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Thank you for choosing to insure with snnug Insurance. You must read this document in conjunction with your policy schedule and Certificate of Insurance. If any information contained in these documents is incorrect please contact us immediately. You must also notify us of any other alterations required to your policy as soon as possible. Contract of Insurance, This document together with your policy schedule and Certificate of Insurance is a legally binding. contract of insurance between you and us and does not provide anyone else with rights to enforce. any part of this contract,This contract is entered into on the basis that. You have taken all reasonable care to answer all questions asked honestly. accurately and to the best of your knowledge and, Any other information given either verbally or in writing by you or on your behalf. at the time you applied for insurance is also complete and. The information supplied has been given honestly and to the best of your knowledge and belief. We have agreed to insure you subject to the terms conditions and exclusions contained within this. document and in any endorsements attached for the period for which you have paid our premium. This insurance applies within the territorial limits unless we specify otherwise. Underwritten by QIC Europe Limited is authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services. Authority and is subject to limited regulation by the UK s Financial Conduct Authority and the. Prudential Regulation Authority under Firms Registration Number FRN 659521 QIC Europe Limited. is licensed in accordance with the Insurance Business Act 1988 Chapter 403 Laws of Malta to carry. out insurance and reinsurance business, This contract is subject to English law unless both parties agree otherwise. This contract is written in English and all communications about it will be conducted in English. This document has been issued by snnug Insurance under the authority granted by the Underwriting. Byelaw No 2 of 2003,Neil Manvell Motor Underwriter.
snnug Insurance is provided by snnug Insurance Services a trading name of KGM Underwriting Services Limited KGM Underwriting. Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA Firm Reference Number 799643. Commercial Vehicle,Policy Document 2,Contacting us 4. Making a claim 5,Definitions 6,Summary of cover 8,Section 1 Liability to others 9. Section 2 Loss or damage to your vehicle 11,Section 3 Glass cover 15. Section 4 Personal belongings 16,Section 5 Replacement locks 16. Section 6 Medical expenses 16,Section 7 Personal accident 17.
Section 8 Foreign use 18,Section 9 No claims bonus 20. General exclusions 21,General conditions 23,Administration fees 26. Cancelling your policy 26,Financial Services Compensation Scheme 27. Complaints 27,Privacy and security 28,Fraud prevention 29. Commercial Vehicle,Policy Document 3,Contacting us.
Customer services 0800 032 5638 customerservices snnug co uk. Claims calling from UK 0800 032 5637 claims snnug co uk. Claims calling from overseas 44 0 208 016 4107,Commercial Vehicle. Policy Document 4,Making a claim, Please call us immediately if there is an incident involving your vehicle. It is a condition of your policy that you report all incidents to us even if you are not intending to. make a claim We need to know what happened in the incident regardless of who was responsible. What to do in the event of an accident fire or theft. 1 Gather the details of any other party or parties involved if applicable including their. name address vehicle registration number insurance company and contact number. 2 Contact our UK based 24 7 claims assist line on 0800 032 5637. if calling from abroad please dial 44 0 208 016 4107. 3 Please have your policy number ready when contacting us. 4 Supply any dash camera footage and photographs available of the incident scene. Please note if your vehicle has been involved in an incident involving theft or attempted. theft then you must also notify the police immediately and obtain a crime reference number. If you have Comprehensive cover and have been involved in an accident we will. arrange for the repair of your vehicle with an approved repairer and. Collect and re deliver your vehicle to or from your home or place of work. Supply a small courtesy van to keep you on the road for the duration of repairs subject to availability and if your. vehicle is not beyond economical repair The courtesy vehicle will be covered by us under this policy subject to the. same terms and conditions as your vehicle Use of the courtesy van is restricted to the United Kingdom and is subject. to the approved repairer s terms of use,Guarantee all repairs for three years. Important the above features are only available in the UK through our approved repairer network. We may also appoint other authorised suppliers to assist in dealing with your claim and we are happy to provide. you with their full contact details and the capacity in which they are acting upon request to claims snnug co uk. Making a glass claim Comprehensive policyholders only. If you have suffered damage to your front rear screens or side glass. please contact our approved glass provider on 0800 032 5637 Please also note. You must pay the standard compulsory windscreen excess per claim as shown on your. schedule for replacement glass or screen provided you use our approved glass provider. If you do not use our approved glass provider the maximum amount. we will pay is 100 after we have deducted your excess. There will be no excess to pay if the glass or screen can be repaired. Cover excludes repair or replacement of a sunroof or other roof glass. Commercial Vehicle,Policy Document 5,Definitions, The following words or phrases appear throughout this policy booklet and have the same meaning. as described below Therefore you must refer to this section where such words or phrases appear. You your Civil partner, The person named as the insured or policyholder The person who you have entered into a legal civil.
on the policy schedule and Certificate of Insurance partnership with as defined in the Civil Partnership Act. 2004 A civil partnership is a formal arrangement that. We us gives same sex partners the same legal status as a. snnug Insurance married couple,snnug Insurance Compulsory excess. Is provided by snnug Insurance Services a trading name The contribution which you must make towards a claim. of KGM Underwriting Services Limited KGM Underwriting on this policy. Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the. Financial Conduct Authority FCA Firm Reference Endorsements. Number 799643 Statements which are contained in your policy. schedule which may change replace or extend,Certificate of Insurance the terms of this policy. A document which provides legal evidence that minimum. insurance cover is in force by law It also confirms who Garage. may drive the insured vehicle how they may use it and A permanent enclosed four sided structure comprising. the period of time over which the policy cover applies of three brick stone steel or concrete built sides with a. roof and a securable door entrance which is your private. Policy schedule property i e not a communal parking facility. A document which states the details of you your vehicle. the insurance cover in force and any endorsements which Green card. apply to the policy A document which is required by certain countries that. are not part of the European Union and provides evidence. Your vehicle that minimum insurance cover exists as required by law in. Any motor vehicle which is stated on your policy schedule order to drive in that country. and for which we have issued a Road Traffic Act Certificate. of Insurance Or a courtesy vehicle supplied by one of our Market value. approved repairers while your vehicle is being repaired as The cost of replacing your vehicle with another of a similar. a direct result of damage covered under this policy make model age mileage and condition as at the time of. the loss or damage up to the value stated in your policy. Accessories and spare parts schedule, Standard parts or products specifically designed to be. fitted to your vehicle Minimum cover, The minimum level of cover provided to satisfy Road. Partner Traffic Law in respect of liability for the death of or. A relationship between two people who live injury to other people and damage to their property. together as a couple,Commercial Vehicle,Policy Document 6.
Period of insurance Signage, The period of time specified in your policy schedule Professional sign writing digital printing graphics logos. during which this policy is effective and for which you or any other specialised artwork fitted to your vehicle. have paid or have agreed to pay the premium,Territorial limits. Pro rata England Northern Ireland Scotland Wales, Where a calculation is made proportionately the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Road Traffic Law Voluntary excess, The law which governs the driving or use of any motor An amount which you have chosen to pay towards. vehicle within the United Kingdom including the Road a claim on this policy in addition to the compulsory. Traffic Act 1988 and all related and subsequent legislation excess which applies. or any other country to which your policy may cover as. defined in the foreign use section of this policy,Commercial Vehicle.
Policy Document 7,Summary of cover, The table below shows the sections of this policy booklet which apply. in accordance with the level of cover stated in your policy schedule. Cover applicable,Section description, Comprehensive Third Party Fire Theft Third Party Only. Section 1 Liability to others Yes Yes Yes,Section 2 Loss of or damage to. Your vehicle,A Accidental damage Yes No No,B Malicious damage and vandalism Yes No No. C Fire self ignition,Yes Yes No,lightning or explosion.
D Theft or attempted theft Yes Yes No,Section 3 Glass cover Yes No No. Section 4 Personal belongings Yes No No,Section 5 Replacement locks Yes No No. Section 6 Medical expenses Yes No No,Section 7 Personal accident Yes No No. Section 8 Foreign use Yes Yes Yes,Section 9 No claim bonus Yes Yes Yes. The sections entitled General exclusions and General conditions. within this booklet apply to your policy whatever cover you have. Your policy schedule provides details of any special cover. excesses endorsements or exclusions which apply to your policy. Commercial Vehicle,Policy Document 8,Section 1 Liability to others.
What is covered under this section, 1 1 Driving your vehicle The maximum amount we will pay under Section 1 in. We will insure you against the amounts that you are respect of property damage is 5 000 000 in respect of. legally liable to pay including legal costs and damages any one claim or a number of claims arising out of the. in the event of one incident including all associated costs and expenses. Death of or bodily injury to other people 1 2 Legal personal representatives. We will insure the estate of anyone covered by this policy. Damage to their property, that dies against any claim that they are legally liable to. As a result of an accident in which any of the following pay provided that the claim is covered by this policy. 1 3 Legal defence costs, i Whilst you are driving using or in Provided that an incident occurs which is covered by. charge of your vehicle this policy and we agree in writing first we will pay for the. legal representation of you or any other person we insure. ii Whilst any other person is using driving or in under this policy. charge of your vehicle provided that they are, permitted to do so as shown on your current i At a coroner s inquest fatal accident. Certificate of Insurance and that they have inquiry or court of summary jurisdiction. your permission,ii Against prosecution for manslaughter or for.
iii Whilst any person is using but not driving your causing death by careless or dangerous driving. vehicle with your permission providing that the, use is for social domestic and pleasure purposes Exclusions to Section 1 are shown overleaf. i e not used for business purposes,Whilst any passenger is travelling in. or getting into or out of your vehicle,v Whilst you are towing a single trailer caravan. or broken down vehicle which is securely,attached to your vehicle provided you hold the. correct driving licence entitlement to do so,Commercial Vehicle.
Policy Document 9, What is not covered under Section 1 Liability to others. eath of or injury to the person driving your vehicle or Liability for death of or injury to any employee of the. in charge of your vehicle for the purpose of driving insured person following an accident which occurs. during the course of their work except where we, Loss of or damage to your vehicle or any other vehicle. must meet the requirements of Road Traffic Law, that is in your care custody or control including any. trailer caravan or broken down vehicle, Liability for death injury loss or damage that arises. Loss of or damage to property owned by or in the beyond the limits of the carriageway in respect of the. care custody or control of you or any other person bringing to or taking away the load from your vehicle. insured by this policy by any person other than your driv. Commercial Vehicle Policy Document Please call us immediately if there is an incident involving your vehicle It is a condition of your policy that you report all incidents to us even if you are not intending to make a claim We need to know what happened in the incident regardless of who was responsible

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