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Organization,Clustering,Motivation,Review Demo,Gaussian Mixture Models. EM Algorithm time permitting,Free Energy Justification. Clustering,Clustering Motivation, Important assumption we make when doing any form of. Similar data points have similar behaviour,Eg In the context of supervised learning. Similar inputs should lead to similar predictions, sometimes our trained models don t follow these assumption cf literature on adversarial examples.
Clustering Examples, Discretizing colours for compression using a codebook. Clustering Examples,Doing a very basic form of,boundary detection. Discretize colours,Draw boundaries between,colour groups. Clustering Examples, Like all unsupervised learning algorithms clustering can. be incorporated into the pipeline for training a supervised. We will go over an example of this very soon,Clustering Challenges.
What is a good notion of similarity,Euclidean distance bad for Images SSD 728. Clustering Challenges, The notion of similarity used can make the same algorithm. behave in very different ways and can in some cases be a. motivation for developing new algorithms not necessarily. just for clustering algorithms, Another question is how to compare different clustering. algorithms, May have specific methods for making these decisions. based on the clustering algorithms used, Can also use performance on down the line tasks as a.
proxy when choosing between different setups,Clustering Some Specific Algorithms. Today we shall review,Gaussian Mixture Models, Hopefully there will be some time to go over EM as well. K Means The Algorithm,1 Initialize K centroids,2 Iterate until convergence. a Assign each data point to it s closest centroid,b Move each centroid to the center of data points. assigned to it,K Means A look at how it can be used.
Slides from TA s past,Tomato sauce, A major tomato sauce company wants to tailor their brands to sauces. to suit their customers, They run a market survey where the test subject rates different sauces. After some processing they get the following data, Each point represents the preferred sauce characteristics of a specific. Shikhar Sharma UofT Unsupervised Learning October 27 29 30 2015 4 29. Tomato sauce data,More Garlic,More Sweet, This tells us how much different customers like different flavors. Shikhar Sharma UofT Unsupervised Learning October 27 29 30 2015 5 29. Clustering K Means EM Tutorial Kamyar Ghasemipour Parts taken from Shikhar Sharma Wenjie Luo and Boris Ivanovic s tutorial slides as well as

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