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1 Introduction,5 Planning Your Information Diet,7 My Spheres of Influence Worksheet. 8 Practical Wisdom for Tolerating Uncertainty,9 Reducing Anxiety With Thought Challenging. 10 Reducing Anxiety Through Distraction Activities. 15 Starting a Planning Practice,18 Starting a Daily Gratitude Practice. 20 Starting a Daily Breathing Practice, 21 Improving the Quality of Your Social Connections. 22 Developing a Regular Exercise Routine,23 Creating Your Stress Resilience Action Plan.
25 Further Resources,Introduction, In this unprecedented period of global uncertainty we felt it was necessary to put together this. workbook to provide our community with much needed support. The first thing to note right now is that it s completely normal to be experiencing a wide range of. emotions Accepting your feelings is an important first step to building resilience The simple act of. naming your emotions has been found to benefit wellbeing So take a moment now to tune into. your body and notice how you re feeling Circle the emotions that you identify with. Overwhelmed,Frustrated, Remember It s okay to feel discomfort Accepting distress is often the quickest way to feel. immediately calmer,What Is Stress and Anxiety, The terms stress and anxiety are often used interchangeably To develop a deeper understanding. of mental wellbeing it s helpful to understand how they differ. Kelly McGonigal an expert in the new science of stress offers us this definition Stress is what. arises when something we care about is at stake Many of us are now in positions where things. that matter to us feel more uncertain which understandably gives rise to our stress response. Stress is best understood as manifesting in the body It s the racing heart sweaty palms and funny. tummy we re all familiar with Central to the experience of stress is the amygdala the area of your. brain responsible for generating your body s stress response. Experts agree that a core component of stress is the perception of threat and danger You ve. probably heard of the fight or flight stress response as a reaction to perceived danger In fact. we have various stress responses For example there is one response which encourages us to. reach out for social support named the tend and befriend response. Dr John Arden author of several books integrating neuroscience and psychotherapy recently put. forward the term autostress for describing what happens when our body s stress response goes. on for a long time He explains, Like autoimmune disorders that hijack the immune system attacking the body instead of. protecting it autostress transforms the stress response system into something that attacks. the self rather than protecting it,PAGE 1 CORONAVIRUS ANXIETY WORKBOOK.
If your body is in autostress mode you ll experience a wide range of physical stress symptoms on. an ongoing basis regardless of your situation That s why people often reporting feeling anxious. for no apparent reason If you re suffering from high levels of distress triggered by the pandemic. you might continue to feel this way after the virus has passed. Signs of autostress include, Chest tightness and feeling like you can t breathe. Muscle tension aches and pains,Difficulty sleeping. Restlessness and an inability to relax,Heart palpitations. Digestive issues, Anxiety is commonly described as having both mental and physical symptoms The distinction. between mental and physical anxiety is important because different tools are required for. addressing physical symptoms what we label autostress and mental symptoms what we. label anxiety, Anxiety is best described as the unhelpful thinking patterns we experience when our mind fixates.
on threat uncertainty and negativity, Anxiety can occur on its own as a response to stress or it can trigger stress When it occurs as a. response to stress it can intensify the stress and in worst cases lead to panic attacks. It s important to understand that you cannot control anxiety from occurring this is your brain s. automatic survival mechanism What matters is learning how to respond to anxiety helpfully so. that you don t get carried away by it,Here are five examples of what to look out for. Threat Scanning When your mind searches the environment for what you fear. consciously or subconsciously Threat scanning is often associated with. your mind assigning meaning to harmless events, Frequently checking your body for coronavirus symptoms. Obsessively checking the news for coronavirus updates. Catastrophising When your mind jumps to worst case scenarios i e making a mountain. out of a molehill, You feel chest tightness and your mind tells you that you have coronavirus. and that your life is in danger, Your mind gives you the mental image of losing all the people you love.
THE WELLNESS SOCIETY WWW THEWELLNESSSOCIETY ORG PAGE 2. Hypothetical Worry It s important to note that worry is completely normal It only becomes. unhelpful when you focus excessively on hypothetical worries instead of. practical worries, Hypothetical worries include what if thoughts and are typically about. things you don t have much control over, Practical worries concern things you do have control over and they can. help you be more proactive, If you re very uncomfortable with uncertainty you re likely prone to. hypothetical worry and spend a lot of time focused on the future instead. of the present, I know I m following all the guidelines but what if I spread the virus. What if someone gets too close to me at the supermarket and I catch it. Emotional Reasoning When your mind tells you that your emotions reflect reality While. emotions can act as helpful messengers they often aren t reliable. I feel scared so I must be in danger,I feel guilty so I must ve done something wrong.
Fortune Telling When your mind interprets predictions as facts. I m going to be stuck inside for months on end, My mental health will keep deteriorating and I ll have to go back on meds. My Unhelpful Thinking Patterns, Learning how to recognise and reduce anxiety is an extremely helpful life skill. In Part One of this workbook we ll introduce you to several tools for dealing with anxiety. In Part Two you ll create your Stress Resilience Action Plan for preventing and reducing autostress. PAGE 3 CORONAVIRUS ANXIETY WORKBOOK,Tools to Help You. Manage Anxiety, THE WELLNESS SOCIETY WWW THEWELLNESSSOCIETY ORG PAGE 4. Planning Your Information Diet, The media is fully aware that our brains are built to fixate on threat uncertainty and negativity.
and they capitalize on it Most news sources are negatively biased sensationalist and speculative. in order to win your attention Anxiety is easily fuelled by consuming this kind of information To. reduce anxiety it s important to be aware of and take control over your information diet. My Current Information Diet, Which information sources are you feeding your mind and how often. Key Coronavirus Facts, If you re prone to catastrophising you may find it helpful to redirect your attention to the facts. The vast majority of people only experience relatively mild symptoms. Coronavirus is fatal in about two to three percent of cases. Health advice for the public is as follows, Wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. After coughing or sneezing,Before during and after you prepare food. Before eating,After toilet use,When you get in from the outdoors.
When hands are visibly dirty,When caring for the elderly or sick. After handling animals or animal waste, Use alcohol based hand sanitizers as a substitute for washing your hands but do so. Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres 6ft between yourself and anyone who is. coughing or sneezing, Cover your coughs and sneezes and throw your tissue into a closed bin immediately. Avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth, Frequently disinfect surfaces like your desk phone tablet smartphone and. countertops,Trusted News Sources, We recommend finding and sticking to a credible source you can trust such as.
The Economist,PAGE 5 CORONAVIRUS ANXIETY WORKBOOK,Uplifting News Sources. Coronavirus chronicles Here s some good news amid the dire reports. Coronavirus Creativity kindness and canals offer hope amid outbreak. Positive News Amongst Coronavirus Outbreak, Italian 101 year old leaves hospital after recovering from coronavirus. 98 year old COVID 19 patient discharged from hospital. 32 Positive News Stories You May Have Missed During The Coronavirus Outbreak. Uplifting stories from New York Times,Positive News Magazine. Uplifting news stories from BBC News, German firm Bosch to cut coronavirus test time to 2 hours. Chinese Company Donates Tens of Thousands of Masks to Coronavirus Striken Italy Says We. Are Waves of the Same Sea, China s richest man to donate 500 000 coronavirus testing kits 1 million masks to U S to help.
in these difficult times,Good News Newsletters,The Telegraph. Good News Network,GoodGoodGood,Country and Town House. Planning My Information Diet, To reduce anxiety we recommend checking your trusted news source once per day We also. recommend balancing out your information diet with uplifting news sources as listed above. Which news sources will you use and when will you read them How else can you limit your. exposure to anxiety provoking news e g by doing one digital detox day per week and limiting. time on social media, THE WELLNESS SOCIETY WWW THEWELLNESSSOCIETY ORG PAGE 6. My Spheres of Influence Worksheet, If you re prone to hypothetical worry i e the what if thoughts you may find it helpful to practice.
noticing these thoughts and then redirecting your attention to things within your control. Research shows that when we shift our focus to what we can control we see meaningful and. lasting differences in our wellbeing health and performance So write down what you have. control over inside the circle below Then note the things you cannot control outside of the. circle using the table below as inspiration, Remember You cannot stop hypothetical worries from occurring but you can control. your response to them,Within My Control Outside My Control. Building resilience Other people s decisions, Following the latest information and advice Other people s health. Focusing on what s important to me The news,My information diet The government s actions. My routine Schools opening or closing,Relaxation The state of the healthcare system.
Cultivating connection Flights and holidays being cancelled. Eating well Traffic,Exercising Public transport,Seeking and offering support Aging. Voting and activism The weather,PAGE 7 CORONAVIRUS ANXIETY WORKBOOK. Practical Wisdom for Tolerating Uncertainty, People who experience anxiety have been shown to have a low tolerance for uncertainty It s. worth reminding ourselves that uncertainty is an inescapable part of life and the sooner we. become more comfortable with it the sooner we can reduce mental suffering. Stoic and Buddhist philosophy both emphasise embracing uncertainty and change as the. essence of life Many people find reading about these topics helpful stating that practical. wisdom helped them shift their mindset and reduce anxiety. Practical Wisdom Resources,The philosophy of Stoicism by TED Ed. Buddhist Widsom For Inner Peace by Einzelg nger,Books and Audiobooks.
Happy by Derren Brown Listen to this for free on Audible using their 30 day free trial. Philosophy for Life by Jules Evans,Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Letters from a Stoic by Seneca,Buddhism Plain and Simple by Steve Hagen. The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy which hangs upon tomorrow and loses today The. whole future lies in uncertainty live immediately Seneca. Ask yourself Does this appearance of events concern the things that are within my own control or. those that are not If it concerns anything outside your control train yourself not to worry about it. You have power over your mind not outside events Realize this and you will find strength. Marcus Aurelius, When I see an anxious person I ask myself what do they want For if a person wasn t wanting. something outside of their control why would they be stricken by anxiety Epictetus. The universe is change our life is what our thoughts make it Marcus Aurelius. It s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters When something happens the. only thing in your power is your attitude toward it you can either accept it or resent it Epictetus. Men are disturbed not by things but by the view which they take of them Epictetus. Don t demand or expect that events happen as you would wish them do Accept events as they. actually happen That way peace is possible Epictetus. Don t let your reflection on the whole sweep of life crush you Don t fill your mind with all the bad. things that might still happen Stay focused on the present situation and ask yourself why it s so. unbearable and can t be survived Marcus Aurelius, Freedom and happiness are won by disregarding things that lie beyond our control Epictetus. Why not research and create a scrapbook of your favourite practical wisdom quotes. When you notice your mind spiralling try reviewing your scrapbook to reduce your anxiety. THE WELLNESS SOCIETY WWW THEWELLNESSSOCIETY ORG PAGE 8. Reducing Anxiety With Thought Challenging, Thought challenging is a simple yet powerful cognitive behavioural therapy CBT technique for.
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