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Today CS142 FAQ,What is this course about,How is my course grade determined. Who is teaching the course,How do I communicate with the course staff. What kind of programming projects will I have do,What kind of computing environment do I need. Do I need to buy a textbook,Are the course lectures record on video. CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 2,Course is about Web Applications.
Technologies used to build modern web applications. Note CS14x computer systems course in Computer Science department. Full stack Browser Web server Storage system,Goal Learn how a web application is built and run. How to build a web application learn by doing, Use MERN stack React js Node js Express js MongoDB. Goal Build a photo sharing web app and understand how it works. CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 3,Full Stack Web Application Architecture. Web Server,Web Browser Application server Storage System. CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 4,CS142 Technologies and Concepts.
Browser environment, HTML CSS JavaScript Markup separation of content style reuse. Document object Model DOM Document structure,Browser software. Model View Controller Single page applications Responsive design React js. Backend communication,API design HTTP AJAX REST GraphQL. Cookies Sessions Storage Trust,Backend implementation. Web Server HTTP request processing Node js, DBMS Schema Objects CRUD indexes transactions MongoDB.
End to End Scale and Security,CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 5. 55 Projects 8 projects Due on Thursdays First due 4 11 last due 6 6. Projects 1 4 Learn technologies in front end HTML CSS React js. Projects 5 8 Building a Photo Sharing App using React js Node js MongoDB. Later projects worth more and take more time,15 Midterm Exam Wednesday May 8 7 30pm 9 00pm. Closed book with limited note pages,30 Final Exam Tuesday June 11 8 30am 11 30am. Closed book with limited note pages, Note Latter part of the End Quarter examination period. CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 6,Course Material and Grading.
CS142 is different from introductory programming class. Lectures cover many more concepts than are addressed in the programming. Lecture focused on concepts not directly helping with project coding. Exams focused on concepts presented in class but not used in projects. Possible to do well on all the projects and not get an A in the class. Need understanding beyond magic incantations,CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 7. Course Staff, Instructor Mendel Rosenblum mendel cs stanford edu. Course Assistants cs142 spr1819 staff lists stanford edu. Andrew Chang James Carroll Neel Ramachandran Sam Reamer Sho Arora. CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 8,Course Communication,1 Piazza https piazza com stanford cs142. Good for questions comments where everyone can see the reply. Can also posts privately to course staff Use for post containing code. 2 Email cs142 spr1819 staff lists stanford edu, Good for private communication with the course staff CAs and myself. 3 Mendel Rosenblum mendel cs stanford edu,CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 9.
CS142 Course Project Evolution,Largely driven by trends in industry. Cs142 started in Winter 2009 Ruby on Rails with a SQL relational database. Winter 2016 CS142 switched projects to the MEAN stack. AngularJS JavaScript based browser framework for apps. Node js JavaScript based server engine,MongoDB An object database. Spring 2019 CS142 switched projects to the MERN stack. React js Node js MongoDB, Component focused JavaScript based framework Similar to Vue js Angular. CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 10,Project details,1 HTML CSS. 2 JavaScript,3 Browser Document Object Model DOM,4 Learn React js Single page application.
5 Photo Sharing App,6 Backend server Node js and MongoDB. 7 Sessions state and validation,8 Photo App Scrumboard. Discussion sections will be scheduled on Friday Monday and Tuesday. No need to enroll You can attend any section,CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 11. Class software requirements,A modern web browser, Chrome is strongly suggested Internet Explorer IE is strongly discouraged. Installs fairly easily on modern OS environment Linux MacOS Windows. npm in Node js install is used for fetching assignments and dependencies. Easy to install for a DBMS on modern OS environments. CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 12,Stanford Honor Code,We want you to do the projects individually.
CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 13,CS142 Lecture Notes Intro 14. CS142 Lecture Notes Intro Course is about Web Applications Technologies used to build modern web applications Note CS14x computer systems course in Computer Science department

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