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Vessel HLV Transportation original Tow Plan exceeds 72. of Jack Up Rigsi Semi hours duration,Submersible and Submersible. MODUs and other MOUs of,similar configuration, 5 Transits of Semi Exceeding 72 hrs duration To be recommended by MWS. Submersible and Submersible where the original Transit on a risk assessed basis and. MODUs and tender rigs under Plan exceeds 72 hours agreed by Contract Leader s. their own power other than in duration,respect of self propelled drill. i In the case of a dry tow of a jack up drilling rig scope of work 2 may also apply with reference to the. jacking up and jacking down operations, c Issuance of the Certificates of Approval CoA by the MWS for each operation as required by. the table above and specified in the referenced Scope of Work SOW contained herein. 2 It is the duty of the Assured to ensure compliance with all recommendations requirements or. restrictions of the MWS within the specified timescales In the event of a breach of this duty. Underwriters shall not be liable for any loss damage liability or expense arising from or. contributed to by such breach, 3 The Marine Warranty Survey shall be conducted in accordance with the Code of Practice COP.
and the SOW contained herein, 4 The cost of the Marine Warranty Survey shall be borne by the Assured. 5 Any expenses incurred to comply with the MWS s recommendations shall be solely at the. expense of the Assured, 6 The MWS shall be free to consult with the Underwriters and provide them with any relevant. information, 7 Underwriters shall be entitled to receive a copy of any recommendations and or reports and or. Certificates of Approval directly from the MWS, Joint Rig Committee Rig Move Marine Warranty Surveyor Code of. Practice COP, This Code of Practice CoP establishes agreed standards for Marine Warranty Surveyors MWS.
performance while conducting Marine Warranty Surveys for Rig Move Activities and specifies the. main activities required to be performed,It has the following objectives. Clarify the role of the MWS,Define the function of the Scope of Work SoW. Outline approval criteria for Marine Warranty Surveying activities. Establish minimum standards for MWS performance, Define lines of communication between Underwriters and the MWS. Specify the work required in tabular format, Nothing in this document shall relieve any party of any legal obligations existing in the absence of. this document The obligations for the MWS the Assured and the Underwriters are outlined below. 1 Role of the Marine Warranty Surveyor MWS, 1 1 The fundamental objective of the MWS is to make reasonable endeavours to ensure that the.
risks associated with the warranted operations to which a MWS is appointed are reduced to. an acceptable level in accordance with best industry practice. 1 2 The MWS shall attend in a timely fashion and provide full information and clear. recommendations to the Assured and the Towage or Transportation Contractor. 1 3 The Marine Warranty Surveyor Company shall only appoint personnel who are demonstrably. competent in terms of qualifications and experience to perform the review approval. activity being undertaken in accordance with the SoW. 1 4 Notwithstanding the requirements of the SoW the MWS shall specify recommendations to. be met in order to minimise the risk to the insured unit during all phases of the. move transit and to comply with the terms of the warranty. 1 5 The MWS shall be satisfied so far as possible that the operations are conducted in. accordance with, recognised codes of practice for the design and operation of the type of insured. best industry practice appropriate for the insured unit equipment and vessels to. conduct the operation, Unit s Marine Operating Manual except where the MWS recommends. otherwise acceptable levels of manning this should recognise that the primary. method evacuation for those MOU with helidecks must be by helicopter. 1 6 The MWS shall ensure that all requirements as per their Warranty Survey Company s. relevant guidelines if applicable are complied with In the event that exceptions are to be. made the Contract Leader s approval shall be sought prior to issuance of the Certificate of. Approval by providing the Contract Leader s with the list of exceptions proposed and the. potential implication of providing each exception The Marine Warranty Survey Company. shall either use their own guidelines or recognised industry guidelines. 1 7 The MWS shall review and approve all procedures as detailed in the transportation. contractor s manual and MOU Marine Operations Manual if applicable and establish that. the key assumptions and procedures in the design are identified and complied with prior to. issuance of the Certificate of Approval, 1 8 The MWS shall ensure that a voyage risk assessment is performed and necessary risk. mitigation measures have been put in place In any event the MWS shall ensure that the. latest version of the International Maritime Organisation IMO guidelines for Safe Ocean. Towing are followed along with full compliance with the Marine Warranty Surveyor. Company guidelines as applicable to be determined by the MWS. 1 9 The MWS shall advise Contract Leader s where the MWS has identified a situation or. circumstance that the MWS considers causes the SoW contained herein to need to be. revised in order to reduce risks to an acceptable level. 1 10 The MWS shall perform a review of the relevant documentation in accordance with the. requirements of Item 1 4 above relating to the proposed operations within the Marine. Warranty SoW including as applicable but not limited to. calculations,procedures,certificates,relevant reports. routing plans, site specific criteria for the region in which the rig is working.
tow route metocean criteria, Classification status including results from previous survey and timing of next. MOU specific requirements for number of vessels and bollard pull. 1 11 The MWS shall carry out suitability surveys of the insured unit equipment and vessels to. conduct the operation prior to each operation including any required follow up close out. inspections unless otherwise defined in the SoW contained herein and shall. establish that the relevant items are suitable for the proposed operations. make known in clear terms in writing to the Assured the recommendations to be. implemented prior to commencement of the proposed operations. review Meteorological and Oceanographic metocean conditions and where. appropriate incorporate requirements as to metocean conditions in the. recommendations in the Certificate s of Approval, When possible review the data acquisition test and analysis plans especially soil. testing for the proposed operations MWS to advise on adequacy and report. concerns to Contract Leader, observe and record the preparations for the proposed operations. attend and witness critical function tests or relevant assurance tests. Review of MOU history and future planned MOU activity at the site location. 1 12 Subject to the MWS being satisfied that the objectives and principles outlined in Items 1 1. up to and including 1 11 above have been met the MWS shall issue a Certificate of. Approval The Certificate of Approval shall clearly identify. the operation to be carried out,the vessel s to be used. any recommendations to be satisfied during the period of the proposed operations. within the Marine Warranty SoW Recommendations issued for the Assured s. implementation should be targeted to reduce risk to Contract Leader s and worded. in a clear and explicit manner should be capable of being objectively verified. 1 13 The MWS shall, not provide any services to the Assured and or Operator and or Main Contractors.
s and or Sub Contractor s that may interfere with the work of the MWS. advise the Contract Leader s when a confidentiality agreement with the Assured is. in place which would preclude the exchange of information or communication with. the Contract Leader s, not provide any other services to the Assured and or Operator and or Main. Contractor s and or Sub Contractor s that could present a conflict of interest with. the Marine Warranty Work, 1 14 The MWS shall immediately advise the Contract Leader s with a copy to the Assured. if any Certificate of Approval is withheld or a Non Conformance Certificate issued. if the Assured fails to comply with any recommendations made by the MWS. of any proposed changes to relevant key personnel employed by the MWS. 1 15 All equipment and vessels associated with the MOU move activities shall be fully. operational and used within their safe working limits which shall be agreed by the Marine. Warranty Surveyor The MWS shall review certifications and shall confirm that the vessel is. fit for the purposes of the intended operation, 1 16 All vessels including HLV s and transportation barges shall be IACS International. Association of Classification Societies Classed and Class maintained for the duration of the. operation in question The Marine Warranty Surveyor shall agree all outstanding. conditions of Class as not being material to the intended operations The MWS shall. approve limiting metocean criteria and weather windows for all marine operations Return. periods to be used are 50 years for location approvals and 10 years for tows. 1 17 It is good practice for the role of the MWS to be independent from the role of the MOU. Mover In situations where this is not the case the Assured shall provide justification and. seek the agreement of Underwriters prior to commencement of the rig move operation. 2 Role of the Assured, 2 1 Once appointed on a particular MOU move operation the MWS company shall not be. changed without the prior agreement of the Contract leaders s. 2 2 The Assured shall provide reasonable access and transportation facilities to the Warranty. Surveyor to allow him to carry out the necessary work. 2 3 The Assured shall provide the MWS with a point of contact for the Contract Leader s and. an appropriate point of contact in the Assured s organisation to assist with the resolution of. 2 4 The Assured shall provide the Contract Leader s with the contact details of the MWS within. 14 working days following appointment of the same, 2 5 The Assured or appointed broker shall provide the MWS with the contact details of the.
Contract Leader s within 14 working days following appointment of the same. 2 6 The Assured shall ensure MWS participation at all relevant project management meetings. including marine operation Hazards and Operability Study Hazard Identification Study. HAZOPs HAZID contingency planning and assurance testing plans. 2 7 The Assured shall contract with the MWS directly without the involvement of any. contractor or other intermediary unless required to enable compliance with the law in the. jurisdiction or government regulations, 2 8 The Assured shall formally acknowledge receipt of all recommendations. 2 9 The Assured shall maintain a record of his compliance with and deviations from such. recommendations, 2 10 The Assured shall obtain written approval from the MWS for any such deviation s. 3 Role of the Underwriters, 3 1 The Panel of Marine Warranty Surveyors is to be agreed by the Contract Leader s lead. underwriter s on the insurance policy, Other additions to the Panel shall be required to demonstrate their capability experience of. similar projects to be agreed by the Contract Leader s. 3 2 At the request of the MWS the Contract Leader s shall make available. relevant applicable policy terms and conditions including in particular any. warranty provisions or conditions precedent, identity and contact details including telephone e mail fax and out of normal.
business hours numbers of the nominated Contract Leader s to receive. communications from the MWS,Scope of Work SOW 1 A B. Jack Up Location Approval, The following principles are applicable with the key premise of right rig at right location. The Jack up must demonstrate that it has sufficient air gap to safeguard its operation. requiring a leg penetration assessment and calculation of site specific environmental data. and platform details, The Jack up must demonstrate that it has sufficient preload capacity to safeguard its. operation A safety margin is recommended and should be stated where used by the MWS. The Jack up Marine Operating Manual is the latest version and reflects the current rig. operating status accounting for any post construction modifications. It is emphasized that any loss of station keeping and or stability could have implications for drilling. operations well integrity and possible loss of containment. Activity Review Approve Attend Issue,Procedures Drawings Certificate. Design Calculations of Approval,Data Gathering see also Note 1 X.
The following minimum data is required for,both 1A 1B. Geophysical data,Metocean data for the site,Geotechnical data borehole with. adequate site specific soil sampling to,be determined by the MWS. Bathymetry including previous spud can,depressions footprints and debris. survey data,Operator location data assets,Rig data including dimensions.
capabilities and the RPD rack phase,difference limit. Rig asset interface drawing if,applicable,The spudcan load and spudcan bearing. pressure considering both self weight,and pre load or pre drive operations. Revision 2 0 16 October 2014 Aligned with ISO SNAME JRC Rig Move Warranty Survey Mobile Offshore Unit Location amp Move Warranty Survey Code of Practice and Scopes of Work 1 Coverage under this Policy for Mobile Offshore Unit Location Approval and Move activities fulfilling the criteria below is conditional upon

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