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Understand the relationship between management decision making and cost. behavior using CVP, Use activity based cost information to improve the operations of an organization. Understand and construct master budgets,Understand and construct flexible budgets. Understand responsibility centers performance systems and the Balanced. Detailed course outcomes are listed on the Course Outline which is made. available to the students,Importance of Course, Managerial Accounting is the study of accounting that generates management. information for use in economic decision making It studies cost benefit criteria. and behavioral implications of actions and strategies for setting long and short. range goals It studies the process of producing financial operating information. for organizational employees and managers The student will learn how to use an. information system that collects operational and financial data processes stores. and reports the data to users for purposes of feedback on their performances. Management accounting produces information for managers within an. organization It is the process of identifying measuring accumulating analyzing. preparing interpreting and communicating information that helps managers fulfill. organizational objectives In contrast financial accounting produces information. for external parties which is studied in Financial Accounting and in the. Intermediate Accounting I and II courses It is important that student understand. the use of accounting in both the internal and external environment. Students who are seeking positions that are in costing purchasing and. procurement or budgeting departments or who are looking to attain management. positions in companies will benefit greatly from this class This class is required. in the Accounting Program and the Business Administration and Business. Studies progams This course is part of the business core of all universities. Schools of Business and transfers to all known colleges and universities. Accounting Program Learning Outcomes, Program Learning Outcomes are to provide students with the opportunity to. Develop the ability to organize analyze and interpret numerical. data through knowledge and comprehension of accounting. concepts and principles L01, Develop the strategic and critical thinking skills through.
development of the ability to identify gather measure summarize. verify analyze and interpret useful financial and non financial data. Develop the ability to identify and solve unstructured problems in. unfamiliar setting and exercise judgment based on facts LO3. Develop communication through development of proficiency in. oral written electronic communication skills and the development of. the ability to explain financial data to others LO4. Develop leadership skill through the development of the ability to. work collaboratively including organization control and. assessment of group based work and provide leadership when. appropriate LO5, Develop the skills to apply current technology including the ability to. use spreadsheet software to analyze business problems. communicate using work processing and presentation software. access information via internet and understand information. integrity and security issues LO6, Develop a professional orientation through awareness of legal. regulatory and ethical issues facing the profession awareness of. global financial practices and understanding the methods for. creating and managing change in organizations LO7,Students completing this course will be able to. o Quantitative Reasoning E, 1 Represent mathematical and quantitative information. symbolically graphically numerically and verbally, 2 Apply quantitative methods to investigate routine and novel.
problems This includes calculations procedure mathematical. and or statistical modeling prediction and evaluation. 3 Interpret mathematical and quantitative information and draw. logical inferences from representations such as formulas. equations graphs tables and schematics, 4 Evaluate the results obtained from quantitative methods for. accuracy and or reasonableness,o Continuing Learning Information Literacy E. 1 Demonstrate competency in using current relevant. technologies to solve problems complete projects and make. informed decisions, 2 Access navigate identify and evaluate information that is. appropriate for their need s and audience s, 3 Synthesize information to broaden knowledge and experiences. and produce both independent and collaborative work. o Critical Analysis Logical Thinking E, 3 Analysis Break subject matter into components and identify.
their interrelations to ascertain the defining features of the work. and their contributions to the whole,o Written Communication in English E. 3 Craft Logical Arguments,Generate a controlling idea or theses. Provide clear and logical evidence support or illustration. for their assertions, Choose appropriate and effective organizing methods. employing effective transitions and signposts,D Designated E Embedded. Text and other related material, TITLE Horngren s Financial Managerial Accounting Chapters 1 26.
Student Value Edition loose leaf NEW MyAccountingLab with Pearson. eText Access Card Pack We use chapters 14 26 in Managerial. Accounting,AUTHOR Nobles,EDITION 6th,PUBLISHER PEARSON EDUCATION. ISBN 9780134642857,EBook with access code ISBN 9780134450810. You will be able to use the rest of the book and the code if you have taken. the Financial Accounting Summer or Fall 2017 No new text required. Email address is needed, Important Students should link their college email to their own personal email. so that they get all the correspondence,Log into www my commnet edu. Other student resources are available online,Blackboard.
This course will use the online site called Blackboard Learn Access is through. www my commnet edu Students who have not used Blackboard should go. through the orientation material Students can access important material from. anywhere through the course s web site This site includes copies of all course. information syllabus outline Assignment Sheet lecture notes email. discussion, Students will also use the tool MyAccountingLab MAL for homework and. quizzes tests and additional study resources,My Accounting Lab called MAL from now on. You are required to register in the CORRECT myaccountinglab com section Log. into BlackBoard for this course Go to the My Accounting Lab side tab See. How to Register for MAL link for the information, If you register for the wrong course your work will not transfer to the correct. course and you will have to start over The textbook that you purchased from the. bookstore provides a One time use access code that allows you access to MAL. for one year, You should access MAL through the BlackBoard site for this course so you can. see any announcements or email that has been posted If Blackboard is down. you can go to pearsonmylabandmastering com as an alternative choice. Chapter Learning objectives assignments and assessments. Listed with each chapter are the learning objectives the reading assignments. and exercises and problems The schedule of the chapters is given in the. Assignment Sheet It is important that you print this out and check it for this. information Since the dates are given there is not excuse for missing. assignments quizzes or tests, Announcements found in BlackBoard are an important part of this course I.
correspond with you mainly by posting new announcements which are sent to. your college email Make sure you have linked your college email to your. personal email If I have posted and announcement you are responsible for the. Grading policies, Student will be given assignments that develop problem solving and analytical. skills There will be a focus on teaching the student to learn on his or her own. Grade is determined as follows,Three Exams 300 pts Approx 43. 10 Quizzes out of 12 100 14,56 out of 65 Exercises 168 24. 20 out of 26 Problems 100 14,Total points 668 100, Quizzes are 20 minute timed 10 multiple choice questions on the reading A quiz. is given on 12 of the assigned 13 chapters Two quiz grades will be dropped. Each quiz is worth 10 points each Tests are problem based and are worth 100. points each More about tests are discussed through Announcements before the. test date Exercises are worth 3 points each with 9 dropped Problems are. worth 5 points each with 6 dropped The instructor reserves the right to change. the grading process but will notify the students of any change. If you miss doing an exercise or problem you can still practice them for no. grade through the Study Plan, As Tests are problem based and are similar to the assigned exercises and.
problems all assignments should be done, THERE ARE NO MAKE UP ASSIGNMENTS PROJECTS EXAMS OR. QUIZZES GIVEN UNLESS ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE BETWEEN. INSTRUCTOR AND STUDENT PRIOR TO THE TEST OR QUIZ and the. student has an official Document for the absence This means that the. instructor and student have either talked or emailed and an alternative time. has been arranged There shall be no assumption that a make up will be. allowed This is the reason for the dropped assessments so use them. Students joining the class late cannot take missed assignments for a. grade Dropped grade would apply to those assignments. A 91 100 D 67 69,A 90 D 61 66,B 87 89 D 60,B 81 86 F less than 60. Quizzes and Tests are taken through the My Accounting Lab program MAL. under Assignment Take Quiz Test on the days specified in the Assignments. Sheet Failure to take the assessment will result in a grade of 0 You may use. the book and notes if you have hard copies but you cannot have someone else. help you with your assessments or use another internet site to help you This is. considered cheating and could result in your dismissal from the college. Exercises and Problems through MAL, Exercises and Problems found in MAL under Assignment Homework have been. identified with an E or P and deal with specific Learning Objectives These. are graded You will have two attempts for each assessment in order to improve. your score and master the material Doing these as you learn the topics in the. chapters help you to master the chapter in smaller segments Tests are taken. from these exercises and problems so it is very important that you complete all. assignments Late assignments are not accepted for any reason However if you. miss an assignment you may do or redo the assignment for no grade in the. Study Plan area of MAL,Ask My Instructor, Within the MAL there is a function called Ask My Instructor If you are working on. a problem and have a question on it you should send me the question though. this link It allows me to see the problem you are working on I will respond. within 24 hours except on Sundays,Study Plan in MAL.
Within MAL there is a link on the left called Study Plan When you click on it you. will see an underlined item that says View all chapters Find the chapter you. want to redo the assignment for Once in that site you will need to look for that. particular assignment by looking at all the objectives When you find it ie P14 34. under Chapter 14 you can redo that problem as many times as you like It. corrects the work but does not record a grade There is no requirement for doing. any assignments in the Study Plan but it is a very helpful tool. Attendance Policy, Attendance in class or on line cannot be overstressed for this course There is a. proven correlation between attendance and the degree of success In addition to. testing and homework requirements it is the responsibility of the individual. student to seek help if they are having difficulty Students should inform me early. in the semester before the difficulties become too great. Outcome Assessment, A Course Outline is available in BlackBoard listing the learning objectives for. each chapter, Students will be given for homework assignments that develop problem solving. and analytical skills Students will be tested frequently on the specific objectives. with chapter quizzes and chapter tests The assignment sheet indicates the. dates of each of the quizzes and tests Assignments and grading procedure is. subject to change Students will be notified of any changes There will be a focus. on teaching the student to learn on his or her own Students who successfully. complete this course will have achieved the learning objectives as stated in the. Course Outline, Tutoring is available for students both by the instructor during office hours and. online with resources mentioned above There is also an Accounting tutor Ms. Landi Hou available during the day Monday through Thursday Her hours will be. posted outside Room 313 It is important that students who need help seek. assistance early in the semester,College Policies and Procedures.
Class cancellation policy, In case of inclement weather call 343 5888 or 1 800 818 5501 for a. recording In the case of the instructor s absence a notice will be posted on the. board Adjustment in assignments will be posted on the Discussion Board in the. course s BlackBoard site This includes changes in tests and quizzes dates if. appropriate,Withdrawals, You are required to follow the college s withdrawal policy April 16 is given o. Course Syllabus Welcome to ACC 117 Principles of Managerial Accounting Online 3 Credits Spring 2018 Print this our for future reference Prerequisites ACC 113 or ACC 115

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