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Table of Contents,Questioning Ideas, Thoughts About Conversation Delivery for Teachers p 4. Hook Before Reading the Book Conversation p 4,Book Hook Introduction p 4. Discussion Questions,Scaffolded with Lower Level Thinking Building to. Higher Level Thinking within Question Areas,Practicing Question 1 p 5. Themes Question 2 pp 5 6, Real Life Application of Practicing Question 3 p 6.
Developing Successful Habits Question 4 p 6,Concluding Questions Questions 5 6 7 p 7. Alignment to Common Core State Standards p 7,Creative Inspiration Ideas. Creative Inspiration Conversation Starters p 8, Listening for Inspiration American in Paris Activity 1 p 8. More Listening for Inspiration Field Trip Walk About Activity 2 p 8. Looking for Inspiration More Creative Inspiration Books Activity 3 p 9. Feeling Inspiration Painting with Mozart Beethoven Activity 4 p 9. Personal Preference Plays a Part Show Tunes Activity 5 p 10. More Creative Inspiration Conversation p 10, Must Read Letter from Rupert Holmes Lyricist of Music in My Mind p 10. Feeling Inspiration Movement with Music in My Mind Activity 6 p 11. Creation Station Activity 7 p 11,Creativity Celebration Fair Activity 8 pp 11 13.
Alignment to Common Core State Standards p 13,Alignment to 21st Century Skills pp 13 15. Research Ideas,Award Research pp 15 17,Juilliard Research p 17. Research Processing Questions pp 17 18,Alignment to Common Core State Standards p 18. Collaborating Cooperatively Idea,Collaboration Conversation Starters pp 18 19. Cooperative Collaboration Activity pp 20 21,Alignment to 21st Century Skills p 22.
Appendix of Forms p 23, Marvin Makes Music by the MOST Marvelous Marvin Hamlisch. Letter of Introduction,Dear Fellow Educator Inspirer of Children. It has been my privilege to create this teacher s guide for you as a gift to my brother. Marvin Hamlisch Marvin was actually my brother in law but he didn t like for us to. use the in law part He said it made it sound like we didn t like each other I. adored him and was fortunate to have been able to spend over two decades with my. sister Terre and him, Marvin was not only a genius with tremendous talent he was also a GREAT man. Marv was the most wonderful larger than life make you laugh from the bottom of. your being character He loved life spread joy and was incredibly generous. Marvin often told stories about his childhood and this story of problem solving with. pajamas was a favorite He was SO EXCITED about one of his many stories being. published as a picture book I remember vividly when he first showed me the huge. uncut version of the book with all of the pages on the same piece of large paper. Marvin spoke of how he was especially delighted with Jim Madsen s illustrations. and relished having had another opportunity to work with Rupert Holmes who he. respected and loved Marvin said This is going to be REALLY GREAT Any parent. who wants their child to practice needs to read this book He was right they do. AND there is so much more to be learned from Marvin Makes Music inspiration for. creativity and how to succeed are two of the themes This guide addresses those. themes and can be used to either pick and choose ideas or in it s entirety as a larger. focus of study Activities and conversations are aligned to Common Core Standards. and also to 21st Century Skills in an effort to help you plan efficiently Forms for. activities have been created to facilitate implementation and save you time. It is my hope that by allowing your students to participate in these activities and. conversations that they will follow in Marvin s footsteps to find unique ways to use. what they love doing in order to create and share with others. Our family is heart broken that our dear Marv didn t live to see his book being read. to and by children Please use and enjoy one of Marvin s many gifts It is a part of. the legacy he left behind for us to use as we celebrate him. Most sincerely,Charlotte Blair,charlotte charlotteblair com. Please be sure to share your students experiences and photos with Marvin Makes. Music at www marvinhamlisch com in the Comment Section on the Marvin Hamlisch or. the Marvin Makes Music Facebook pages and on Twitter marvinhamlisch. Questioning Ideas,Thoughts About Conversation Delivery for Teachers.
Some of these questions are best suited for the whole class some may be turn and. talk to the person small group sitting near you questions so you aren t continuing. to listen to answers into late July If you do the turn and talk may I suggest a. quick overview with a show of hands when finished so all of your students have an. opportunity for whole group input and participation Example Raise your hand if. you practice on your own Raise your hand if you have someone making you. practice Feel free to pick and choose AND please do not feel like you have to do all. of this in one sitting This is a good opportunity to model rereading text and looking. back through the text for supporting evidence for sure. The Book Hook Conversation Before Reading,Do you have something you LOVE to do What is it. Do you practice Why or why not, The following 2 questions will most likely be answered within the context of the. Why or why not question BUT just in case they are not. How do you feel about practicing What is the purpose of practicing. Do you practice on your own or does someone encourage make you practice. Look forward to interesting stories here if you ask this to the whole group. Why do you practice, The Book Hook Introduction Setting the Purpose for Reading. We are about to read an autobiographical book that involves practicing What does. it mean if a book is an autobiography You got it In an autobiographical book the. author writes about events from his or her life A famous composer Marvin. Hamlisch wrote this autobiography titled Marvin Makes Music It tells a real life. story from his childhood that he often enjoyed sharing with others. In this book Marvin hears music and finds creative inspiration in the everyday. world around him He loves to play the piano and create his own music However. Marvin s father pressures him to practice playing the piano with old music that. Marvin doesn t enjoy as much as radio tunes or his own compositions. Be sure to listen as I read for the various ways Marvin developed his talent in order. to be successful sharing what he loved with others. Discussion Questions, 1a What are some of the specific ways Marvin avoided practicing the piano. Forgot to clean his room starving had to go to the bathroom hid. 1b Why did Marvin avoid practicing There are three specific reasons mentioned. in the book Give the reason and the proof from the book. Reason for Avoiding Practice Evidence from Book,Took TOO MUCH time All that practice was too much.
Didn t like what he was practicing Didn t like the old music. Wasn t interested Exercises just made him sleepy, 1c Inferring which means reading between the lines of what is actually said why. do you suppose Marvin REALLY didn t want to practice What makes you think. Accept anything reasonable as long as it is supported with the why Example He. wanted do other things like playing baseball with his friends because he was tired of. sitting and being inside practicing so much, 2a A theme is an idea that is repeated throughout a book By reading the book you. gain more understanding about that idea and your thinking about the idea may. change and grow So let s start out easy What is NOT a theme in Marvin Makes. Examples Playing baseball and hiding are both mentioned one time at the beginning. of the book but they are not repeated so they aren t themes. 2b Now let s think harder What is a theme in the book Marvin Makes Music. Remember a theme is an idea that is repeated throughout a book to help you. understand the idea better Why do you think this idea is a theme What is your. Practicing making you successful is a theme that is repeated throughout the book In. the beginning Marvin avoids practicing he doesn t like it He doesn t enjoy having to. practice performing in front of neighbors either It gives him butterflies in the belly. On the roof before his audition Marvin and his dad have a heart to heart talk about. why he has to practice I know you like to write songs but the better you learn to play. the piano the better you can play them By doing what he doesn t want to do. practice he is allowed opportunities to learn more about what he loves to do at one of. the best music schools in the country, Another theme is finding creative inspiration new ideas in the world around you In. the beginning of the book it says Wherever he went he heard music Bird songs and. car horns are mentioned Creative inspiration is mentioned again when Marvin and. his dad are waiting before his audition on the rooftop Fluffy clouds are compared to a. soft lullaby and people on the street to music notes Marvin wants to play music a. City Symphony using sounds from the city, 3a Let s start with the theme of practicing Have you heard the saying Practice. makes perfect What does that mean,The more you practice the better you will do.
3b Think back to what YOU practice at home or at school How does the amount of. time you spend practicing affect your performance musical athletic academic. Can you share a specific example, 3c Anders Ericsson a psychologist made popular the idea that 10 000 hours of. practice in an area can make one an expert Does this change the way you think. about the amount of practicing you should be doing if you want to play baseball for. the Yankees or your favorite team, 3d Vince Lombardi coach for the Green Bay Packers said Practice does not make. perfect Only perfect practice makes perfect How does the quality of your practice. affect your performance, Practice makes permanent If you practice poorly or half heartedly you develop bad. habits that are hard to break when you actually perform If you practice well you. develop good habits that carry through when you have butterflies in YOUR belly. before the big game or before reading in front of your class. 4a Identify and analyze which means break into parts and think about the parts. other habits that Marvin s parents helped him develop as a child Those habits he. developed allowed him to become successful and famous What evidence from the. book can you use to support your thinking, Persistence with practice work ethic problem solving with pajamas stepping out of. his comfort zone and enduring stage fright by playing in front of others risk taking. by facing possible failure when auditioning,4b How does being persistent promote your success.
4c How does having a good work ethic and not being lazy promote your success. 4d How does stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risks promote your. Now let s take a look at the theme of creative inspiration Instead of answering. questions about creativity and inspiration we are going to think and work. creatively Select the creative exercises that have been aligned with Common Core. Standards 21st Century Skills that you would like your students to experience. from the Creative Inspiration section,Concluding Questions. 5 So what What difference does it make to you in your life that we read enjoyed. and did some challenging thinking about this book, 6 What ideas have you formulated about what you can do NOW in order to be. successful in your future, 7 As a result of having listened and discussed Marvin Makes Music what ideas. have you formulated about the topic of creating new work s. Alignment of Questions to Common CORE Literacy Anchor Standards. Grades K 5,CCSS ELA Literacy CCRA R 1 Questions 1a 1b 1c. Translation of Abbreviation for Those Not Yet Familiar Common Core State Standards English. Language Arts Literacy College Career Readiness Anchor Reading Number 1. Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical. inferences from it cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to. support conclusions drawn from the text,CCSS ELA Literacy CCRA R 2 Questions 2a 2b.
Determine central ideas or themes of a text and analyze their development. summarize the key supporting details and ideas,CCSS ELA Literacy CCRA R 3 Question 4a. Analyze how and why individuals events or ideas develop and interact over the. course of a text, Please find additional alignment to the Common Core Standards and 21 st Century. Skills at the end of the Creative Inspiration Research and Collaboration Sections. Creative Inspiration Ideas for Classroom Use,Creative Inspiration Conversation Starters. What do you think it means to be creative, When someone creates they make something that is completely new It s never been. done exactly that way before, Inspiration is a fancy word that means an object or an experience that gives you the.
idea or ideas to create something new, In the book Marvin finds creative inspiration for the music that he composes in. every day sounds,Creative Inspiration Activities,1 Listen to An American in Paris. http www purl org marvinmakesmusic classguide george gershwin. american in paris, When George Gershwin wrote this musical piece in 1928 the sights sounds and. moods of Paris France inspired him Listen to the music and jot down the. everyday sounds you think Mr Gershwin was recreating in his music. Allow students to share their observations Side note In the middle of the. Classroom Guide for Marvin Makes Music Book Written by Marvin Hamlisch Illustrations by James Madsen Dial Books for Young Readers 2012 Picture Book Autobiography Appropriate for Ages 4 10 Synopsis Marvin loves to play the piano and compose his own songs But performing music written by some old guys named Ludwig and Wolfgang just gives him knots in his stomach When his father tells Marvin

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