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Qualifications Pack For Electrician Domestic Solutions. Qualifications Pack Code PSS Q6001,Job Role Electrician Domestic Solutions. Credits NSQF TBD Version number 1 0,Sector Power Drafted on 04 11 2015. Sub sector Distribution Downstream Last reviewed on 25 07 2017. Occupation Electrician Next review date 25 07 2021. NSQC Clearance Date Not Applicable,Job Role Electrician Domestic Solutions. Electricianscarry out all sorts of troubleshooting in electrical. Job Details, circuits of domestic wiring fault repair alterations. Role Description, maintenance repair of electrical equipment installed in.
households,NSQF level 3,Minimum Educational Qualifications 8th Pass. Maximum Educational Qualifications Not Applicable,Prerequisite License or Training Not Applicable. Minimum Job Entry Age 18 Years,Experience,Not Applicable. Compulsory, 1 PSS N 6001Types of House wiring and fault repair in. house wiring, 2 PSS N 6002 Mains distribution controls circuits and.
protection in house wiring, Applicable National Occupational 3 PSS N 6003 Maintenance Repair of house hold. Standards NOS electrical gadgets,4 PSS N6005 Customer relationship skills. 5 PSS N 2001 Use basic health and safety for power. related work,6 PSS N 1336 Work effectively with others. Performance Criteria As described in the relevant OS units. Qualifications Pack For Electrician Domestic,Keywords Terms Description. Sector Sector is a conglomeration of different business operations having similar businesses. Definitions, and interests It may also be defined as a distinct subset of the economy whose.
components share similar characteristics and interests. Sub sector Sub sector is derived from a further breakdown based on the characteristics and. interests of its components, Vertical Vertical may exist within a sub sector representing different domain areas or the client. industries served by the industry, Occupation Occupation is a set of job roles which perform similar related set of functions in an. Function Function is an activity necessary for achieving the key purpose of the sector. occupation or area of work which can be carried out by a person or a group of. persons Functions are identified through functional analysis and form the basis of OS. Sub functions, Sub functions are sub activities essential achieving the objectives of the function. Job role Job role defines unique set of functions that together form a unique employment. opportunity in an organization, Occupational OS specify the standards of performance an individual must achieve consistently while. Standards OS carrying out a function at the workplace Occupational Standards as set of. competencies is applicable both in Indian and overreaching global contexts. Performance Criteria Performance Criteria defined for a task are statements that together specify the. standard of performance while carrying out the task. NOS NOS are National Occupational Standards which apply uniquely in Indian context. Qualifications Pack Qualifications Pack Code is a unique reference code that identifies a qualifications. Qualifications Qualifications Pack comprises set of OS together with the educational training and. Pack QP other criteria that are required to perform a job role satisfactorily at workplace A. Qualifications Pack is assigned a unique qualification pack code for clear identification. Knowledge and Knowledge and Understanding are statements which together as a set specify the. Understanding technical generic professional and organization specific Knowledge that an individual. needs to possess in order to perform and meet the required standards consistently. Organizational Organizational Context includes the way the organization is structured and how it. Context operates It includes elements of operational Knowledge contents defined in relation. to functioning of an organization that a skilled professional need to possess specific to. its precise areas of responsibility,Technical Knowledge.
Technical Knowledge is the specific domain Knowledge needed to accomplish the task. in combination with other competencies It is usually coined with specifically. designated roles and responsibilities,Qualifications Pack For Electrician Domestic. Keywords Terms Description,AC Alternating Current,ACB Air Circuit Breaker. ACSR Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Steel Cored Aluminium Conductor. BIS Bureau of Indian Standards,CGRF Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum. CPRI Central Power Research Institute,CT Current Transformer. DC Direct Current,DISCOM Distribution Company,DP Di Pole Double Pole.
DT Distribution Transformer,E F Earth Fault,ELCB Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker. GI Galvanized Iron,HV High Voltage,HVDS High Voltage Distribution System. Hz Hertz Unit of Frequency,IE Act Indian Electricity Act 2003. IS Indian Standard,KV Kilo Volt,KVA Kilo Volt Ampere. KW Kilo Watt,KWh Kilo Watt hour,LCD Liquid Crystal Display.
LED Light Emitting Diode,LV Low Voltage,MCB Miniature Circuit Breaker. O C Over Current,P Phase Power,PCC Prestressed Cement Concrete Pole. PF Power Factor,PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride,RCD Residual Current device. REC Rural Electrification Corporation,SEB State Electricity Board. T F Transformer,TTB Test Terminal Block,XLPE Cross Linked Poly Ethylene Cable.
PSS N6001 Types of House wiring and fault repair in house wiring. National Occupational, This unit is about thedifferenttypes of wiring carried out in a house and activities performed by an. Electrician Domestic ininitial stages while taking uperection trouble shooting and fault repair in. house wiring, PSS N6001 Types of House wiring and fault repair in house wiring. Unit Code PSS N6001,Unit Title,National Occupational Standard. Types of House wiring and fault repair in house wiring. An Electrician must have good Knowledge of different types of wiring. that is being carried out according to the budget of house owner Skills. Description to utilize the resources best design latest technology and longevity of. house wiring in best possible way thatis also cost effective keeping the. protection of wiring house hold gadgets and property. This unit task covers the following, Develop various types of house wiring planning and. drawings layouts according to specific situation, Wiring selection size ratings of cables accessories optimization.
forecasting, Common electrical wiring faults identification and repair of wiring. of residential and commercial units,Working safely. Performance Criteria PC w r t the Scope,Element Performance Criteria. Develop various types of house The user individual on the job needs to. wiring planning and PC1 Develop circuit and wiring diagram and electrical signages. drawings layouts according to code specifications to plan wiring layouts consumption points. specific situation accurately as may be required, PC2 Use various types of tools their functions and application for. carrying out work, PC3 Understand rating and current carrying capacity of wires.
cables fuse switches sockets MCBs ELCBs and other,electrical accessories. PC4 Lay conduit pipe concealed and open wiring batten casing. capping and temporary cleat wiring, Wiring selection size ratings of The user individual on the job needs to. cables accessories optimization PC5 Implement system in the most economical way. forecasting PC6 Ensure correct requirement of wires cables fuse switches. and other electrical accessories foroptimal expenditure. PC7 Ensure wiring and points selected in wiring are according to. load growth in future, PC8 Understand use of under voltage protective devices choice of. setting of protective devices labelling of protective devices. switches and terminals, PC9 Understand insulation resistance of all live conductors to. earth insulation resistance between live conductors. PC10 Implement methods of protection against electric shock. PC11 Ensure selection of equipment appropriate to external. influences access to switchgear and equipment presence of. PSS N6001 Types of House wiring and fault repair in house wiring. warning signs and danger notices, PC12 Use updated technology products and take their ageing into.
consideration, Common electrical faults and repair The user individual on the job needs to. PC13 Inspect fault locating points e g fuse blown MCB RCD trip or. short circuit location in wiring circuit, PC14 Ensure open circuit due to overheated switches socket and. wires in control board due to loose contact and overload. PC15 Check polarity to ensure all switches are connected in phase. conductors, PC16 Check equal distribution of load on three phase wiring in large. residential and commercial units, PC17 Check the color coding connection and identification of. conductors cables and wires, PC18 Check routing of cables proper selection of conductors wires.
and connectors andconnection of single pole devices. Working safely The user individual on the job needs to. PC19 work safely at all times complying with health and safety. legislation regulation and other relevant guidelines. PC20 Adhere to procedures for safety to wear PPE s. PC21 Ensure that all tools tackles fittings accessories etc are in. safe and usable condition, PC22 Ensure work area is cleanand safe from hazards before and. after the job is completed,Knowledge and Understanding K. A Organizational Context The user individual on the job needs to know and understand. KA1 Job responsibility duties and standar operating procedures if. KA2 Escalation matrix and procedures for reporting work and. employment related issues, PSS N6001 Types of House wiring and fault repair in house wiring. B Technical Knowledge The user individual on the job needs to know and understand. KB1 Basic elements of electricity voltage current resistance. power energy and how electricity flows, KB2 Basic Knowledge of electrical curcuits drawings and layouts. KB3 Wires and cables their current carrying capacity and their. KB4 Standard procedures followed in house wiring, KB5 Ratings as per technical terminology of control switches MCB.
ELCB RCD electrical accessories and appliances used in house. wiring their purpose and functioning, KB6 How to plan the work correctly using various safety measures. work planning location material required and sequence of. KB7 All types of conceal open wiring size of conduit pipe batten. and casing capping required for each circuit, KB8 Depth of groove channel size clamping boxes hole pass on. walls pre lanter fittings and hooks on ceiling etc Knowledge of. inserting steel wire to drag the bunch of wires through conduit. KB9 Tools and tackles used for house wiring e g tool s bag. containing combination plier cutter screw drivers hammer. chisel drill machine wrench set hacksaw etc importance of. tools and equipment to be kept in a safe and usable condition. KB10 Specific health and safety precautions which must be taken. when carrying out indoor and outdoor wiring associated. hazards working at heights and PPE s must be worn, KB11 Basics of power regulations and safety requirments as per. Skills S CEA Power company guidelines,A Core Skills Generic Skills Writing Skills. The user individual on the job needs to know and understand how to. SA1 Note the information communicated by the customer. SA2 Route marking on walls, SA3 Note down observations if any related to the operation.
Reading Skills, The user individual on the job needs to know and understand how to. SA4 Read and interpret the process required for different types of. drawingsi e single line diagram schematic diagram layout of. building house, SA5 Read and interpret the flowchart of all parts of house wiring. SA6 Read and interpret the process required for different types of. wiring Ensures,a Conduit wiring,b CTS clip wiring or batten wiring. c Casing and capping,d Cleat wiring, PSS N6001 Types of House wiring and fault repair in house wiring. SA7 Read manuals and documents to understand the product details. how they can be used,Oral Communication Listening and Speaking skills.
The user individual on the job needs to know and understand how to. SA8 Discuss task lists schedules and activities with the. customer supervisor,SA9 Effectively communicate with the team members. SA10 Attentively listen and comprehend the information given by the. customer supervisor contractor, SA11 Communicate clearly with the customer on the issues faced. during query fault,B Professional Skills Decision Making. The user individual on the job needs to know and understand how to. SB1 Follow customer contractor rule based decision making. SB2 Take decision with systematic course of actions and or. Plan and Organize, The user individual on the job needs to know and understand. SB3 Planning and organization of tasks to meet deadlines. Customer Centricity, The user individual on the job needs to know and understand how to.
SB4 Build customer relationships and use customer centric. Problem Solving, The user individual on the job needs to know and understand how to. SB5 Seek and comprehend operation related inputs for clarification. SB6 Find ways of modifying difficult operating stages to make. themoperation friendly,Analytical Thinking, The user individual on the job needs to know and understand how to. KB1 B asic elements of electricity voltage current resistance power energy and how electricity flows KB2 Basic Knowledge of electrical curcuits drawings and layouts KB3 Wires and cables their current carrying capacity and their usage KB4 Standard procedures followed in house wiring KB5 Ratings as per technical terminology of control

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