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Table of Contents,Introduction 2,Track Terminology 3. General Tooling Requirements 4,Special Torque Values 4. Time Estimates Removal Installation and Alignment 4. Track Removal 9300 Series Quadtrac Combine 6,Machine Preparation 6. Detension the track 6,Raise Machine and Remove Track 7. Remove Outside Front and Rear Idlers 7, Undercarriage Inspection 9300 Series Quadtrac Combine 9.
Installation of Replacement Track 9300 Series Quadtrac Combine 10. Tensioner Stop Bolt Early STX Quadtrac Models 12, Tensioner Stop Bolt Late STX Quadtrac and Steiger Models 12. Track Alignment 9300 Series Quadtrac Combine 13,Check Alignment 13. Adjustment 14,Final Check 14,Track Removal ROWTRAC T8 SMARTTRAX 15. Machine Preparation 15,Detension the track 15,Raise Machine and Remove Track 16. Remove Outside Front and Rear Idlers 16,Undercarriage Inspection ROWTRAC T8 SMARTTRAX 18.
Installation of Replacement Track ROWTRAC T8 SMARTTRAX 19. Track Alignment ROWTRAC T8 SMARTTRAX 21,Check Alignment Initial Alignment 21. Adjustment 21,Final Check 22,Summary 22,Introduction. This service guide is intended for distributors and dealers and provides the basic information. needed for track installation and service Whenever tracks are changed they also require. alignment in order to maximize overall track life Also see the appropriate operator s manuals for. track maintenance alignment procedures and specific bolt torque by model NOTE Wheel bolt. torque is critical Too tight is as bad as too loose Lubricate bolts with 10W 30 engine oil. and use a torque wrench, When servicing track machines follow all manufacturers recommended safety precautions. Failure to follow safe procedures can result in injury or death. CBP 303 Camso 8 2015 2,Track Terminology, Familiarize yourself with the terms below before reading further instructions or working on any. tracked machine,Drive Wheel,Adjustment Bolt,Alignment Yoke Plate Bolts.
Adjustment Bolt,Midroller Tensioner,Stop Bolt Idler. Quadtrac 9300 Series,Drive Wheel,Yoke Plate Bolts,Alignment Alignment. Adjustment Bolt Midroller Idler Adjustment Bolt Midroller. Combine Rowtrac T8 SmartTrax,CBP 303 Camso 8 2015 3. General Tooling Requirements, Table 1 lists both the standard and specialized tools required for removal and installation of Camso. Safety Glasses and Steel Toed Shoes 3 4 Air Impact Wrench with 450 ft lb 610 Nm capacity. CNH 31 3183 Tension Cylinder Drain valve Several large wood blocks. Pilot Pins for idler installation 2 Lifting Eyes, Ratcheting hoist Come Along Air Hydraulic Jack min 15 Ton 15000Kg.
Selection of pry bars 1 at least 5 ft long Capacity 12 stroke. Infrared Thermometer Soap solution Track installation. Torque Wrench 600 ft lb 813 Nm capacity 24mm and 30mm combination wrenches. 4 15 Ton 15000Kg Minimum Support Stands 30mm 32mm 34mm and 36mm drive sockets. Table 1 Tooling List denotes special track tools,Special Torque Values. QUADTRAC ROWTRAC T8 SMARTTRAX COMBINE, Tension cylinder stop bolt and nut if required 170 to 190 lb ft 235 to 260 Nm. Steel idler wheel early production lubed 315 to 345 lb ft 427 to 468 Nm. Cast idler wheel bolts late production lubed 490 to 550 lb ft 575 to 630 Nm. Yoke plate bolts lubed 500 to 585 lb ft 678 to 793 Nm. 9300 SERIES QUADTRAC, Idler wheel bolts lubed 315 to 345 lb ft 455 to 510 Nm. Yoke plate mounting bolts 365 lb ft 500 Nm,Lubed with 10W 30 engine oil. NOTE Wheel bolt torque is critical Always use a torque wrench and refer to the operator s manual. for wheel bolt torques by specific model Damage to tracks from failed hardware is not covered by. track warranty,Time Estimates Removal Installation and Alignment.
The time required to change a track depends on the experience of the technician and the tools. available Table 2 lists average times for removal installation and alignment This estimate is. based on a service technician of average skills with the basic correct tools and working on firm. level ground Working in adverse conditions can take significantly longer while experienced. technicians will be able to complete the work in a shorter time. Note If additional parts need to be replaced on the undercarriage as a result of a machine. inspection the total time may be significantly longer than shown. NOTE With track removed always inspect front idler pivot bushings and mounting hardware for. wear or play and repair as needed before installing new track Excessive play in front idler pivot. assembly will cause track alignment problems and track damage that will not be covered by track. Track Removal Inspection,Track Alignment,Installation. Single Track Single Track,man hrs man hrs, Table 2 Estimated man hours required for average track installation and alignment. CBP 303 Camso 8 2015 4,Updates to consider before installing new tracks. Note Remember installing a new track on a worn undercarriage will result in significantly reduced. track life the same as a new tire on a vehicle with worn steering components Track wear and. damage is not covered by warranty, Check the old tracks prior to removal for wear characteristics that may indicate what UC. components need repair Check idler and midroller flanges for damage proper thickness. and cracks all of which will reduce drive lug and track life. Check the idler pivot bushings for wear If loose the track will not stay aligned Early drive. lug damage will result, Drive Wheel Scrapers Make sure the machine is equipped with drive wheel scrapers and.
adjusted correctly to 3mm clearance without contacting the wheel Adjusted correctly the. scrapers remove debris build up on the smooth surface of the drive wheel Debris build up. reduces drive lug and inner track life Drive wheel scrapers should be used on all drive. wheels and in all applications Configurations are different based on models and age of. machine Consult with the CNH dealer for part numbers and quantities for specific. CBP 303 Camso 8 2015 5,Track Removal 9300 Series Quadtrac Combine. Machine Preparation, 1 If possible always move the machine to a flat firm surface The machine can be raised much. easier and will be more stable if the track removal and installation is completed on a stable surface. A hard surface also makes it easier to slide the track out from under the machine and allows use of. a forklift if available, 2 Make sure that any implements are disconnected from the hitch or drawbar on tractors and. headers are not attached on combines Never work on a machine with an implement attached or. header in the air as this is an unstable condition. 3 Clean the machine before working on it Dirt and debris makes access to bolts difficult. 4 Once the machine is positioned turn engine off and remove the key install articulation lock if. equipped Do not start the machine while track undercarriage is disassembled or injury and. machine damage could result, 9300 Series Quadtrac Combine After detensioning tracks make sure the tensioner Stop Bolt. is installed This will prevent the idler pivot assembly from moving forward after the track is. removed See Track Terminology pictures on page 3 of this document for Stop Bolt. Detension the track, 1 Obtain the CNH part number 31 3183 Tension Cylinder Drain Valve This is usually stored in the.
cab and comes with new machines This drain valve hose will safely remove pressure in the. track tensioning system,Drain Port Location, 2 Locate the drain port on the undercarriage Remove the dust cap Make sure the drain valve is. CLOSED Then attach the drain valve hose to the coupler on the undercarriage. CBP 303 Camso 8 2015 6, NOTE Track tension cylinder pressure can be 3000 psi or higher Use caution. Valve must be opened slowly,Drain Port Location, 3 Insert the opposite end into a suitable drain bucket. 4 Using a 15 16 open end wrench slowly turn the valve CLOCKWISE to open the valve and. relieve the pressure in the tensioner Leave the tension cylinder drain valve connected as you. will need to further retract the front tensioner later on. Raise Machine and Remove Track, 5 Raise the machine until the midrollers are approximately one 1 inch above the track. NOTE lifting devices with focalized contact areas such as bottle jacks can damage or fail the axle. housings We highly recommend you do not jack on the axle housing Also do not attempt to lift or. support the machine by jacking or lifting on the front cast weights or the front cast weight mounting. area if equipped The front cast weight mounting area is not strong enough to support the weight of. the machine Please refer to the operator s manual or contact the Case IH dealer for recommended. lifting instructions called out in the Service Manual. Remove Outside Front and Rear Idlers, 6 Remove both front and rear idler bolts and spacers not all have spacers and remove both.
idler wheels,CBP 303 Camso 8 2015 7, 7 With both idler wheels removed raise the machine approximately eight inches off the ground or. until the midrollers clear the track drive lugs, Using a boom truck to work track off the drive wheel and rear idler simultaneously. 8 The best way to remove the tracks is to work the track off the inner idler wheels while at the. same time working the drive lugs out of the drive wheel pockets Slowly slide the track out from. under the midrollers and move to a suitable location. Using a boom truck,to remove track, 9 Please note removal of the track will require the use of either a forklift or a boom truck as the. tracks weigh approximately 1100 lbs Use caution when removing tracks or injury could result. 10 If the tension cylinder is still partially extended it will greatly help in track installation later if you. use either a come along or some other means to retract the tension cylinder as far as possible. One method is shown below to accomplish this Other methods can be used. Chain attached to rear swing link bolt Gently pull up on the chain to cause. to force linkage inwards cylinder to retract, 11 With the tensioner fully retracted close drain valve and remove the oil drain hose. CBP 303 Camso 8 2015 8, Undercarriage Inspection 9300 Series Quadtrac Combine.
1 Front Idler Pivot and Drive wheel Inspection, Inspection of front idler pivot assembly and drive wheel. Check the wear or play in the front idler pivot assembly and bearings Any side to side movement. of this joint indicates wear and bushings should be replaced at this time Excessive play in idler. pivot assembly will cause track alignment problems and rapid drive guide lug wear that will not be. covered by track warranty,2 Idler Midroller Condition. A Check the condition of the midroller and idler seals Look for any wet areas that indicate a. leaking seal, B Check condition of midroller rubber Worn or damaged midrollers can damage the track if. not replaced in a timely fashion, The general guideline for replacement of a midroller is as follows. More than 1 3 of the total rubber is missing around the entire midroller. All the rubber is missing at any point all the way across the midroller. Any flat spots are seen which may indicate midroller stopped turning. More than 1 3 of total rubber is missing More than 1 3 of the total rubber is. Midroller must be replaced missing,Midroller should be replaced.
CBP 303 Camso 8 2015 9,3 Idler Condition,Idler Inspection. Also check idlers for missing rubber or for cracks at the bolt holes Use similar criteria in. order to determine if idlers should be replaced due to loss of rubber. Installation of Replacement Track 9300 Series Quadtrac. Installation of track is basically the reverse order of the removal. Track Installation, 1 Using hoist or other means carefully slide track under the midrollers while also lifting. it over and into the drive wheel but not yet engaging the teeth You may have to use. a pry bar to adjust the track so that the track drive lugs fall into the drive wheel. CBP 303 Camso 8 2015 10,Track installation, 2 Work the track over the front inside idler wheel using a hoist or a forklift Application. of a soap solution to the inner front and rear idler may make the installation easier. Track installation, 3 Reinstall the outside front and rear idler wheels Torque wheel bolts to the values. listed on page 4 also see Operators manual for bolt torque spec by specific model. Make sure to follow an alternate tightening sequence until bolts holds specified. torque These should also be retorqued after first 3 hours of operation. 4 Raise the machine off the jack stands and remove the jack stands Then lower the. 5 Start the engine, For tractors select a hydraulic remote valve and hold it stroked for 15 30.
seconds to observe the track tensioner fill and the track tension increase to. operational values, For combines press and hold the header reel fore aft or header reel up down. button on the multifunction handle for 15 30 seconds to observe the track. tensioner fill and the track tension increase to operational values. CBP 303 Camso 8 2015 11,Tensioner Stop Bolt Early STX Quadtrac Models. On early production STX Quadtrac models the tensioner Stop Bolt upper hole storage. position and lower hole normal stop bolt position see RH photo above are vertically in. line With this undercarriage design remove the Stop Bolt before tensioning and aligning. the track This needs to be done on certain models to make sure that full tension can be. Please refer to the operator s manual or contact the Case IH dealer for recommended lifting instructions called out in the Service Manual Remove Outside Front and Rear Idlers 6 Remove both front and rear idler bolts and spacers not all have spacers and remove both idler wheels CBP 303 Camso 8 2015 8 7 With both idler wheels removed raise the machine approximately eight inches off

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