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CHAPTER 1 Planning in sports,1 Mark Questions,1 Explain procedure for giving bye. Ans Before drawing a fixture two things are ensured i e whether the number of teams participating is. a power of two or not If the number of teams is a power of two byes are not given In case the number. of teams is not a power of two then byes shall be given For instance if the number of teams. participating are 11 next higher power of two will be 16 So the number of byes is 16 11 5. 2 What is seeding, Ans Seeding is given to some special teams or those teams which are winners runners up of the last. years tournament In seeding the strong teams are selected to keep them at appropriate places in the. fixtures so that they should not meet in the earlier rounds. 3 Define knock out tournament,What are ELIMINATION tournament. Ans This type of tournament is also known as elimination tournament In this type of tournament a. team which is once defeated automatically gets eliminated from the tournament and only the winning. team continues in the tournament,4 What do you mean by league tournament. What are ROUND ROBIN tournament, Ans A league tournament is also known as round robin tournament This type of tournament all teams.
play against each other irrespective of winning or losing. 5 Name some specific sports programmes,Ans Specific sports programmes are. 1 Health run,2 Run for fun,3 Run for unity,4 Run for awareness. 6 List the various types of tournaments,Ans Various types of tournaments are. Knock out tournament,ii League tournament,iii Combination tournament. iv Challenge tournament,7 What is bye, Ans Bye is a privilege given to a team genre by drawing lots exempting it from plays first round.
8 What do you mean by consolation tournaments, Ans Consolation tournaments are those tournaments in which an additional chance is given to the. defeated team,9 What do you mean by extramural, Ans Extramural means between institutions or we can say that these competitions are conducted. between the players of two or more institutions,10 What is planning. What do you mean by planning in sports, Ans Planning is a process of development of a strategy to achieve desired objectives to solve problems. and to facilitate action Planning covers all the aspects of any tournament. 3Mark Questions,Q1 Briefly mention the objectives of intramurals.
Ans The objectives of intramural are, To provide incentive motivation and opportunity to learn various skills. ii To develop sportsman spirit among students,iii To help in recreation of the students. iv To improve social relations among the students,12 Discuss any two importances of tournaments. Ans Importance of tournaments are, Source of Recreation A large number of people go to watch various games and sports for getting. recreation Sports tournaments provide ample recreation to the spectators Development of Social. Qualities Social qualities such as cooperation tolerance sympathy group cohesion brotherhood and. discipline are developed among participants through sports tournaments. 13 What are the advantages of knock out tournaments. Ans The advantages of knock out tournaments are, i Minimum number of officials is required in organizing tournaments.
ii Less number of matches is played thus requiring less time to complete the tournaments. Less expensive because the team which gets defeated is eliminated from the competition. 14 Briefly explain about any two specific sports programmes. Ans Sports programmes can be explained as, Run for Fun It can be organized by any educational institution for another institution or organization. and for people of all ages It is arranged just for the sake of fun to create Good habits for good health. Run for Unity An institution can organize a run for unity to create a feeling of unity among the people. and communities for the unity of the country, 15 Mention the activities which are included in intramurals and extramural. Ans Activities that are included are, Drill Dumb bell Marching chess Roller skating Sack race Shuttle run Volleyball Football Cricket. Basketball Athletics Kho kho Cycling etc, Extramural Friendly matches restricted competitions Open competitions etc. 16 Describe the various committees for the organization of sports events. Ans The organization of sports events requires a lot of planning The planning is executed properly. when Different committees work together for the smooth conduct of the sports events. The various committees are, Technical Committee This committee is responsible for the technical conduct or the emmis.
This committee selects various officials such as referees judges starters umpires time keepers etc. Transport Committee, ii This committee is responsible for providing the facilities regarding transportation of various teams If. the venue of sports events, Reception Committee The members of this committee are responsible to welcome the Chief Guest. Abel spectators at opening and closing ceremonies, v Boarding and Lodging Committee This committee is responsible for making necessary. arrangements for providing accommodation and serving meals to the sportspersons Abel other officials. v Ground and Equipment Committee This committee males necessary arrangements of equipment. related to events, vi Medical and First Aid Committee This committee i5 Formed to provide medical assistance e to. participants round the clock, vii Protest Committee case it s protest against a judgment the members of this committee decide.
viii Publicity Committee All the press releases and press conferences are conflicted by Who s. ix Finance Commixed This committee is assigned to make the budget for the event and handle the. x Refreshment Committee This committee is formed to profile refreshment to the participants. 17 What do you understand by intramural its importance. Ans The word intramural is derived from the Latin words intra and kudos which means within walls. The teams compete within the wall up an institution e g Inter class tournament or inter house. Tournament in a school,Importance of Intramurals, i It improves the sense of citizenship and adult living. ii It helps in selection of teams for extramural competitions. iii It brings out the hidden talent tithe students. iv Develops leadership qualities in students, v It creates recreational atmosphere among the teachers and students. vi It helps the students to turn about the conduct of various games. vii It develops the physical fitness of students,viii It develops social values qualities. ix It develops personality, x It provides relaxation from strenuous school work. Q18 Draw the fixture of 7 teams on knock out basis. Ans Total number of matches N 1 7 1 6,3 2 Winner,Number of teams in upper half N 1 2 7 1 2 4 teams.
Number of teams in upper half N 1 2 7 1 2 3 teams, Total Number of Bye Next power of two Total teams 8 7 1. Adventure sports and leadership training,1Mark Questions. 1 Define leadership, Ans Leadership is the ability to build up confidence Abel zeal among people and to create an urge in. them to be led,2 Define adventure sports, Ans The activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger or those activities which o f them. called adventure sports,3 What are Abiotic resources.
Ans Abiotic resources are those that come from non living non organic material For example land. fresh water air and heavy metals including ores such as gold iron copper and silver etc. 4 What do we mean by biotic resources, Ans Biotic resources are obtained from the biosphere living and organic material such as forests and. animals and the materials that can bo obtained from them They include coal Abel petroleum as they. are organic materials, 5 Explain any two objectives of participation in adventure sports. Ans One objective is to develop self confidence while another objective is to have bonding with nature. 6 Enlist the equipment required for camping, Ans Camping requires a tent or caravan sleeping bag flashlight cooking implements tools first aid kit. hiking boots etc,7 Write the names of some natural resources. Ans Forests wind minerals metal ores sunlight rocks mountains rivers atmosphere aqua culture. navigable channels fossil fuels like oil and natural gas soil and wildlife are some natural resources. 3 Marks Questions, 8 Elaborate the various leadership qualities one incl 1lcates by participating in adventure sports.
Ans Leadership qualities inculcated by Participating in adventure sports are derisiveness friendliness. 9 List six objectives of adventure sports, Ans The objectives of adventure sports are any six. To develop self confidence,ii To build concentration. iii To band with nature,iv To face challenges of crisis situations. v To properly channelize bodily energy, vi To provide exhilaration amusement and excitement. vii To encourage creativity,viii To develop mental and physical fitness.
ix To improve social relations,10 List three features of rock climbing activity. Ans Features of rock climbing are any three, i It requires participants to climb on natural rock formations or on artificial rock walls. ii It is a dangerous sports activity requiring strong mental control agility flexibility endurance and. various coordinative activities, iii Its goal is to reach the apex or summit of a formation without falling. iv Competitions in this activity are held either to complete a pre fixes route in the minimum time or to. reach the farthest point on a difficult route, v Different variations of this sport are termed as free aided traditional sport or top rope climbing. free soloing and bouldering, 11 What are six safety measures to be kept in mind while camping.
Ans Safety measures to be kept in mind while camping are any six. Pack a first aid kit for use in emergencies, ii Before starting for the camping site go through the weather forecast For the area At the camp site. watch the sky for changes, iii Reach the camp site with enough time to check the complete site during day time. iv Avoid areas of natural hazards for camping, v Keep fuel burning appliances like stoves far away from tents. vi Inside the tents do not use candles or an open flame instead use a flashlight. vii Do not leave waste products in an open area but recycle them or bury them. viii Beware when encountering wildlife, ix Ensure to extinguish completely all fires after use do not leave any smouldering embers. x Beware of poisonous plants as they may be allergic. 12 What are the different levels of trekking Describe the levels in one sentence each. Ans The four levels or trekking are easy moderate strenuous and difficult Easy trekking is for. beginners and does not involve climbing to great heights Moderate trekking more energetic and of. duration of about ten days or more Strenuous trekking involves ascent to heights up to 5000 m and. requires some previous trekking experience Difficult trekking tT1eant only for the real adventure. seekers may last for over a month, 13 Explain three characteristics of river rafting activity.
Ans The characteristics or river ratting activity are. i It involves using a dinghy or raft for navigating Fast flowing rivers. ii Due to the swift How and rocks in the river the passage requires good navigation skill for. Manoeuvering the raft, iii It requires great physical and mental toughness to survive the ordeal without accident or injury. 14 What are three advantages of engaging in mountaineering activity. Ans Three advantages of engaging in mountaineering activity are. i It is one or the finest outdoor opportunities are table for lovers or heights. ii It challenges the individual to display tremendous endurance agility strength and mental patience. iii It gives the unique experience of Putting hands and feet onto rocks and ice to finally reach a summit. 15 How do we distinguish between renewable and non renewable resources Give one example of. Ans Renewable resources are natural resources whose quantity i5 not significantly reduced by human. 16 What do we mean by conservation of environment List two steps we should take for conservation of. Ans Conservation of environment is the balanced and appropriate use of natural resources so that the. environment is not significantly affected today and for future generations It implies sustainable use and. management of natural resources, Two steps which we can take for conservation of forests are. Encourage planting of trees,ii Avoiding the use of wood in house construction. 5 Marks Questions, 17 Describe the safety measures to be taken while river rafting. Ans The safety measures to be taken while river rafting are any five. i Never go on this activity alone Always have a team of people in the raft. ii n All participants must have adequate capabilities as swimmers just in case of an accident. iii Always wear life vest and helmet while participating in this activity. iv Before starting check all the equipment to ensure everything is okay Particularly check the dinghy. craft for any cracks and proper air level, v If any participant feels tired he should not drag his paddle in the water as it might hit a rock in the.
vi Drink plenty of liquids before during and after the rafting activity as this activity makes you. dehydrated, vii End your rafting before darkness falls if it is getting dark don t go for this activity. Class XII Physical Education 048 Based on latest syllabus 2015 16 Patron Dr S MarriyaDr S Marriya Regional DirectorRegional Director Public Schools UP amp UK Zone Public Schools UP amp UK Zone Co ordinator S K SRIVASTAV Principal DDM DAV Public School KASHIPUR Prepared By Dharamraj Singh Bisht PGT PHE DDM DAV Public School KASHIPUR

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