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cognitive integration i e the systems seman ing matters further CROs often have their own. tically integrate without excruciating coding systems to manage the clinical data they collect. efforts In brief canonical models provide an, abstracted representation of entities Controlled The exchange of experimental data within and. vocabulary provides acceptable connotation outside of pharmaceuticals companies becomes an. While canonical models help in standardization integration nightmare due to the number of CROs. controlled vocabulary helps to alleviate semantic other partners and their variations in data formats. differences between systems There is additional complexity The absence of. standardization or universally accepted norms can, The emerging nature of business ecosystems lead to multiple interpretations of the data. and the attendant integration challenges can, be better appreciated by looking at a realistic Simple solutions to the above challenges could be. business scenario This white paper explores an manually mapping and reconciling However this. integration approach that combines a canonical laborious effort is not scalable The addition of a. model with controlled vocabulary and illus new CRO partner would require the pharmaceu. trates how this facilitates cognitive integration ticals company to repeat these efforts What if. Although the approach is generally applicable to a standardized approach to interaction could be. any domain the issues of possible multiple inter used that allows for dynamism in the way infor. pretations of data and the need to add context for mation can be expressed by different CROs If. appropriate usage semantics are best understood that were possible the integration of information. by examining the type of data being exchanged across various participating systems could be. between systems in the life sciences domain more elegantly handled. Business Context For successful integration with business partners. the following would be ideally required,The process of bringing a new drug to market is. time consuming requiring numerous ecosystem It should be possible to achieve integration. players to work together Patients regulators without needing to make major changes to the. scientists manufacturers key opinion leaders systems used by the pharmaceuticals company. and supply chain stakeholders all play vital roles or the CRO. at various stages of the process When so many, business entities need to collaborate and suc It should be possible for the CRO to explore and.
understand how to integrate with the pharma,cessfully work together there is an inherent need. ceuticals company,for information exchange It is highly desirable. therefore that such information exchange is Addition of new CROs should not pose signifi. achieved in a way that handles semantical differ cant system integration efforts. ences intelligently,In a canonical approach each, Clinical trials comprise a significant part of the application translates its data into a. efforts to bring new drugs to market Conducting, clinical trials is an endeavor in itself and there. common format understandable to, are specialized business entities such as contract all applications this loosely coupled.
research organizations CROs which assist pattern minimizes the impact of change. sponsors in this effort CROs also offer services, beyond clinical trials such as filing and regulatory Canonical Models and. affairs The global CRO market is approximately Controlled Vocabulary. 27 billion and is set to hit 32 7 billion by 2017 3. Consider two applications being integrated In,CROs will continue to grow as pharmaceuticals. point to point integration changes need to be,companies continue outsourcing certain portfolios. made to both the applications The same approach,of studies to CROs while they retain some of the. would have to be repeated for any new application,studies and other core competencies in house.
to be integrated This introduces brittleness and, Consider the situation where a large pharmaceu avoidable engineering effort To alleviate the point. ticals organization is working with a number of to point integration pains canonical models were. CROs Several trials may be ongoing simultane proposed In a canonical approach each applica. ously and each CRO may be working on one or tion translates its data into a common format. many trials Each trial might have a specific way understandable to all applications this loosely. of gathering and organizing data Complicat coupled pattern minimizes the impact of change. cognizant 20 20 insights 2,Canonical Model,Partner 1 Partner 2 Partner 3 Partner 4. Data Model,Canonical Data Model,Enterprise, A canonical approach aims to create a common A CV is a predefined authorized term. logical model for all applications that need to,be integrated It is not influenced by technology. concept with agreed alternates or, In this approach all applications will use the synonyms mapped to a set of valid and.
canonical model to exchange information Imple unique values and has a defined scope. mentation specifics will determine the exact,mechanisms of data transfer usually achieved via. or describes a specific domain,Although the canonical model provides fields to. some kind of transformation logic see Figure 1,map the CRO and pharmaceuticals company s. While this loosely coupled approach appears to be data models the data values can continue to pose. a panacea for integration woes it is not without integration challenges While the Petri Dish and. challenges The canonical model by virtue of Plate denote the same type of container in Figure. introduction of an additional layer can aggravate 2 the CRO would have no knowledge that the phar. semantic integration What was usually resolved maceuticals organization has standardized on the. between applications by directly understanding term Petri Dish and sending any other equivalent. the contextual underpinnings now becomes more term will not help to semantically integrate the two. difficult to resolve systems The companies would need a better and. more cognitive ability to understand such nuances, The canonical model by virtue of during integration Controlled vocabulary CV is. introduction of an additional layer can an attempt to provide such improved cognition A. CV is a predefined authorized term concept with, aggravate semantic integration agreed alternates or synonyms mapped to a set of.
valid and unique values and has a defined scope, Consider the scenario for a concept known as or describes a specific domain 5 For simple illustra. culture a term commonly encountered in micro tion purposes consider Figure 4 next page where. biology4 for which the CRO and the pharmaceuti the CV Gender is the concept and can use Male. cals company s systems use different data model or Female as values. definitions with unique semantics see Figure 2, next page This illustration has been simplified It is not unusual that a term could have different. to include only very few attributes to avoid com meanings based on usage context For example. plicating the subject Temperature is a very common term but. incubation temperature and storage tempera, The canonical model defined by the pharmaceuti ture convey different meanings although both. cals enterprise for the purpose of integration with are temperatures CV equips programmers with. the CRO systems could be visualized as in Figure 3 a context for each term and thus provides better. next page cognitive usage Figure 5 next page shows. potential CV usage,cognizant 20 20 insights 3, Fictitious Culture Definition CRO and Pharmaceuticals Company. CRO Definition Pharma Definition,Culture Culture,Species Name String Species Tax Id Long.
Growth Temperature String Incubation Temp Float,Container String Temp UOM String. Media Container String,CRO Culture Pharma Culture,S cerevisiae 101 S 1337652. 32 o C 32 0,Plate Petri Dish, Unit of measure UoM is a good example of a CV temperature or weight The allowed values need. that depends on the measurement context since to be restricted depending on the measurement. all measurement types will need to be expressed context UoM CV can be visualized as depicted in. in terms of some units Context can be length Figure 6 next page. Canonical Model for Culture Controlled Vocabulary,An Illustrative Example. Culture Term Gender Male,taxonomyId string Male unique.
growthTemperature float Female values,temperatureUOM string. growthContainer string,CV Examples,Domain Context CV Term Value s. Pharmaceuticals Taxonomy Species Saccharomyces,cerevisiae S cerevisiae. Poultry Farming Incubation Incubation Temperature 30 37. Pharmaceuticals Storage Storage Temperature 4 10 30. General Temperature Unit of Measure O,Celsius OC,Fahrenheit OF. cognizant 20 20 insights 4,Understanding CV Context.
millimeter meter inch feet,Weight Temperature Celsius Fahrenheit Kelvin. gram pound ounce, Cognitive Integration or data type differences and such efforts need. Figure 7 illustrates the shortcomings of integra to be expended for each CRO CV can provide. tion achieved using a canonical model without better context and solve integration semantics A. using CV As illustrated in Figure 2 the integrat potential architecture is shown in Figure 8 on the. ing CRO might have a different model for Culture next page. Figure 7 reveals the complex and brittle transfor,The numbers in Figure 8 next page indicate the. mation required to populate the CRO data into,flow from the integrating partner CRO perspec. the canonical model,tive Get canonical model get CV populate.
Given the above scenario the following points are canonical model send data The snippets of. observed code illustrate how an attribute Container in the. canonical model Culture is further cognitively, Temperature needs to be split to value and elaborated in CV. The pharmaceuticals company can offer seman, Though the value of the Container attribute tically powerful integration by publishing the. can be mapped to the canonical model the canonical model with an accompanying controlled. value itself cannot be consumed directly by vocabulary These models and data can be made. the pharmaceuticals application since it uses a available as data as a service DaaS via OData or. different value a synonym for the Container an equivalent framework We suggest OData here. The above transformations can get complicated since it is a specifically devised standard for the. with larger data models with more scope for value purpose of sharing data and also has excellent. Integration Using Canonical Model Without CV,Look up taxonomy ID. from online source and pass ID,S cerevisiae 101 S Parse float Culture. 32 o C Split value value,and unit taxonomyId string.
Plate Hardcode unit to,o growthTemperature float,Celsius where o C temperatureUOM string. growthContainer string,Hardcode container,to Petri Dish where Plate. cognizant 20 20 insights 5, Integration Architecture with Canonical Model and CV. Future Partners,3 Smart Data,Population,CRO 1 Application. CRO 2 CRO n,1 Inspect Canonical Model Canonical,and Retrieve CV Info Model.
2 Retrieve Preferred,CV Value 4 Integrate Smoothly. Model CV Data RESTful Web Service,Pharma Application Controlled Vocabulary. Data Database, discovery query capabilities 6 The CRO that wants without the unit does not require data model. to integrate with a pharma company should look changes At the same time integration is much. into the canonical model and try to understand smoother The UoM can be stored in a separate. it To better understand the semantics behind column or table as the CRO chooses Again this. the canonical model the CRO could query the CV is a relatively minor change but implementation. using the published DaaS of OData The CRO can specifics need to be considered before deciding. proceed with integration in a much smoother way on the options available. using the canonical model and CV,However for enabling this cognitive intelligence. By using this approach integration between the, CRO and the pharmaceuticals data model can CV need to be defined with preferred synonyms.
happen with significantly smarter smoother for values maintained and shared by the phar. and reusable repeatable transformation Note maceuticals company with partnering CROs. that minor changes in stored values in the CRO The canonical model exposed by the pharma. data model can assist in smoother integration ceuticals company needs to include the informa. In Figure 9 storing taxonomy ID instead of the tion of which CV to refer to for each attribute. full species name and value for the temperature,CV is preferably exposed via DaaS to CROs. Integration Using Canonical Model and CV,1337652 Culture. 32 Parse float value,taxonomyId string, C Retrieve preferred synonym growthTemperature float. Plate From Pharma UOM CV temperatureUOM string,growthContainer string. Retrieve preferred synonym,From Pharma Container CV.
cognizant 20 20 insights 6, The above is a simple example Imagine the extent We foresee the future direction for integration. that this approach can help with disparate data between pharmaceuticals companies and CROs. models and large data sets involved in the infor as moving towards as a serv. Cognitive Integration How Canonical Models and Controlled Vocabulary Enable Smarter and Faster Systems Interoperability Canonical Data Model

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