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Guide to the appliance 5,View of the machine 6,Control panel 7. Important safety instructions 8,Instructions importantes sur la s curit 10. Caring for the environment 12,Before using for the first time 13. Opening and closing the door 14,Child safety lock 14. Water Softener 15,Programming the Water hardness level 16.
Checking the programmed Water hardness level 17,Selector settings 17. Filling the salt reservoir 18,Salt indicator 19,Bypassing the Salt indicator lamp 19. Adding rinse aid 20,Setting the dosage 21,Loading the dishwasher 22. Loading examples 23,Upper basket 23,Bottom basket 23. Cutlery tray 24,Adjustable cup racks 25,Coffee bar 25.
Adjusting the upper basket 26,Items not suitable for dishwashers 27. Adding detergent 28,Choosing a program 29,Program chart 30. Operating the dishwasher 32,Turning on 32,Starting a program 32. Sequence indicator 32,Program end 32,Turning off 33. Interrupting a program 33,Changing a program 33,Unloading the dishwasher 33.
Additional features 34,Top Solo 34,Cleaning and care 35. Cleaning the filters in the wash cabinet 35,Cleaning the spray arms 37. Cleaning the drain pump and non return valve 38,Cleaning the water intake filter 39. Cleaning the wash cabinet 40,Cleaning the door and the door seal 40. Cleaning the control panel 40,Cleaning the door panel 40.
Problem solving guide 41,After sales service 43,Accessories 44. Dishwasher installation 47,Electrical connection 60. Plumbing 62,Technical Data 66,Guide to the appliance. Guide to the appliance,Miele dishwashers are available in two. 1 Integrated i dishwashers,i dishwashers are designed for instal.
lation under a continuous countertop,The control panel with its accessories. is included with the i dishwasher in a,separate package for on site installa. tion The front is designed to accept a,custom made panel matching the exist. ing kitchen cabinets,Installation directions can be found in. the Installation chapter,2 U dishwashers,The built under U dishwashers use.
the integrated i dishwashers as the,basic machine,By using a GDU decor kit the i dish. washer can be converted into a U,model dishwasher,GDU installation instructions are in. cluded in a separate pamphlet sup,plied with the decor kit. Guide to the appliance,View of the machine,1 Upper spray arm not visible 10 Salt reservoir. 2 Cutlery tray 11 Dual compartment detergent,3 Upper basket.
12 Rinse aid reservoir,4 Water feed tube for the middle. with dosage selector,13 Data plate,5 Middle spray arm. 6 Water hardness selector,Note Lower basket is not shown. 7 Lower spray arm,8 Four height adjustable levelling legs. 9 Combination filter,Guide to the appliance,Control panel.
14 On Off button,15 Door release,16 Child safety lock. 17 Top Solo button,18 Check indicator lamps,19 Program sequence display. 20 Program and temperature,selector knob,IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. WARNING Repairs should only be performed,by qualified personnel Disconnect. When using your dish the appliance from the power supply. washer follow all basic before servicing pull out the plug or. safety precautions turn off the circuit breaker,If not purchased specifically as a.
This appliance conforms to Freestanding model only install. all uniform safety codes and the dishwasher under a continuous. regulations To avoid injury countertop which is secured to the. and machine damage read cabinetry, the operating instructions The dishwasher must be electri. carefully before using the cally grounded Install the dish. dishwasher washer as per the included Installation. This dishwasher is designed for instructions,household use only Use only powder detergents and. The manufacturer cannot be held liquid rinse aids recommended for. responsible for damage or injury dishwashers Never use gels or liquid. caused by improper use or for detergents,uses other than those for which. Do not use commercial or indus,the appliance is intended. trial grade detergents as these,may cause adverse chemical reactions.
and damage the machine Use only,detergents made for residential dish. Do not use your dishwasher unless,all enclosure panels are properly in. Do not allow children to play in or,on the dishwasher. Keep all detergents and rinse aids,out of the reach of children. Dishwasher detergents contain So,dium Silicate and Sodium Carbo.
nate In case of eye contact immediate,ly flush with water Call a physician or. poison control,Do not tamper with the,IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. When loading items to be For dishwashers with visible heating. washed element,Load pointed items so that they are. Do not touch the heating element,not likely to damage the door seal. during or immediately after use,Load knives with the cutting edge.
down to reduce the risk of injuries,Do not wash plastic items unless. they are labeled dishwasher safe,or the equivalent For items not labeled. check the manufacturer s recommenda,Do not abuse sit or stand on the. door or dishracks of the dish,Remove the front door and cut off. the power cord of the dishwasher,before removing it from service or dis.
carding it This will help protect child,ren from injury or accidentally locking. themselves in,Under certain conditions hy,drogen gas may be produced in a. hot water system that has not been,used for two weeks or more. HYDROGEN GAS IS EXPLOSIVE If the,hot water system has not been used for. such a period turn on all hot water,faucets and let the water flow from.
each for several minutes before using,the dishwasher This will release any ac. cumulated hydrogen gas Do not,smoke or use an open flame during this. Do not drink the water from the,wash cabinet,SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANTES SUR LA S CURIT,AVERTISSEMENT Les r parations doivent tre effec. tu es uniquement par une per, Au moment d utiliser votre lave vais sonne comp tente D brancher l ap.
selle veuillez observer toutes les me pareil de la prise de courant avant d en. sures de s curit de base faire l entretien enlever la fiche de la. prise ou fermer le disjoncteur, Cet appareil lectrom nager est con Installer uniquement le lave vais. forme tous les r glements et codes selle sous un comptoir continu qui. sur la s curit Pour viter de vous est fix des meubles adjacents. blesser et d endommager l appareil,Vous devez mettre le lave vaisselle. veuillez lire soigneusement les in,la terre Installer le lave vaisselle. structions sur l utilisation,en observant les instructions pour l in. N utilisez le lave vaiselle que pour stallation ci jointes. laver la vaiselle Utiliser uniquement des d tersifs et. Le fabricant ne peut tre tenu re des produits de rin age recom. sponsable des dommages ou bless mand s pour les lave vaisselle. ures caus s par une utilisation, inad quate ou par des utilisations Ne pas utiliser de d tersifs de.
autres que celles auxquelles l ap qualit commerciale ou industrielle. pareil est destin puisqu ils pourraient causer des r ac. tions chimiques d favorables et en,dommager l appareil Utiliser des d ter. sifs pour les lave vaisselle m nagers,Ne pas utiliser votre lave vaisselle. moins que tous les panneaux,soient bien en place,Ne pas permettre aux enfants de. jouer dans ou sur le lave vaisselle,Ranger tous les d tersifs et pro. duits de rin age hors de la port e,des enfants,Les d tersifs pour lave vaisselle.
contiennent du silicate de soude et,du carbonate de soude En cas de con. tact avec les yeux les rincer imm di,atement grande eau T l phoner. un m decin ou un centre de traite,ment antipoison,INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANTES SUR LA S CURIT. Ne pas modifier les Dans certaines conditions un sys. commandes t me d eau chaude qui n a pas t,utilis pendant plus de 2 semaines. Ne pas boire l eau du meuble de,peut d gager de l azote.
L AZOTE EST EXPLOSIF Si le syst me, Au moment de remplir le lave vais d eau chaude n a pas t utilis pend. selle ant une telle p riode de temps ouvrir, Mettre les articles pointus de mani re tous les robinets d eau chaude et. ce qu ils n endommagent pas le seau laisser l eau couler pendant plusieurs. tanche de la porte minutes avant d utiliser le lave vais. Mettre le tranchant des couteaux vers selle Ceci dissipera tout l azote accu. le bas afin de r duire les risques de mul Ne pas fumer ni utiliser une. blessure flamme nue durant ce temps,Ne pas laver les articles en plas. tique moins qu ils n indiquent Va, au lave vaisselle ou l quivalent V ri Lave vaiselle avec l l ment. fier les recommandations du fabricant chauffant,pour les articles non tiquet s.
Ne touchez pas l l ment chauf, Ne pas abuser et ne pas vous as fant pendant le fonctionnement de. seoir ni vous tenir sur la porte ou l appareil ou imm diatement apr s. sur les paniers du lave vaisselle,Enlever la porte et d brancher le. lave vaisselle avant de le faire r p,arer ou de le jeter afin d emp cher les. enfants de se blesser ou de s enfermer,dans l appareil par accident. CONSERVER CES INSTRUCTIONS,Caring for the environment.
Caring for the environment, Disposal of the packing material Energy saving washing. The cardboard box and packing ma These dishwashers are exceptionally ef. terial protects the appliance during ficient in their use of water and elec. shipping It has been deliberately de tricity You can make the most of your. signed to be biodegradable and recy appliance by following these tips. clable Please dispose of these ma,Make full use of the baskets without. terials as you would any other,overloading the dishwasher for the. recyclable products,most economical washing,Disposal of your old machine For small loads. Select the Top Solo function see,Old machines contain materials which.
Additional features chapter,can be recycled Please contact your. local recycling center about the possi Choose a program that best suits the. bility of recycling these materials Make degree of soiling and the type of. certain the machine has been made dishes being washed. child resistant as outlined in the Import,If baskets are only half full use the. ant safety instuctions before disposing,ECONOMY program. of the appliance,Use the correct amounts of deter,gent and rinse aid. Before using for the first time,Before using for the first time.
Before using for the first time please Add the correct amount of detergent. note the following points Generally one to two tablespoons of. detergent will be adequate for most, Setting the water softener wash loads Not enough or too much. detergent can lead to poor wash re,The water softener must be set to corre. spond to the water hardness in your, area This can be obtained from your Cleaning results vary between deter. local water company or by using a test gents If you are not satisfied with the. kit that can be purchased from the results from one brand try another. Miele Parts Department quality brand before contacting the. Miele Service Department for advice,The salt reservoir must only be filled. with water and salt Never fill it with,detergent Load the dishes correctly.
Load the dishes so that water can con, Adding rinse aid tact all surfaces Ensure that the spray. arms are not blocked by items which,Inadvertently filling the rinse aid. are too tall for the basket or which ex,reservoir with liquid or powder deter. tend through the bottom of the basket,gent will damage the reservoir. If necessary manually rotate the spray, Use only powder detergents and liquid arms to test for clearance.
rinse aids formulated for domestic dish,washers The combination filter in the base of. the wash cabinet and the spray arms, It is important to choose the correct must be kept clean. program These should be regularly inspected, Different wash programs should be se and cleaned if necessary. lected for different loads and different,See the corresponding chapters for de. degrees of soiling See the program,tailed information on the above points.
chart for further program descriptions,When the dishwasher is run for the. first time the selected program will,not start for approximately 7. During these 7 minutes the Water,Softener reactivation program will. run and the Softener indicator,lamp will be on,Opening and closing the door. Opening and closing the door,To open the door Child safety lock.
Press the release catch inside the The child safety lock is designed to. door grip deter children from opening the dish, If the door is opened during operation washer door. all functions will automatically be inter Use the provided key to turn the. rupted child safety lock to the desired set,To close the door. Push the baskets in Horizontal setting The door is. Lift the door and push until it clicks,into position. Vertical setting the door can,Water Softener,Water Softener. The water softener must be set to corre Programming Table. spond to the water hardness in your,Program knob water.
area This can be obtained from your,gr gal ppm setting hardness. Do not use your dishwasher unless all enclosure panels are properly in place Do not allow children to play in or on the dishwasher Keep all detergents and rinse aids out of the reach of children Dishwasher detergents contain So dium Silicate and Sodium Carbo nate In case of eye contact immediate ly flush with water Call a physician or

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