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DACnews September 2015 OECD,activities of diverse, multilateral channels stakeholders The report looks. Asia was the largest recipient region at a number of existing. The low income countries received the least partnerships working in diverse. The highest sector share went to transport with almost half the total followed by energy sectors countries and regions. with one third to draw lessons and provide,practical guidance proposing. Figure Total disbursements for infrastructure by official development ten success factors for post. partners 2013 2015 partnerships,OECD Development Co. operation Peer Reviews,Belgium 2015 notes that,Belgium is making a push to. direct more development aid to,the poorest countries but that.
to deliver on this the country,needs to set firm deadlines. make its aid programme more,flexible and reverse its decline. in official development,assistance,Multilateral Aid 2015. Better Partnerships for a,Post 2015 Worldidentifies. how bilateral providers can,support multilateral,organisations in implementing.
changes and fostering, Source OECD DAC aid activity database CRS disbursements and estimates Non DAC partnerships that. countries include Arab countries make best use of all. Report available soon here resources available for. development including, To see the previous report Official Support for Private Sector Participation in Developing. earmarked funding, Country Infrastructure http dx doi org 10 1787 5jz14cd40nf0 en. Addendum Donor Profiles at a Glance leverage knowledge and. http www oecd org dac stats documentupload DonorProfilesInfra pdf resources from partners. Tweet DACnews beyond the traditional,The French version of. A new statistical measure tailored to the SDG framework Measuring and. managing results in, The recent Third International Conference on Financing for Development FfD3 in Addis Ababa development co.
resoundingly affirmed the need to mobilise all available funding public and private to achieve operation is now available. the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals SDGs At the 70th session of the United Nations online. General Assembly the world is looking to New York for guidance on the means of implementation. Tweet DACnews, of this new universal international development agenda that intends to leave no one behind. Financing for sustainable development has already reached an unprecedented scale and. increasingly policy makers are confronted with the daunting task of tracking complex financing VACANCIES. packages from an ever expanding mix of financial actors private companies international banks Senior Policy Advisor. portfolio and impact investors and emerging providers of development assistance Yet current Multilateral Organisation. estimates place the annual SDG funding shortfall at USD 2 5 trillion more than 18 times the. Performance, amount of official development assistance ODA provided by DAC members in 2014 The. Assessment Network, upcoming 21st Conference of Parties COP21 in December will further challenge developed. MOPAN Job Number, countries to live up to their promise to mobilise USD 100 billion by 2020 in support of the climate. http www oecd org dac dacnewsseptember2015 htm 22 Sep 2015 4 36 32 PM. DACnews September 2015 OECD, change agenda The consensus reached in Addis made strong headway in unlocking new.
avenues to track and incentivise these flows DCD is looking for a dynamic. and experienced Senior Policy, A new statistical measure has emerged to contribute to efforts to track and monitor this. Advisor with strong leadership,increasingly complex panorama of finance. and solid technical skills to join,for sustainable development Tailored to. the MOPAN Secretariat The,the SDG framework and including the. Advisor will drive MOPAN s,provision of global public goods the new.
assessments of multilateral,measure currently referred to as total. organisations and will pro,official support for sustainable development. actively contribute expertise to, TOSSD has emerged as a main feature of the means of implementation of the post 2015. the ongoing development of, financing framework1 During the FfD3 A high level panel discussion at the Addis conference. the Network s efforts to, led by OECD Secretary General Angel Gurr a flagged the importance of the TOSSD framework.
enhance the impact and, as a benefit for all development actors and stakeholders promoting transparency and. tracking of its work and, accountability on the full range of flows available to developing countries. multilateral effectiveness more, ODA will remain the standard measure for monitoring donor performance against the United broadly. Nations ODA GNI target of 0 7 in particular ODA targeted to the countries most in need The. Tweet DACnews, TOSSD measure will complement it by clarifying how and where other financing packages are. being deployed and by capturing the catalytic role of ODA in stimulating private investment e g TOP. through guarantees equity bonds and credit enhancements for debt finance. To shape and operationalise the TOSSD measurement framework two expert workshops will be. organised in 2015 drawing on the know how and insights of leading development practitioners. and strategists from developing countries regional organisations civil society and business. These workshops and future dialogue will strengthen the utility and integrity of the measure and. promote ownership across the international community capitalising on impetus from Addis to. continue to raise the bar on international development co operation in the post 2015 context. and beyond,Tweet DACnews,DAC Development Debates, Implementing the data revolution at the country level.
At the heart of the data revolution is an explosion in the volume of data matched by a widespread. and growing demand for data But the data revolution is. about more than supply and demand If it is to be, meaningful it must bridge global data inequalities It. must also enable countries and citizens to monitor. development progress hold leaders accountable and,promote sustainable development The Sustainable. Development Goals SDGs present an unprecedented, opportunity to harness data in support of sustainable. development so as to make progress toward inclusive. growth and ending extreme poverty Yet although data. will be absolutely critical to achieving the SDGs the. current data gaps are still too significant to allow for this. At a DAC Development Debate on 7 July Johannes, J tting manager of the PARIS21 Secretariat presented the PARIS21 Road Map for a Country. led Data Revolution as a step by step guide to help developing countries produce more and. better data for measuring and monitoring progress towards achieving the SDGs He called for. investment in national and subnational statistics in developing countries More than 40 countries. have endorsed PARIS21 s Declaration for a Country led Data Revolution which spells out the. guiding principles and actions needed for a data revolution that benefits developing countries To. continue promoting the better use and production of data PARIS21 is also helping shape the. http www oecd org dac dacnewsseptember2015 htm 22 Sep 2015 4 36 32 PM. DACnews September 2015 OECD, Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data which will be launched at the 70 session.
of the United Nations General Assembly This new partnership will advocate for the value of data. mobilise resources and foster innovation and knowledge sharing. Shelton Kanyanda PARIS21 Programme Co ordinator for Africa stressed the need to. strengthen planning and co ordination across sectors and levels. harness the power of ICT and innovations,invest in people and development of their skills. advocate for more and better co ordinated funding so far less than 0 25 of ODA goes to. statistics,more and better use of statistics, Bill Anderson from Development Initiatives emphasised the need to promote use of sector. specific management information systems in developing countries Nicolas de Cordes from the. Orange Group presented the Data for Development D4D Challenge an innovation that. promotes the use of anonymised data from mobile phone call logs Initiated in Cote d Ivoire and. Senegal the Challenge has helped to reduce health risks improve public transport systems and. create proxies for national statistics among others. Tweet DACnews, Effective leadership in international organisations. The 30 June DAC Development Debate focused on the,question of how to ensure effective leadership in. international organisations Leaders from the World. Economic Forum s Global Agenda Council on Global,Governance including Gabriela Ramos OECD Chief.
of Staff and Sherpa to the G20 have contributed to a. report on Effective Leadership in International, Organisations and the main findings of the report were. presented and discussed by the project lead,ProfessorNgaire Woods from Oxford University. The report examines 11 key international organisations. and identifies practices that facilitate good leadership. across 7 areas,1 selecting and re electing leadership on merit. 2 managing performance,3 setting and evaluating ethical standards. 4 developing and retaining talent,5 setting strategic priorities.
6 engaging with a wide range of stakeholders,7 evaluating independently and effectively. H E Iztok Jarc Ambassador of Slovenia to the OECD discussed the report from a member. state s perspective and stressed that members value the OECD for providing evidence based. analysis and policy advice,Tweet DACnews, The Global Partnership for Effective Development Co operation Key. challenges and future prospects, On 8 September 2015 the OECD organised a DAC Development. Debate with Talaat Abdel Malek former co chair of the OECD DAC. Working Party on Aid Effectiveness Mr Abdel Malek presented the. conclusions of his recently published book The Global Partnership. for Effective Development Cooperation Origins Actions and Future. http www oecd org dac dacnewsseptember2015 htm 22 Sep 2015 4 36 32 PM. DACnews September 2015 OECD, Prospects He was joined by discussants representing two of the. current GPEDC co chairs Jeroen Verheul of the Netherlands and. Arturo Hern ndez Basave Mexico as well as Monica Asuna. representing Kenya National Treasury the host country of the next. Global Partnership High Level Meeting, Building on the lessons learned in implementing the effectiveness agenda since the Second High.
Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness Paris 2005 participants acknowledged progress made so far. and noted the important contribution the Global Partnership will make to implementing the 2030. Agenda for Sustainable Development They also highlighted the urgency of addressing the. unfinished business of the aid effectiveness agenda and emphasised the importance of. ownership agreeing that inclusiveness remains important but should not take the focus off the. unfinished business Finally they agreed that changes to the Global Partnership s governance. and operations are needed,Tweet DACnews,FEATURE ARTICLE. We can and we will make the SDGs happen, Remarks by Angel Gurr a OECD Secretary General at the launch. of the Development Co operation Report 2015 Making. Partnerships Effective Coalitions for Action Paris 7. September 2015 As prepared for delivery,Ladies and gentlemen. The new Sustainable Development Goals are,ambitious but they can be achieved. Today we stand about 800 weeks away from the complete. eradication of extreme poverty everywhere That s 800 weeks to lift 800 million people out of. extreme poverty This is not a forecast but rather an aspiration And it is an aspiration. embodied in the first of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to be launched at the end of. this month which I firmly believe the international community can fulfil. Ladies and gentlemen I am excited by the new Sustainable Development Goals They re. bold They re inclusive And above all they provide the international community with a. once in a lifetime opportunity to end poverty and to chart a more prosperous inclusive and. sustainable future for us all, The Millennium Development Goals demonstrated the power of global goals to inspire action.
and mobilise much needed resources This includes record levels of aid or Official. Development Assistance ODA from OECD DAC members which reached 135 billion last. In the SDGs the international community is now the custodian of a much more sophisticated. global goals framework They recognise the need to address the economic social and. environmental dimensions of development They re universal and should be embraced by. countries at all levels of development including OECD countries. Development is no longer the concern of the few Never before has it been so clear that we all. share common risks threats hopes and ambitions The SDGs provide a framework for. responsibility for action and for results, http www oecd org dac dacnewsseptember2015 htm 22 Sep 2015 4 36 32 PM. DACnews September 2015 OECD, No one can afford to go it alone Partnerships will be central to achieving. Two months ago I joined leaders in Addis Ababa for the Third International Conference on. Financing for Development I was encouraged by the, determination of governments civil society international. organisations and business to flesh out an action plan to. Implementing the data revolution at the country level At the heart of the data revolution is an explosion in the volume of data matched by a widespread and growing demand for data But the data revolution is about more than supply and demand If it is to be meaningful it must bridge global data inequalities It must also enable countries and citizens to monitor development progress hold

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