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Copyright Information, All rights reserved No part of this book may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or. transmitted in any form or by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording. scanning or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher. WWW EXAMSPM COM 2,Table of Contents,Copyright 201 2. Table of Contents 3,Introduction 6,How this Guide is Organized 7. The ExamsPM Approach 7,Project Integration Management 8. Key Terms 8,Project Integration Processes 8,Develop Project Charter 8.
Develop Project Management Plan 9,Direct and Manage Project Work 9. Monitor and Control Project Work 10,Perform Integrated Change Control 10. Close Project or Phase 11,Project Scope Management 12. Key Terms 12,Scope Management Processes 13,Plan Scope Management 13. Collect Requirements 13,Define Scope 14,Create WBS 14.
Validate Scope 15,Control Scope 15,Project Time Management 17. Key Terms 17,Project Time Management Processes 18,Plan Schedule Management 18. Define Activities 19,Sequence Activities 19,WWW EXAMSPM COM 3. Estimate Activity Resources 20,Estimate Activity Durations 20. Develop Schedule 21,Control Schedule 21,Project Cost Management 23.
Key Terms 23,Project Time Management Processes 23,Plan Cost Management 23. Estimate Costs 24,Determine Budget 24,Control Risks 25. Project Quality Management 26,Key Terms 26,Project Quality Management Processes 28. Plan Quality Management 28,Perform Quality Assurance 28. Control Quality 29,Project Human Resource Management 30.
Key Terms 30,Project HR Management Processes 31,Plan Human Resource Management 31. Acquire Project Team 31,Develop Project Team 32,Manage Project Team 32. Project Communications Management 33,Key Terms 33,Communications Management Processes 33. Plan Communications Management 33,Manage Communications 34. Control Communications 34,Project Risk Management 35.
Key Terms 35,WWW EXAMSPM COM 4,Risk Management Processes 36. Plan Risk Management 36,Identify Risks 36,Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis 37. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis 37,Plan Risk Responses 38. Control Risks 38,Project Procurement Management 39. Key Terms 39,Procurement Management Processes 41,Plan Procurement Management 41.
Conduct Procurements 41,Control Procurements 42,Close Procurements 42. Project Stakeholder Management 43,Key Terms 43,Stakeholder Management Processes 43. Identify Stakeholders 43,Plan Stakeholder Management 44. Manage Stakeholder Engagement 44,Control Stakeholder Engagement 45. PMP Exam Formula Guide 46,Variance Analysis 46,Other Formulas 46.
WWW EXAMSPM COM 5,Introduction, Project Management Professional PMP is the most prestigious project management. certification that is recognized worldwide By having this certification you demonstrate that. you understand the standard framework and terminologies for managing projects By having. access to the PMI network you will increase your network and job opportunities. Are you ready to get certified, Committing to obtaining your PMP certification is a big commitment It takes roughly 100 150. hours of studying and thousands dollar to obtain this certification cost breakdown in chart. below It is both a big financial and time commitment so before you begin ask yourself. are you ready,How this guide is organized, You can find a summary of all 10 knowledge areas and 47 processes in this study guide. Each chapter corresponds with a different Knowledge Area in the PMBOK Every chapter. starts off with a Knowledge Area description and a list all the key terms for that Knowledge. Area The processes associated with the Knowledge Area are outlined Each process. contains a description as well as its inputs tools techniques and outputs. This guide also contains important terms concepts formulas processes and knowledge. areas that will be on the PMP exam It is important to ensure you are familiar with all the. material in this guide before you take the exam, Note This guide does not provide any PDU hours To obtain your PMP you still need to. obtain 35 contact hours please visit our website at www ExamsPM com We offer affordable. training that fits in your schedule,WWW EXAMSPM COM 6.
The ExamsPM Approach, When you become a student at ExamsPM you will be getting the the best of both worlds the. cost of online training combine with the personal touch of in person training Thus you will be. getting the most value for your money, When you buy a traditional online PMP training course you will just get a DIY course and. some practice questions but no one to check in on you to see how you are doing The. problem with this approach is that many of you will not end up completing the course and. you have no one to turn to when you have questions. ExamsPM s PMP training combines live training with online training at a fraction of the cost. You will get a live coach who checks in with you weekly to hold you accountable S he will. make sure that are staying on track to reach your goals. You will also be able to attend live webinars weekly where you can not only network with our. students in the course but also ask questions to PMP certified instructors. Video Course Live Webinars Accountability, Visit www examspm com and register for a free class today. WWW EXAMSPM COM 7,Project Integration Management, Project Integration Management includes the processes and activities to identify define and. coordinate the various processes and project management activities within the Project. Management Process Groups Project Integration Management includes making choices. about resource allocation making trade offs among competing objectives and alternatives. and managing the interdependencies among the project management Knowledge Areas. Business Case documentations to justify the project investment. Project SOW statement of work Description of the products or services being supplied. along with the business need product scope description and strategic plan. Enterprise Environmental Factors EEFs EEFs include factors such as culture. organizational structure resource availability stakeholder risk tolerance and marketplace. conditions, Organizational Process Assets OPAs OPAs include lessons learned from previous.
projects corporate knowledge base financial information and processes and procedures. Management Plans Management plans are the strategy for managing the project and the. processes in each knowledge area A management plan covers how you will define plan. manage and control a project, Performance Measurement Baseline The performance measurement baselines consists. of the scope schedule and cost baselines These baselines are created during planning. Project managers will report performance against these baselines. Change Control Board a panel of stakeholders who are responsible for reviewing and. deciding which changes should be made to a project. Project Integration Processes,Develop Project Charter. The Charter recognizes and authorizes the existence of the project. It defines high level requirements and objectives, It provides the PM with the authority to apply organizational resources. Project cannot start without the charter, It is not a substitute for a project management plan. WWW EXAMSPM COM 8,Process Inputs Tools Techniques Outputs.
Inputs T T Outputs, 1 Project statement of 1 Expert judgment 1 Project charter. work 2 Facilitation techniques,2 Business case,3 Agreements. Develop Project Management Plan, A method of linking all individual management plans together. Provides strategic direction for the project, The project manager s main focus is executing the project management plan successfully. This plan must be concise and unambiguous,Process Inputs Tools Techniques Outputs.
Inputs T T Outputs, 1 Project charter 1 Expert judgment 1 Project management. 2 Outputs from other 2 Facilitation techniques plan. Direct and Manage Project Work, Integrates all executing processes together to produce project deliverables. Often the project management plan needs changes Direct and manage project work must. also incorporate the changes made to the project,WWW EXAMSPM COM 9. Process Inputs Tools Techniques Outputs,Inputs T T Outputs. 1 Project management 1 Expert judgment 1 Deliverables. plan 2 Project management 2 Work performance data, 2 Approved change information systems 3 Change requests.
requests PMIS 4 Project management,3 EEF 3 Meetings plan updates. 4 OPA 5 Project document,Monitor and Control Project Work. The goal of this process is to keep the project on time and on budget. The project manager spends the most amount of time on this process because things often. go wrong and it is the project manager s responsibility to fix it. Process Inputs Tools Techniques Outputs,Inputs T T Outputs. 1 Project management 1 Expert judgment 1 Change requests. plan 2 Project management 2 Work performance,2 Schedule forecasts information systems reports. 3 Cost forecasts PMIS 3 Project management,4 Validated changes 3 Meetings plan updates.
5 Work performance 4 Analytical techniques 4 Project document. information updates,Perform Integrated Change Control. The Perform Integrated Change Control process looks at. Which changes to make in a project,The impact of changes across all knowledge areas. WWW EXAMSPM COM 10,Process Inputs Tools Techniques Outputs. Inputs T T Outputs, 1 Project management 1 Expert judgment 1 Approved change. plan 2 Meetings requests, 2 Work performance 3 Change control tools 2 Change logs.
reports 3 Project document,3 Change requests updates. 4 EEF OPA 4 Project management,plan updates,Close Project or Phase. Process that finalizes all activities across all process groups. Process that formally closes the project or project phase. Process Inputs Tools Techniques Outputs,Inputs T T Outputs. 1 Project management 1 Expert judgment 1 Final product service or. plan 2 Meetings result transition, 2 Accepted deliverables 3 Analytical techniques 2 OPA updates. WWW EXAMSPM COM 11,Project Scope Management, Project Scope Management includes the processes required to ensure that the project.
includes all the work required to complete the project successfully Managing the project. scope is primarily concerned with defining and controlling what is and is not included in the. Product Scope Product scope is another way to say requirements that relate to the. product of the project, Project Scope The work required to achieve the deliverables The work can include. planning coordination and management activities, Focus Groups Getting stakeholders and subject matter experts requirements for the. Facilitated Workshops Facilitated workshops bring stakeholders together to arrive at. consensus regarding the requirements, Group Creativity Techniques Some examples include brainstorming nominal group. techniques Delphi idea mind mapping and affinity diagram. Group Decision Making Techniques The four options are unanimity everyone agrees. majority more than 50 of the people agrees plurality the largest group agrees and. dictatorship 1 person agrees, Requirements Documentation This documentation is an output of the Collect. Requirements process and helps make sure the requirements are clear and unambiguous. Requirements Traceability Matrix The requirements traceability matrix helps track. requirements over the life of the project to ensure they are accomplished The matrix usually. takes the form of a table with information like numbers source of each requirements and. Product Analysis Product analysis help determine product requirements and methods of. accomplishing those objectives Product analysis techniques includes product breakdown. systems analysis systems engineering value engineering value analysis and functional. WBS work breakdown structure WBS helps define a baseline for performance. measurement and facilitate clear responsibility assignments. WWW EXAMSPM COM 12, WBS Dictionary The WBS dictionary provides a description of the work to be done for each.
WBS work package and helps make sure the resulting work better matches what is needed. Decomposition Sub divides major deliverables into smaller more manageable. components until all can be defined with adequate costs and duration estimates. Scope Management Processes,Plan Scope Management, Process of creating a scope management plan a document of how the. project will be defined controlled and verified,Process Inputs Tools Techniques Outputs. Inputs T T Outputs, 1 Project management 1 Expert judgment 1 Scope management plan. plan 2 Meetings 2 Requirements,2 Project charter management plan. Collect Requirements, Collect requirements is the process of determining documenting and managing.
stakeholder needs requirements to meet project objectives. All requirements should be gathered at the start because it is costly to make changes as. the project progresses, Gathering requirements from all stakeholders will also ensure that their opinions are taken. into consideration which will lead to higher rates of project acceptance. WWW EXAMSPM COM 13,Process Inputs Tools Techniques Outputs. Inputs T T Outputs, 1 Scope management plan 1 Interviews 1 Requirements. This guide also contains important terms concepts formulas processes and knowledge areas that will be on the PMP exam It is important to ensure you are familiar with all the material in this guide before you take the exam Note This guide does not provide any PDU hours To obtain your PMP you still need to obtain 35 contact hours please visit our website at www ExamsPM com We offer

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