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t NulNt ingle cyiinaer 4 strOKe uver lledO vaives oore J4 rnm truKe l mill yiiiiuei. displacement 123 7cc Compression ratio 9 5 to 1 CV 16 at 8 800 R P M Distribution with. stand3rd cam Intake open 30 BTDC Intake close 75 ABCD Exhaust open 75 BBDC Exhaust. close 30 ATDC Valve clearance with hot motor 0 006 Forced lubrication by gear pump. 60 L H Oil capacity 2 qts Gravity fuel supply 98 to 100 octane Carburetor UB 22 BS Ignition. by alternator flywheel magneto with external H T coil Ignition advance 19 Plus automatic. advance of 25 Point gap 0 016 Marell Plug CW 260 L Champion plug N 3 With multiplate. clutch Costant mesh gear box Foot shift pedal Primary transmission by helicoidal gears. Secondary transmission by chain 1 2 x 5 16, FRAME Combination of pressed steel and tubular Double action hydraulic front fork. Rear swing arm with adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers. TIRES Pirelli 2 75 x 18 rib front wheel 3 00 x 18 univ rear wheel Expanding type. LIGHTING EQUIPMENT Alternating current 6V 7 amp equipped with battery to ensure. steady supply of current to lights and horn Large 130 mm headlight Headlight 6 1 25 25. OVERALL DIMENSIONS Length 76 44 Width 27 Height 36 64 Weight 229 Ibs DRY. Fuel tank capacity 3 5 gallons Reserve 05 gallons Maximum speed 7 MPH Fuel. consumption 90 MPG, MOTORCYCLE 200cc Technical data different from 125cc. ENGINE Bore 66 5 mm Stroke 57 mm Cylinder displacement 197 9cc Compression. ratio 8 8 to 1 CV 19 5 at 8 600 R P M Carburetor UB 22 B5 Ignition advance 9 30. Plus automatic advance of 29 with flywheel magneto ADP 791 AN. Note with flywheel magneto ADP 54 2ANB ignition advance 17 plus automatic advance. TIRES Pirelli 3 00 x 18 rib front whee 3 00 x 18 univ rear wheeL. OVERALL DIMENSIONS Weight 231 Ibs DRY Maximum speed 90 MPH Fuel consum. ption 85 MPG, MOTORCYCLE 250cc Technical data different from 1 25cc. ENGINE Bore 74 mm Stroke 57 mm Cylinder displacement 245 1cc Compresskin ratio. 8 5 to 1 CV 24 at 8 500 R P M Carburetor US 24 B5 2 Ignition advance 9 30 Plus. automatic advance of 29 with flywheel magneto ADP 79 AN and ADP 78 2ANB. TIRES Pirelli 3 00 x 18 univ front wheel 3 25 x 18 univ rear wheeL. OVERALL DIMENSIONS Weight 232 Ibs DRY Maximum speed 95 MPH Fuel cons Jmption. 1 Front fork 14 Petcock 27 Rear foot rest,2 Front fender 15 Tool box 28 Stand. i Headlamp 16 Strap 29 Kickstart,4 Switch key 17 Seat 30 Foot rest.
Clutch lever,18 Rear light 31 Brake pedal,Ii Dimmer switch 19 Rear fender 32 Oil drain plug. i Damper 20 Shock absorber 33 Clutch adjuster,B Handlebar 21 Chain guard 34 Frame. 9 Front brake lever 22 Rear wheel 35 Horn,10 Throttle control 23 Rear hub 36 Front wheel. li Gas cap 24 eh 37 Front hub,1 1 Carburetor 25 Chain adjuster. 1 3 Gastank 26 Rear fork, Special tools are made in order to facilitate disassembly and reassembly operations and used.
with metric wrenches will enable you to perform all necessary operations. A Thread protecting bushings 138 139 MB N Clutch spring tool i 3 SIHB. B Piston pin shaft extractor l 144 nB o Universal puller 133 HB. C Piston extractor J P Cam follower bushing extractor 134 HB. o Countershaft sprocket holder 141 HB Q Crankshaft spacer G 276. E Countershaft sprocket wrench 140 HB R Kich starter spring holder 1421MB. F Engine pinion holder 13 11MB S 5mm Allen wrench G 262. G Engine pinion puller 1431MB T Shifting drum puller 136 1113. H Engine pinion puller 146 HB U Cam gear extractor 147 HB. I Flywheel magn to holder 13 21MB V Engine support 1451MB. L Flywheel magneto extractor 1371MB,M Clutch hub holder 1301MB. Before performing any operation it is advisable to thoroughly clean the machine in order to. prevent any dust particles from accumulating on engine components. 1 Remove engine oil using 27mm wrench to unscrew oil plug Then remove oil filter. 2 Loosen carburetor clamp with 8mm wrench and pull out carburetor after air f lter has. been removed,3 Remove electric wires from junction box. 4 Unscrew fuel lines with 12mm wrench,5 Pull out engine breather tube. 6 Loosen clutch cable clamp and pullout cable,7 Pullout the spark plug cap. 8 Remove with pliers master link clip master link and chain. 9 Unscrew foot peg bolts with 17mm wrench Remove knurled nut of brake rod. 10 Remove exhaust pipe and muffer, 11 Unscrew lower engine stud nut using 17mm wrench press out stud.
12 Remove upper engine studs nuts with 14mm wrench also studs and engine from frame. To reassemble reverse above instructions,Engine view flywheel magneto side. Engine yiew clutch s ide, Due to the unique characteristics of the engine most of the operations shown in this book. can be made with the engine on the frame Only if the crankcase must be split will engine have. to be removed, By removing the left hand cover the flywheel magneto clutch adjuster and countershaft. sprocket are accessible, By removing the right hand cover the clutch preselector components and cam distribution. gears are visible These are operated in oil bath therefore this cover must be perfectly sealed. The cylinder head rocker arm and cylinder are removable from the front side. iiuiiu VYC I JIYVVIICC I la I taU IU J Wltrt,tool Sf removing the three fastening.
Remove the flywheel magneto nut using,19mm wrench holding at the same time. the flywheel with tool i,Lock the flywheel puller L in position and. with 22mm wrench loosen the flywheel,from crankshaft Tap on the puller bolt. slightly with a hammer if the flywheel is,hard to remove. Before removing the backing plate it is,advisable to made a reference mark on the.
crankcase in order to facilitate the,i reassembly operation. Remove clutch lever support screws using,tool S With screw driver unscrew flywheel. protection cover fastening screws,Holding kick starter spring with tool R. remove with screw driver the spring,fastening screw. To remove countershaft sprocket it is necessary to. i Lift up the safety washer loop,2 Install the special tool D.
3 Remove the nut with special wrench E holding at the same time the countershaft sprocket. with tool D,Wi th lOmm socket wrench remove the 4,rocker cover fastening screws Pull out. cover and aluminum gasket,Before removing with 12mm socket wrench. the four cylinder head nuts be certain,that the piston is in compression stroke. position Pull out the rocker arm support,carefully in order not to damage the. threads of the cylinder studs,Pull out the cylinder head gasket cylinder.
and base gaskets,Remove with plyers the two piston pin. Insert the pin B in the tool C Install the,tool C on the piston It is advisable to. slightly heat the piston before removing,Turn the spindle until the piston pin is. removed from the connecting rod, NOTE It is not necessary to remove the piston rings to remove the piston. After the shifting lever has been removed,unscrew the 10 Allen screws with the.
tcol S Tapping slightly with plastic,hammer pullout cover. Dismantling of the clutch,With the special curved tool N disconnect. the five clutch springs,Remove the clutch plates and the short. clutch rod,Lift up the loop of the safety washer bent. over the nut,Holding the clutch drum with special tool.
M unscrew the locking nut using 17mm,wrench Then pullout the clutch drum. thrust washer clutch crown and second,thrust washer. Pullout the preselector shaft,Holding with special tool F the engine. pinion gear remove the cam gear and,engine pinion gear locking nuts. With special puller G remove the el1 ine,pinion gear.
NOTE If the special puller G can not be,use use puller H. Using extractor 0 pull out the cam gear,NOTE Use special puller U with gear. having two threaded holes,After the nut of the selector drum has. been removed using 11 mm socket wrench,pullout drum with special tool T. Extract the Woodruff keys of the engine,pinion gear cam shaft and desmodrom c.
To remove the Woodruff key it is dvisable,to use a small pin in order to rotate it. To install Woodruff key hold with pliers,and tap slightly. How to split the crankcase,Remove the four oil pump bolts with 10mm wrench. Use 11 mm wrench to unscrew crankcase stud nut from one side then pull out the stud. Unscrew and remove the Allen bolts using tool S The screws are indicated on sketch on page. With a pin press out the crankcase,centering bushing. Sprite Barracuda SHOP MANUAL 125cc 200cc 250cc FOUR AND FIVE SPEED COSMOPOLIAN MOTORS INCORPORATED JACK ONVILLE amp MEADOWBROOK ROADS HATBORO PA 1904 r 215 OS 2 9100 t NulNt ingle cyiinaer 4 strOKe uver lledO vaives oore J4 rnm truKe l mill yiiiiuei displacement 123 7cc Compression ratio 9 5 to 1 CV 16 at 8 800 R P M Distribution with stand3rd cam

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