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P O Box 208 customers effectively manage data and assets. Skaneateles Falls NY 13153,Honeywell Global Tracking an SBE of Honeywell. Tel 1 800 782 4263 Scanning Mobility develops products and. Fax 1 315 685 3172 solutions that are used around the world to track. monitor and communicate with mobile assets,www honeywell com. Product portfolio spanning applications from retail energy and utilities. transportation manufacturing and healthcare to public sector. Motorola is a global communications leader powered tions of today such as the mobile computing device. by a passion to invent and an unceasing commitment MC9500 and the APX public safety radio With this. to advancing the way the world connects Motorola s portfolio Motorola offers solutions support tools. Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Networks busi and services to many of the Fortune 500 companies. ness offers a comprehensive end to end portfolio and governments around the world Combined with. of products and solutions including rugged two way a global channel partner community Motorola has an. radios mobile computers secure public safety sys extensive reach into small to medium businesses. ESIGNED FOR XTREME NVIRONMENTS tems barcode scanning RFID readers and wireless as well a large range of additional vertical markets. loud good read beeper and dual LED network infrastructure to enterprises and govern. e reliable and intuitive feedback even in, nts ments as well as 4G broadband infrastructure de. TIVITY All popular interfaces are on,vices and services to network operators globally. al Express software for easy integration,UPOS standard and Windows.
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tablets and wearable devices, Scandit enables retail manufacturing and logistics sumers and employee use cases ranging from self. businesses to maximize operational performance scanning mobile shopping and mobile point of sale. and drive new revenue streams via enterprise grade to inventory management and asset tracking. barcode scanning OCR and data capture software, for smartphones tablets and wearable devices With Scandit s cross platform scan technology delivers. over 10 000 licensees in over 80 countries Scandit s lightning fast and highly accurate full screen and. award winning mobile scan technology and asso any angle scanning even of blurry and damaged. ciated cloud services is the platform of choice for barcodes on the widest possible range of iOS and. many of the world s most prestigious brands includ Android devices and provides seamless support. ing Ahold Saks 5th Avenue Capital One Homeplus for IBM Worklight Adobe Phonegap Xamarin and. Tesco Nasa Bayer and Coop empowering con Appcelerator Titanium Founded in 2009 by a group. of researchers from MIT ETH Zurich and IBM Re, search today Scandit and its network of global in Thurwiesenstrasse 8. tegration and technology partners are pushing the 8037 Zurich. Switzerland, boundaries of mobile AIDC automatic identification. and data capture and developments in the Internet 41 44 586 4540. of Things arena to deliver ground breaking identi 1 617 284 6565. fication and data capture applications to its global. customer base www scandit com,info scandit com,Z e b r a Te c h n o l o g i e s.
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B Biometrics MV Machine Vision,FF Facial Feature POS Point of Sale. BC Barcode P Printers FP Fingerprint RF Radio Frequency. C Cards R Readers FX Fixed SL Smart Labels, DC Data Collection S Scanners H Holograms SM Smart. NFC Near Field Comm SW Software HF High Frequency TTR Thermal Transfer Ribbon. RFID Radio Frequency T Terminals HG Hand Geometry UHF Ultra High Frequency. Identification Device TAG Tags HH Handheld VF Verifier. RTLS Real Time Loc System VR Voice Recognition I Industrial VT Vehicle Terminal. www id world magazine com,D ata Collection,Ekahau MF SH DC RTLS TAG RF SW. www ekahau com 1851 Alexander Bell Drive 20191 Reston VA Usa Tel 1 703 860 2850 Fax 1 703 860 2028. Etilux SA SI VAR D BC DC RFID C C MG M L SL TTR TAG RF HF P CP I TTR R HH FX RF I S HH FX I T HH FX RF I BT BC SW. www etilux com 45 rue de l Esp rance 4000 Liege Belgium Tel 32 4 2249999 Fax 32 4 2261106. Euro Link Srl MF SI VAR RFID DC C SM M SL TAG RF LF HF UHF A R FX HH I T RF SW EP. www euro link it V delle Industrie 7 30175 Marghera VE Italy Tel 39 041 5093861 Fax 39 041 5093096. Euro Plus d o o Nice Label SH BC RFID SW, www nicelabel com Poslovna cona A 2 4208 en ur Slovenia Tel 386 4 280 5000 Fax 386 4 233 1148. Flytech Technology Co Ltd MF BC RTLS DC R HH S HH POS. www flytech com tw No 168 Sing Ai Rd Nei Hu District 114 114 Taipei Taiwan Republic of China Tel 886 2 8791 4988 Fax 886 2 8791 4966. Foba Laser Marking Engraving Alltech MF C DC MC TAG MK MV. www fobalaser com An der Trave 27 31 23923 Selmsdorf Germany Tel 49 38823 550 Fax 49 38823 55222. for IBM Worklight Adobe Phonegap Xamarin and Appcelerator Titanium Founded in 2009 by a group of researchers from MIT ETH Zurich and IBM Re search today Scandit and its network of global in tegration and technology partners are pushing the boundaries of mobile AIDC automatic identification and data capture and developments in the Internet of Things arena to deliver ground breaking

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