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Table of Contents,Key Features 3,Installation 4,Installation 4. Basic Conversion 9,Interface setup 11,General 13,Language 14. Chapters 14,TV Format 15,Subtitles 16,Encoding 20,How to add subtitles 21. How to make a DVD menu 24,How to burn an already converted file 27. Frequently asked questions 28,Key Features, Supported video formats DivX Xvid MPEG4 MOV AVI WMV WMV HD DV and more.
Supported sources existing files from digital camcorders TV Sat capture cards. Can merge up to 4 hours of material from several movies or episodes. Supported audio formats AC3 DTS PCM OGG MP3 and more. Handles subtitles files SRT SUB IDX with color and font selection and supports tags italic bold. Video format choice NTSC PAL or automatic and PULL DOWN. Picture output Widescreen Full screen or automatic. Create Automatic chapters or edit your own, Fast preview mode to check if the source is loaded correctly. Save the DVD structure on hard drive or burn it to a blank DVD. Reliable burn engine integrated supports all DVD formats. Fast and quality encoder typically less than 1 hour for converting 1 movie. Variable options and settings for advanced users,Control of the conversion speed vs quality. DVD Menu control auto start loop etc,DVD Menu edition background fond color. Customizable interface themes dockable windows,Multilingual support available languages. Optimized for Windows 2000 XP Vista,Installation, The first step during the installation process is to select the language you want to use during this.
Announces the version you are about to install and any suggestions you should follow during. installation, Select the folder where you would like ConvertXtoDVD to be installed by default there is a folder. You must select the type of video standard you would like ConvertXtoDVD to make for output Select. the region where you live Some DVD players are able to read both formats but not all. Select the folder where you would like Start Menu folder to be installed by default there is a folder. Check the options you would like to be set up during installation. Here is more information about last option Allow VSO Software to collect media statistics. In order to improve the quality of our software and to establish. a chart of good media based on the end user s experience. we are collecting media and hardware information, Each time a burn process has been finished information about. the process software version used writer and media. success failure is submitted to our server, As an internet connection is required you should only activate this. feature if you have a permanent connection, NOTE We do not collect any information that may help to identify a. given computer or person,A summary of what was done during installation.
Shows the version history of ConvertXtoDVD, Announces that installation has finished gives option to launch ConvertXtoDVD immediately. Basic Conversion, Upon opening ConvertXtoDVD from time to time you will be asked if you would like to see if there is. an update available If you click yes the application will connect to the VSO Software website to see if. you have the latest version If yes a line will appear in the log visible behind the check for update. window figure 10 that your version is up to date If you are not using the latest version of. ConvertXtoDVD a web browser window will open with a download link available in order to get the. latest version No need to uninstall before installing a new version Your firewall software may pop up. during this internet connection accept the connection to allow ConvertXtoDVD to check if there is a. new version available,ConvertXtoDVD can be as simple as this to use. Of course there are many more options available Continue reading below to see what else. ConvertXtoDVD has to offer,Interface setup, ConvertXtoDVD has an interchangeable interface you can configure for your comfort Here are some. of the ways you can set up the interface, Additional windows presenting various information can be opened Video Preview Information and.
Log To open these windows go to Main Menu select Window choose from Video Preview. Information or Log see figure 12 to 14 below,Figure 12 Video Preview. Figure 13 Information,Figure 14 Log, You can also have all windows open all at once detached or within the main frame window of. ConvertXtoDVD, Highlighted in figure 16 are the ways in which you can move and resize each window To move a. window place your mouse on the bar that says either Video Preview Log or Information as boxed. in red below in figure 16 and drag the window where you would like it The double arrow cursor. boxed twice in red below appears when you place your mouse between two touching windows you. can change their size by pressing down the mouse button and moving. The settings are accessible from the main menu under Settings. Here is a look at each section tab found under Settings Notice that in each window you have a button. to reset to default settings,1 Where ConvertXtoDVD will place. all created files you can change,this location,2 If for some reason the preview.
appears upside down in the,interface check this box close. ConvertXtoDVD and open it,again The preview will now be. right side up,3 Will check for version updates,4 If checked ConvertXtoDVD will. not ask for permission before,checking for an update. 5 Change appearance of the,interface by clicking on the.
various themes in the list,Allows you to select the language you want. ConvertXtoDVD to appear in For certain,languages you must first select the language. restart the application for all the changes to be,taken into account. A chapter is an invisible mark in the video,that helps you navigating through the. film as you are watching it Instead of,fast forwarding to a specific point you.
can jump at intervals these intervals,are chapter points that you can. determine here,Insert Chapter every will allow you to. automatically insert a chapter every X,minutes or seconds M minutes. If unchecked no chapters will be added,automatically In main interface you. can manually enter in chapters at,specific places,For longer than will insert a chapter at.
the value X indicated above only if,the video is longer than X minutes. or seconds here the default value is,15 minutes In this example it means. that no chapters will be added if for,example you add a video that is only. 10 minutes long e g suitable for,music video clips compilation Figure 20. You may also set up chapters by right clicking on chapters in main window of ConvertXtoDVD once. you files have been added for conversion see figure 38. Items 1 through 4 below can also be selected in main interface of ConvertXtoDVD see figure 36. 1 The burnt DVD when played on,your living room player will start.
by playing the first video on the,DVD without showing the menu. even if there is one,2 When comes to the last video will. loop back and begin playing the,first video file on the DVD. 3 Will play video files one right after,the other instead of going back to. the menu even if there is one on,4 Will include a menu.
5 Name of the DVD will be shown,when inserted into a computer. 6 Image that will be used as a,background for your menu. 7 Number of entries video,segments that will appear per. page in your DVD menu Figure 21,8 Font type and color for both the. title of the DVD menu and also each video file under the title Item. Video Standard is to select the video output format. Not all DVD players can read both formats PAL, NTSC Here select the region you live in if you are.
not sure of what to select,TV Screen you can select whether you want the. video file format to be made automatically or either be. 1 Where ConvertXtoDVD will place all created files you can change this location 2 If for some reason the preview appears upside down in the interface check this box close ConvertXtoDVD and open it again The preview will now be right side up 3 Will check for version updates 4 If checked ConvertXtoDVD will not ask for permission before

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