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COMMENCEMENT, at h a l f pa s t n i n e o n t h e m o r n i n g o f. Sat u rd ay t h e Fo u rt e e n t h Day o f M ay,i n t h e ye a r Two Th o u s a n d S i x t e e n. Wh e e l e r M a l l, Pre Commencement Concert English Folk Song Suite by Ralph Vaughan Williams. Hymn and March from Joan of Arc by Peter Tchaikovsky. The Klaxon March by Henry Fillmore,Longwood Wind Symphony. Processional Pomp and Circumstance No 1 by Sir Edward Elgar. Longwood Wind Symphony, The National Anthem Hilary C Costello Class of 2016.
Reflection W Davis Gammon Class of 2016 Vice President. Welcome W Taylor Reveley IV President, Greetings from the Board of Visitors Colleen McCrink Margiloff Class of 1997 Rector. Welcome from Senior Class Natalie A Joseph Class of 2016 President. Introduction of Speaker and Presentation of Honorary Degree President Reveley. Address Dan Balz Chief Correspondent for the Washington Post. The Road Home Longwood Advanced Choir, Senior Class Gift Chyanne A Trowell Class of 2016 Treasurer. Student Awards Tim J Pierson Vice President for Student Affairs. Joan L Neff Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dan Daniel Senior Award for Scholarship and Citizenship. Sally Barksdale Hargrett Prize for Academic Excellence. Student Faculty Recognition Award Hailey M Gilbert Class of 2016 Secretary. Commissioning Ceremony Captain Reginald Moise United States Army R O T C. Greetings from the Student Government Association Constance M Garner Class of 2016 President. Greetings from the Alumni Association Kendall L Lee Class of 2001 President. Authorization to Grant Degrees Rector Margiloff,Conferring of Degrees President Reveley. Assisting Provost Neff,Presentation of Candidates, Cook Cole College of Arts and Sciences Jennifer M Apperson Interim Dean. College of Business and Economics Paul T Barrett Dean. College of Education and Human Services Paul E Chapman Dean. Alma Mater Melissa A Tussing Class of 2016,Recessional Proud Heritage by William Latham.
Longwood Wind Symphony, Please remain standing during the processional and recessional. ALMA MATER, Faithful and devoted be Thy Sons and Daughters forever. Hail to Thee dear Alma Mater Hail to Thee All Hail. Onward ever Longwood Proud and tr ue eternally, Thy love will always guide and protect and keep them faithful to Thee. Thy love will always guide and protect and keep them faithful to Thee. by Louard Egber t and Quentin Ves t,LONGWOOD UNIVERSIT Y MACE. SYMBOLIC OF AUTHORIT Y a mace is an object carried by officials on ceremonial occasions The honor of. carrying Longwood s mace is bestowed upon a senior faculty member chosen as chief faculty marshal by the university. president The chief faculty marshal leads the procession of faculty during convocation commencement and other. special occasions, The university s mace acknowledges Longwood s 2002 designation as a university The architectural elements employed.
in the design represent Longwood physically and metaphorically Specifically the design recalls the historic heart of. Longwood s campus Ruffner Hall and the Rotunda, The mace s fluted shaft recalls Ruffner s columns and symbolizes the pillars of knowledge The cube adorned with the. Longwood University Seal the Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia and Joan of Arc s coat of arms represents. the university s mission to inspire leadership in service of the common good Encased within the cube are objects from. the university s past including a mini ball that struck Ruffner Hall during the Civil War as well as a piece of wood. that remained when Ruffner burned to the ground in 2001 The top of the mace depicts Ruffner Hall s Rotunda. rebuilt and rededicated in 2005 which is emblematic of Longwood s spirit of perseverance By tradition a mace is. surmounted with an orb symbolizing the cosmos Here the Rotunda dome serves this purpose and also symbolizes. Longwood s role as a sanctuary for learning,BANNER CARRIERS. Cook Cole College of Arts and Sciences Jacob E Brumfield Class of 2016. College of Business and Economics Kathryn E Fralick Class of 2016. College of Education and Human Services Sterling R Hargrave Class of 2016. ACADEMIC REGALIA, The distinctive colors found in both the hoods and the tassels of the caps of faculty and candidates accord with. the following degrees,Bachelor of Arts White,Bachelor of Fine Arts Brown. Bachelor of Music Pink,Bachelor of Science Goldenrod.
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Drab. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Apricot,LONGWOOD UNIVERSIT Y HONORS. Longwood University recognizes superior scholarship through the Dean s List the President s List and the announcement of. honors graduates at Commencement In order to qualify for graduation with honors a student must have completed at least. 57 credits at Longwood the average used for determination of honors is the cumulative grade point average earned on work. undertaken at Longwood Those students whose cumulative averages are 3 35 or above graduate with the following honors. Summa Cum Laude 3 75 4 00 Magna Cum Laude 3 55 3 74 Cum Laude 3 35 3 54. CORMIER HONORS COLLEGE FOR CITIZEN SCHOL ARS, Longwood offers honors courses in 23 disciplines These courses encourage independent thinking and require. substantial reading and writing to help students gain a broader understanding of a particular discipline and how. it relates to other fields of knowledge Students who complete at least eight honors courses and maintain a 3 25. grade point average or higher are graduated with Longwood Honors. Mary L Alexander Monika N Gutierrez Emily N Pleasants. Megan N Almond Sarina R Hartman Carson E Reeher,Joseph R Burns Jessie N Hoover Andrew M Scoles. Mackenzie E Carlson Cristina L Jones Rachel L Sears. Olivia K Colella Margaret F Kabis Hayley M Stiles, Jennifer L Ender Michelle M Kassel Rebecca J Suiter. Claudia A Flink Catherine G Kinsley Monica B Vroomen. Kathryn E Fralick Sean B Kirkpatrick Julia A Yurasits. Emily L Gallihugh Christina L Kline,Emily K Gay Michelle R Marcus.
CORMIER CITIZEN SCHOL ARS, The Cormier Scholars are members of the Cormier Honors College who hold its most prestigious research based scholarship. Cormier Scholars undertake a major research project culminating in conference presentations during their junior and senior years. Olivia K Colella,Rebecca J Suiter,HULL EDUCATION SCHOL ARS. The Hull Scholars are members of the Cormier Honors College who hold its most prestigious scholarship for students. seeking teaching certification,Emily K Gay,Michelle M Kassel. Christina L Kline,Monica B Vroomen,Julia A Yurasits. LONGWOOD UN IVERSIT Y SCHOL ARS, The Longwood Scholars are members of the Cormier Honors College who receive an annual scholarship based on.
academic merit and potential provided that they maintain an academic average of 3 25 or higher. Mackenzie E Carlson,SENIOR HONORS RESEARCH PROGRAM. The Senior Honors Research Program enables capable students to study intensively a subject of their choice thereby. becoming acquainted with methods of research organization of materials and the presentation of results in a scholarly. manner Such study stimulates initiative resourcefulness and original thought. With Honors in Anthropology Catherine G Kinsley,The Hetzel Hunter Quarry. A Case Study in the use of Photogrammetrics,on Previously Excavated Archaeological Sites. Dr James Jordan Director,With Honors in History William Davis Gammon. Desegregation of Longwood College 1964 1974,Dr Larissa Fergeson Director.
With Honors in Physics Jonathan D Buckley, Investigation of Acoustic and Ultrasonic Excitation. and Dissipation Mechanisms in Self Healing,Poly Ethylene Co Methacrylic Acid Ionomers. Dr Kenneth Pestka Director,With Honors in Finance Alana Mackey. Signaling with Stock Issues and Repurchases,A Test of Market Efficiency. Dr Frank Bacon Director,WHO S WHO AMONG STUDENTS,IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES COLLEGES.
Who s Who Among Students in American Universities Colleges features an elite group of students selected from more. than 1 400 institutions of higher learning in all 50 states the District of Columbia and several foreign nations. The students listed below are among those honored for academic achievement service to the community leadership. in extracurricular activities and potential for continued success. Asha L Bala Krishnan Kelli N Everette Shakeyau B Jackson Karen E Richardson. Mark S Barham Ashley E Fox Brianna N Johnson Mary K Richio. Emily C Beahm Kathryn E Fralick Natalie A Joseph Genis H Robertson. Jacob E Brumfield Kelly M Frostick Emily L Krause Hadiyah Saleem. Jennifer M Burris Jessica E Gangitano Noah R Lovelady BharaniVyas Sankar. Sarah E Butler Constance M Garner Willie R Miles Jacob C Stanley. Hannah M Carr Hailey M Gilbert Kelsey M Monk Haley R Talmage. Tyler A Cepeda Quincy A Goodine Shannon N Opie Chyanne A Trowell. Williane Charles Victoria A Gordon Vanessa K Parada India M White. Darrius L Christian Emily T Grandfield Lilly A Payne Dillon S Yonker. Olivia K Colella Elizabeth K Greenwood Brittany M Perkins Charles P D Zurn. Jenna M Crummett Jacob J Harvey Nicole T Reed,THE GEIST CHAPTER OF MORTAR BOARD. Mortar Board is a national honor organization that recognizes students who have compiled outstanding records in. scholarship leadership and service The Geist chapter received its charter on April 19 1993 It is the 206th Mortar. Board chapter nationwide, Melissa A Bjorkman Emily A Gates Natalie A Joseph Alex M O Dell. Sam D Bradtke Hailey M Gilbert Molly F Kabis Neil R Reyes. Carol A Bulger Joan S R Giordano Michelle M Kassel Daniel R Schimoler. Addison V Chenault Leah N Golden Ellen C Kensy Hayley M Stiles. Allison M Critzer Victoria A Gordon Sean B Kirkpatrick Kristen L D Taylor. Manual A Dwyer Kaylin M Grainger Samantha A Mathias Melissa A Tussing. Abbie L Early Jessica T B Hamilton Amelia C McConnell Fay M Van. Natalie A Farver Casey R Harris Katie R McGhee Angelica L West. Adam C Fletcher Liz A Harvey Francisco M Mejia,Kassie E Fralick Michelle A Hopler Willie R Miles. CL ASS OF 2016 OFFICERS,Natalie A Joseph President. W Davis Gammon Vice President,Hailey Gilbert Secretary.
Chyanne A Trowell Treasurer,Kathryn E Fralick Novelties Coordinator. BharaniVyas Sankar Communications Director,THE HONOR SOCIET Y o f PHI KAPPA PHI. Phi Kappa Phi is a national honor society dedicated to the recognition and promotion of academic excellence in. all fields of higher education To qualify for membership graduates must be in the top 10 pecent of their class. Heather L Alderman Emily A Gates Caitlin F Payne,Jennifer L Andrews Emily K Gay Jasmine N Payne. Lauren N Austin Hailey M Gilbert Brittany M Perkins. Asha L Bala Krishnan Victoria A Gordon Kaitlyn D Peters. Chandler S Baldree Katelyn W Gough Emily N Pleasants. Brianna K Barker Monika N Gutierrez Tyler K Price, Wesley J Barnhill Jessica T B Hamilton Caitlyn M Raikes. James L Bates V Alayna C Hampton Kayleigh V Reed,Cara R Beamer Helen S Holt Carson E Reeher.
Lauren A Branham Janelle C Jones Katelyn A Rehovich. Deborah T L Bray Natalie A Joseph Chrischel A Rolack. Kristen L Brooks Margaret F Kabis Genevieve E Ruff. Carol A Bulger Michelle M Kassel Jeffrey T Sanderson. Joseph R Burns Ellen C Kensy Margaret E Sheffler, Jennifer M Burris Alexis T Kiriakos Scarlett J Short. Jared G Cabaniss Shannon N Lane Emily A Spencer,Melissa R Cacho Andrew T Lawson Haley R Talmage. Mackenzie E Carlson Colleen G LeMay Kristen L D Taylor. Olivia K Colella Taylor A Liptak Theresa E Vece, Zachary S Corcoran Lora J Lovelace Christina A G Vickers. Anissa N Cottrell Alana M Mackey Kari E Vollmecke, Jennifer L Ender Jacqueline M McCabe Monica B Vroomen. Makayla D Evans Brooke A McDowall India M White, William K Fancher Kenneth L McIlvaine Austin S Wilson.
Natalie A Farver Isabella C Morris Julie L Woodward. Claudia A Flink Cecilia E Moser Michell M Wright, Kathryn E Fralick Alexander M O Dell Julia A Yurasits. LON GWOOD UNIVERSIT Y ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE RS,W Taylor Reveley IV President. Troy Austin Director of Athletics, P Kenneth Copeland Jr Vice President for Administration and Finance. M Courtney Hodges Vice President for Institutional Advancement. Victoria Kindon Vice President for Strategic Operations and CIO. Joan L Neff Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Tim J Pierson Vice President for Student Affairs,Justin N Pope Chief of Staff. LONGWOOD UNIVERSIT Y BOARD o f VISITORS,Colleeen McCrink Margiloff 97 Rector.
Robert S Wertz Jr 85 Vice Rector,Shelby Jones Walker 93 Secretary. Stephen L Mobley 93 Member at Large,Eileen M Anderson 83 Marianne Moffat Radcliff 92. Katherine E Busser Brad E Schwartz 84,Michael A Evans Lucia Anna Pia Trigiani. David H Hallock Jr Lacy Ward Jr,Eric Hansen,LONGWOOD UNIVERSIT Y FOUNDATION INC. Bart H Mitchell 90 President,Michael S Ellis 84 Vice President.
Hazel P Duncan Executive Director,Nancy Warren Atkinson 82 E Michael Lewandowski. Taylor Rowell Barlow 62 Blair H Lockamy 00,Cynthia J Buckler Joseph C MacPhail III 96. Janis Wilhelm Carrell 69 Dr R Kenneth Marcus 82,J David Crute Jr 81 David W Marshall 86. Candy Jamison Dowdy 69 John P McGinn Jr,Janie Wall Evans 67 Barbara Jane Moss 75. Dr Jenny Sue Glasco Flannagan 92 Patricia Kingsley Ramsey 69. With Honors in History William Davis Gammon Desegregation of Longwood College 1964 1974 Dr Larissa Fergeson Director With Honors in Physics Jonathan D Buckley Investigation of Acoustic and Ultrasonic Excitation and Dissipation Mechanisms in Self Healing Poly Ethylene Co Methacrylic Acid Ionomers Dr Kenneth Pestka Director

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