands on some of the teaching here and focuses on some more in depth assistance to train others in deliverance ministry In addition to the online teachings you will access to help from us via in office visits or Skype sessions

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