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Introduction, A supervisor s most important role is coaching their team Give them the support. and resources they need to do their best work Well equipped coaches will engage. employees and help create a culture of excellence in your organization. Take the time to carefully think through your organization s coaching plan. Together we will chart a course for coaching success. Coaching to Behavior 2 5,Preparing the Coach s Toolkit 6. Assessing Coaching Effectiveness 7,Designing Your Program 8. Coaching to Step Step,Behavior One,Identify three metrics that you. are committed to improving,Identify two behaviors that.
drive each metric that s SIX total,Metric Behavior. Coaching Definition, Coaching is the process of improving results by changing. thoughts beliefs and behaviors It s a two way communication. that requires both supervisor and employee to be fully engaged. First let s identify the positive behaviors that you want your. Metric Behavior, coaching program to enforce Then we will move through our. six step approach to behavioral coaching,Metric Behavior. Coaching to Step II, Now imagine that you ve segmented your employees into quartiles based on their performance.
on this metric Describe the type of employee that falls into each segment. Approach to Behavioral Change, Select one metric from the previous page Ideally this is a. metric that is clearly connected to company priorities and. that your group owns,Coaching to Step III, Let s continue the thinking from step two You ve described the type of employee in each. segment Now define the type and quality of coaching you need to invest in each segment. Segment 1 1 Session Side x Side Skill Building Mentoring Total. mins week mins week mins week mins week,2nd mins week mins week mins week mins week. 3rd mins week mins week mins week mins week,4th mins week mins week mins week mins week. Time to form a hypothesis what are the three behaviors that. most differentiate your top performers,Coaching to Step VI.
Organizations must hold supervisors accountable Assess your coaches impact and effectiveness. against their peers Identify three ways to measure coaching effectiveness Remember the best. organizations identify and encourage top coaches to share best practices. Think about how you will motivate positive behaviors with a mix. of financial and non financial incentives The best organizations. explicitly tie rewards to metrics and behaviors for each behavior. listed in step four brainstorm incentives ONE financial and ONE. nonfinancial incentive, Preparing the Leading organizations do three things to set their coaches. up for success Let s make sure you re doing the same. Toolkit What systems data sources do,your coaches access. Everyone pulls from the,Single source,same data sources all of. the numbers match up,What do you expect of,coaches and their sessions. 2 Set clear,expectations,All star coaches know,exactly what is expected.
and rise to the challenge During,Where will you capture best. Social sharing motivates,Document share,your team and drives. best practices How will you share best,adoption of best. practices fast practices, Assessing 3 Movement How will you track forward movement and how often will you take stock. 7 Coaching, Effectiveness 4 Events How will you monitor behavior changes in correlation to coaching sessions.
and what is the expectation for change after a session. Provide your coaches with transparent info on their impact. Here are four focus areas, 1 Recipients How will you ensure that coaches focus on. 2nd 3rd quartile performers, Now how are you going to continually make your coaches better. How will you informally coach your coaches,2 Improvements How will you measure how much. coaches move the needle, What formal training will you make available to coaches. 8 your Program, Below is our coaching maturity model Take a close look at the.
definition of operating performing and leading and objectively. assess where you stand Then set one next step to progress. on each dimension,Operating Performing Leading,Next Step to Progress. Emphasis on mid level,Manual Mean based segmentation. Segmentation Stack ranking,Coach determined Outlier management. Strategy using a single metric,One Size Fits All Self Regulation. Balanced score,using multiple metrics,Set of sessions per month.
Frequency based on Measured as part of, Frequency Scheduled in workforce segmentation coaching scorecard. management, Emphasis on 1 2 KPls per Emphasis on 1 2 root cause. behaviors per session Measurable goals set for,Session session. improvement of both KPIs, Content KPls chosen based on Behaviors selected for and behaviors. performance or at random impact on KPls,Employee self assessment.
led coach affirms and,Coach planned Employee self assessment redirects. Approach Coach facilitated completed before session. Employee defined, Passive employee Active employee in dialogue improvement plan. Coaching the coach,Tasks and follow up,Tasks and follow up clearly. assigned and feedback,defined in smart format,Continuity between given on continual basis. Follow Up Coaching feedback on, coaching sessions limited Coaching sessions follow.
progress provided within 3,from consistent ongoing. business days of interaction,coaching conversation. Conclusion,Whew You re done with this workbook but you just. started down the path to a great coaching program, Now comes the even harder part putting it into practice. over the long haul It is worth it And you re not alone. we would love to provide you with additional resources. to help you continue in excellence as your program. matures Transformation is only possible in an environment. About NICE that values coaching, NICE Nasdaq NICE is the worldwide leading provider of both Create and stick to a clear path to success right.
cloud and on premise enterprise software solutions that empower. organizations to make smarter decisions based on advanced analytics from the start. of structured and unstructured data NICE helps organizations of all. sizes deliver better customer service ensure compliance combat. fraud and safeguard citizens Over 22 000 organizations in more than. 150 countries including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies are. Coaching Workbook Transform Your Organization Engage amp Motivate Employees with Coaching Coaching to Behavior Preparing the Coach s Toolkit Assessing Coaching Effectiveness Designing Your Program 2 5 6 7 8 A supervisor s most important role is coaching their team Give them the support and resources they need to do their best work Well equipped coaches will engage employees and help

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