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Ash Sky Tris Babayan, Being the Art Director on a project like Borderlands 2 was like stepping onto Pandora for the first time There was raw beauty to witness adventures to be had. and the ever present lure of glorious loot to be obtained around every corner However just like exploring an uncharted territory there was danger at every turn. How do I take an immensely beautiful and unique art style and improve upon it How do I add snow grass and lava to Pandora s barren wastelands without. changing the character of this amazing planet How do I make 87 bazillion guns even bazilliondier. Quite simply put I didn t do any of those things,Gearbox Team 4. Instead I had the pleasure to direct an amazingly talented group of individuals who rose to the challenge and made Borderlands 2 the incredible experience that it. is I am well and truly honored to work with such a passionate creative and hardworking team These folks are the kind of people who are excited to have a fifteen Art Style 6. minute discussion about Bandits wearing sombreros and whether said sombrero wearing Bandits should drink Molotov cocktails They are also the kind of people. who routinely asked for the chance to improve an asset even though they knew it would mean a long night of work ahead Mostly though they are the kind of Characters 12. people who love what they do and you can see that passion in every crate you leap over every monster you explode and every loot chest you delve into. Environments 78, Many people might assume that in a game where visuals are at the fore much of its look must come from the Art Team While we do have a big impact on the. game s visuals I think it s important to understand that the final look of Borderlands 2 was a teamwide effort that involves every discipline at Gearbox Story and Weapons Gear 124. Design dreams up an incredible world and Code helps us realize those dreams while Effects Animation and Audio all make heads explode along the way I think. however it s important to note that the Level Designers are the people who combine the elements created by the other teams into a rich and expressive world for Enemies 168. players to explore We owe much of the final look and feel of Pandora to their tireless effort. Items Props 194, Thanks to everyone at Gearbox for making the development of Borderlands 2 an amazing adventure and I hope this book will provide some insight to the reader as. to how we got it made Marketing 238,Tech Art 246,User Interface 254.
Cinematics 264,Jeramy The Chef Cooke Credits 272,CHARA C T E R S. o ra m ig h t b e a harsh un,Though Pand ttract,o f a p la n e t it tends to a. wasteland st of,e ct ru m o f p eople The ca,a wide sp rful. in cl u d e s a ll kinds of colo,Borderlands,e fascists to. ra ct e rs fr om attractiv,cha ll befriend,d e m o lit io n s experts you.
underage during your,m u rd e r co u ntless people. Borderlands,adventures in,y o u p ro b a bly knew all th. But of cours ck used,k n o w th a t Sir Hammerlo,But did you Jack. t g u y O r th at Handsome,to be a fa s character,lo o k e d lik e Gary Oldman. nearly racters,E li N e a rl y all of the cha,from Book o ral.
n d s 2 w e n t through seve,in Borderla ase and,s b e fo re th e game s rele. llo w in g p a ges will show,the fo ese,o p h ie s w h e n designing th. team s philos at ended,a s w e ll a s a few ideas th. characters,ing room floo,up on the cutt,Illustration. Scott Kester Right,CHARACTERS SALVADOR,CONCEPT ART.
When it came time to announce Borderlands,2 to the world Salvador the Gunzerker was. chosen as the game s unofficial mascot his,bandaged mohawked head was the first. thing Gearbox fans saw when the team,released BL2 s teaser trailer in August. of 2011 Why Perhaps because his,action skill was the most easy for fans. to wrap their head around in a thirty,second teaser Or perhaps because.
his short stature and dark skin made,certain that he couldn t be confused. with any character from the first game,Or maybe it s just because he. looks so damn cool,Concept designer Scott Kester,strove to create a character who is. the essence of Borderlands a guy,who lives and breathes guns From the. numerous bandoliers slung across his,body to the bullet tattoos that adorn his.
right bicep Sal makes no pretenses about,his purpose on Pandora He s here to shoot. stuff and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it,Gunzerker Model Adam May Left. Gunzerker Concepts Scott Kester Right,CHARACTERS SALVADOR. It s true the little dude loves his big,But no he s not compensating. Scott Kester says Sal is probably my favorite design of all the characters. I love how he came together The small touches on him the bullets buttons. and bullet spurs His whole body has so much personality I think we tend. to try things that other companies might not in regards to characters I m. thankful we are asking more questions than just starting with what is already. status quo, It s true the little dude loves his big guns Adam May says But no he s.
not compensating, Despite his relatively simple gameplay premise Salvador s class name changed more often. than any other playable character First his class was called Merc until the team decided. that was too bland Then Gunslinger Then finally Gunzerker to convey his status as. an evolution of the Berserker class from the first game. Much of his design also revolved around creating a distinctive silhouette In Borderlands 1. we had Brick the big tough guy Scott Kester says This time around we wanted another. big guy but didn t want to use a similar body type So we said Let s make a little big guy. From the start we really wanted to make a more compact character with Sal short and. stocky and totally badass Gunzerker Concepts Scott Kester. CHARACTERS Borderlands 1,Zippy Claptrap Concept,Lorin Wood Top. Claptrap Concepts,Lorin Wood Middle Left,Claptrap Model. Brent Hollon Lorin Wood,Middle Right,Claptrap Credits Cartoons. Kale Menges Bottom,Claptrap was created as both a nod to a friend of.
mine who designed Pixar s Wall E character and,my own personal challenge to design the most. generic robot I could think of says concept artist. Lorin Wood I like to think I was successful,I was working on another project at the time and. did the initial sketch that started it all and named. him Zippy I posted that in our database system,as a joke When I was pulled onto Borderlands. the art director Brian Martel saw the sketch and, loved it I fleshed out his design in meetings with. Brian as we acted out his behaviors and developed,a personality Some of those details such as.
articulated eyebrows were removed before we,went to the modeling phase It was added to in. spades by David Eddings when,he provided the voice and our. fantastic animators,Claptrap Models,Brent Hollon This Page. environments zone 2,Control Core Angel Fink s,Slaughterhouse. The Bunker, Handsome Jack s stronghold in the sky affords players the ability to.
get killed by all kinds of fun stuff such as robots turrets or a giant. transforming warship,The Highlands, Grass Water Stalkers The highlands of Pandora are as lush and inviting as. they are dangerous, A techno horror battleground of sudden death and Of all the wild west esque areas in Pandora this is. harsh lighting the wildest and the westiest,If you love ice and bandit murder this is where. you wanna be, Natural Selection The Highlands Thousand Cuts The Holy Spirits. annex Outwash The bandit infested cliffs that Brick s Slab Bandit Welcome to the home of the amoral Zaford Bandit. Clan calls home Clan who love murder as much as they love. This Hyperion owned circle of slaughter arena is a Hyperion s Eridium Extraction Plant stands out like. booze And they really love booze, paradise of overgrown machinery and Varkid blood a garish industrialized sore thumb Covered with.
robots This metaphor is atrocious,Opportunity Terramorphous Peak. Handsome Jack s fascist city of the future is waiting for you to get the hell The mysterious cliffs where Borderlands 2 s terrifying raid boss lives Try not. out so our taxpaying tenants can move in to fall to your death. Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, Hyperion s awful creature torture facility of awfulness Visually this map. represents a close marriage of Hyperion hi tech with Pandoran nature. environments zone 2,GYROCOPTER FACTORY AND JACK S BUNKER. The fight up to Handsome Jack s fortress needed to feel epic says Kevin Duc The house was intended to sit on the edge of the Grasslands and Ash I. pulled a lot of influence from the recent volcano in Iceland and thought that a giant lightning bolt laden volcanic plume would be a perfect backdrop to. the player s first encounter with Jack,Artist Matias Tapia was. tasked with creating a,Buzzard factory before the,Buzzards had actually been.
designed and built At this,point I think we didn t have. a Gyrocopter yet but needed,to have a factory So the. factory sketches were sort of,designed to be an abandoned. Hyperion factory instead of,what it actually became. Factory Concept Matias Tapia,Jack s Bunker Concept Kevin Duc Right.
weapons GEAR bandit,Assault Rifle, The Bandit guns were originally designed to have a rag tag pieced together look. says David May After a few designs came on board we opted to go with a more. streamlined aggressive look This helped the design to integrate better with other. manufacturers as well as look less junky The original gun was then redesigned and. built to fit the updated Bandit aesthetics, The Bandit class of weapons was pushed by a want for us. to answer the question of what type of weapons would an. isolated bandit sitting out in the wastes build We wanted. these guns to look cobbled together with found objects. to have screws and nuts and bolts coming off at skewed. angles and at the same time look dangerous The design. team wanted a large capacity magazine and left the rest to. the artists imagination, On our first light machine gun pass we went really far into. the junky cobbled together look Duc says We even built. our first scope out of a beer bottle As the weapons system. was implemented and parts began swapping with other. manufacturers we found that our initial design language. may have been a bit too scrappy In later iterations of the. Bandit machine gun we tightened up some of the odd. angles and went with a sturdier looking design RED. Assault Rifle Concepts Martin Sawkins Above,Bandit Explorations Kevin Duc Jeramy Cooke Right. Assault Rifle Models David May Left,Weapon Breakdown Kevin Duc Below.
Borderlands weapons are made from many different,pieces These accessories are ideas of what Bandit. accessories might look like Later in development, we dropped the idea of having manufacturer specific. accessories and instead made the accessories,universal throughout a weapon range Duc says. Accessories Breakdown David May Kevin Duc,weapons GEAR bandit. SMG rocket launcher, These SMG concepts show the reboot of the Bandit The Bandit launcher and Bandit weapons in general were a special challenge because all of the crazy bandit.
manufacturer identity We wanted these weapons to look type things we did in the environments piecemealing it together from other objects cloth wrapped around. sharp strong and deadly You can imagine the metal is everything etc had to be toned back so they still looked good when mixed with the other guns. pressed quarter inch steel the kind of thing you could throw says Jett Sarrett I think the end result was better for it. off of a building pick up and stab someone in the face with. We still wanted the homebuilt look but maybe built with a bit. more skill than we had first envisioned,Rocket Launcher Concepts Virtuous Below. Since our weapons are made of parts that are procedurally Rocket Launcher Models Jett Sarrett Right. mixed in our game system we have to breakdown each. weapon into its component pieces Here the individual parts. that make up the Bandit SMG are called out for the 3D artist. Once the initial design for a weapon is solidified our 3D. artist David May makes a 3D block in mesh for each. weapon in a class We have to make sure that all pieces in. a particular weapon type fit together For example all barrels. must attach to all bodies in a functioning aesthetically. pleasing way Once these pieces fit I paintover David s. block in mesh to provide a very accurate representation. of what the final model should look like Duc says,SMG Concepts Kevin Duc Right. SMG Mesh David May Kevin Duc Below, The Bandit pistol retains the large capacity theme In these. The Bandit shotgun continues the theme of high capacity magazines 3Point a partner of sketches we explored various configurations and types of. ours handled most of the heavy lifting on the shotgun designs and models The process magazines In the end we went with a side loaded magazine. was very similar to working with in house artists as 3Point sent us a set of sketches we and a big double drum magazine for rarer pistols says Duc. provided feedback and so on and so forth The middle piece is a paintover done over one. of 3Point s drawings to pull the design closer to our established Bandit language. The mysterious cliffs where Borderlands 2 s terrifying raid boss lives Try not to fall to your death the highlAnds Grass Water Stalkers The highlands of Pandora are as lush and inviting as they are dangerous thousAnd Cuts The bandit infested cliffs that Brick s Slab Bandit Clan calls home the highlAnds outwAsh Hyperion s Eridium Extraction Plant stands out like a garish

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