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Institutional responsibilities, 2013 2018 Board of the SMF French Mathematical Society Director of publications. and associate director of the SMF 2016 2018, 2009 2012 Board of Femmes et Mathe matiques Women in Mathematics. 2010 2015 Associate director of FSMP Fondation Sciences Mathe matiques de Paris. http www sciencesmaths paris fr en, The Foundation Sciences Mathe matiques de Paris is a network of excellence created in. 2006 Its members are large research institutions in the Paris area It brings together. close to 1200 researchers in mathematical sciences. 2010 2015 Associate director of LIAFA Laboratoire d Informatique Algorithmique Fonde. ments et Applications Univ Paris Diderot Paris 7 LIAFA has merged with PPS into. 2007 2010 Scientific officer Charge e de mission at CNRS for Research Departments. Mathematics Physics Earth Sciences and Astronomy and Information and Engineer. ing Science in charge of the relations between mathematics and computer science. 2010 2014 Co head with G Theyssier of the research group SDA2 Syste mes Dynamiques. Automates et Algorithmes of the GDR Informatique Mathe matique IM Executive. board of GDR Informatique mathe matique 2015 2018 in charge of editorial policy. 2018 I have been member of the mission on mathematics entrusted by the French Minister. of National Education J M Blanquer to a team of around 20 people led by Ce dric Villani. and Charles Torossian The mission was tasked with assessing the current strengths. and weaknesses of mathematics teaching in France identifying potential bottlenecks and. levers before formulating concrete proposals based on best practices and international. studies in a 96 page report proposing 21 flagship measures with complementary measures. to improve the effectiveness of mathematics teaching in France 1. Committees, 2014 2018 Scientific council of the CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. 2011 Scientific council of the City of Paris, 2015 Steering committee Ecole de Printemps d Informatique The orique EPIT.
2018 International Advisory Board of the doctoral program Discrete Mathematics at. TU and Univ Graz and MU Leoben supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. 2018 Scientific council of DIM Math Innov 2017 The DIM Math Innov feder. ates all laboratories and teams in mathematical sciences in the Ile de France Region It. helps to maintain and strengthen the great potential for interdisciplinary cooperation. promotes the integration of doctoral and post doctoral students into the business world. and coordinates the doctoral schools in the Ile de France network. 2004 2013 Scientific council of the CIRM Centre International de Rencontres Mathe matiques. The report can be found at http cache media education gouv fr file Fevrier 19 0 Rapport. Villani Torossian 21 mesures pour enseignement des mathematiques 896190 pdf. 2011 2015 and 2000 2003 Member of the CNU National Council of Universities. Section 25 Mathematics The CNU is a national council that decides on individual. measures relating to the qualification recruitment and career of university professors and. Decoration,Chevalier de la Le gion d honneur 2013, Editorial board Collection Computer Science and information technology Computer. Science and Information Technology ISTE Wiley Theoretical computer science 2012. Editorial Board of the book series Fractals and Dynamics in Mathematics Science and. the Arts Theory and Applications World Scientific Publishers 2017. I have edited 4 collaborative books, N Pytheas Fogg Substitutions in Dynamics Arithmetics and Combinatorics Lecture. Note Mathematical Series 1794 Springer Verlag 2002 eds V Berthe S Ferenczi C. Mauduit A Siegel, Combinatorics Automata and Number Theory Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its. Applications 135 Cambridge University Press 2010 eds V Berthe M Rigo. Combinatorics Words and Symbolic Dynamics Encyclopedia of mathematics and its. applications Cambridge University Press 159 2016 eds V Berthe M Rigo. Sequences groups and number theory Birkha user Springer Trends in Mathematics 2018. eds V Berthe M Rigo,PhD Students supervised, 2015 2019 Paulina Cecchi Bernales codavisor M I Cortez IRIF Univ Paris Diderot. Paris 7 and Univ de Santiago du Chili, 2015 2018 Pablo Rotondo coadvisors B Valle e A Viola IRIF Univ Paris Diderot.
Paris 7 and Univ de la Republica Uruguay, 2010 2013 Timo Jolivet codavisor J Kari LIAFA Univ Paris Diderot Paris 7 and. Univ Turku Finland, 2008 2012 Se bastien Labbe coadvisor S Brlek LIAFA Univ Paris Diderot Paris 7. and LACIM UQAM Canada S Labbe is now CR1 at CNRS, 2004 2007 Thomas Fernique LIRMM Montpellier Th Fernique is now CR1 at. 2003 2005 Damien Jamet LIRMM Montpellier D Jamet is now Ma tre de Confe rences. 2002 2005 Julien Bernat coadvisor P Arnoux IML Marseille J Bernat is now. Ma tre de Confe rences, 2000 2002 Boris Adamczewski IML Marseille B Adamczewski is now DR2 at. 1998 2000 Anne Siegel coadvisor P Arnoux IML Marseille A Siegel is now DR1. I am strongly involved in the promotion of women in mathematics as a member of the Femmes et. Mathe matiques Association I played an important part in the Forum of Young Mathematicians. during the last few years I chaired the organisation committee in 2012 and I am part of the. Programme Committee since 2010 I was also present at international level as I chaired the. Organising Committee of the 11th International Meeting of European Women in Mathematics. I have conducted or took part in several French grants ANR2 previously called ACI projects. in mathematics or computer science, ANR CODYS 2018 2022 Computer orbits for dynamical systems main coordinator.
ANR DynA3S Dynamical study of gcd algorithms an algorithmic analytic arithmetic. and symbolic approach 2012 2018 main coordinator, ANR SubTile Substitutions and Tilings 2009 2012 member. ANR Kidico Knowledge Integration for Digital convolution Image Segmentation and. Measurement 2010 2015 member, ANR LAREDA Lattice Reduction Algorithms Dynamics Probabilities Experiments. Applications 2007 2011 coordinator for one of both poles. ACI Numeration 2004 2006 member, ACI Jeunes chercheurs 2002 2004 Combinatorics of multidimensional words tilings. and numeration main coordinator,At the international level. PHC3 Amadeus Austria 2019 Topology Dynamics and number theory of fractal struc. tures member, ANR FWF FAN Austria fractals and numeration 2012 2017 main coordinator.
STIC AMSUD Argentina France Uruguay 2016 2018 AleaEnAmSud member 2013. 2015 Dynalco Advances in Analytic Combinatorics dynamical combinatorics and ap. plications to number theory information theory and cryptography member. The French National Research Agency ANR is a public administrative institution under the authority of. the French Ministry of Higher Education Research and Innovation The agency funds project based research. carried out by public operators cooperating with each other or with private companies. Hubert Curien PHC partnerships are part of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs policy to support. international scientific and technological exchanges and are implemented with the support of the Ministry of. Higher Education Research and Innovation, PHC Amadeus Austria 2010 2012 Topology of fractals arising from dynamics and. applications member, PHC Amadeus Austria 2007 2009 Fractals and topological structures arising from dy. namics coordinator, PHC Sakura Japan 2006 2008 Number theory and discrete dynamical systems mem. PAI Van Gogh Netherlands 2001 2002 Arithmetic dynamical systems and word com. binatorics coordinator,Research interests and publication activities. My research work focuses on the study of ergodic probabilistic and combinatorial in the sense. of word combinatorics and symbolic dynamics properties of dynamical systems of an arithmetic. nature and their applications in theoretical computer science Applications and motivation from. computer science range from discrete geometry to word combinatorics tiling spaces cryptog. raphy analysis of gcd and lattice reduction algorithms Applications in mathematics range. from Diophantine approximation and continuous fractions to numeration dynamics symbolic. dynamics ergodic theory topological dynamics and aperiodic order number theory formal. power series with coefficients in a finite field discrete mathematics. I have published in mathematics and in computer science 67 papers in international jour. nals 21 papers in international conferences I have written 10 chapters of books I have been. coeditor of 4 books and been coeditor for 5 special issues. Organization of conferences, Organisation with S Akiyama P Arnoux K Dajani P Mercat of Tiling Recurrence.
and Number Theory CIRM 26 30 October 2020, Organisation with C Frougny and W Steiner of Numeration 2018 22 25 May 2018. Paris France 60 part, Organisation with S Labbe of Bridges between Automatic Sequences Algebra and. Number Theory CRM 2017 Montre al April 24 28 April 0217. Organisation with F Durand Th Fernique J Kellendonk fo the thematic month. Transversal aspects of tilings 2016 Ole ron France. Organisation with M Rigo of CANT 16 International School and Conference on Com. binatorics Automata and Number Theory CIRM France 2016. Organisation with Fritz Beukers Alex Clarke Robbert Fokkink of Automatic Se. quences Number Theory and Aperiodic Order 2015 Delft Hollande. Organisation with W Steiner of Fractals and numeration Paris 2013. Organisation with M Rigo of CANT 12 International School and Conference on Com. binatorics Automata and Number Theory 2012 CIRM France. Organisation with J Karhuma ki D Nowotka J Shallit Mini Workshop Combinatorics. on Words 2010 Oberwolfach, Organisation with P Lecomte and M Rigo of CANT 09 International School and Con. ference on Combinatorics Automata and Number Theory 2009 Lie ge Belgique. Organisation with D Damanik and D Lenz Mini Workshop Pisot conjecture From. Rauzy fractals to Meyer sets 2009 Oberwolfach, Organisation with P Lecomte and M Rigo of CANT 06 International School and Con. ference on Combinatorics Automata and Number Theory 2006 Lie ge Belgique. Organisation with L Fainsilber of the 11e me conference EWM European Mathematical. Society CIRM Marseille 2003, Organisation with J C Bajard J M Boe A Jean Marie G Me lanc on F Philippe of.
the 9e mes Journe es Montoises d Informatique The orique Montpellier 2002. Organisation with J P Allouche and P Liardet of the 6e mes Journe es Montoises. d Informatique The orique CIRM Marseille 1995, Organisation with P Arnoux A Siegel of the workshop Generalized substitutions. tilings and numeration CIRM Marseille 2002 2003 2004 2006. Invited talks, Journe es Montoises d Informatique the orique September 2016 Lie ge. Twelfth International Conference on Computability Complexity and Randomness CCR. 2017 Mysore Inde, DLT 2016 20th International Conference on Developments in Language Theory July. 2016 Montre al, Journe es Montoises d Informatique the orique September 2016 Lie ge Belgium. Fractals and Related Fields III September 2015 Porquerolles France. Growth symbolic dynamics and combinatorics of words in groups June 2015 ENS. Paris France, Fractals and Kronecker dynamics New Directions in Fractal Geometry Australian Na.
tional University Canberra and ANU Kioloa Coastal Campus Australia November 2014. Words Codes and Algebraic Combinatorics Reutenauer fest July 2013 Cetraro Italy. Automata Theory and Symbolic Dynamics Workshop PIMS Pacific Institute for the. Mathematical Sciences June 2013 Vancouver University of British Columbia. Representing Streams Lorentz Center December 2012 Leiden Netherlands. Ergodic Theory and Metric Number Theory Japan Women s University Mejiro cam. pus December 2012 Tokyo Japan, Gcd computations and multidimensional continued fractions VMS SMF joint congres. Discrete mathematics August 2012 Vietnam, Numeration and substitution 2012 RIMS Research Institute for Mathematical Sci. ences Kyoto University June 2012 Kyoto Japan, BIRS Outstanding Challenges in Combinatorics on Words February 2012 Banff Canada. Wild Topology 2011 July 2011 Strobl Austria, SCAN 2010 GAMM IMACS International Symposium on Scientific Computing Com. puter Arithmetic and Validated Numerics September 2010 E cole Normale Supe rieure de. The Mathematics of Aperiodic Order 2010 KIAS September 2010 Korea. Numeration Lorentz Center June 2010 Leiden Netherlands. Nombres Se quences Re seaux analyse dynamique d algorithmes Colloque for the 60th. birthday of B Valle e June 2010 Caen, DGCI 09 Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery October 2009 Montre al Canada.
Workshop on Fractals and Tilings July 2009 Strobl Austria. Second Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics Conference CanaDAM 2009. CRM May 2009 Canada, Combinatorial and computational aspects of tilings July 2008 London. Number theory and ergodic theory April 2008 Kanazawa Japan. Number theory and ergodic theory September 2007 Kanazawa Japan. Dynamical systems and number theory Strobl July 2007 Austria. 11e mes Journe es Montoises d Informatique the orique September 2006 Rennes. The Kiselman fest an international symposium in complex analysis and digital geome. try May 2006 Uppsala Sweden,Fibonacci words September 2006 Turku Finland. Automatic sequences and related topics Canadian Mathematical Society CMS June. 2005 Waterloo Ontario, Probability and Number theory P NT 05 June 2005 Kanazawa Japan. Number theoretic algorithms and related topics September 2004 Strobl Austria. Combinatorics Words and Symbolic Dynamics Encyclopedia of mathematics and its applications Cambridge University Press 159 2016 eds V Berth e M Rigo Sequences groups and number theory Birkh auser Springer Trends in Mathematics 2018

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