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DISCOVER THE WORLD S BEST SELLING CAR,IT S TIME TO. CHOOSE HYBRID,YOU LL LOVE THE SPIRITED DRIVE OF THE NEW COROLLA. 2 0 LITRE HYBRID,Toyota Hybrids are a pleasure to drive They re. incredibly smooth and very responsive and when A JOY TO. you re driving through the city you enjoy the blissful DRIVE. silence of the all electric mode They also save fuel and. reduce emissions while still being as easy to drive as a Hybrid never felt so good The. new 2 0 litre Hybrid Dynamic, conventional car And because they re self charging Force engine developed for. you never have to plug them in So it s no surprise that Corolla takes Hybrid to an. Toyota Hybrids have been chosen by over 12 million exciting new level delivering. plenty of power and effortless, drivers around the world acceleration for a spirited and.
dynamic drive that makes even,the most everyday journey a joy. EXPERIENCE,ENJOY A CAR THAT MAKES DRIVING FUN,EXPERT CORNERING. At Toyota we re committed to making ever better, EMBRACE THE cars That s why we re introducing Toyota New Global. DRIVE Architecture TNGA a new platform that delivers. excellent performance This is the first Corolla to use. TNGA gives Corolla Hybrid a low TNGA and the difference is clear from the moment. centre of gravity that reduces, body roll providing extra you get behind the wheel with excellent handling and. control when cornering A highly stability making the drive even more rewarding Sit. rigid body helps to enhance back and enjoy the journey. ride comfort while the double,wishbone suspension absorbs.
shocks from bumps in the road,more effectively making the. ride even smoother,MULTI BEAM,LED HEADLAMPS,Both headlamps and rear lamps. are LEDs providing excellent,power and visibility while using. DESIGNED TO very little energy The LEDs,are arranged in clusters which. TURN HEADS,form elegant curving lines that,suit the car s sleek design And.
the Adaptive Automatic High, THE NEW COROLLA IS STRIKING FROM ALL ANGLES Beam system instantly gives. you the visibility you need,without dazzling other drivers. The first thing you notice about the new Corolla is its. bold and dynamic exterior which can be made even, more eye catching with a selection from our bi tone. paint options An attractive low bonnet gives it a sleek. profile which is enhanced by sporty 18 alloy wheels. The front and rear views reveal the car s powerful wide. stance emphasised by a wide sporty grille and stylish. all LED lamps,AMBIENT LIGHTING,Nothing does more for a space. than light and the new Corolla,features ambient interior.
lighting throughout the cabin,The light is a cool shade of blue. giving the interior a stylish A SENSE,sporty feel It s a subtle touch. one of many that make this a car,you ll love spending time in. ENJOY A BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED INTERIOR, If you think the new Corolla looks good on the outside. just wait until you get into the car Our designers. have chosen a combination of high quality materials. that look stunning together and also provide a, pleasing variety of textures An all black look gives.
the interior a sporty feel or you can choose a cool grey. that underlines the spacious and uncluttered design. Stylish sports seats complete the look perfectly,TECHNOLOGY. INFORMATION DISPLAY,At the centre of the instrument. TECHNOLOGY,panel is a 7 information,display with a colour screen. that tells you everything you,need to know You can choose a. speedometer with a traditional FOR EVERY,dial a simple digital version.
or an ingenious 3D effect that,gives the display a particularly. striking look DESIGNED TO MAKE THE DRIVE EVEN SMOOTHER. Intuitive technology helps make every journey,a pleasure A Head Up Display projects driver. information and warnings onto the windscreen so, you can always keep your eyes on the road An 8 full. colour touchscreen gives you instant access to the. Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system and it can even, display what s on your phone screen to make playing. music and making calls even simpler The 8 speaker,JBL premium sound system makes listening to every.
track amazing And with a wireless mobile phone,charger you ll never run out of battery. PANORAMIC MOON ROOF,A large panoramic moon roof,lets light flood into the cabin. making it feel even more,spacious It slides open to let. fresh air in giving you a real,sense of connection to the world SIT BACK. around you while a powered,sunshade keeps wind noise out.
EVERY JOURNEY PUTS YOU AT EASE,The cabin of the new Corolla has been designed. around your comfort Sports seats upholstered in a, combination of leather Alcantara and quilted fabric. wrap around you to hold you firmly in place keeping. you comfortable on long journeys The steering,position has been designed to feel as natural as. possible helping to avoid fatigue Steering wheel, mounted switches for driving infotainment and audio. controls let you keep your hands in one place while a. steering wheel heater keeps them warm on cold days. 1 2 L TURBO 6 M T Power 114 DIN hp Fuel consumption 6 2 7 2 l 100 km CO emissions 141 163 g km 0 100 km h 10 3 seconds Available on Active Mid Style High ENGINE SPECS TIME TO MOVE AHEAD HYBRID 2 0 L HYBRID DYNAMIC FORCE E CVT Power 180 DIN hp Fuel consumption 4 9 5 6 l 100 km CO emissions 110 127 g km 0 100 km h 7 9 seconds

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