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Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance CSR initiatives The newsletter is also a platform for. Chairman and CEO,Message from, participants to share first hand accounts of our CSR. As a socially responsible organisation we strive to. activities and for staff to provide feedback,incorporate corporate social responsibility CSR. principles into our daily operational decisions and Our CSR efforts were recognised by the Hong Kong. practices Council of Social Service which named us a Caring. Organisation for the fourteenth consecutive year, The CSR Committee coordinates all our CSR efforts It. Priorities, reports directly to the SFC s Executive Committee and.
is chaired by the Chief Financial Officer and Senior Marketplace support. Director of Corporate Affairs see sidebar on page 92 As a regulator we consider the impact of our work on. It includes members from different units across the Hong Kong s financial markets We adopt measures to. Mission and, organisation enhance industry wide operational efficiency minimise. resource consumption and reduce paperwork for both. The committee is responsible for, the SFC and industry participants We also encourage. formulating and developing our CSR vision the industry to adopt environmentally responsible. principles framework and policies behaviour,Governance. organising and promoting CSR activities and Supporting sustainable finance. During the year we made progress on a number,setting objectives targets and key performance. of initiatives under our strategic framework to help. indicators to measure the effectiveness of our CSR. develop Hong Kong as a leading centre for green,Our People.
finance and connect green finance flows between the. The CSR Committee has three working groups the Mainland and the rest of the world1 Our strategy is in. Commission Volunteers Group Green Working Group line with global market and regulatory developments in. and Wellness Group Each is charged with planning sustainable finance We collaborate with stakeholders. and implementing initiatives under a specific theme as well as local and international regulators to promote. Operational, sustainable finance initiatives and investor awareness. We explain our CSR goals principles and activities of them. on our corporate website and intranet and circulate. a quarterly e newsletter to update staff about our. Developments,Social Responsibility,Statements,Supplementary. Information, 1 See Green and sustainable finance on pages 58 59. SFC Annual Report 2019 20 91,Corporate Social Responsibility. Fostering a sustainability mindset The importance of adopting greener working. practices and protecting the environment has,Mr Andrew Wan Chief Financial Officer and.
grown significantly over the past few years and,Senior Director Corporate Affairs chairs our CSR. many staff members are especially passionate,Committee Here he talks about our corporate. about these issues he explained,sustainability efforts. Within the organisation we have taken steps to cut. The CSR Committee s overall objective is to foster a. energy consumption use less water and reduce, caring culture within the organisation as well as in. waste and the CSR Committee has worked hard to,the community Mr Wan said Staff from across the.
foster awareness of the need for everyone to take, organisation take an active role in our meetings and. an active part in these initiatives,our working groups. All sectors of society need to contribute to efforts. to achieve more sustainable development but the,SFC has a special responsibility as a market. regulator and a public body Mr Wan emphasised,We not only need to do our part as we go about. our daily work we also have to set an example for,the industry we regulate and the public at large.
At the end of the day success will depend on,having the right mindset. Mr Andrew Wan Chief Financial Officer and,Senior Director Corporate Affairs. Enhancing industry wide operational submission of annual returns and notifications to cover. efficiency all intermediaries starting April 2019 also saves paper. In addition an online system is available to streamline. Our online portal WINGS2 is a one stop platform for. the submission and posting of Rule 224 dealing, making electronic submissions to the SFC All functions. disclosures, and submission services available on the existing SFC. Online Portal and other SFC systems will be migrated. to WINGS in phases,Promoting professional competence and.
financial literacy, To reduce the industry s compliance burden and Our continuous professional training CPT. paper consumption we ceased to issue printed requirements5 help to enhance the competence of. licences3 to licensed individuals in 2015 Details licensees This year our executives delivered 28 hours. of licensed individuals are now only available on of CPT eligible training. our online Public Register of Licensed Persons and. Registered Institutions Extending the mandatory online. 2 Web based INteGrated Service, 3 We continue to issue printed licences for licensed corporations and certificates of registration for registered institutions and these must be. exhibited prominently at their places of business, 4 Required disclosures during an offer period under the Code on Takeovers and Mergers. 5 Under the SFC s Guidelines on Continuous Professional Training licensees are required to complete a minimum of five CPT hours per calendar year. for each type of regulated activity,92 SFC Annual Report 2019 20. Corporate Social Responsibility, We provide funding to the International Financial Our staff also support community services through.
Chairman and CEO,Message from, Reporting Standards IFRS Foundation6 to support donations and participating in fundraising events. its work We also fund the Investor and Financial This year we raised a total of 82 246 through. Education Council which is dedicated to improving Pedal Power 9 the Standard Chartered Hong Kong. financial literacy in Hong Kong Marathon7 our Christmas charity sale8 and three. Community Chest events Love Teeth Day Dress Casual. Community Day and Green Day,Priorities, We provide our staff with volunteering and Donating used items to charities enables us to help. engagement opportunities to make a positive change people in need and reduce waste This year we. in the community Volunteering leave is offered to donated second hand electrical appliances clothes. encourage staff participation in community service books and toys to The Salvation Army. Mission and,This year 74 staff spent a total of 263 hours. volunteering They were involved in environmental,conservation animal care and helping the. underprivileged,Governance,Volunteering events,Month Activity Purpose Outcome.
May 2019 Beach clean up at To promote understanding of the impact 26 volunteers helped clean Wu Kai. Our People, Wu Kai Sha Beach of plastic pollution on our oceans Sha Beach. June 2019 Suicide Prevention Services To raise awareness about suicide 11 volunteers took part in a fund. Solicit for Support prevention raising event,Flag Day 2019. Aug 2019 SPCA Care for Animals To learn about caring for animals in 20 volunteers interacted with the. Operational, Workshop shelters animals and recycled items to make. toys for them, Sep 2019 Volunteering at Mai Po To raise awareness of environmental 17 volunteers helped remove harmful. conservation through volunteering invasive species. Dec 2019 Christmas Sale and Gift To raise funds and spread joy to the Proceeds supported participating. Collection underprivileged charities Our staff also donated. Developments,second hand items to The Salvation,Contributions.
Social Responsibility,2019 2020 2018 19 2017 18, Number of staff participating in volunteering activities 74 120 134. Total volunteering hours 263 465 458, Funds raised for community causes 82 246 150 787 104 509. Statements, Corporate sponsorships for community causes 31 535 17 000 13 000. Including donations in lieu of corporate gifts made in the names of guest speakers invited to our in house training seminars. Supplementary,Information, 6 The IFRS Foundation is a not for profit organisation established to develop promote and facilitate the adoption of the IFRS. 7 Although the marathon was cancelled the organiser accepted pledged donations. 8 We cooperated with New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association Fu Hong Society and Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation to sell groceries and. hand made items at our Christmas charity sale with the funds raised supporting their operations. SFC Annual Report 2019 20 93,Corporate Social Responsibility.
Environment using e cards instead of paper holiday greeting. We are dedicated to managing and reducing our, impact on the environment Staff are encouraged to recycling used red packets in support of Greeners. reduce reuse repair and recycle through our internal Action s campaign. protocol A guide to working Green at the SFC,Our staff and their family members participate. To reduce paper consumption we use electronic in activities we organise to raise environmental. processes for internal matters including training awareness In the past year we arranged a. course enrollments conference room bookings beach clean up at Wu Kai Sha Beach to promote. expense claims overseas travel records pay slips understanding of the impact of plastic pollution on. leave applications and appraisals Meeting materials the oceans as well as a coral research tour to learn. are shared on tablet computers and paperless diaries about the importance of marine biodiversity We also. are available arranged a workshop on low carbon diets to promote. an eco friendly lifestyle, Other green practices adopted in our workplace to use. resources more efficiently include We support the World Wide Fund for Nature s global. warming prevention and environmental conservation, adjusting indoor lighting after office hours using. auto timers and encouraging colleagues to turn off. lights every day No Shark Fins Policy We have in place an. organisation wide policy pledging not to serve shark. reducing electricity usage at our data centres,fins at any SFC event.
automatically turning off desktop computers every,Earth Hour 2020 We took part in this annual. energy conservation event for the tenth year We, providing recycling bins for newspapers encouraged staff to switch off lights for one hour. and made a pledge as a corporate supporter,sorting cans and bottles for recycling. Red packet recycling Low carbon diet workshop,94 SFC Annual Report 2019 20. Message from Strategic Mission and Corporate Our People Operational Corporate Corporate Financial Supplementary. Chairman and CEO Priorities Mandates Governance Review Developments Social Responsibility Statements Information. Corporate Social Responsibility,SFC Annual Report 2019 20.
Coral research boat tour,Beach cleanup,Thai boxing class. Trampoline class,Taking care of animals,Removing harmful species at Mai Po. Corporate Social Responsibility,Consumption and recycling. 2019 20 2018 19 2017 18,Consumption,Paper pieces head 8 712 9 977 9 563. Electricity kWh 4 188 211 4 095 518 4 018 442,Paper kg 35 897 31 251 37 815.
Toner and printer ink cartridges 949 1 151 1 106, Workplace As a founding member of the City Mental Health. Alliance Hong Kong CMHA HK we are dedicated, The wellbeing of our staff is crucial to us During. to promoting and raising awareness of mental health. the year we organised activities to promote health. both in the workplace and the wider community Our,awareness and encourage healthier lifestyles. Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director. classes to demonstrate stretching and yoga exercise Intermediaries Ms Julia Leung is a member of CMHA. techniques HK s Advisory Board The SFC actively participates in. CMHA HK events workshops and discussion panels to, free on site influenza vaccinations and health raise awareness about mental health and promote best. screenings with individual consultations practices for corporate mental health policies. Thai boxing and trampoline classes and bowling Clinical psychology services are offered as part of our. night to promote a healthy lifestyle Employee Assistance Programme and counselling is. also available for staff as well as their immediate family. a low carbon diet workshop to learn how our food,members This year we organised Stress Awareness.
choices have an impact on the planet and,Month for our staff and took part in World Mental. a massage week to improve physical wellbeing Health Day To provide useful information and updates. on our intranet we launched a mental health and,wellbeing page and a COVID 19 information portal. Corporate Social Responsibility Environment We are dedicated to managing and reducing our impact on the environment Staff are encouraged to reduce reuse repair and recycle through our internal protocol A guide to working Green at the SFC To reduce paper consumption we use electronic processes for internal matters including training course enrollments conference room bookings

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