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1 Strings and ADTs 20pts In the English language some combinations of adjacent letters are more. common than others For example h often follows t th but less frequently would you see x. following t tx Knowing how often a given letter follows other letters in the English language. is useful in many contexts, Example context in cryptography we use this data to crack substitution ciphers codes. where each letter has been replaced by a different letter for example A M B T etc. by identifying which possible decoding substitutions produce plausible letter combinations. and which produce nonsense, For this problem use our English lexicon and at least one other well chosen ADT to compile data. on how often letters follow each other, Write a function static void printCharPairFrequencies const Lexicon. english that compiles this data and then prints 2 character strings of letters and a. count of how often that pairing occurred in our list of English words as given in the. Format the string and count with a space between them and each string and count on. their own line Example, Print the pairings in alphabetical order skipping any character pairs that do not occur in. any word the lexicon, Pairings that occur more than once in the same word should be counted as separate.
occurrences Example re occurs twice in reread, To do this you will need to loop over the entire lexicon A foreach loop would work for. this purpose, static void printCharPairFrequencies const Lexicon english. 2 Pointers and Memory 10pts Draw the state of memory at the end of the execution of this code Be. careful in showing where your pointers originate and terminate outer box vs inner box Leave. uninitialized or unspecified areas blank and clearly mark NULL write NULL or draw a slash through. the box Draw the components in the appropriate stack and heap areas marked for you Mark. memory that has been deleted by enclosing it in a circle with a slash through it like this but leave. it where it is and do not change remove any pointer arrows or other values unless they are actually. Slayer vamp new Slayer 2 struct Slayer,vamp 1 angel 2 int angel. vamp 1 buffy new Slayer Slayer buffy,vamp 0 buffy vamp. vamp 0 angel 3,delete vamp 1 buffy,vamp 1 buffy NULL.
Draw the state of memory now,Stack Heap, 3 Recursion 13pts by Marty Stepp Write a recursive function moveToEnd that accepts a string s. and a character c as parameters and returns a new string similar to s but with all instances of c moved. to the end of the string The relative order of the other characters should be unchanged from their. order in the original string s If the character is a letter of the alphabet all occurrences of that letter. in either upper or lowercase should be moved to the end and converted to uppercase If s does not. contain c it should be returned unmodified The following table shows calls to your function and their. return values Occurrences of c are underlined for clarity. Call Returns,moveToEnd hello l heoLL,moveToEnd hello e hlloE. moveToEnd hello THERE e hllo THREEE,moveToEnd hello there q hello there. moveToEnd banAnA ramA A bnn rmAAAAA,moveToEnd x x X. moveToEnd x, You may not construct any data structures no array vector stack etc and you may not use any.
loops to solve this problem you must use recursion Also you may not use any global variables in. your solution,string moveToEnd string s char c, 1 Linked List Nodes 9pts Write code that will turn the before picture into the after picture by. modifying links between the nodes shown and or creating new nodes as needed This is not a general. algorithm you are writing code for this example only using the variable names shown You are NOT. allowed to change any existing node s data field value nor create new ListNode objects but you may. create a single ListNode pointer variable to point to existing nodes Your code should NOT leak. memory If a variable does not appear in the after picture it doesn t matter what value it has after. changes are made,struct ListNode,ListNode next, 2 Big O 9pts Give a tight bound of the nearest runtime complexity class worst case for each of the. following code fragments in Big O notation in terms of variable N As a reminder when doing Big O. analysis we write a simple expression that gives only a power of N such as O N 2 or O log N not an. exact calculation Write your answer in the blanks on the right side. Question 3pts each Answer,Let N vec size,int myfunction Vector int vec. int N vec size,for int i 0 i vec size i vec size 3. cout vec i endl,return sum,Let N be vec size of the vec of the original.
call to recursiveFind,bool recursiveFind Vector int vec int key. if vec size 0 return false,if vec vec size 2 key return true. Vector int left,for int i 0 i vec size 2 i,left add vec i. if recursiveFind left key return true,Vector int right. for int i vec size 2 1 i vec size i,right add vec i.
if recursiveFind right key return true,return false. Let N be the value of the input named N,int myfunction int N. Grid int matrix N 2 N 2,for int i 0 i N 2 i,for int j 0 j N 2 j. CS106B Autumn 2017 Instructor Cynthia Lee Practice Exam PRACTICE MIDTERM EXAM 2 NAME LAST FIRST SUNET ID stanford edu

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