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Connect Network Player, THERE ARE NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE ANY KRELL PRODUCT. Please contact your authorized dealer distributor or Krell if you have any questions not addressed in. this reference manual, WARNING Do not place the component where it could be exposed to dirt or excessive moisture. The ventilation grids on the top and bottom of the Connect Network Player must be unobstructed at. all times Do not place flammable material on top of or beneath the component. When making connections to this or any other component make sure all components are off Turn off. all system power before connecting the Connect Network Player to any other component Make sure all. cable terminations are of the highest quality free from frayed ends short circuits or cold solder joints. CONTACT INFORMATION Krell Industries LLC,45 Connair Road. Orange CT 06477 3650 USA,TEL 203 799 9954,FAX 203 891 2028. contact krellonline com,E MAIL krell krellonline com.
WEBSITE http www krellonline com, Krell is a registered trademark of Krell Industries LLC and is restricted for use by Krell Industries LLC its subsidiaries and authorized agents. All other trademarks and tradenames are registered to their respective companies. Manufactored under licence from Dolby Laboratories Dolby Pro Logic and the double D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. 2013 by Krell Industries LLC All rights reserved 2. Table of Contents,Getting Started 4,Front Panel and Remote Diagram 5. Back Panel Diagram 6,Connecting the Connect to your System 7. Initial Setup 8,Connect Set up 10,Warranty 14,Service 15. Specifications 16,Connect Network Player 3,Getting Started.
Unpacking and Placement, The Connect Network Player is a precision instrument and should be handled with the utmost care when deciding. where it is to be placed and while it is being unpacked and finally installed Make sure the installation location is. dry and level and able to provide adequate ventilation The Connect Network Player runs warm to the touch and. requires the bottom and top of the unit be free from obstruction with good circulation of air Allow a minimum of 3. inches above the unit for proper ventilation Additional ventilation may be required when the unit occupies the same. space with other electronics that generate heat like power amplifiers Please consult an authorized KRELL dealer or. KRELL Industries to insure proper installation guidelines. 1 Accessories Included,A 1 AC Power cord,B 1 Handheld Remote control. C 1 Trigger cable,D 1 CD w Owner s reference,E 1 Warranty registration card. F 2 AAA Batteries,G 1 T 10 torx wrench,AC Power Guidelines. The Connect Network Player is designed to work all over the world The operating voltage is determined at the. factory and is specifically set to operate in the country of final destination The Connect Network Player requires. good clean power and doesn t require additional filtration. NOTE The Connect Network Player may not operate correctly when AC regeneration or voltage conversion devices. are utilized,Connect Network Player 4,Front Panel and Remote Diagram.
1 Power Standby Button,2 Sel ect Button,1 3 Mute Button. 4 5 4 Menu Button,6 5 Enter Button,6 Alphanumeric Buttons. 7 7 Balance Buttons,8 Volume Up Down Buttons,9 Repeat Button. 10 10 Shuffle Button,12 11 Dim Button,13 14 12 Transport Buttons. 13 Add Button,15 14 Browse Button,15 Navigation Buttons.
16 Delete Button,17 Home Button,18 IR Receiver Window. 19 Front Panel Display,Connect Network Player 5,2 4 5 6 7 8. Connect Network Player,Back Panel Diagram,1 3 9 10 11. 1 USB Input 7 AC Power Cord Receptacle,2 Wifi Antenna Input 8 Main Power Switch. 3 Coaxial and Optical Outputs 9 Infrared Input,4 Ethernet RJ 45 Jack 10 12v Trigger Input.
5 Single ended Audio Outputs Optional 11 12v Trigger Outputs. 6 Balanced Audio Outputs Optional,Connecting the Connect to Your System. The Connect is available in two versions The digital only version is equipped with a coaxial and optical digital. output Connect the digital audio output of the Connect to the digital inputs of a D A converter or surround. The Connect with analog output adds balanced and single ended audio outputs Krell recommends using balanced. interconnect cables Balanced interconnect cables not only can minimize sonic loss but also are immune to. induced noise especially for installations using long cables Balanced connections have 6 dB more gain than single. ended connections When level matching is critical keep this specification in mind. Follow these steps to connect the Connect to your system. 1 Make sure all power sources and components are off before connecting inputs and outputs. 2 Neatly arrange and organize wiring to and from the Connect and all components Separate AC wires from audio. cables to prevent hum or other unwanted noise from being introduced into the system. 3 Insert the AC power cord into the IEC connector on the Connect Insert the other end into the AC wall receptacle. 2 Move the back panel power switch into the on position. 3 The red stand by LED behind the Krell logo plate illuminates The Connect requires approximately 30 seconds to. boot The Power button will be inoperable until this process is completed. 4 Use either the front panel power button or the remote control power button to power on the Connect. The blue power LED behind the Krell logo plate illuminates The Connect requires another 30 seconds to. become operational,Connect Network Player 7,Initial Setup. With the Krell Connect music tracks from a home network can be streamed and played back through a stereo or. home theater system The music is stored on a server and must be on the same network as the Connect A normal. PC can act as a server but more commonly a NAS Network Attached Storage works as an interface between one or. more large hard disks and the network A program integrated on the NAS works as a server and makes music files. available to the network Twonky Media is a widely used and recommended music server program for this purpose. The Connect can stream music files from servers that use the DLNA UPnP standard Consult the NAS owner s. manual for help on installing music server programs on a NAS. Remote and Front Panel Legend,1 Power Standby Button 11 Dim Button. 2 Sel ect Button 12 Transport Buttons,3 Mute Button 13 Add Button. 4 Menu Button 14 Browse Button,5 Enter Button 15 Navigation Buttons.
6 Alphanumeric Buttons 16 Delete Button,7 Balance Buttons 17 Home Button. 8 Volume Up Down Buttons 18 IR Receiver Window,9 Repeat Button 19 Front Panel Display. 10 Shuffle Button,Remote Control, Toggles the Connect between standby and full operation. 2 Sel ect Button,Changes inputs on a Krell preamplifier. 3 Mute Button, First press of the Mute button mutes the audio output on a Krell preamplifier Second button press restores.
4 Menu Button, Press the Menu button to enter the menu button on a Krell preamplifier. 5 Enter Button, The Enter button is for use with a Krell preamplifier and duplicates the functionality of the Enter button on a. Krell preamplifier remote control,6 Alphanumeric Buttons. Use the Alphanumeric buttons for searching items within music collections Internet radio stations and to enter. values during setup,7 Balance Buttons,Adjusts balance on a Krell preamplifier. 8 Volume Up Down Buttons, Adjusts volume up and down on a Krell preamplifier.
Connect Network Player 8,Initial Setup Continued,9 Repeat button. First button press repeats the title that is currently playing The second button press will repeat the entire. playback list that is currently active If an album is playing then the Connect will repeat the entire album. 10 Shuffle Button, Press the Shuffle button and the Connect will play the currently active music list in a random order If an album. is currently playing the Connect will play all album tracks in a random order If all titles is playing the Connect. will play all tracks on the current music server in random order. 11 Dim Button, First button press dims the front panel display 50 Second button press dims the front panel display. completely Third button press restores display to full illumination. 12 Transport Buttons, Stop stops playback The menu displayed prior to playback will reappear. Play Pause First button press begins playback of currently selected item Second button press pauses currently. selected item Third button press resumes playback, Track back forward With playback from music servers or USB button press either plays the previous track or.
next track With Internet radio button press moves to the previous or next station. 13 Add Button, Adds the current song title or Internet radio station to the Favorites list The Favorites list is available on the main. 14 Browse Button, Toggles between the play view and the previous menu when a selection is playing. 15 Navigation Buttons, Use the Navigation buttons to move within the setup menu Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through. items in menus Press the Enter or the Right button to confirm selections In a music track menu or Internet radio. station list the Enter and Right buttons will start playback. Press the Left button to return to the previous menu. 16 Delete Button, Deletes the current song title or Internet radio station from the Favorites list. 17 Home Button, Press the Home button to display the main menu on the front panel.
18 IR Receiver Window,19 Front Panel Display,Connect Network Player 9. Connect Setup,Wired Network Configuration, Use an Ethernet cable RJ 45 connector to connect the Connect to the network s router. Press Menu and navigate to Settings Network Network Setup sub menu Select Wired and press the Enter. button to confirm, Select Automatic DHCP now and press the Enter button to confirm. Select Proxy Off and press the Enter button to confirm. The Connect will display the question Apply Settings Press the Enter button to confirm The Connect will now be. ready to work with virtually all home networks and will find all available music servers. If different settings are necessary for a specific network such as a proxy server or a fixed IP address please consult a. network installation specialist for advice,Wireless Network Configuration. Please make sure the included WLAN antenna is attached to the back of the Connect. Press Menu and navigate to Settings Network Network Setup sub menu Select Wireless and press the Enter. button to confirm, If the Connect was previously set for wired operation the Connect will reset to ready itself for wireless setup.
Select Scan and press the Enter button The Connect will search for locally available wireless networks. After the search is complete the Connect will display available networks Select the correct network and press the. Enter button to confirm selection, The next step is to enter the wireless encryption key Enter characters by pressing the Up or Down button keys. repeatedly until the desired character is shown in the lowest line Alternatively use the alphanumeric keys All letters. are printed on the remote control above the numeric keys Similar to a mobile phone press the particular key until. the desired character is displayed Lower case characters will be displayed first and then the respective numeral. and finally the upper case characters Example The sequence for the 5 button is j k l 5 J K L The sequence will. continue to cycle through this sequence will additional button presses. Special characters are available using the 1 and 0 button. To enter the next character wait one second for the cursor to move to the right automatically or press the Right. button Press the Track Back button twice to delete a wrong character Once complete press the Play button to. confirm the wireless key If the wireless key is correct connection to the wireless network will be established If the. wireless key is incorrect Connection Failed will be displayed. With an established connection the Network menu comes up in the display Information from the router is available. in the Network Info sub menu This information is only required for help in resolving network related issues. Connect Network Player 10,Connect Setup Continued,Network Info. Friendly Name is the name that the Connect identifies itself as in the home network. SSID is the name of the wireless router This is not displayed when the Connect is used in a wired network. DHCP is a function by which a network router or server assigns IP addresses to other network devices automatically. The IP Address is the identification address the Connect was assigned by the router. The MAC Address is unique ID for each network device in the world and identifies the Connect. Default UPnP Server, This setting allows a preferred media server to be the default playback server If a default UPnP Server is preselected. the Connect will use this server when Media Server is selected form the main menu If no selection is made in the. Default UPnP Server menu the desired server in the Media Server menu must be selected first. Friendly Name, Friendly Name is the name that the Connect identifies itself as in the home network The default name is Connect. but this may be changed Navigate to Edit and use the same procedure used to enter the wireless key information to. edit the name It is helpful when multiple Connect units are installed in the same system to enter unique names for. Krell is a registered The Connect Network Player is a precision instrument and should be handled with the utmost care when deciding where it is to be placed and while it is being unpacked and finally installed Make sure the installation location is dry and level and able to provide adequate ventilation The Connect Network Player runs warm to the touch and requires the bottom and top

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