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The last sentence of this Article In Brief is boldly false There is almost. no credible evidence from paleontology geology astrophysics or geophysics that. refutes deep time, Dr Miller states The age of the Earth according to naturalists and old. Earth advocates is 4 5 billion years Young Earth creationists contend that the. Earth is on the order of thousands not billions of years old Is there evidence to. support the young Earth creationist s premise, His first sentence should read more correctly The age of the Earth. according to naturalists and old Earth creationists is 4 6 billion years Among. Christians virtually all Christian geologists and the majority of theologians and lay. people recognize that the Earth is ancient, Below are the twenty one topics that Dr Miller discusses and in which he. believes that he has presented evidence that shows that the Earth is young 6 000 to. 10 000 years old and not millions or billions of years old as is asserted by. conventional geologists both Christians and naturalists Each item that he lists is. followed by Comments that indicates errors that he has made in his reasoning or. in his evidence that he believes exist to support his Flood model and that the Bible. is a true science text,1 Bible Teaching, If the Bible is the inspired Word of God then whatever it teaches can be. known to be true including what it teaches about the age of the Earth The. evidence indicates that the Bible is in fact God s Word 4 Simple addition of the. genealogies in Genesis 5 reveals that from Creation to the Flood was 1 656 years. give or take a few years 6 The genealogies of Genesis 11 which do not use. precisely the same terminology as that of Genesis 5 7 account for roughly 400 to. 5 000 years ending with the birth of Abram 8 From Abram to Christ is roughly. 2 000 years and from Christ to present day is roughly 2 000 years Therefore the. age of the Earth is 6 000 10 000 years, Yes the Bible is the inspired Word of God but the interpretation of this.
word does not necessarily have to be as Dr Jeff Miller suggests We are baffled. about what Ph D that Dr Jeff Miller holds because he seems to have difficulty. reading Genesis 1 and 5 He claims that the genealogy in Genesis 5 reveals years. from Creation to the Flood but the text actually reads This is the book of the. generations of Adam When God created man he made him in the likeness of. God Male and female he created them and he blessed them and name the Man. when they were created In Genesis 5 32 the text refers to Noah So Dr Miller. should write that the genealogy in Genesis 5 was from Adam to Noah Then. referring to Genesis 1 Adam was created in Genesis 1 26 on the 6th day of. creation The Creation event ex nihilo happened in Genesis 1 1 long before. Genesis 1 26, The Old Testament is also a record of how the Hebrew people viewed God. and this view progressively changed through their history The author s of. Genesis used the understanding of science that these people had during that time. and in the culture in which they lived Jesus understood the knowledge that the. Hebrews had concerning science and used it in his own teachings in that He also. supported the existence of the Noah s Flood Luke 17 27 But He would have. known that this Flood was local and not worldwide See. http www csun edu vcgeo005 Flood2 html Jesus could not have used the. knowledge of modern science that we now have in his speaking to His disciples. because His disciples would surely think Him to be crazy if He told them what we. 2 Polystrate Fossils, Perhaps the most widely used argument for a millions of years old Earth. historically has been the rock layers of the geologic column It would take millions. of years for the thousands of meters of material beneath us to accumulate and. lithify or so the argument goes Is that true A polystrate fossil is a single fossil. that spans more than one geologic stratum Many polystrate tree trunk fossils have. been discovered as well as a baleen whale swamp plants called calamites and. catfish 9 Polystrate fossils prove that both the rock layers of the geologic column. and the surfaces between them do not require millions of years of slow and gradual. accumulation and lithification After all how could a tree escape its inevitable. decay while sticking out of the ground for millions of years with its roots dead and. lithified while it waited to be slowly covered with sediment Polystrate fossils. provide evidence that the rock strata have formed rapidly fast enough to preserve. organic materials before their decay,The following link shows a polystrate tree trunk. https www google com imgres imgurl http i imgur com TkUfxOb jpg imgref. url https www reddit com r geology comments 3g4umu polystrate fossils prove. s evolutionists wrong or h 2117 w 2729 tbnid DHDaW2jDADO 2M q. polystrate trees tbnh 155 tbnw 200 usg AI4, kScxDCBozgYn0oqX1UikMTzw82GMw vet 12ahUKEwiQ1NbG1dDfAhUnw. VQKHYMqBHQQ B0wGXoECAIQBg i docid ZYugkWyXMJ2YEM itg 1. sa X ved 2ahUKEwiQ1NbG1dDfAhUnwVQKHYMqBHQQ B0wGXoECAIQ. These trees are not like modern trees Instead they are ancient lycopods that. commonly grow in swamps Swamps are most anaerobic and acidic such that. bacteria that normally might consume the wood would not likely be present to. destroy the wood Moreover the burial of the trees need not be slow through. millions of years because catastrophic events could happen to bury the trunks. rapidly at different levels Trees that are buried in muds are also commonly. preserved for very long periods of time because the muds prevent oxygen from. reaching the wood to convert the carbon into carbon dioxide. The following link shows a polystrate baleen whale discovered in a vertical. position in a quarry where diatomaceous earth was being mined. http www creationism org books ackerman AckermanYoungWorldChap09 htm. This whale fossil is actually parallel to the bedding and the diatomaceous. beds have been tilted up to nearly a vertical position to give the appearance of. polystrate fossil standing on end when the dead whale really was lying horizontally. on the ocean floor when it died That is the whale was not buried suddenly. standing on its tail Moreover the whale bones are composed of calcium. phosphate which is relatively insoluble in oceanic water and the bones could lie. there for thousands of years without disappearing while they are being buried. slowly in diatomaceous earth settling on top of the bones. The following link shows a polystrate calamites, https books google com books id XoqS074d5dgC pg PA218 lpg PA218 dq.
polystrate calamites source bl ots KADl4sJFgD sig IFon9kBLkYLfPfpvgL. 4sQe0M1wM hl en sa X ved 2ahUKEwj4xPKb2NDfAhUIKHwKHSk9Crk. Q6AEwCHoECAQQAQ v onepage q polystrate 20calamites f false. Calamites are hollow plants similar to modern horse tails but grew to heights. as much as 66 feet The same arguments apply to the calamites as to the discussion. of the lycopods above, The following link shows an image of supposed polystrate catfish. http creationwiki org Green River Formation, Because the bones of the catfish are composed of calcium phosphate and the. lake water in which annual varves were deposited to form the Green River. Formation was likely rich in dissolved calcium ions and because calcium. phosphate is relatively insoluble in the first place there is no reason for the fish. bones to dissolve and disappear On that basis annual deposition of the varves. could slowly bury the bones of the fish to produce a fossil that is actually. polystrate The organic proteins in the flesh of the catfish however would likely. have decayed and disappeared and it is only the bones that are preserved. 3 DNA in Ancient Bacteria Support a Young Earth, In 2000 a bacterium was discovered that is thought to be from the Permian. Period of Earth s history 250 million years ago The problem is that according to. geomicrobiologist of the University of Bristol John Parkes a ll the laws of. chemistry tell you that complex molecules in the spores should have degraded to. very simple compounds such as carbon dioxide in that amount of time 10 and yet. the bacterium s DNA was still intact Further the Lazarus bacterium actually. revived in spite of its supposed great age Not only was the bacterium revived but. analysis of its DNA indicated that the bacterium is similar to modern bacteria it. had not evolved in 250 million years 11 Critics verified that the DNA of the. bacterium does in fact match that of modern bacteria but respond that unless it. can be shown that the bacterium evolves 5 to 10 times more slowly than other. bacteria the researchers claims should be rejected 12 So according to critics the. evidence does not match the theoretical expectations for ancient DNA predicted. by the evolutionary model Therefore the bacterium cannot be ancient regardless. of the evidence 13 Another plausible option the bacterium is not 250 million years. The reasons why Dr Miller s arguments are not valid are likely the same as. are given in the Comment for item 6,4 Human Population Statistics. Evolutionists argue that humans i e the genus homo have been on the. Earth for roughly two to three million years Using statistics one can arrive at an. estimate for how many people would be predicted to be on the Earth at different. points in history For example accounting for factors such as war disease and. famine and assuming humans have been on the planet for only one million rather. than two to three million years we find that there should be 102 000 people on the. planet today 14 There are however not even 1010 people on the Earth In fact if. three feet tall humans with narrow shoulders were squeezed into the Universe like. sardines only 1082 people could fit into the entire Universe It would take 101 918. minus one other Universes like ours to house that many humans. It might be tempting to argue that the Earth could only sustain roughly 50. billion people resource wise and therefore all humans above that number would. die off If that were the case however there should be evidence that the Earth s. resource capacity had been met many times in the past in the form of billions upon. billions of hominid fossils Hominid fossils however are acknowledged to be. hard to come by 15 In fact meager evidence exists to attempt to substantiate. the origin of the entire genus homo 16 Even after over a century of searching for. homo fossils one evolutionary scientist admitted several years ago The fossils. that decorate our family tree are so scarce that there are still more scientists than. specimens The remarkable fact is that all the physical evidence we have for. human evolution can still be placed with room to spare inside a single coffin 17 Is. belief in an old Earth reasonable or irrational Ironically if our calculations are. adjusted based on the predictions of the biblical model roughly 4 350 years ago18 a. Flood ensued that wiped out man from the face of the Earth If the planet then. began to be repopulated by six people namely the sons of Noah and their wives. statistics show that there should be roughly 6 7 to 8 1 billion people on the planet. today As of today the U S Census Bureau documents that the world s population. is 7 5 billion people 19, It is hard to follow Dr Miller s arguments in this section Somehow he.
comes up with 1010 people on the Earth one million years ago Moreover it does. not make any sense to say that 1082 people could fit into the entire Universe. What Dr Miller says seems to be total nonsense He pooh poohs the fact that so. few hominoid fossils have been found as if that should mean that very few. hominoids ever lived That is nonsense To make a fossil requires special. conditions of burial that rarely occurs and most animals that die on the Earth s. surface never are turned into fossils because of weathering and oxidation of the. flesh and bones It might take 10 000 animals or more to live before one is ever. converted into a fossil Even then if the fossils were ever formed they still may. remain buried and not discoverable or have been eroded away before they are ever. discovered Furthermore erosion commonly scatters bones so that rarely is a. complete skeleton found In some places all that is found is part of skull arm leg. or finger Recent population studies show that in modern times in 1800 the world s. human population was about 1 5 billion and that the present population growth has. resulted in a population of 7 7 billion, https en wikipedia org wiki World population But this growth in population is. in a time of modern medicine and when agricultural farming has provided food for. such growth There is no scientific evidence that a worldwide flood wiped out. human population See http www csun edu vcgeo005 Nr45Stokes pdf. Moreover when C 14 dating and other dating methods show that human fossils. have dates older than 6 000 to 10 000 years then Dr Miller s arguments do not. have any truth The accuracy of C 14 dating is reported below in item 5. 5 Carbon 14 in Ancient Fossils and Materials, At current rates it takes 5 730 years for half of the radioactive element. carbon 14 C 14 from an organic sample like a bone or piece of wood to break. down into its daughter element nitrogen 14 With such a short half life after. 57 300 years 10 half lives less than 0 1 of the original C 14 atoms are left in. any specimen Current technology does not allow scientists to detect C 14 in. Critical analysis of article 21 Reasons to Believe the Earth is Young by Jeff Miller Lorence G Collins lorencec sysmatrix net Ken Woglemuth woglemuth2 aol com January 7 2019 Introduction The article by Dr Jeff Miller can be accessed at the following link

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