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Winter 2015,Volume 67 No 1,Concrete Pipe News is published. four times each year by the, American Concrete Pipe To Communicate Effectively Include the Language of Symbols. Association It is available in hard,copy and digital format posted on. the ACPA website Concrete Pipe,News content is linked to archived. technical information research and,product development.
educational products and,applications of precast concrete. pipe and boxes Content is linked,to archived word and graphic files. on the ACPA and other, industry wide websites Readers Our industry is no different than any other steeped in. include engineers specifiers technology and applied science Some might think that writing. contractors suppliers and speaking English well in America is all that is required to. government officials and, communicate ideas and inspire the specification of concrete. members of the American,Concrete Pipe Association, pipe and other precast products Times have changed and.
continue to change before our eyes For most olde English. Media Task Group, Mark Omelaniec Chair is used in a modern world that does not relate to words and. The Langley Concrete Group of phrases that once inspired emotions to take certain actions. Companies Matt Childs P E President The language of symbols is now intertwined with written words. Anthony Bussio American Concrete Pipe Association to the point where symbols and colors instead of words may. Geneva Pipe Company be the edge needed to induce an emotional tie to a product. Scott Lander idea or service or the mental imprint to instigate a negative response Our industry is becoming more. Hamilton Kent visual in messaging,Richard Langguth. Cretex Concrete Products For example the phrase take out once conjured pleasant images of food or a date nowadays. Midwest Inc the same phrase has another less appealing emotion Food logos are laced with red and yellow to trig. Robert Powers ger an emotional response to eat Imagery and color in waiting rooms are designed to prepare visitors. Inland Pipe Limited in a certain way for a meeting or interview. Cretex Concrete Products Language changes and so does the lexicon of receivers of messages Generations Y and X. Midwest Inc receive messages much differently than baby boomers If we want to communicate well with the various. Marketing Committee Chair, generations cultures and ethnic groups working in the business of infrastructure building and rebuild. Randy Wahlen,Oldcastle Precast Inc, ing it is important to keep abreast of the most effective ways to communicate and the places where. Contract Editorial Service core audiences may be found And many are found on social media modern websites and blogs The. A Grant Lee logos and symbols of social media sites trigger emotional responses to many audiences and emit. AGL Marketing Limited unwritten messages, ACPA Editorial Staff No longer can businesses ignore social media and the expectations of websites The ACPA.
Sheila Clevenger joined social media sites in early days and learned what works and what does not work well It con. Published by tinues to adopt and adapt to communications platforms and methods to support its members and. American Concrete Pipe Technical Resource Engineers who sometimes need backup and relevant information immediately. Association not a week from when needed Information may be quickly drawn from archives on websites and social. Phone 972 506 7216 media,E mail info concrete pipe org. www concrete pipe org, The ACPA is acutely aware of the changing demographics and communications expectations. of its audiences and those of its members too ACPA organized its social media communications. and has reached out to industry sites that have members who are influencers of specifications and. On the Cover Standards The sites are populated with short English language and some Spanish messages linked. Bridge collapse and temporary struc to videos photos and other languages. ture an example of rapid response, strategies being developed through No organization can wait nowadays for a website to build traffic organically It takes a lot of. out North America work to push audiences to sites that archive relevant and useful information and knowledge while at. the same time encouraging interaction between the organization and its audiences Sites have to be. Photo Courtesy of Tubocreto, designed to pull people to them and build a loyal base of users while social media does the pushing. day and night Much of the hard lifting is accomplished with e pipe publications brochures and flyers. with definitive imagery and sample calculations And the ACPA s educational video library continues. The language of the modern world is not solely text based It is laced with visuals that continue. to evolve in detail and meaning, Opinions expressed by authors other than staff LINKS.
of the American Concrete Pipe Association do 1 www widgit com symbols guide to symbols Guide to Symbols pdf. not necessarily reflect the official positions or, policies of the Association No part of this publica. tion may be reproduced or transmitted by any means. without written permission from the publisher, 2015 American Concrete Pipe Association all rights reserved. ACPA Concrete Pipe News Winter 2015 Volume 67 No 1. Precast boxes used for culverts strength,tested according to harmonised European. Standard BS EN 14844 2006 A2 2011, Standard RCP At the Ready for Situations Requiring Rapid Response Photo Carlos A Trueba Salinas. By Carlos A Trueba Salinas,carlos antonio tubocreto com mx.
Hurricane Ingrid and tropical storm Manuel caused the collapse of a vehicular bridge. in Coyuca de Benitez Guerrero Mexico in September 2013 Standard sized 96 inch diameter. reinforced concrete pipe RCP produced by Tubocreto1 was used by the Ministry of Com. munications and Transportation SCT to temporarily replace the collapsed bridge2 The SCT s. decision to work with its local concrete pipe supplier to resolve a situation that threatened the. health and safety of nearby communities as well as the economy of a region including the. tourist industry in Acapulco one of Mexico s oldest and best known beach locations heralds a. new era in which standard size concrete pipes can be included in rapid response strategies to. address natural and man made calamities, The bridge at Coyuca de Ben tez was 110 meters long A temporary structure to ford the. shallow crossing required 112 units of 96 inch diameter RCP with lay lengths of 2 40 meters. The design required 28 culverts with four units of pipe comprising each structure The 28 struc. tures were drawn together and stabilized using three quarter inch steel cable Once the decision. was taken to build the temporary bridge 300 workers using excavators compactors loaders and. dump trucks completed the structure in ten days The road bed measured seven meters with. shoulders one meter wide on each side An asphalt surface and metal guardrails completed the. structure and the crossing was opened to the public and commerce. Not only is the structure a very good example of rapid response strategies being developed. throughout North America for failed infrastructure due to major storms but it has shown to be an. environmental success because the impact on the aquatic environment was minimized through. rapid construction and the concrete pipes can be removed and reused for other purposes at any. time Different pipe materials such as thermoplastic or corrugated metal for example could not. be used to temporarily replace structures such as the bridge in Coyuca de Benitez. Concrete pipe producers throughout North America have rapidly upgraded their production. facilities over the past 20 years taking advantage of automation and the introduction of robotic. plants to raise the quality of their products Tubocreto committed to this technology shift and has. significantly raised the quality of its standard pipe and box products in all three of its production. plants The company tests the strength of its precast boxes used for culverts according to har. monised European Standard BS EN 14844 2006 A2 2011 Category I Precast Products Box. Culverts In addition Tubocreto hydrostatic pressure tests its pipes both in plant and after instal. lation according to Mexican Standard NOM 001 CONAGUA Specialized jacking pipes installed. Structure to temporarily replace, under ocean waters up to 20 meters below sea level used to extract seawater have grinded collapsed bridge required 112. double gasket joints and are pressure tested both internally and externally to ensure water tight units of RCP. ness at 29 psi 2 Bar Photo Courtesy of SCT, American policy makers industries and academics are working rapidly to introduce ways to. increase disaster resilience in the United States3 Calamities following super storms like Andrew. Katrina and Sandy tornadoes in the U S heartland and 9 11 have ushered an era of prepared. ness and vigilance Precast concrete pipes and boxes are important elements of America s. infrastructure North American producers stand ready to participate in local and national disaster. 1 www tubocreto com,2 http youtu be mWDo 669s4U,3 www nap edu catalog php record id 13457. Learn More About Buried infrastructure, Keyword Search on American Concrete Pipe Association Website.
disaster storm infrastructure bridge culvert quality test www concrete pipe org. Concrete Pipe Design Manual www concrete pipe org pages design manual html. Concrete Pipe News www concrete pipe org pages cpnews html Specialized underwater jacking. pipes have grinded double gasket,joints and are pressure tested to. 3 29 psi 2 Bar, CPA Concrete Pipe News Winter 2015 Volume 67 No 1 Photo Carlos A Trueba Salinas. Night time installation of precast,concrete culvert. Vermont Specifies Precast Concrete Box Culverts for Resilient. Infrastructure,By Trygve W Hoff P E Northeast Regional Engineer. American Concrete Pipe Association,thoff concrete pipe org.
Vermont s Agency of Transportation VTrans has approached critical infrastructure with tenacity. and resolve Since 2011 after Hurricane Irene VTrans has been dealt a difficult hand regarding. extreme weather And yet the country s sixth smallest state has responded admirably to the chal. lenges of severe weather patterns and may very well be leading the nation toward resilient infra. structure by sharing their knowledge1, In 2011 Hurricane Irene damaged more than 2000 culverts in Vermont2 One of those corrugated. metal pipe CMP culverts was replaced with a precast arch box on the Town of Townshend s Town. shend Dam Road To rebuild a resilient infrastructure the washed out CMP culvert was replaced with. a precast structure prior to acceptance by the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA. After an initial FEMA ruling that the box was an upgrade VTrans defended the municipality s deci. sion through two appeals leading to the announcement by Governor Peter Shumlin3 and Vermont s. Congressional Delegation on March 22 2013 that FEMA would agree to fund the replacement This. ruling set a precedent that could allow dozens of Vermont culvert replacements to qualify for funds. Perhaps the most dramatic example of VTrans progression towards a resilient infrastructure oc. curred on April 20 2013 when a 60 inch diameter HDPE pipe culvert which a few months earlier had. replaced a deteriorated CMP culvert washed out in the darkness of the early morning due to a flash. flood A family returning from the local airport in two cars encountered the washout Both vehicles. initially fell 5 feet before sinking another 20 as the chasm expanded to 30 feet wide by 25 feet deep. Injuries were not life threatening The failed flexible pipe culverts on Mines Road4 near Lowell were. eventually replaced with reinforced concrete box culverts. Since Irene VTrans5 and many municipal public works agencies have been given the ways and. means for specifying concrete for the replacement or construction of culverts Concrete culverts add. long term value to asset management plans and can be specified under MAP 21 Moving Ahead for. Progress in the 21st Century Act allowing states to specify the appropriate pipe material without. appearing biased Precast boxes have the added benefit of meeting the state s standards on fluvial. geomorphology often considered as important as hydraulic or structural considerations Boxes can. be installed deeper in the streambed with or without baffles to capture sediment and extend the natu. ral channel through the box, One of the primary drivers in culvert replacement in Vermont and throughout the country is the. Interstate System from the 1950s to 80s which primarily utilized metal culverts In Vermont these. Interstate metal culverts corrode due to abrasion by high velocities in the mountains and chemistry of. the water If failure is imminent then a precast concrete box replacement is strongly considered. Replacement of CMP culverts, Perhaps even before the FHWA rolled out Accelerated Bridge Construction ABC VTrans was. that have reached the end of their focused on accelerated construction Their primary goal is the quick replacement of critical culverts. service life before the design life and short bridges Constructing culverts with RCBs is an important option for the department By. of the Interstate highway system rerouting traffic for a short period it can save the expenses of temporary lanes or bridges Fitting. Night time installation of precast concrete culvert Replacement of CMP culverts that have reached the end of their service life before the design life of the Interstate highway system in Vermont Boxes can be installed deeper than the streambed to capture sediment and extend the natural channel 4 ACPA Concrete Pipe News Winter 2015 Volume 67

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