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2014 Xerox Corporation All rights reserved Unpublished rights reserved under the copyright laws of the United States Contents of. this publication may not be reproduced in any form without permission of Xerox Corporation. Copyright protection claimed includes all forms of matters of copyrightable materials and information now allowed by statutory or. judicial law or hereinafter granted including without limitation material generated from the software programs which are displayed on. the screen such as styles templates icons screen displays looks and so on. Xerox and Xerox and Design Phaser PhaserSMART PhaserMatch PhaserCal PhaserMeter CentreWare PagePack eClick. PrintingScout Walk Up WorkCentre FreeFlow SMARTsend Scan to PC Desktop MeterAssistant SuppliesAssistant Xerox. Secure Access Unified ID System Xerox Extensible Interface Platform ColorQube Global Print Driver and Mobile Express Driver. are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and or other countries. Adobe Reader Adobe Type Manager ATM Flash Macromedia Photoshop and PostScript are trademarks of. Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and or other countries. Apple Bonjour EtherTalk TrueType iPad iPhone iPod iPod touch Mac and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Inc registered in the U S. and other countries AirPrint and the AirPrint logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. HP GL HP UX and PCL are trademarks of Hewlett Packard Corporation in the United States and or other countries. IBM and AIX are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States and or other countries. Microsoft Windows Vista Windows and Windows Server are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other. Novell NetWare NDPS NDS IPX and Novell Distributed Print Services are trademarks of Novell Inc in the United States and. other countries, SGI and IRIX are trademarks of Silicon Graphics International Corp or its subsidiaries in the United States and or other countries. Sun Sun Microsystems and Solaris are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle and or its affiliates in the United States and. other countries, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and McAfee ePO are trademarks or registered trademarks of McAfee Inc in the United States and. other countries, UNIX is a trademark in the United States and other countries licensed exclusively through X Open Company Limited. PANTONE and other Pantone Inc trademarks are the property of Pantone Inc. Document version 1 3 January 2014,1 Introduction 11. Overview 12,Configuration Steps 12,More Information 13.
2 Initial Setup 15,Physically Connecting the Printer 16. Assigning a Network Address 17,Connecting the Printer to a Wireless Network 18. Accessing Administration and Configuration Settings 19. Accessing the Control Panel as a System Administrator 19. Accessing CentreWare Internet Services as a System Administrator 19. Initial Setup at the Control Panel 20,Installation Wizard 20. Quick Setup Home 20,Setting the Measurement Units 20. Installing Optional Software Features 21,Initial Setup in CentreWare Internet Services 22.
Printing the Configuration Report 22,Restricting Access to the Printer 22. Using the Configuration Overview Page 23,Assigning a Name and Location to the Printer 23. Selecting Services to Appear on the Touch Screen 23. Installing Optional Software Features 24,Supplies Plan Activation Code 24. Physical Connection Settings 25,Changing the System Administrator Password 26. Changing the System Administrator Password at the Control Panel 26. Setting the Date and Time 27, Setting the Date and Time in CentreWare Internet Services 27.
Setting the Date and Time at the Control Panel 27,3 Network Connectivity 29. Connecting to a Wireless Network 30,Configuring Wireless Settings Manually 31. Connecting Directly to a Wireless Network 32,Enabling TCP IP 33. Configuring the Network Address Manually at the Control Panel 33. Configuring DNS Settings at the Control Panel 34,ColorQube 8700 8900 Color Multifunction Printer 3. System Administrator Guide, Configuring IP Settings in CentreWare Internet Services 34.
FTP SFTP Filing 37,Configuring FTP and SFTP Filing Settings 37. Configuring SLP 39,Enabling SNMP 40,Configuring SNMPv1 v2c 40. Configuring SNMPv3 41,Configuring SNMP Advanced Settings 42. LPR LPD 43,Microsoft Networking 45,Configuring Microsoft Networking 45. Configuring WINS 45,Raw TCP IP Printing 46,Configuring Raw TCP IP Settings 46.
Configuring Raw TCP IP Advanced Settings 46,SMB Filing 48. Configuring Kerberos Authentication Options for SMB 48. SMTP Server 49,Configuring SMTP Server Settings 49. Configuring SMTP Authentication Settings 49, Configuring SMTP Connection Encryption Settings 50. Configuring SMTP File Size Management 50,Testing SMTP Configuration Settings 50. Adding LDAP Server Information 51, Adding or Editing LDAP Servers in CentreWare Internet Services 51.
Configuring LDAP Server Optional Information 52,Configuring LDAP Contexts 53. Configuring LDAP User Mappings 53,LDAP Custom Filters 54. Enabling HTTP at the Control Panel 55, Configuring HTTP Settings in CentreWare Internet Services 55. Accessing HTTP Web Services 55,HTTP Web Services 56. Accessing HTTP Advanced Settings 56,HTTP Advanced Settings 56.
Proxy Server 58,Configuring the Proxy Server 58,4 ColorQube 8700 8900 Color Multifunction Printer. System Administrator Guide,Enabling WSD 60,NetWare 61. Configuring NetWare General Settings 61,Enabling SAP 61. Bindery Settings 62, Configuring NetWare Directory Services NDS Settings 62. NDPS NEPS 62,AppleTalk 63,Before You Begin 63,Configuring AppleTalk 63.
4 Security 65,Setting Access Rights 66,Authentication 66. Authorization 67,Personalization 67,Setting the Login Method 67. Configuring Authentication Settings 68,Configuring Local Authentication Settings 68. Configuring Network Authentication Settings 69, Configuring Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System Authentication Settings 71. Configuring Convenience Authentication Settings 73. Configuring Smart Card Authentication Settings 74,Configuring Authorization Settings 77.
Setting the Authorization Method 77,Configuring Local Authorization Settings 77. Configuring Network Authorization Settings 77,User Permissions 78. Secure HTTP SSL 85,Using SSL for all HTTP Communication 85. FIPS 140 2 86, Enabling FIPS 140 Mode and Checking for Compliance 87. Stored Data Encryption 88,Enabling Encryption of Stored Data 88.
IP Filtering 89,Creating or Editing an IP Filter Rule 89. Editing an IP Filter Rule 89, Arranging the Execution Order of IP Filter Rules 90. Audit Log 91,Enabling Audit Log 91,Saving an Audit Log 91. Saving an Audit Log to a USB Flash Drive 91,Interpreting the Audit Log 92. Installation Policies 93,McAfee Embedded Control 94.
Setting the Security Level 94,Setting the Alert Options 95. ColorQube 8700 8900 Color Multifunction Printer 5,System Administrator Guide. Enabling IPsec 96,Managing Actions 96,Managing Protocol Groups 97. Creating a New Action 97,Editing or Deleting an Action 99. Managing Host Groups 99,Managing Security Policies 100.
Security Certificates 101,Installing Certificates 101. Creating and Installing a Xerox Device Certificate 102. Installing the Generic Xerox Trusted CA Certificate 102. Creating a Certificate Signing Request 103,Installing Root Certificates 104. Installing Domain Controller Certificates 104,Viewing Saving or Deleting a Certificate 104. Specifying the Minimum Certificate Key Length 105,802 1X 106. Enabling and Configuring 802 1X in CentreWare Internet Services 106. System Timeout 108,Setting System Timeout Values 108.
Overwriting Image Data 109,Manually Deleting Image Data 110. Scheduling Routine Deletion of Image Data 110,Immediate Job Overwrite 112. PostScript Passwords 113,Enabling or Creating PostScript Passwords 113. USB Port Security 114,Enabling or Disabling USB Ports 114. Displaying or Hiding Network Settings 115, Displaying or Hiding Network Settings at the Control Panel 115.
Hiding User Names on the Control Panel 116,Verifying the Software 117. Restricting Print File Software Updates 118, Specifying Email and Internet Fax Recipient Restrictions 119. Disabling the System Administrator Password Reset 120. 5 Printing 121,Paper Management 122,Setting Default Paper Type and Color 122. Enabling Paper Substitution 122,Selecting Paper Tray Settings 122. Setting Paper Size Preference 123,Saving and Reprinting Jobs 124.
Enabling the Reprint Saved Jobs Feature 124,Create and Manage Saved Jobs Folders 124. 6 ColorQube 8700 8900 Color Multifunction Printer,System Administrator Guide. Saving and Printing Jobs 125,Backing up Saved Jobs 125. Restoring Saved Jobs from an FTP Repository 126, Printing Jobs from CentreWare Internet Services 127. Configuring General Print Settings 128,Printing an Error Sheet 129.
Managing Banner Page Printing Options 130, Enabling Banner Page Printing in CentreWare Internet Services 130. Enabling Banner Page Printing at the Control Panel 130. Enabling Banner Page Printing in the Print Driver 130. Configuring Secure Print Settings 131,Configuring Secure Print Device Policies 131. Configuring Secure Print Driver Defaults 131,Hold All Jobs 132. Configuring the Hold all Jobs Feature 132,UNIX Linux and AS 400 Printing 133. Xerox Printer Manager 133,Printing from a Linux Workstation 134.
Adding the Printer 134,Printing with CUPS 134,AS 400 135. Print from USB 136,Enabling Print from USB 136,Print from Mailbox 137. Enabling Print From Mailbox 137,AirPrint 138,Allowing Users to Interrupt Active Print Jobs 139. Specifying Output Settings 140,6 Copying 141,Specifying Default Copy Settings 142. Specifying Default Copy Settings at the Control Panel 142. Changing the Reading Order 143,Setting Copy Presets 144.
Accessing Copy Presets 144,Edge Erase Presets 144,Changing Image Shift Presets 144. Changing Reduce Enlarge Presets 145,Specifying ID Card Copy Settings 146. Disabling Automatic Image Rotation 147,Specifying Output Settings 148. 7 Scanning 149,Scanning to a Folder on the Printer 150. Enabling or Disabling Scan to Mailbox 150,ColorQube 8700 8900 Color Multifunction Printer 7.
System Administrator Guide,Setting Scan Policies 150. Managing Folders and Scanned Files 151,Scanning to an Email Address 154. Workflow Scanning 159,Enabling Workflow Scanning 159. Configuring File Repository Settings 159,Configuring the Default Template 164. Configuring a Template to Create a Password Protected PDF 166. Configuring Workflow Scanning General Settings 166. Setting Scanned Image File Naming Conventions 167,Configuring Custom File Naming 168.
Configuring Template Pool Repository Settings 168, Updating the List of Templates at the Control Panel 169. Setting Template Display Settings for the Control Panel 169. Configuring a Validation Server 169,Scan to USB 170. Enabling Scan to USB 170,Scanning to a User Home Folder 171. Configuring the Printer for the Xerox Scan Utility 173. Enabling Remote Scanning using TWAIN 174,Configuring Scan To Destination 175. Before You Begin 175,Configuring Default Scan Settings 175.
Setting the Default Scan To View to Favorites 175,8 Faxing 177. Fax Overview 178,Configuring Required Fax Settings 179. Configuring Address Book Settings 180,Fax Security 181. Setting Fax Defaults 181,Setting Fax Feature Defaults 184. Fax Forwarding 184,Fax Polling 186,Fax Mailboxes 187.
Fax Reports 187,Internet Fax 194,Accessing the Internet Fax Setup Page 194. Configuring Required Settings 194,Configuring General Internet Fax Settings 194. Configuring Internet Fax Receive Settings 195,Configuring Address Book Settings 195. Configuring Default Internet Fax Settings 196,Setting File Compression Options 196. Configuring Internet Fax Security Settings 196,LAN Fax 197.
8 ColorQube 8700 8900 Color Multifunction Printer,System Administrator Guide. 9 Accounting 199,Xerox Standard Accounting 200,Enabling Xerox Standard Accounting 200. Setting Service Tracking Options 200,General and Group Accounts 201. Adding a User and Setting Usage Limits 201,Managing User Information 202. Assigning Users to an Account 204,Usage Limits 205.
Configuring Validation Policies and Print Job Exceptions 206. Network Accounting 207,Enabling Network Accounting 207. Setting Network Accounting Workflow Options 207,Configuring Job Limits Server Settings 208. Configuring User Prompts 208,Disabling the Job Limits Web Service 208. Configuring Validation Policies and Print Job Exceptions 209. Accounting Using an Auxiliary Access Device 210, Enabling Accounting Using an Auxiliary Access Device 210. Displaying Your Company Logo on the Blocking Screen 210. Setting the Auxiliary Access Device Type 210,Selecting Services to Restrict or Track 211.
Setting the Job Timeout 211,Enabling Accounting in Print Drivers 212. Enabling Accounting in a Windows Print Driver 212, Enabling Accounting in an Apple Macintosh Print Driver 212. Printing a Copy Activity Report 213,10 Administrator Tools 215. Xerox ColorQube 8700 8900 Color Multifunction Printer Imprimante multifonction couleur Xerox ColorQube 8700 8900 Xerox ConnectKey Controller System Administrator Guide

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