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Table of Contents Before You Start, Before You Start 2 Thank you for purchasing this PIONEER product. To ensure proper use please read through this manual before using this product It is especially. Getting Started 3 important that you read and observe WARNINGs and CAUTIONs in this manual Please keep the. manual in a safe and accessible place for future reference. CD USB AUX 6 Do not attempt to install or service this product by yourself Installation or servicing of this. product by persons without training and experience in electronic equipment and automotive. Using Pioneer ARC APP 7 accessories may be dangerous and could expose you to the risk of electric shock injury or other. Settings 8 Do not attempt to operate the unit while driving Make sure to pull off the road and park your vehicle. in a safe location before attempting to use the controls on the device. FUNCTION settings 8,AUDIO settings 9 CAUTION, USE OF CONTROL OR ADJUSTMENT OR PERFORMANCE OF PROCEDURES OTHER THAN THOSE. SYSTEM settings 9 SPECIFIED HEREIN MAY RESULT IN HAZARDOUS RADIATION EXPOSURE. ILLUMINATION settings 10 THE USE OF OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS WITH THIS PRODUCT WILL INCREASE EYE HAZARD. MIXTRAX settings 10, Connections Installation 11 Do not allow this unit to come into contact with moisture and or liquids Electrical shock could result. Also damage to this unit smoke and overheating could result from contact with liquids. Additional Information 13 Always keep the volume low enough to hear outside sounds. About this manual This product is evaluated in moderate and tropical climate condition under the Audio video and. similar electronic apparatus Safety requirements IEC 60065. In the following instructions a USB memory or USB audio player are referred to as. USB device CAUTION, This product is a class 1 laser product classified under the Safety of laser products IEC 60825 1 2007. If you experience problems, Should this unit fail to work properly please contact your dealer or nearest authorized PIONEER Service.
Frequently used operations,Getting Started,Head Unit Remote Control. Basic operation Turn on the power Press SRC OFF to turn on Press SRC to turn on the. the power power, DEH S1153UB S1152UB S1150UB Press and hold SRC OFF to Press and hold SRC to turn. turn off the power off the power, BASS USB port Adjust the volume Turn the M C dial Press VOLUME or. eject M C multi control dial Press MUTE to mute the. SRC source OFF Disc loading slot unit Press MUTE again or. press VOLUME or to, Select a source Press SRC OFF repeatedly Press SRC repeatedly. Change the display Press DISP DISP OFF Press DISP repeatedly. information repeatedly,Press and hold DISP DISP,OFF to turn off the display.
DISP display DISP OFF information,Detach button, Display window Return to the previous Press BAND Press to select the. BAND AUX input jack 3 5 mm stereo jack display list next previous folder. Return to the normal display Press and hold BAND,from the menu. Remote Control Boost the bass level Press BASS,You can select the bass. level in BASS BOOST,VOLUME page 9, When this unit s blue white lead is connected to the vehicle s auto antenna relay control terminal. the vehicle s antenna extends when this unit s source is turned on To retract the antenna turn the. FUNCTION AUDIO source off,SRC source DISP display,Display indication.
Indication Description, Appears when a lower tier of the menu or folder exists. Appears when the BASS button is pressed and held, Appears when the local seek tuning function is set page 8. Appears when a traffic program is received, Appears when the TA traffic announcements function is set page 8. Indication Description WARNING, Appears when the sound retriever function is set page 8 Do not ingest the battery Chemical Burn Hazard. The remote control supplied with This product contains a coin button cell battery If the coin. Appears when random play is set button cell battery is swallowed it can cause severe internal burns in just 2 hours and can lead to. Appears when repeat play is set death,Keep new and used batteries away from children.
If the battery compartment does not close securely stop using the product and keep it away from. Detaching the front panel children, If you think batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body seek. Detach the front panel to prevent theft Remove any cables and devices attached to the immediate medical attention. Do not expose the battery or remote control to excessive heat such as direct sunlight or fire. front panel and turn off the unit before detaching it. Detach Attach CAUTION, There is a potential danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced When replacing the. battery replace it with the same type, Do not handle or store the battery with metallic tools or objects. If the battery leaks remove the battery and wipe the remote control completely clean Then install a. new battery, When disposing of used batteries please comply with governmental regulations or environmental. public institutions rules that apply in your country area. Do not store the remote control in high temperatures or direct sunlight. Important Do not let the remote control fall onto the floor where it may become jammed under the brake or. Avoid subjecting the front panel to excessive shock accelerator pedal. Keep the front panel out of direct sunlight and high temperatures. Always store the detached front panel in a protective case or bag. Setup menu, Preparing the remote control When you turn the ignition switch to ON after installation SET UP YES appears in the.
Remove the insulation sheet before use,1 Press the M C dial. How to replace the battery The setup menu disappears after 30 seconds of no operation If you prefer not to set. at this time turn the M C dial to select NO then press to confirm. 2 Turn the M C dial to select the options then press to confirm. To proceed to the next menu option you need to confirm your selection. Menu Item Description,CLOCK SET Set the clock, FM STEP Select the FM tuning step from 100 kHz or 50 kHz. Insert the CR2025 3 V battery with the plus and, minus poles orientated properly AM STEP Select the AM tuning step from 10 kHz or 9 kHz. 3 QUIT YES appears when all the settings have been made Menu Item Description. To return to the first item of the setup menu turn the M C dial to select QUIT NO SP P O MODE Select when there is a full range speaker connected to the rear. then press to confirm REAR SUB W speaker output leads and there is a subwoofer connected to the. 4 Press the M C dial to confirm the settings,SUB W SUB W. RCA output, Select when there is a passive subwoofer connected directly to.
NOTES the rear speaker output leads and there is a subwoofer. You can cancel the menu setting by pressing SRC OFF connected to the RCA output. These settings can be made at any time from the SYSTEM settings page 9 and INITIAL settings REAR REAR Select when there are full range speakers connected to the rear. speaker output leads and RCA output If there is a full range. speaker connected to the rear speaker output leads and the. Canceling the demonstration display DEMO OFF RCA output is not used you may select either REAR SUB W or. 1 Press the M C dial to display the main menu S W UPDATE Select to confirm the latest system information on the unit. 2 Turn the M C dial to select SYSTEM then press to confirm. SYSTEM INFO, SYSTEM UPDATE Select to update the unit to the latest software and initialize the. Turn the M C dial to select DEMO OFF then press to confirm unit settings For details on the latest software and updating. 4 Turn the M C dial to select YES then press to confirm. visit our website, SYSTEM RESET Select YES to initialize the unit settings The unit will be. YES NO restarted automatically, INITIAL settings Some of the settings may be retained even after resetting the. 1 Press and hold SRC OFF until the unit turns off,2 Press the M C dial to display the main menu. 3 Turn the M C dial to select INITIAL then press to confirm Radio. 4 Turn the M C dial to select an option then press to confirm. Receiving preset stations,The options vary depending on the unit.
1 Press SRC OFF to select RADIO,Menu Item Description. Press BAND to select the band from FM1 FM2 FM3 AM SW1 or. FM STEP Select the FM tuning step from 100 kHz or 50 kHz. AM STEP Select the AM tuning step from 10 kHz or 9 kHz 3 Press a number button 1 to 6. The buttons can be also used to select a preset station when SEEK is set to PCH in the. REAR SP Select when there is a full range speaker connected to the rear. FUNCTION settings page 8,FUL speaker output leads, SW Select when there is a subwoofer connected directly to the rear. speaker output leads without any auxiliary amplifier. Best stations memory BSM, The six strongest stations are stored on the number buttons 1 to 6. 1 After selecting the band press the M C dial to display the main menu. 2 Turn the M C dial to select FUNCTION then press to confirm. CD USB AUX, 3 Turn the M C dial to select BSM then press to confirm. Playing back, To seek a station manually Disconnect headphones from the device before connecting it to the unit.
1 After selecting the band press to select a station. Press and hold then release to seek an available station Scanning stops CD. when the unit receives a station To cancel seek tuning press 1 Insert a disc into the disc loading slot with the label side up. NOTE To eject a disc stop playback first then press. SEEK needs to be set to MAN in the FUNCTION settings page 8. USB devices including Android,To store stations manually. 1 Open the USB port cover, 1 While receiving the station you want to store press and hold one of the number. buttons 1 to 6 until it stops flashing, 2 Plug in the USB device using an appropriate cable. To automatically switch to USB source when a USB device is connected to the unit set USB AUTO to. Using PTY functions ON in the SYSTEM settings page 10. The unit searches for a station by PTY program type information CAUTION. 1 Press and hold BASS during FM reception Use a USB cable sold separately to connect the USB device as any device connected directly to the. unit will protrude out from the unit which could be dangerous. 2 Turn the M C dial to select a program type from NEWS INFO POPULAR. Before removing the device stop playback,CLASSICS or OTHERS. 3 Press the M C dial,AOA connections,For details on AOA connection see page 7.
The unit begins to search for a station When it is found its program service name is. displayed MTP connection, A device installed with Android OS 4 0 or most of later versions can be connected to the unit via MTP. NOTES using the cable supplied with the device However depending on the connected device OS version or. To cancel the search press the M C dial the numbers of the files in the device audio files songs may not be able to be played back via MTP. The program of some stations may differ from that indicated by the transmitted PTY Note that MTP connection is not compatible with WAV file formats and cannot be used with the. If no station is broadcasting the type of program you searched for NOT FOUND is displayed for MIXTRAX function. about two seconds and then the tuner returns to the original station NOTE. If you use an MTP connection ANDROID WIRED needs to be set to MEMORY in the SYSTEM settings. 1 Insert the stereo mini plug into the AUX input jack. 2 Press SRC OFF to select AUX as the source,NOTE NOTES. If AUX is set to OFF in the SYSTEM settings AUX cannot be selected as a source page 9 When USB is selected as a source and the MIXTRAX function is in use the sound retriever function is. Depending on the file song sound effects may not be available. Operations 1 Press 3 MIX to turn MIXTRAX on off, You can make various adjustments in the FUNCTION settings page 8. Note that the following operations do not work for an AUX device To operate an AUX. device use the device itself,Purpose Operation Using Pioneer ARC APP. Select a folder 1 Press 1 or 2, You can operate the unit from Pioneer ARC APP installed on an Android device In some.
Select a track song Press or cases you can control aspects of the application such as source selection pause etc by. Fast forward or reverse 2 Press and hold or using the unit. For details on what operations are available on the application see the application s help. Search for a file from a list 1 Press and hold BASS to display the list. 2 Turn the M C dial to select the desired section,file folder name or category then press. to confirm WARNING, 3 Turn the M C dial to select the desired Do not attempt to operate the application while driving Make sure to pull off the road and park your. file then press to confirm vehicle in a safe location before attempting to use the controls on the application. Playback starts For Android device users, View a list of the files in the selected folder Press the M C dial when a folder category This function is compatible with devices that have Android OS 4 1 or later installed and. category 1 is selected also support AOA Android Open Accessory 2 0. Play a song in the selected folder Press and hold the M C dial when a folder You can download Pioneer ARC APP on Google Play. category 1 category is selected NOTE, Repeat play Press 6 Some Android devices connected via AOA 2 0 may not work properly or emit sounds due to their own. English CD RDS RECEIVER DEH S1153UB DEH S1152UB DEH S1150UB Owner s Manual

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