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C onstant improvement is a way of life at Haas Automation We re always. looking for ways to improve our CNC products and give you our customers more value. Our new generation turning centers incorporate a wide range of enhancements that make Haas. lathes better than ever Our engineers reviewed and improved all aspects of the machines including. motion control coolant containment chip evacuation ergonomics and serviceability to create the. highest quality most reliable machine tools available. In this brochure you ll find all the latest technological advancements new machines and capabilities. that Haas Automation has developed through constant research and ongoing product refinement. The Haas control 4 11,Rigid foundation 12 13,Motion control 14 15. Spindle spindle drive 16 17,Part setup support 18 19. Special turret design 20 23,Live driven tools C axis Y axis 24 25. Chip removal coolant systems 26 27,Operator convenience automated operation 28 29. Models configurations 30 45,Dimensions specifications 46 53.
Haas Automation Inc 800 331 6746 www HaasCNC com 1. the NEW GENERATION,HAAS turning Centers, The New Generation Haas turning centers were designed from the ground up to be extremely rigid. highly accurate and very thermally stable All castings were optimized using finite element analysis FEA to produce the most. rigid designs while improving chip and coolant flow and simplifying maintenance and service The spindle heads feature a. compact symmetrical design for thermal stability and rigidity and the 45 degree wedge design greatly increases the tool. mounting envelope and improves chip flow Standard equipment on the new generation machines includes rigid tapping a 15. color LCD monitor and a USB port Other available equipment includes a belt type chip conveyor programmable tailstock automatic tool presetter. live tooling with C axis automatic parts catcher high pressure coolant systems and much more. Built in the USA by Haas the new generation turning centers are backed by the worldwide network of Haas Factory Outlets the most extensive. system of support and service in the industry,2 America s Leading Machine Tool Builder. includes rugged 2 axis lathes,dual spindle super speed. Y axis models,ST 10 New Generation Lathes,A Focus On Continuous Improvement. Accuracy stability productivity and reliability are the cornerstones of a high performance. turning center The new generation Haas turning centers combine years of machine tool. building experience with cutting edge digital design and analysis tools to create a line of rock. solid turning centers sure to outperform anything in their class. Here are some of the many improvements the new generation turning centers incorporate. Redesigned base castings increase rigidity and improve chip and coolant flow. Compact symmetrical spindle heads increase rigidity and improve thermal stability. Redesigned tailstocks with shorter geometry improve cutting performance. Redesigned enclosures provide easier service access. C ogged style drive belts transfer power more efficiently run cooler and improve. threading performance, R edesigned optional belt conveyors are installed at the factory and shipped attached to.
the machine, ptional automatic tool probes with intuitive interface simplify tool set up and can be. programmed to check for tool breakage during unattended operation. R edesigned live tooling systems are gear driven for efficient power transmission and. maximum continuous torque, R elocated hydraulic power units allow all adjustments to be made from the front of the. Minimal Lubrication Systems reduce tramp oil and lube waste. Haas Automation Inc 800 331 6746 www HaasCNC com 3. TAKE CONTROL,The Haas CNC Control,The command center of your Haas machine tool. Years of development have gone into designing the best control. hardware and software in the industry Our new generation turning. centers pack even more innovation into what was already the industry s. greatest overall CNC control, To ensure smooth precise motion control Haas turning centers use. next generation digital servomotors and high resolution encoders. on all axes Combined with significant software and motor control. advancements these yield better performance than ever before. Main Features, Closed System Our focus is to provide a robust dependable control that is seamlessly integrated with.
the machine Our closed system is optimized specifically for Haas machines and does not rely on third party NC. suppliers When you call Haas you get a company that takes full responsibility for the entire machine. Dedicated Keypad The Haas keypad has a full array of keys including a complete alphanumeric. keypad and all common functions are clearly labeled for operator ease If you ve ever fumbled with hot keys or had. to page through screens looking for a specific function you will appreciate the simplicity of the Haas control There are. no encrypted codes to memorize and many functions can be performed with the push of a single button. One Button Features Common multi step functions such as setting tool offsets have been. reduced to the push of a single button Other often used functions such as setting work offsets homing the. machine and selecting the next tool during set up are also one button commands. Multi Function Jog Handle Most machines use the jog handle only to move the axes. around On Haas machines the jog handle can also be used in other modes to cursor through the program for faster. editing override spindle speeds and feedrates or scan through offsets parameters etc. 15 Color LCD Screen Our full color 15 TFT LCD display is designed to work in the machine. shop environment The high intensity high contrast LCD features a very wide viewing angle and will not fade out. in bright light The panel is mounted behind anti glare tempered glass for protection and easy viewing. USB Port The built in USB port allows the use of customer supplied USB flash memory devices or. external hard drives, Memory Lock Keyswitch Locks memory to prevent accidental or unapproved program. editing by unauthorized personnel Can also be used to lock settings parameters offsets and macro variables. 4 America s Leading Machine Tool Builder,RETHINKING THE OBVIOUS. Three mode simplicity, From the beginning the Haas control was designed to be the industry s most user. friendly CNC available Reliability and longevity have been its reputation but the main. thing you hear Haas owners tell other machinists is that a Haas is the easiest to. operate CNC machine tool they have ever seen It s what a Haas control is all about. The Haas control s three mode system gives users access to every control. feature needed in each mode without having to leave the current display. screen Here are some examples of how the modes look and function. The Setup Mode Above is the Setup mode It s simple This is where you do all your. machine setups Let s take a look at the information on the screen. The Active Program box is displayed in the upper left The Tool Offsets are displayed in the upper. right Below the tool offsets are the Work Zero Offsets Below left is the Spindle Information box. displaying spindle speed plus any override values for spindle speed feedrate and rapid rate Next to. that is the Position box showing operator work offset machine and distance to go coordinates To the. right of the position box is the Tool Management information. Simple clean and easy to understand Notice that the tool offset box upper right is white and the. other boxes are colored This indicates the box is active and the cursor can be moved within the box. by pressing the keypad arrow keys,6 America s Leading Machine Tool Builder. The Edit Mode After setting your offsets in the Setup mode The Operation Mode In the Operation mode you ll find. you ll probably need to load a program all the information needed to run the machine organized and available for. easy access Here s a quick look In the upper left corner is the Program. Pressing the List Programs button on the keypad brings up the Edit mode. Display box When executing programs containing sub programs both the. where you can access programs from any of the devices attached to the. main and the sub program will be displayed in a split screen box. machine e g internal memory USB stick Ethernet etc. Just to the right are the Active G Codes with text descriptions the. A powerful feature in the Edit mode is the Quick Key help menu. Coolant Level Indicator and the Active Tool information including a graphic. which offers a complete list and description of all functions including List. image of the tool type as specified on the Tool Offsets page. Programs and file navigation In the Quick Key help menu you ll see the. command name and the associated key for each function along with a full In the center of the screen is the Offset Window Here you can make. description of how to perform each function There are extensive Quick Key adjustments to any offset while the machine is running You don t have to. help menus available from all three screens of the control interface exit the Operation screen to change an offset. In the lower left corner of the Edit screen is the Editor Help box which Along the bottom on the left note the Spindle Information box with the. displays a description for each available topic At the bottom right side override displays In the center is the Position display box and to the right. of the edit screen is a viewable Clipboard Whenever you cut or copy a are the Timers and Counters. selection it will be displayed in the Clipboard box. Experienced machinists will really like the Remaining timer which uses. Within the Edit mode are numerous other functions that relate to information from the Last Cycle timer to display the time remaining in. program editing like Program Simulate now with control over the draw a program This lets the operator know how much time is remaining in. speed a secondary program display window for alternate programs the the cycle allowing better time management decisions when leaving the. MDI function and Visual Quick Code capabilities machine unattended. Haas Automation Inc 800 331 6746 www HaasCNC com 7. THE HIDDEN POWER IN THE HAAS CONTROL,8 America s Leading Machine Tool Builder.
Remote Jog Handle The patented Haas color, remote jog handle features a 2 8 color graphic display an 11 button. keypad a triple knob motion control system that allows infinitely variable jog. speeds and a built in LED inspection light You can set tool and work offsets jog up. to 9 axes display machine position show the current program running and much more. all from the jog handle, CURNT COMDS The Current Commands page displays the current status of the machine including the current. program running the current position the active tool the spindle and axis loads the current spindle speed and the feedrate. Additional screens show which commands and G codes are being used in the current program and a timer shows cycle time. cutting time power on time and M30 count number of parts Other displays show which macro variables are being used. provide tool life information and show the minimum and maximum spindle load for each tool. HELP CALC The Help function is a built in searchable operator s manual that explains the various functions of a. Haas machine Simply press the HELP CALC key in any mode to display a pop up Help menu specific to that mode Press the. HELP CALC key a second time to display the tabbed on screen Help system which includes content from the entire operator s. manual You ll also find build in calculators for solving triangle equations circle circle tangent equations and circle line tangent. equations as well as a speeds and feeds calculator Also included are a standard math calculator a drill and tap chart and a. decimal equivalent chart These calculators simplify machining operations and speed math calculations and the solution to any. equation can be pasted into a program directly from the calculators. The Power of a Single Button Some of the most powerful features of the Haas control features. every machinist will appreciate take only the push of a single button For example you can set tool offsets with the push of a. single button without having to manually enter numbers into the control Simply jog a tool to the surface of the part push the. Tool Offset Measure button and the tool s length is automatically stored in the tool length register Push the Next Tool button. to repeat the process for each tool That s it Setting work offsets is just as easy These time consuming processes have been. reduced to a few simple steps, Tool Load Monitoring Maximizing tool life is another key to increasing productivity The Haas control can. monitor the spindle load for each tool and automatically adjust the feeds if the load exceeds a limit set by the operator If a tool. exceeds the preset limit the control can be set to reduce the commanded feedrate alert the operator go into feed hold mode. or generate a tool overload alarm The first time a program runs the Haas control automatically records the highest load seen. for each tool Using this information and the Tool Load Monitoring feature of the control the operator can set load limits for. each tool This maximizes tool life and protects the workpiece and machine from the effects of tool wear. Advanced Tool Management To maximize productivity the Haas control has an integrated Advanced. CNC TURNING CENTERS Haas Automation Inc T Haas Automation Inc 800 331 6746 www and a USB port Other available equipment includes a belt type chip conveyor programmable tailstock automatic tool presetter live tooling with C axis automatic parts catcher high pressure coolant systems and much more Built in the USA by Haas the new generation turning centers are backed by the

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