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Synopsis Between Ken Annakin s Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines. and Ettore Scola s Ugly Dirty and Bad Les Goulus discover the world. of competitive machinery, The Last Race is a madcap race of mechanical machines mobility. scooters customized for the occasion into super slow vehicles of. sluggishness, The Last Race is a relay race It s a participatory performance in which. the abled and disabled confront each other, The three abled drivers are ex road hogs speedsters of mean and. reckless roads, The other drivers the locals compete with them on their home turf. with their own wheels,Machines and Characters,The Race s CEO.
He s also the organizer of the race Wielding languages. with subtlety he adapts his speech to the circumstances. of the competition Unfair ruthless pitiless he cares for. nothing and no one but encourages supporters to cheer. for their champion,The Race Commissioner, Henri de La Gu rini re is a well mannered bourgeois. with very rigid morality He s quickly overwhelmed by the. abuse and exactions of everyone, Machines and Characters con t 3 drivers from the following 5. Fran ois Ze French is the caricature of the perfect. little froggy redneck Between Dupont Lajoie and, Superdupont he races for France specializing in slyness. Angelo Decati is the caricature of the Italian hunk. Between Narcissus and Goudurix he races for beauty. his own Armed by his seducer s eternal smile he clears. all obstacles and gets a right mouthful but keeps an. endless smile to win the race, Super Momo is the caricature of the failed superhero. Between The Masked Cucumber and Beno t Brisefer he. vainly races for recognition of the oppressed ambitious. Diego Fukushima is the caricature of the Manga hero. Between Spiderman and Zorro wearing a mask and, dressed in black he races for nuclear lobbyists Practicing.
martial arts he regularly blows a fuse to meet his ends. Teddy The Killer is the caricature of the American Hell s. Angel Between Kit Carson and Professeur Maboul he, races for the advent of the apocalypse Blow everything. up is his obsession,The Other Drivers, Whether handicapped disabled or having difficulty walking either. temporarily or irreversibly all will use electric chairs or mobility scooters. which will be dressed and designed by us to participate in the race. Between 3 and 9 participants are needed for the race to be of value. In accordance to the meetings discussions and tests we conduct with. the drivers each will be given a name and a comedic characteristic at. the show s official presentation,Photos con t, Director s note Les Goulus are not into didactics nor into the. explanation of what they do to each to draw their,own conclusions The Last Race makes no exception. to this rule, In this show there s no room for pity or compassion.
vis vis disability If everyone is an equal to one,another then everyone is treated as a human being. as a sibling, Hence the idea of a race where everyone can dream of being in a big. car race if for a brief moment Childhood dream becomes reality with. appropriate uniforms and relevant rules perhaps even more trash. than in its original form Integration therefore is what guides us and. according to each person s abilities their own role to play The first is. to emphasize otherness in order to fight against that differentiation. the other being to denounce France s outrageous delay in urban. planning for mobility equipment, I can also say that time distortion has always fascinated me as has. visual distortions In these times where everything has become fast. and short be it travel writing tools for communication exchanges. information etc being in slow motion where moments of nearly. nothing becomes hypnotic when everything else is played out. through an economy of time sound and energy in regards to vehicles. it s almost a luxury and a reminder that we are sincerely missing out on. meditative moments,Serenity is not achieved through stress. And then the outr characters of the 3 drivers and the Race s CEO. evoke the outrageous outfits and gross exaggeration of WWE wrestlers. their motivation to do battle and win at all costs in sluggishly slow. vehicles has something ridiculous about it and acts like a mirror on the. question of what finally is or not essential in our lives. Gratuitous violence base cruelty imbecilic deceptions virile and. grotesque bragging rights are after all abhorrent facets of what we. deal with in our daily lives, Treatment It s a slow downed race that combines four fundamentals for the future.
of humanity,Minimal noise,Minimal speed,Minimal pollution. And in counterpoint,A maximum of gags and twists, The Last Race fits perfectly within the artistic mission of the company. Distortion of time and speed distortion of shapes and forms distorted. audience perception extremely strong characterizations constant. complicity between drivers and audience who are of course not easily. fooled The Last Race is the most cartoon like of Les Goulus projects. in its sense of timelessness in its rhythm which creates possibilities. for gameplay breakpoints gag effects or varying images and in the. strong and visible diversity and complicity it creates between abled. and disabled, Today The Last Race is played in a 270 degree arrangement for an. audience between 500 to 1 000 spectators Tomorrow it will play in. the round as if in an arena, Theme and Philosophy It s a show played in a public space in interaction with the audience. it s burlesque while highlighting through content and form two. issues disability and the slowing down of time, Disability Because the show uses mobility scooters These machines.
which we pretended not to see day by day are made evident for all to. see Hare and turtle speeds are the only gears used The drivers are a. varied mix between abled and disabled, Slowing down time The irony of this crazy race is reflected in our. voluntary choice to use machines that are the slowest in the world. The stupidity of the search for speed the vacuity of speed of who. is the fastest and therefore who is the mightiest is placed in total. contradiction with our search for the humane, What are we running after The tragedy of the situation is born. by the drivers who play for their lives in this last race with cruelty and. cunning All the gratuitous violence and absurdity of the situation are. made evident in the eyes of the spectators, The drivers though believe in it to the death Ask them why and they. won t know themselves, A Participatory Show The race is open to anyone with a mobility scooter or motorized. wheelchair The ideal is to be 12 riders in total, The new drivers will then be dressed in formal racing gear and briefed.
on the rules, A competitor s parade could also be organized through the town with. mission to highlight the urban spaces that are not adapted for mobility. scooters and people with disabilities, It is expected to receive up to 18 participants in the two races we. perform per day, The reception for amateur drivers will be friendly and encouraging In. function with their mobility their playful desires or not their roles will. be determine on a case by case basis If they are accompanied their. partners will become their coach From the hardcore obsessives who. cling to their handlebars at each turn of the circuit without moving an. inch to those who pretend they haven t understood a thing to the. ones who get drunk at every turn to the ones who systematically fall. asleep everyone will be proposed a simple gameplay and will also be. able to propose their own wild ideas, To note the costumes for the amateur drivers will be specifically. designed so that it requires little effort to put on no matter their. disability The costumes will easily be placed on top of their existing. Technical setup Show is visible from 3 sides,PLAYING AREA.
Access for a Van,15m depth X 20m width minimum,Flat and smooth ground tar concrete. Can contain street ornaments central fountain trees. Access for the disabled, Possibility to perform indoors hall exhibition centre. Bleachers ideally,ELECTRICITY,2 x 16A from back centre of the playing area. MATERIALS TO BE PROVIDED, 1 PA power suitable to the audience s size with 2 wireless mics or. lapel mics,4 tents 3x3m,10 chairs and 4 tables,20 crowd barriers.
3 rolls of barrier tape,If possible10 tyres in demolition car style. If possible some haystacks,SPECIAL EFFECTS,Use of small special effects K3. TAKE DOWN 1h,TIME BETWEEN 2 SHOWS 2h,DURATION 45 minutes. A person from the organizing body to,assist with the Set up. Someone to look over the set especially,during meal breaks.
Full halogen lights for night shows,Housing accommodations in proximity. Ground Plan, The Company The company defends an interactive theatre with the audience and. questions the traditional role of the actor by giving him the capacity. to intervene anywhere in any place through engaging contemporary. Les Goulus have many shows in their repertoire The Cupids The Tall. Dwarves The Spiders The Krishnous The Horsemen and more recently. Moli re In All Its Shapes Sizes as Street Theatre or promenade. pieces MDR The Horse Screamer The Battle of The Bands co created. with the band SNOB Blancass ou p tit caf and Pinard et philo de. comptoire as stage shows Not forgetting Yellow Hand in The City a. one off phenomenon The Super Girls created in 2012 and Tomorrow. I m playing at the Olympia created in 2013 Kartoons in 2016 and. TchernOcircuS the last show, The company also enjoys recognition abroad allowing them to. continuously evolve their shows through an interaction with varied. audiences in different languages while always questioning inventing. and sometimes defending their relationship with public spaces. Supported by the region Ile de France, Beneficiary of Artistic and Cultural Permanence in Ile de France. Member of the National Federation of Street Arts,This project was supported by.
77 rue des Cit s 93300 Aubervilliers France,T 33 0 1 48 58 78 78 MP 33 0 6 60 13 43 65. the show s official presentation Angelo Decati is the caricature of the Italian hunk Between Narcissus and Goudurix he races for beauty his own Armed by his seducer s eternal smile he clears all obstacles and gets a right mouthful but keeps an endless smile to win the race Diego Fukushima is the caricature of the Manga hero Between Spiderman and Zorro wearing a mask and dressed in

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