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CREATING FOOD SAFETY CULTURE,Large industry large,responsibility. W, ith 2016 sales expected to reach 783, billion the restaurant industry is big. business According to the 2016,National Restaurant Association Forecast the in . dustry is projected to provide a record 14 4 million. jobs this year and the momentum continues into,the next decade Specifically jobs that combine. food preparation and service are projected to rise. more than 15 percent between 2016 and 2026 a,gain of 504 000 positions .
Last year two in five restaurant operators said,they plan to devote more resources to employee. training After all great employees are informed,employees According to the Center for Disease. Control roughly one in six Americans gets sick,from a foodborne illness annually When food. safety procedures are correctly followed and,entrenched in a business culture error rate is. reduced return on investment is greater ,employee empowerment soars and your.
reputation is intact ,That being said culture is complex A set of. 14 4 million, shared attitudes values goals and practices Number of jobs. that characterizes an organization doesn t fall,into place overnight Reflection planning and. the industry is , projected to , 15 , Projected job. investment must occur and senior leadership provide this year . growth from 2016 ,must want lead and reinforce the cultural shift .
2026 for jobs , In this paper we re delving into the importance of combining food. creating comprehensive food safety culture that prep and service . is embraced from the top down Food safety goes 783 b. beyond passing health inspections and meeting 2016 restaurant. regulatory requirements Proactive well executed,efforts prevent hazards detrimental to the health. sales are expected, to reach 783 billion, 2 in 5, of your guests and your business alike Through restaurant operators. your diligence the industry as a whole becomes said they plan to. an even stronger force devote more, resources to, Source National Restaurant. Association Forecast, employee training ,ServSafe com 2.
CREATING FOOD SAFETY CULTURE,Find your system,E, very organization s needs may be ened wipes rather than reusable cloth rags to. slightly different but the goal of food clean customer tables In addition they provide . safety remains the same keep customers customers with premoistened hand wipes in the. safe To accomplish this leadership should dining room . implement a food safety management system, Now president of Public Health Innovations King. consisting of programs procedures and mea , believes that exemplary food safety procedures. sures that actively control risks and hazards, result in higher quality food and enhanced profit. through the flow of food , margin through prevention Sharing ideas with.
An example of a food safety management other entities involved or concerned with food. system is active managerial control A proactive safety can help strengthen your system . approach to food safety this system includes, I have found that partnerships with industry . having certified food protection managers on, government and academic colleagues have led. staff defining standard operating procedures for, to the success of our program You can t do. critical steps and monitoring effectiveness along, things alone you can t know it all King said . the way , Chick fil A and other high performing companies.
The forward thinking principles of active , continually evaluate their food safety procedures. managerial control can be applied to Hazard, to stay ahead of potential foodborne illness . Analysis and Critical Control Point a system, crises For example BJ s Restaurants a . based on the idea that significant biological , California based 174 unit chain audits its . chemical or physical hazards can be prevented, restaurants at least 12 times a year to not only.
if they are identified at specific points within a. gain a clearer understanding of operations but,product s flow through an operation According. also to reinforce the importance of proper food,to the U S Food and Drug Administration the. safety behaviors ,success of a HACCP plan depends on educating. and training management and employees in the,importance of their role in producing safe foods . More than a decade ago Food Safety,Management author Hal King carefully crafted.
Chick fil A s food safety system which currently, includes ServSafe certifying all operators as well. as conducting company specific training Chick ,fil A selects its franchisees which King credits. as a factor to the company s overall culture of,commitment He leveraged this when implement . ing the system ,Though not required by health code all Chick . fil A food handlers wear color specific gloves for. various kitchen tasks to avoid cross contamina ,tion To show a commitment to cleaning and san .
itation the staff can use disposable premoist ,ServSafe com 3. CREATING FOOD SAFETY CULTURE,Set the,standard,I, mportant components of firmly engraining food. safety culture are strong modeling behavior and, reinforcement from leadership If employees see. management disregard food safety procedures or fail . to reinforce or correct improper procedures within the . establishment they may not feel like food safety protocol. is necessary ,The ABC Model a cognitive management tool states . that an individual or group needs a set of antecedents A to. consistently achieve desired behaviors B which then bring. consequences C An example would be training an , employee how and when to wash his hands correctly A THE ABC MODEL.
and allow him to correctly perform the task independently. B That results in positive reinforcement from the manager. and safe food for consumers Consistent consequences are. crucial to starting and stopping behaviors In food safety . mixed signals lead to confusion and costly errors . A Individual or, group needs, a set of , To fortify training messaging use consistent terminology ANTECEDENTS. and when possible teach employees in their native . languages When Burger King sought food safety training. B, programs for its overseas restaurants its executives asked. the ServSafe creators to develop a new program that could In order to. be used to create global food safety standards in various consistently. languages Now the product is available in almost 30 achieve desired. languages making it the largest global food safety training. BEHAVIORS,product by market share , Visual aids and participatory exercises also can positively. C,impact the learning process When you encourage . employees to ask questions if they don t understand a Which then bring. concept or procedure you open communication lines and CONSEQUENCES. start a dialogue Make it known that senior leadership was. involved in the training development process and expects. steadfast implementation ,ServSafe com 4, CREATING FOOD SAFETY CULTURE.
Empower your team,O, ne senior leader can t perform every food . safety related task in each of his or her restaurants FOOD SAFETY AT. While creating a food safety culture begins at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. the senior level managers and other on the ground team . members realize food safety in your restaurants Because of. this every team member should feel educated and capable A multiline entertainment. to handle any and all tasks correctly and completely operation Universal Studios. serves thousands of meals to, Training empowers employees said William Weichelt guests annually Though exempt. ServSafe director They feel a part of the process and a from state food handler training. part of your team The more training employees receive the laws because of its union status the. more they feel valued and the more likely they will act as corporation has chosen to. brand ambassadors for your restaurants implement food safety training. While training involves expense it steers off much larger programs at its theme parks . reactive costs stemming from foodborne illness outbreaks Brian Strasburger learning and. Food safety pays for itself said King When you engrain a organizational development. strong food safety culture into your business employees are training manager at Universal. more likely to comply with procedures You don t spend as Studios Hollywood feels food. much money on internal quality recalls and you don t lose safety training is the right thing. time and sales resulting from throwing out affected prod for foodservice businesses to do . uct You can show enhanced profit margin through preven Managers and food handlers at the. tion California location s 12 quickservice, restaurants 12 kiosks and two. employee dining venues must, obtain ServSafe certification in. addition to completing knife skills, and personal protection equipment.
training The company ingrains food, safety culture through a four step. training method , By making food safety a priority . We as a company have a greater, sense of confidence rolling out new. menu items or opening new venues , It represents us as a first class. organization said Strasburger ,ServSafe com 5, CREATING FOOD SAFETY CULTURE.
Evaluating your culture,H, ave you prioritized food safety by incorporating it. into your restaurant s culture Preventing foodborne. illness and the cost an outbreak can impose on,your business is no short order When implementing. or analyzing your restaurant s food safety standards . complete this exercise ,FIND YOUR SYSTEM, I s my current food safety management system. effective If not why isn t it , What training certification program is the best fit for. my restaurant , Would incorporating company specific training benefit.
my staff and customers ,SET THE STANDARD, Are, you and other senior leaders exhibiting strong. modeling behavior , Does, your training messaging use consistent. terminology , Do, employees know senior leadership was involved in. the training development process , EMPOWER YOUR TEAM. Do, you emphasize the value and purpose of food safety.
training to your staff , Are, you highlighting the importance of food safety on. individual and team levels , Do team members in turn feel confident in their food. safety knowledge , NEED MORE INFORMATION , If you are interested in learning more about establishing food. safety culture within your organization contact ServSafe s . experts at ServSafe restaurant org ,ServSafe com 6. Trust the programs that over 80 of restaurants use ServSafe . ServSafe com 7, NationalRestaurantAssociationServSafe ServSafe ServSafe com.
233 S Wacker Drive Suite 3600, Chicago Illinois 60606 6383. 800 765 2122, 2016 National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation All rights reserved ServSafe is a trademark of the National Restaurant Association. Educational Foundation National Restaurant Association and the arc design are trademarks of the National Restaurant Association . languages When Burger King sought food safety training programs for its overseas restaurants its executives asked the ServSafe creators to develop a new program that could be used to create global food safety standards in various languages Now the product is available in almost 30 languages making it the largest global food safety training

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