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Yadavindra Public School,English I 2020 21,Name Class Date. Colour all the pictures in the sheet 2 Days of the week Unscramble the words. 1 What months come before and after,January March,July September wdesenyad. November ursthady,3 Write the Opposites sutradya,4 Write the correct word. sit ONE MANY,a Read the poem twice Learn it if possible. To The Moon,Zoom zoom zoom,We are going to the moon.
Zoom zoom zoom,We will be there soon,So if you like to take a trip. Just step into my rocket ship,Zoom zoom zoom,We are going to the moon. Zoom zoom zoom,We will be there very soon,b Answer the questions if you can. 1 Where are we going,2 How will we go there,3 When will we reach there. 4 Do you like to travel and go to the moon,Yadavindra Public School.
Maths I 2020 21,Name Class Date,1 Write the missing numbers. 2 Solve the sums,T O T O T O,7 3 2 4 4 4,0 3 2 1 4 0. Ans Ans Ans,T O T O T O,5 7 6 3 4 9,2 5 6 0 2 2,Ans Ans Ans. 3 Number names write in words,4 Put the correct sign or. 5 Horizontal Sums,T O T O T O, 6 Make a practice notebook and do 3 sums each of simple addition and subtraction every day.
Yadavindra Public School,EVS I 2020 21,Name Class Date. I OUR BODY,Our body has many parts,Each body part has a special role to play. Two eyes Two ears One mouth One nose One tongue,Two hands Two legs Ten fingers Ten toes Two knees. All parts of our body help us to do many things,We use our arms hands and fingers for. Lifting holding writing eating making things,We use our legs and feet for.
standing walking running kicking cycling jumping,We have five senses These are. Sight Hearing Smell Touch Taste, These five senses are related to five sense organs. These sense organs help us to know the world around us. 1 We have two eyes We see with our eyes,2 We have two ears We hear with our ears. 3 We have one nose We smell with our nose,4 We have one tongue We taste with our tongue. 5 Our body is covered with skin We feel with our skin. a Answer the following questions,1 Write the names of five sense organs.
2 Name the sense organs which tell us that,Tea is hot ice cream is cold. An elephant is big an ant is small,A rock is hard a flower is soft. A tree is tall grass is short,3 Fill in the blanks. I Our body has parts,II Each part of the body has a special to play. III We use our arms and hands for and,IV All parts of the body us to do many things.
V We use our legs and feet for and, 4 Which is the sense related to the following sense organs. i eyes ii ears,iii nose iv skin, 5 Draw and write the name of the sense organ with which you. i hear ii see,5 State whether True or False,i We use our hands to walk. ii We use our eyes to see,iii We have one nose,iv All parts of the body are not useful. v We feel with our tongue,vi We have five sense organs.
6 Label the parts of the body or cut out each word and match it to the correct body part. pihlI pMjwbI 2020,sulyK ilKo,pihlI pMjwbI 2020,sulyK ilKo. Yadavindra Public School,Computer I 2020 21,Fill in the picture with colours. Use CRAYONS of your choice, Software MS Paint already installed in MS Windows computers. Task Using the shape tool box select one shape each day Using that shape draw as many. drawings as possible,For eg Using the circle shapes draw a balloon. Software Tux Paint can be downloaded free of cost from Google. Task Using Magic tool Fill option colour the pictures available in the Tux Paint library. Yadavindra Public School,Sports I 2020 21,Spend at least one hour doing these every day.
Warm up exercises, Jogging on the spot for one minute free hand exercises arm rotations neck exercise. sideways bending lunges bending forward and backward etc. Learn and perform simple breathing exercises from one nostril at a time and alternating it. Varied walking styles, Walking on toes heels walking on line straight and backward crossover feet walking. straight and backward sideways walking and crossover feet walking walking with arm. circles forward and backward zig zag walking walking over hurdles obstacles anything at. home that may be useful walk and hop jump,Yadavindra Public School. Art and Craft I 2020 21,Spend more than one hour every day. Draw your hand,Trace a leaf and colour it,Try drawing a perfect circle.
Try drawing two parallel lines,Just scribble,1 Bookmarks using paper cuttings and strips. Instructions,Make small cuttings from sheets of old magazines. Arrange the paper cuttings in a pattern to make a bookmark For reference you can use the. following picture as an example, 2 Draw and colour on 4 sheets on the topic My favourite game at home these days You can use the. back of an old drawing sheet,Yadavindra Public School. Dance I 2020 21,For one hour everyday,Learn and try to perfect.
A one minute dance piece,To perform in front of the class. RESEARCH WORK,What is dance Find out from YouTube,What is expression in dance. Make two drawings related to dance expression and label. it Make on A4 sheet and colour it,Yadavindra Public School. Music I 2020 21,For one hour daily,Listen to nursery rhymes or songs. Learn any two rhymes songs,To sing in front of the whole class.
Name Class Date I OUR BODY Our body has many parts Each body part has a special role to play We have Two eyes Two ears One mouth One nose One tongue Two hands Two legs Ten fingers Ten toes Two knees All parts of our body help us to do many things We use our arms hands and fingers for

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