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What is CI and how can it help me,Fundamentals of CI. Fundamentals of Bamboo,Configuration Price,Quick example. Features Discussion,My Takeaways on CI,Continuous Integration. Originated in Extreme Programming but many,Agile workplaces use it. Deploying continuously is essential to streamlining. the feedback loop a core Agile tenant, CI usually means an entire project is rebuilt upon.
any change to code base, Swap long laborious integration efforts with short. automated ones,Sound like a fair trade,CI Benefits. Bugs more obvious,Assumes system tests tightly coupled with CI. implementation,Reduces risk, Many non Agile projects are on time until they hit. the testing stage,CI makes problems easier to predict and more.
The earlier a problem is detected the cheaper it is to. CI Think of it this way,The longer developers wait before integrating. their code with each other the higher the,chance for diverging or fractured efforts. Be concerned if you re not working with the,latest code iteration every day. Even intraday updates beneficial,At least update and recompile. before committing new code, http weblogs asp net plip archive 2006 11 16 who broke the build aspx.
CI In Action,1 Check out code from source control,2 Make changes compile locally repeat. 3 Commit code back into source control,4 CI tools automatically build project on. separate machine,5 If compilation is successful and tests pass. you re done,1 If not at least the problem was caught quickly. 6 Optional Automatically deploy somewhere,Martin Fowler s take on CI.
Published 6 years ago still quoted extensively, http martinfowler com articles continuousIntegration html. 1 Maintain single source repo,2 Automate the build. 3 Make your build self testing,4 Everyone commits to the mainline every day. 5 Every commit should build the mainline on an,integration machine. Martin Fowler s take on CI,6 Keep the build fast,7 Test in a clone of the production environment.
8 Make it easy for anyone to get the latest,executable. 9 Everyone can see what s happening,10 Automate deployment. Deeper Dive,Maintain single source repo,Hopefully this goes without saying. git has done a tremendous job making source,control management ubiquitous. Plenty of SCM options available,Source code on a developer s local machine grows.
more stale with every hour that passes without an,Integration risks obviously go up. Deeper Dive,Automate the build,Developers shouldn t have to do anything manually. after committing code,If they do you re courting trouble. Should be able to build individual portions of project. Deeper Dive,Make your build self testing,Suite of automated tests check the code base. Requires buy in from developers to seek high,JUnit a good example of unit testing framework.
Write new functionality then write a JUnit test,Helps spot problems early and without human. Deeper Dive,Test in a clone of the production environment. Mimic production configuration to the greatest,extent possible. All libraries drivers support apps like databases,should be the same as what you use to deploy. Virtualization such as using software like VMware is. a great way to increase coverage to many different. possible environments,You don t worry about setting up these.
environments it s all magic as far as you re,Deeper Dive. Automate deployment,Continuous Integration is not the same thing as. Continuous Deployment but it makes sense to,consider the two concurrently. Fowler focuses on deploying to production insert,debate here remember internal deployment just as. 30 mins after code committed change should,be available.
If it s a web app it should be on a test QA server. If it s a desktop app it should be available for,download on Nexus for example or running in. a virtualized environment,More on Deployment,Difficult to overstate the value of continuous or. one click deployment,If you re manually copying RPMs you re probably. doing it wrong, CI systems support custom scripting to integrate this. into automated workflows,Not only that but they ll log these operations.
more on this during the Bamboo discussion,CI Solutions. Open source MIT License,Forked from Hudson following dispute with Oracle. AnthillPro,Been around for a long time very mature. Full enterprise solution,We ll focus on this product. Continuous Integration Originated in Extreme Programming but many Agile workplaces use it Deploying continuously is essential to streamlining the feedback loop a core Agile tenant CI usually means an entire project is rebuilt upon any change to code base Swap long laborious integration efforts with short automated ones

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