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CO NT ENT S,Foreword Our,Get The ABOG,Involved Fellowship. for Socially,Engaged Art,Public Discuss,Leadership ABOG. Fellowship,History Our,The ABOG FIELDWORKS,Publications Enact Social. Cover 2015 ABOG Fellow Suzanne Lacy s De tu Pu o y Letra a large. scale community organizing project in Quito Ecuador that culminated in a. public performance in a bullfighting ring with hundreds of men and women. speaking out publicly on violence against women Photo Ra l Pe afiel. 2015 ABOG Fellow Mary Mattingly s Swale a mobile food forest grown on a 130 ft. by 40 ft barge invites the public to cultivate fresh food as it travels through NYC. harbors and acts as a setting for conversations about food and public policy. Image RAVA Films,A Blade of Grass is the first arts nonprofit that. focuses exclusively on socially engaged art,Our programs are designed to support and.
amplify the work of artists who are collaborating,with multiple stakeholders at an ambitious. scale to enact social change,Through the ABOG Fellowship for Socially. Engaged Art we partner with artists who engage,in creative activism prototype utopian futures. heal communities that struggle with systemic,oppression and both imagine and model. collaborative innovative solutions to intractable,social problems.
In addition to acting as a platform for the,creation of sensitive content about socially. engaged art the ABOG Fellowship provides the,direct financial support artists need to thrive. ABOG s public programs documentary films,field research publications and web content. illuminate each project tell the stories of,participants and contextualize the artists work. in a variety of wider conversations everything,from city planning to colonial history to.
contemporary art theory,ABOG Fellowship artists are changing what. art is who it s for and what it does,We see tremendous value in the way socially. engaged art stretches our understanding of,what is possible both in a contemporary art. context and in everyday life Socially engaged,artists are challenging our understanding of art. This challenge puts art and artists into direct,collaborative service to communities which has.
concrete generative effects Artists who share,the creative process can model alternatives. change perspectives and create symbolic shifts,that inspire deeper commitment. Our goal is to propel this provocative direction by. telling inspiring stories that bring new audiences. to socially engaged art enriching the discourse,around socially engaged art and conducting. consulting and advocacy that enables artists to,be effective agents of change in institutional. collaborations, Images from a Here to Stay projection night featuring.
anti gentrification artwork developed in community led. workshops and projected onto buildings in NYC s Chinatown. organized by 2015 ABOG Fellow Chinatown Art Brigade. Photos Joelle Te Paske, 2014 ABOG Fellow Fran Ilich s Digital Material Sunflower. currency and a bag of Diego de la Vega coffee part of. the artist s focus on alternative economies and barter. based community building in Zapatista and NYC activist. communities Photo Fran Ilich,ABOG Fellowship,artists are. what art is,who it s for,what it does,We provide resources to. artists who demonstrate,artistic excellence and serve. as innovative conduits for,social change We evaluate.
the quality of work in this,evolving field by fostering. an inclusive practical,discourse about the,aesthetics function ethics. and meaning of socially,engaged art that resonates. within and outside the,contemporary art dialogue, Day laborers were integral collaborators in 2015 ABOG Fellow Sol Aramendi s Apps for. Power project which developed a mobile app that allows users to safely report and. share information on wage theft and abusive employers Image Courtesy Jornaler. A Blade of Grass was founded in 2011 with a,generous seed contribution from Shelley Frost.
Rubin who was driven to support individual,artists who share the creative process in. ways that promote civic participation and,discourse Shelley s bravery and leadership as. a philanthropist and her specific interest in,expanding audiences for art creative approaches. to social change and the role of community,engagement in enacting change deeply inform. our vision and mission,ABOG began by listening and learning We.
conducted a broad survey of over 500 artists,sought feedback from a spectrum of funders. organizational presenters and producers and,scholars and assembled an Advisory Committee. of thought leaders at the intersection of art and,social change This Committee developed Artist. Files a pilot granting program in 2012 that was,designed to generate an open dialogue with. twenty artists about the nature of their work,This dialogue yielded a collaborative budgeting.
michael housing is,a human right, Artist Files grantee Housing is a Human Right was co founded by artists Rachel. Falcone and Michael Premo as a multimedia and oral history project that acts as. an ongoing documentary portrait of the struggle for home Image Ms Ward s. Eviction Defense Rally in Bedford Stuyvesent Brooklyn August 2011. CONTENTS 1 Foreword 7 Our Mission 21 Get Involved 23 The ABOG Fellowship for Socially Engaged Art 45 Public Programs 49 Discuss 59 Leadership 60 ABOG Fellowship Alumni Cover 2015 ABOG Fellow Suzanne Lacy s De tu Pu o y Letra a large scale community organizing project in Quito Ecuador that culminated in a public performance in a bull ghting ring with hundreds of men and women speaking

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