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C V Angel Adams Parham April, baseline for considering the migration and integration of today s. immigrants of color,Journal Articles and Chapters in Edited Volumes. 2018 Parham Angel Adams Congo Square as a Lieu de Souvenir in New. Orleans Race Place and the Complexities of Blackness for Sweet. Spots Interstitial Spaces in New Orleans Architecture and Culture eds. Teresa Toulouse and Barbara Ewell University Press of Mississippi. In print June 2018, 2015 Parham Angel A and Danielle Allen Achieving Rooted. Cosmopolitanism in a Digital Age pp 254 272 in From Voice to. Influence Understanding Citizenship in a Digital Age Danielle Allen. and Jennifer S Light eds Chicago University of Chicago Press. 2012 Parham Angel A Caribbean and Creole in New Orleans pp 56. 76 in American Creoles The Francophone Caribbean and the. American South Martin Munro and Celia Britton eds,Liverpool University Press. 2011 Parham Angel A Language Identity and Public Sphere in Haiti s. Diaspora The evolution of the Haitian Creolists Internet Network. pp 247 264 in Geographies of the Haitian Diaspora Regine Ostine. Jackson ed Routledge, 2008 Parham Angel A Race Memory and Family History in Social.
Identities 14 1 13 32, 2005 Parham Angel A Internet Place and Public Sphere in Diaspora. Communities in Diaspora 14 2 3 349 380, 2005 Parham Angel A Comment on Zhou Yongming s Living on the Cyber. Border in Current Anthropology 46 5 797, 2004 Parham Angel A Diaspora Community and Communication Internet Use. in Transnational Haiti in Global Networks A Journal of Transnational. Affairs 4 2 199 217,Journal Articles in Progress, Parham Angel Adams The Lieu de Souvenir as Historical Lens invited. contribution for History of the Present Estimated submission date. April 2018, Parham Angel Adams The Lost Case of St Domingue Refugees in 19th.
Century Louisiana and Why Sociologists Need to Recover It To Be. submitted to Sociology of Race and Ethnicity Estimated Submission. Date July 2018,C V Angel Adams Parham April,Book Projects in Progress. A Place to Remember Uncovering Another America, With this study I aim to present an alternative reading of U S history and. national identity by examining and comparing lieux de souvenir sites. whose histories allow us to peel away the layers of seemingly settled places. and identities in order to recover the mixture and hybridity that have become. submerged beneath dominant narratives of who we are as U S Americans. One publication from this work Congo Square as a Lieu de Souvenir in New. Orleans Race Place and the Complexities of Blackness is coming out in. June 2018 in the edited volume Sweet Spots which is listed above. A second publication from this work is in progress and will be submitted to. the journal History of the Present in April 2018 this is listed above. Mirrored Lives Toward a New Conversation on Race Class. and Inequality, With this work I use the capabilities approach elaborated by Amartya Sen. and Martha Nussbaum to compare and contrast the impacts of race and. inequality in the wealthiest and poorest countries in the Western. hemisphere the U S and Haiti The comparison involves examining the. histories of race and disadvantage in each area and documenting the lives. and life chances of children and families in low income African American. households in New Orleans compared to those of persons with a. comparable standard of living in Haiti The Mirrored Lives study responds. to research which shows the surprising and disturbing resonances between. the diminished life chances of low income African Americans and those of. disadvantaged persons living in developing countries See the following for. research by Shaefer et al that illustrates these similarities. http npc umich edu publications working papers publication id 269. This is a three year comparison extending from 2017 2020 I gathered. baseline data in July 2017 consisting of oral histories household. questionnaires and photo documentation with eleven participating. households in Cap Haitien Haiti and followed up with these families in. December 2017 I am gathering this same baseline data with 7 8 families. in New Orleans Ongoing follow up visits interviews and participant. observation will continue each summer and winter through the summer of. Occasional Paper Published in Online Series, 2012 Parham Angel A Who Are We What Louisiana Can Teach Us About. Being American Occasional Paper 44 School of Social Science at. the Institute for Advanced Study Available at,http www sss ias edu publications occasional.
C V Angel Adams Parham April,Academic Awards and Fellowships. 2018 Community Service Award from the College of Arts and Sciences for. excellence in community based teaching and research. 2018 Dr Jon Altschul Award for Community Engagement for connecting my. research and my students to the New Orleans community through the work. of my non profit Nyansa Classical Community This community engaged. work is foundational to my Mirrored Lives book project. 2017 LA Creole Recognition Award for extraordinary. contributions to the enduring good of our community as teacher. author historian and promoter of social justice in our. community and beyond for my book American Routes Racial. Palimpsests and the Transformation of Race, 2017 Marquette faculty research fellowship Loyola University Provided. initial funding for the Mirrored Lives study,2011 Institute for Advanced Study Princeton NJ. Member of the School of Social Science,2011 2012 academic year. 2006 2007 Legacies of Haiti in Louisiana Loyola Faculty Development. 2005 2006 Legacies of Haiti in Louisiana Loyola Faculty Development. 1998 Global Studies Travel Grant UW Madison summer research in. 1998 Institute for the Study of World Politics Travel Grant summer. research in Haiti,1997 Global Studies Scholarship UW Madison.
1995 1997 Consortium on Institutional Cooperation Fellowship. 1994 1995 Fulbright Grant IIE Tanzania, Conference Papers and Presentations Last 10 Years Only. 2018 Critic for Author Meets Critic Session for Modernity and the Jews in Western. Social Thought by Chad Goldberg Eastern Sociological Society Baltimore. 2017 Enduring Ties Haiti s Lasting Influence on the U S presented at. the 2017 meeting of the Haitian Studies Association Conference. C V Angel Adams Parham April,New Orleans LA, 2017 Region Race and History Racial Palimpsests in the U S and. Beyond presented at the 2017 meeting of the American. Sociological Association Montreal Canada, 2016 St Domingue Refugees in Cuba and New Orleans presented at. the 2016 meeting of the Social Science History Association. Chicago IL, 2015 Race Integration and Hospitality presented at the 2015 meeting. of the Public Philosophy Network San Francisco CA, 2015 Congo Square as a Lieux de Souvenir in New Orleans Race Place and the.
Complexity of Blackness presented at the 2015 meeting of the Southern. American Studies Association Atlanta GA, 2014 Spaces Between Racial and Ethnic Mis Conceptions and. Transformations presented at the 2014 meeting of the American. Sociological Association San Francisco CA, 2013 Toward a New Conversation on Immigration Race and Cultural. Difference presented at the 2013 meeting of the Public. Philosophy Network Atlanta GA, 2013 Creoles Americans and Dissident Racial Spaces presented at the. 2013 meeting of the American Sociological Association in. New York NY, 2012 From Old to New Assimilation presented at the 2012 meeting of the. American Sociological Association in Denver CO, 2011 Reconsidering Race and Nation Regional Racial Histories in the U S.
presented at the 2011 meeting of the American Sociological Association. in Las Vegas NV, 2010 Caribbean and Creole in New Orleans presented at the. Francophone Caribbean and North America Conference in Tallahassee. 2009 Memories in Black and White Dealing with Slavery in Family. Histories presented at the 2009 meeting of the American Sociological. association in San Francisco CA, 2009 Region Race and Memory Racial Formations in Louisiana presented at. the 2009 meeting of the Southern Sociological Society in New Orleans. C V Angel Adams Parham April, 2008 Genealogy Race and Ethnicity Coming to Terms with Unequal Pasts. presented at the 2008 meeting of the Southern Sociological. Society in Richmond Virginia, 2007 Race Memory and Family History presented at the 2007. meeting of the American Sociological Association in New. York New York, 2007 Ancestors and Social Memory Discovering St Domingue Haiti in.
the Family presented at Black Diaspora in the South and the. Caribbean 4th annual conference of the Program in Louisiana and. Caribbean Studies of the Louisiana State University March 2007. Baton Rouge Louisiana,Invited Presentations for Scholarly Events. 2018 The Lost Case of St Domingue Refugees in 19th Century. Louisiana and Why Sociologists Need to Recover It Sociology. Department Colloquium University of Wisconsin Madison. 2016 The Racial Palimpsest New Analytical Lenses for Studying Race. and Migration University of Wisconsin Madison co sponsored by. the Sociology Department and the Latin American Caribbean and. Iberian Studies LACIS program, 2015 Panel member on the topic What is Creole for the 2015 meeting. of the Caribbean Studies Association New Orleans LA. 2012 Prospective Cosmopolitans Imagining and Enacting Solidarity. Before and After Cyberspace invited speaker for graduate student. conference at the Center for Humanities at Temple University. Philadelphia PA, 2007 Unequal Memories Race and family history in Louisiana. invited paper presented at the Drew University Sociology. speakers series for recent PhDs Madison New Jersey. March 2007, 2005 Beyond the Borders of the Nation State Intersections of Internet and. Place in the Construction of Diaspora Identities and Publics Invited paper. for the Routing Diasporas Conference Center for 21st Century Studies. University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Invited Scholarly Activity for Media and Public Events.
2018 Invited by the Southern History Project to do a workshop for high. school teachers who will be teaching their students the historical. connections between Haiti and Louisiana,C V Angel Adams Parham April. 2017 Interviewed for WWNOs history feature Tripod New Orleans at. 300 Haiti and New Orleans Is the Feeling Mutual, http wwno org post haiti new orleans feeling mutual I am. featured from 28 15 29 55 in the piece, 2017 Caribbean Influence on Race in New Orleans panel talk for. Louisiana Creole Research Association conference, 2017 The Caribbean Influence on Louisiana s Past and Present talk. delivered for the USDA s Southern Regional Research Center in. celebration of Caribbean American Heritage Month, 2017 Race Justice and Welcoming the Other as Christ talk for the.
Department of Theology University of the Holy Cross New Orleans. March 21 2017, 2017 Led workshop on Seeing and Understanding Systemic Injustice for. the Southeast District Conference of the EFCA March 2 2017. 2017 Co led workshop Promoting Justice and Reconciliation with Ruth. Evans for the Southeast District Conference of the EFCA March 2. 2014 Radio interview by Monica Pierre for the WWL AM Community Matters. show Interviewed with Phyllis Landrieu concerning the work of the. Childhood and Family Learning Foundation Aired April 27 2014. 2013 Television interview by Norman Robinson for The Hot Seat on WDSU. Interviewed with Phyllis Landrieu concerning the work of the. Childhood and Family Learning Foundation Aired October 1 2013. Available at http www wdsu com news local news new. orleans Hot Seat Helping children succeed 22217992. 2013 Radio interview by Kali Ahset Amen Strayhorn for Moving the Center. on Radio Free Georgia Interview focused on research concerning. Creoles and race in Louisiana,Aired September 20 2013. 2011 Beautifully Woven Caribbean Strands in Louisiana s Cultural. Tapestry talk delivered for the USDA s Southern Regional Research. Center in celebration of Caribbean American Heritage Month. 2010 Television appearance on the evening news for WWL January. 15th Interviewed for a piece on the situation in Haiti following the. earthquake, 2009 Toussaint L Ouverture and the Revolution in St Domingue. presented at opening of painting exhibit by artist Mary Anne de. C V Angel Adams Parham April, Boisblanc entitled The Art of Family in March at Tulane University New. Orleans LA, 2008 Television appearance on the morning news for WWL with Sally.
Ann Roberts Invited to discuss the significance of Barack. Obama s 2008 win in the election for president, 2006 Curator for Celebrating Trem Celebrating Juneteenth an exhibit at the. New Orleans African American Museum This involved putting together an. educational exhibit and inviting guest speakers to address the topic of. Juneteenth, 2006 Panel member for The Working Poor of New Orleans After the. Storm Part of the series After the Storm Four Nights of. Conversation on Post Katrina New Orleans sponsored by Loyola. University New Orleans,Professional Associations,American Sociological Association. Social Science History Association,Eastern Sociological Society. Southern Sociological Society, Haitian Proficient reading writing and conversation.
French Reading knowledge,Service to the University. 2007 2012 Chair African and African American Studies Program Loyola University New Orleans Publications Book 2017 Parham Angel A American Routes Racial Palimpsests and the Transformation of Race New York Oxford University Press American Routes provides a comparative and historical analysis of the

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