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WELCOME TO ABOVE AND BEYOND 1,Experiencing ABOVE AND BEYOND The Field Trip 2. Using This Teacher s Guide 4,TAKE FLIGHT CLASSROOM LESSON PLANS 6. 1 Modeling the Future of Flight Mathematics 6, 2 Swept for Speed Mathematics Science Social Studies 11. 3 Beyond Biology Science Technology Engineering 19. 4 Logical Careers Mathematics Critical Thinking 25. BREAKTHROUGHS GAMES AND PUZZLES 30,The Search Is On Women Pioneers in Aviation 30. Engineering a Cryptogram 31,BEYOND THE GUIDE LEARNING EXTENSIONS.
FOR TEACHERS STUDENTS AND FAMILIES 33,GO THE EXTRA MILE ADDITIONAL RESOURCES 34. The Ultimate Flight Library Recommended Reading 34. Time Capsule Milestones of Aviation 36, Space Age Glossary of Key Terms and Abbreviations 41. AIM HIGH CURRICULUM CORRELATIONS 45,Next Generation Science Standards 45. Common Core State Standards for Mathematics 46, Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts Literacy 46. C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards 46. ABOVE AND BEYOND THE ULTIMATE INTERACTIVE FLIGHT EXHIBITION is made possible by Boeing The exhibition. is produced by Evergreen Exhibitions in association with Boeing in collaboration with NASA and the Smithsonian s. National Air and Space Museum, This Teacher s Guide is created by TurnKey Education Inc for Evergreen Exhibitions Education advisors include.
NASA and the Museum of Flight, Education resources and programming for ABOVE AND BEYOND are made possible by Boeing in celebration of its cen. tennial and its ongoing commitment to prepare and inspire the next generation to dream design and build something. better for the next century Boeing Centennial education collaborative partners include The Documentary Group. WGBH PBS LearningMedia Iridescent Teaching Channel The Museum of Flight is an education collaborator. 2015 Evergreen Exhibitions All rights reserved Except for educational fair use no portion of this document may. be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic mechanical. photocopy recording or any other without explicit prior permission Multiple copies may only be made by or for the. teacher for educational use,WELCOME TO,ABOVE AND BEYOND. Looking back at the history of flight one thing,is abundantly clear the sky was never the limit. ABOVE AND BEYOND is a multisensory flight and,aerospace exhibition that invites you and your. students to experience what it takes to make the,impossible possible in and above the sky.
This unique learning opportunity teachers across the curriculum with. is brought to you by The Boeing its thought provoking content What. Company and developed in if we could,collaboration with a host of. Get airborne wherever and,renowned aviation specialists. whenever we wanted,aerospace experts historians, archivists teachers and educational Fly faster than the speed of sound. programming professionals These with supersonic flights that don t. skilled partners bring science make a lot of noise or burn too. technology engineering the arts much fuel,and math STEAM instruction to new. heights in your classroom Design ultra green flying machines. ABOVE AND BEYOND offers your to carry more people more places. students direct access to immersive and at the same time treat the. simulations interactive design planet better,challenges iconic historical.
Invent supersmart flying robots to,touchstones visionary concepts. assist us in our daily lives such as,for the future and inspiring stories. delivery bots eco bots and more,from game changing innovators past. and present Imagine the teachable Build a new generation of reusable. moments space vehicles to make trips to,Earth s orbit as common as air. From the time humans first got,off the ground the race was on.
to go above and beyond Faster ABOVE AND BEYOND is more than. farther higher smarter a visit to the museum It is a way to. Today these goals propel aerospace inspire your students to aim higher. innovators to apply the principles of and go farther in their studies Maybe. STEAM learning to new discoveries someone you know will take us all. and expand the boundaries of our above and beyond in the near future. universe ABOVE AND BEYOND will,engage your students and fellow. 2 CLASSROOM TEACHER S GUIDE GRADES 6 8,EXPERIENCING ABOVE AND BEYOND. THE FIELD TRIP,of flight are further explored through. During your field trip to ABOVE a comparison of how a balloon. AND BEYOND you can experience airship glider fixed wing aircraft. five interactive galleries in any rotorcraft and rocket each reach the. order UP FASTER HIGHER skies A look at the amazing aircraft. FARTHER and SMARTER Each of the future shows your students. one features simulations and how faster and greener models are. design activities related to real already in development. life engineering challenges in the,aerospace industry Here are some FASTER. of the highlights your students In 1947 test pilot Chuck Yeager. won t want to miss proved the speed of sound wasn t. a real barrier when he blazed past,it at 700 mph in a Bell X 1 rocket.
A field trip to ABOVE AND BEYOND,plane In 2004 NASA s unpiloted. celebrates the power of innovation,X 43A broke the speed record for an. to make dreams take flight An,air breathing aircraft when it flew. expansive multitouch timeline where,7 000 mph Whether to get there. students can explore the innovations,quicker to gain an advantage over an.
and innovators that transformed,opponent or for the pure adrenalin. our world introduces them to the,rush the quest for speed has inspired. history of flight Next a short film,innovative advances in flight FASTER. called Beyond the Limits immerses,immerses you in the exhilarating. students into the spirit and power of,thrills of high speed flight.
aerospace innovation Exhilarating, imagery and soaring music will build To understand what is meant by. anticipation for what comes next high speed your students will. design and test fly a jet in a virtual,UP competition called Full Throttle. UP gets everyone into the action This supersonic fighter jet challenge. as they discover what it takes to demonstrates the effects of various. get off the ground Learn about the shapes of the fuselage wings and. breakthroughs that enabled us to tail on how well the craft flies how. join the birds in the sky Then check fast it can go and how easy it is to. out some bold new concept vehicles maneuver A simulated wind tunnel. designed to give us more freedom of test reveals how other aspects of. mobility in the future an aircraft s shape determine where. its top speed will be reached in the, The concepts of lift drag thrust range from subsonic to supersonic. and weight come to life with a group Students will also see small scale. flying game called Spread Your Wings aircraft models that Boeing and NASA. Here students become birds and have used in actual wind tunnel tests. follow their leader heading south in,a V formation These four principles. EXPERIENCING ABOVE AND BEYOND THE FIELD TRIP 3, HIGHER the challenges inherent in a months to evaluate the best solution based.
Just 58 years after Wilbur Wright long journey to Mars How long will on the parameters of their mission. soared to 10 feet in the Wright it take What will you pack What Mission options include flying into. Flyer Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin will you wear Models of the future the eye of a storm pollinating a. became the first person to orbit spacecraft that might someday green house on Mars or tracking an. Earth Today astronauts regularly live get us to Mars and beyond are endangered species Students will. and work aboard the International also on display Students can then also want to check out the Smart. Space Station ISS However it is experiment with superstrong Skies video to discover how smart. still difficult and expensive to reach lightweight composite materials that technologies will transform our. space Few people can experience already help aircraft and spacecraft airspace by improving efficiency. its wonders for now HIGHER fly farther using less fuel reducing pollution decreasing. explores high altitude flight and the weather delays and lowering costs. innovations that might soon make it SMARTER, easier to get into orbit In aerospace there is no battle of DREAMS ALOFT. brains vs brawn You need both At the conclusion of the field trip. The highlight of this gallery is the SMARTER invites your students you virtually meet young Boeing. International Space Elevator Your to discover what happens when employees who will share some of the. class will explore the layers of the flight and smart technologies unite exciting projects they are working. atmosphere and the possibilities of See how aerospace innovators are on now their personal inspirations. high altitude flight This experience is applying advances in computers and how they followed a path from. a visually stunning simulated ascent electronics and robotics to invent the classroom to outer space. in a space elevator loosely inspired more capable aircraft and spacecraft Students can then contribute their. by concepts that might one day Learn how smart technologies are own vision of the future of flight to a. transport cargo and people to the transforming the way we build and collaborative wall of dreams Cool. orbit around Earth operate these amazing intelligent. ABOVE AND BEYOND is designed,flying machines,FARTHER to ignite a passion for the greatest. Across the Atlantic around the Real objects and multimedia adventure of all our journey of flight. world to the Moon and beyond Since displays tell the story of space junk in the air and in space In doing. we first got off the ground we ve its dangers and potential solutions so it honors past world changing. always wanted to fly even farther Your students will see how smarter innovations while looking ahead. For aircraft the current focus is on aircraft will make spaceflight safer for and demonstrating the impact of. going farther with less using less everyone in Space Junk This challenge aerospace breakthroughs in our. fuel and creating less pollution In presents three out of this world everyday lives This exhibition inspires. space we re shooting for Mars and solutions to cleaning up orbital debris your students to imagine future. the stars What will it take to fly careers in aerospace and helps. SMARTER also features an, humans to Mars Can we sail to the you build STEAM awareness in your. assortment of real unmanned aerial, stars FARTHER reveals the power of classroom Your field trip to ABOVE AND. vehicles Students will have an, innovation to help us go the distance BEYOND is simply put out of this world.
opportunity to program their own, on Earth and in space virtual UAV unmanned aerial vehicle. Marathon to Mars asks your to carry out a specific mission In. students the very same questions this Roboflyers activity they will. aerospace engineers ponder about compare several design possibilities. 4 CLASSROOM TEACHER S GUIDE GRADES 6 8,USING THIS,TEACHER S GUIDE. The first lesson plan is Modeling, As a companion to your the Future Students will explore the. experience at ABOVE AND BEYOND dimensions of several experimental. this comprehensive Teacher s aircraft under development by NASA. Guide for Middle School has been and Boeing such as the Blended. created to complement your Wing Body X 48 Students will then. classroom instructions and make practice calculating proportions. the most of your school field trip ratios and scale modeling using. This Teacher s Guide contains the measurements of both the test. original assessable STEAM models and their real counterparts. related classroom lesson plans for,Swept for Speed the second. you to use and share,lesson plan combines history,geometry and physical science.
The Teacher s Guide for Middle into a fascinating activity on. School contains dynamic activities the development of swept wing. and assignments for students in technology in the mid twentieth. grades six through eight There is century Students will begin with a. also a Teacher s Guide for Elementary firsthand account of secret research. School Both of these Guides are discovered in Germany at the end of. created to be flexible use them to World War II and end by calculating. best meet the needs and capabilities wing angles for today s subsonic and. of your class You know your students supersonic aircraft. better than anyone else,In the next lesson plan Beyond. Following this Introduction you Biology engineers and biologists. will find the section containing four cross paths to create innovations. interdisciplinary Classroom Lesson in aerospace inspired by biomimicry. Plans designed to correlate with your From noise dampening engine. curriculum standards The lesson housing on jet engines based on the. plans begin with Teacher Instruction silent flight of a hunting owl to ideas. pages which include answer keys from the animal kingdom on how. for those activities At the top of the to get humans to Mars students. Teacher Instructions page you will will see how biomimicry has already. find the appropriate content areas advanced the possibilities of human. and skills addressed by the activities flight,in the lesson Each lesson continues. Using This Teacher s Guide 4 TAKE FLIGHT CLASSROOM LESSON PLANS 6 1 Modeling the Future of Flight Mathematics 6 2 Swept for Speed Mathematics Science Social Studies 11 3 Beyond Biology Science Technology Engineering 19 4 Logical Careers Mathematics Critical Thinking 25 BREAKTHROUGHS GAMES AND PUZZLES 30 The Search Is On Women Pioneers in Aviation 30 Engineering a

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