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And yet for these,children these windows not this map their world. Where all their future s painted with a fog, a Which map is the poet talking about in the above lines. b To what do the words these windows their world refer. c What sort of future do the slum children have,d Why is all their future painted with a fog. Spite of despondence of the inhuman dearth,Of noble natures of the gloomy days. Of all the unhealthy and o er darkened ways,Made for our searching yes in spite of all.
Some shape of beauty moves away the pall,From our dark spirits. a Name the poem and the poet,b Why are we despondent. c What removes the pall from our dark spirits,d Explain the inhuman dearth of noble natures. Some shape of beauty moves away the pall,From our dark spirits. a How does beauty help us when we are burdened with grief. b Explain Some shape of beauty, c Identify the figure of speech in the above lines.
d Why are our spirits referred to as dark,When Aunt is dead her terrified hands will lie. Still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by,The tigers in the panel that she made. Will go on prancing proud and unafraid,a Who is the aunt mentioned here. b Why is she ringed with ordeals, c What is the difference between her and the tigers. d Why has Aunt Jennifer created the tigers so different from her own character. Aunt Jennifer s tigers prance across a screen,Bright topaz denizens of a world of green.
They do not fear the men beneath the tree,They pace in sleek chivalric certainty. a How are Aunt Jennifer s tigers described, b Why are they described as denizens of a world of green. c Why are they not afraid of the men,d What are her tigers symbolic of. With ships and sun and love tempting them to steal. For lives that slyly turn in their cramped holes From fog to endless night. a Who are them referred to in the first line,b What tempts them. c What does the poet say about their lives, d What do you understand by from fog to endless night.
It seemed long way down Those ninefeet were more like ninety and before I touched bottom my lungs. were ready to burst But when my feet hit bottom I summoned all my strength and made what I thought. was great spring upwords,a What had happened to the narrator. b Though the narrator was frightened intially he was not. c Which strategy did Douglas remamber when he was drowning in theY M C A pool. d Which word mean make an effort to produce a reaction from within oneself. Gandhiji chided the lawyers for collecting big fee from the sharecroppers He said I have come to the. conclusion that we should stop going to law courts Taking such cases to the courts does little goods. Where the peasants are so crushed and fear stricken law courts are useless. a Gandhiji visited Champaran for what reasons,b Why did Gandhi ji chide the lawyers. c According to Gandhi ji going to law courts did not serve any purpose why. d Pick out a word antonyn of encouraged, But nothing happened M Hamel saw me and said very kindly Go to your place quickly little franz We. were beginning without you, I jumped over the bench and sat down at my desk Not till then when I got a little over my fright did I. see that our teacher had on it beautiful green coat his frilled shirt and little black silk cap all. embroidered that he never wore except on inspection and prize days. a what was franz s anticipation while entering the class late. b There was something special about the clothes that M Hamel was wearing that day. What was it, c Why was M Hamel so kind to franz even thought he had come late to class.
d Which word in the extracts means the same as scare or petrify. The old man was just as generous with his confidences as with is porridge and tobacco The guest. was informed at once that in his days of prosperity his host had been a crofter at Ramsjo. Ironworks and had worked on the land Now that he was no longer able to do day labour it was his cow. which supported him She could give milk for the creamery every day and last months he had received. all of thirty kronor in payment,a how is this old man referred to here. b How had he treated the rattrap peddler, c What more information about old man s job and life do we get in the passage. d The expression generous with his confidences means. He had a genuine love for anyone came across and his house was a permanent residence for. dozens of near and far relations and acquaintances It seemed against Subbu s nature to be even. conscious that he was feeding and supporting so many of them Such a charitable and inprovident man. and yet he had enemies Was it because he seemed so close and intimate with the Boss Or was it his. general demeanour that resembled a sychophant s,a who is He here. b Which adjectives best describe Subbu s nature in this lines. c Who did not like Subbu s, d Which word in the passage mean a person who acts in a flattering way towards someone. important in order to gain advantages, Sophie watched her bag stopped over the sink and wondered at the incongruity of the delicate bow.
which fastened her apron string The dedicate seeming bow and the crooked back The evening had. already blacked in the windows and small room was steamy from the stove and cluttered with the. heavy breathing man his vest at he table and the dirty washing piled up in the corner. a who is her in the first line, b What does the phrase room was steamy indicate about Sophie s social status. c Who is Geoff What does he do,d What is the meaning of incongruity. D A V PUBLIC SCHOOL ACC JAMUL,ENGLISH MCQ S 2019 20. 1 Orders came from Berlin to stop the teaching of in school. a English b Latin c French d Japanese,2 Franz was the little name of. a narrator b poet c scholar d dramatist,3 What was M Hamel going to question Franz about.
a adjective b ba be bi c old primes d participles,4 Who sat on the last bench on the Last Lesson. a Franz b Prussians c Village people d New teacher. 5 Why do you do this This question was asked by the author to. a Bangle seller b Mahesh c Saheb d Saheb s mother,6 Saheb s profession was that of a. a Cook b rag picker C driver d vendor, 7 In the lesson Lost Spring the writer finds children looking for in garbage heaps. a Gold b Silver c Brass d Bronze,8 Mukesh wants to be. a Motor mechanic b doctor c teacher d lawyer,9 Saheb s full name was.
a Saheb e Alam b Shah Jahan c Mughal e Azam d Akbar. 10 The author of deep water is, a William Douglas b R K Narayan c Sudha Murthy d A R Barton. 11 The writer decided to learn swimming when he was about. a ten or 11 yrs old b 15 or 16yrs old c 20 yrs old D 18 yrs old. 12 He decided to learn swimming in the pool at,a local club b MCA c school d Country club. 13 The pool s depth at the deep end was,a 20 ft b 9ft c 6 ft d 8 ft. 14 The peddler s rat traps were made of,a wood b aluminium c wire d plastic. 15 The old man in the grey cottage, a welcomed the peddler b shooed away c fought with peddler.
d got into argument, 16 The game s name which the old man Peddler played was. a rummy b moulds c ludo d snake ladder,17 The crofter had received a payment of. a 40 kroner b 30 kroner c 25 kroner d 10 kroner,18 The peddler heard some thumping sounds from. a an iron mill b thresher c harvester d windmill,19 Indigo pays a glowing tribute to. a Nehru b Gandhiji c Rajeev Gandhi d Modi,20 The peasant who met Gandhiji was.
a Raj Kumar Shukla b W G Wells c Louis Fisher d Pearl S Buck. 21 In 1917 Gandhiji Shukla boarded a train in Calcutta for. a Patna b Ahmedabad c Champaran d Delhi,22 Who received Gandhiji at Muzaffarpur station. a Shukla b J P Kriplani C Rajendra Prasad d Nehru,23 Going places is a story of two. a good friends b boys c scholars,24 Sophie planned to set up her own. a boutique b salon c parlour,25 Sophie s best friend was. a Derek b Geoff c Jansie,26 Danny casey was an,a Irish footballer b cricketer c philosopher.
27 Geoff was years out of school,a 3 yrs b 5 yrs c 8 yrs. 28 Moral re armament army visited Madras in,a 1982 b 1960 c 1952. 29 Asokamitran has used efficiently in poets and pancakes. a Humour and satire b rhyming schemes c personification. d oxymoron,30 was the boss at Gemini studios,a S S Vasan b Subbu c. Actor d Writer,31 The Tiger king s name was,a Jung Jung b Sultan c Raja d Bahadur. 32 Crown prince ascended the throne at the age of,a 20 b 30 c 18 d 35.
33 The writer of The Enemy is, a Pearl S Buck b R K Narayan c Sarojini Naidu d John Updike. 34 Dr Sadao was an eminent, a surgeon b scientist c surgeon and painter d scientist and painter. 35 Jack s daughter s name was,a Joe b Jane c Jill d Roger. 36 Who hit Mommy,a Witch b wizard c magician d player. 37 Derry is of years,a 14 b 12 c 10 d 15,38 Old lamb is known as.
a Lamey Lamb b Lamey lamey c Jenny d Geoff,39 Evans was the prisoner at. a Oxford b Boston c Japan d Cambridge, 40 The allowed the police to take the minister away. a Governor b chief minister c President d Doctor,41 The German teacher met Evans in the. a Recreational club b JCW club c Rotary club d Literary club. 42 The second episode of Memories of childhood has the base of South India where. a Terrorists b Dalits c Extremists d Children,43 THE Iron master s daughter s name was. a Sonia b Susan c Edla d Jennet,44 Firozabad town in U P is famous for.
a Chains b Bangles c shoes d Jewellaries,45 Seemapuri is on the outskirts of. a Delhi b Kolkata c Chennia d Bihar,DAV Public School SECL Chhal. Question Bank,Class XII English Core 301, Read the extracts below and answer the questions followed very briefly. 1 Reading the bulletin called after me Don t go so fast Bub you will get to your school in plenty of time I. thought he was making fun of me and reached M Hamel s little garden all out of breath. a Bub here refers to who was going to school, b The speaker was nervous as he did not learn his lessons and was. c M Hamel was Bub teacher who taught him, d Find an expression from the extract which means mocking.
2 But he had the courage to hear every lesson to the very last After the writing we had a lesson in history and. then the babies chanted their ba be bi bo bu Down there at the back of the room old Hauser had put on his. spectacles and holding his primer in both hands spelled the letters with them. a Hamel was with each and every student, b Old Hauser spelled the letters from the primer true false. c Babies had come to school for the first time so they had to learn alphabets true false. d Find the synonym of bravery from the extract, 3 Saheb left is home long ago Set amidst the green fields of Dhaka his home is not even a distant memory. There were many storms that swept away their fields and homes his mother tells him That s why they left. looking for gold in the big city where he now lives. a Saheb is a from Dhaka,b Saheb s mother told about at their native place. c Find a word from the extract that means remote, d They left Dhaka as they did not like the place True False. 4 I used every way I know to overcome this fear but it held me firmly in its grips Finally one October I. decided to get an instructor and learn to swim I went to a pool and practiced five days a week an hour each. day The instructor put a belt around me A rope attached to a belt went through a pulley that ran on an. overhead cable, a He went to the same pool where the accident happened True false.
b He needed an instructor to get over his phobia True False. c He was attached to a to assist him in swimming,d He was to get over his fear. 5 Surely it was nothing unusual for poor vagabonds without any better shelter for the night to be attracted to the. forge by the glow of light which escaped through the sooty panes and to come into warm themselves in front. of the fire The blacksmiths glanced only casually and indifferently at the intruder. a The poor vagabond here is the, b Blacksmiths were casual because he was like any other. c The intruder was in the hope of getting a job there True False. d Find a word from the passage that means the same as trespasser. 6 The sharecropping arrangement was irksome to the peasants and many signed willingly Those who resisted. engaged lawyers the landlords hired thugs, a Peasants happily accepted the sharecropping arrangement as they were the beneficiaries. true false, b The landlords were hesitant to accept the arrangement true false. c The peasants feel, d Find a word from the extract which means the same as refrain from.
7 A communist was a godless man he had no filial or conjugal love he had no compunction about killing his. own parents or his children he was always out to cause and spread unrest and violence among innocent and. ignorant people Such notions which prevailed everywhere else in South India at that time also naturally. floated about vaguely among the khadi clad poets of Gemini Studios. a People in the Gemini Studios were averse to Communism true false. b Most of the employees of the studios worshipped Gandhi true false. c Political ideologies of the people in South India during those days were. d Find a word from the extract which means the same as as having a guilty feeling. 8 Your non fictional writing your scholarly work has a certain playful and personal quality about it It is a marked. It seemed long way down Those ninefeet were more like ninety and before I touched bottom my lungs were ready to burst But when my feet hit bottom I summoned all my strength and made what I thought was great spring upwords a What had happened to the narrator b Though the narrator was frightened intially he was not c Which strategy did Douglas remamber when he was drowning in theY M C A

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