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How to install, 1 Locate where you have downloaded this pack and unzip it Information on. how to do this can be found here, 2 Go to the location where you have extracted the files from the zip file. 3 Now find the exe file called Class 150 1 Enhancement Pack Double click this. 4 Follow the steps and by the end of the process the main part of this pack will. have installed, 5 If you intend to use any of the included scenarios make sure you have the. requirements installed as listed on the product page. 6 To ensure the cab environment sounds as intended in this pack please make. sure that EFX is ticked within your in game Audio settings. Provincial Provincial AP,Regional Railways RR AP, Regional Railways Centro with without Regional Railways logo. RR Centro AP Ex RR Centro AP,Regional Railways GMPTE RR GMPTE AP.
Regional Railways Sprinter RR Sprinter AP, First North Western with without Northern Rail logos FNW AP. Ex FNW NR AP, Northern Rail 2 headlight variants with without logos NR AP. NR NL AP Ex NR AP Ex NR NL AP, Northern 2 headlight variants Northern AP Northern NL AP. Central Trains with without Central Trains or Northern Rail logos. CT AP Ex CT AP Ex CT NR AP, Network West Midlands with without Northern Rail logos NWM. AP Ex NWM NR AP,London Midland LM AP, Silverlink 2 headlight variants with without First Great Western.
or London Overground logos SL AP SL NL AP Ex SL FGW. AP Ex SL LO AP,First Great Western FGW AP,Keyboard controls. Non standard keyboard controls are listed below,L Cab light ON OFF. E Deadman s pedal,F7 Destination blind UP,F8 Destination blind DOWN. Y Driver reminder appliance DRA ON OFF,C Driver to guard buzzer. Ctrl D Driver vigilance device DVD ON OFF,Z Engine start button.
Ctrl Z Engine stop button,I Instrument lights switch ON OFF. J Marker lights switch ON OFF,Shift W Master key IN OUT. O Saloon lights ON OFF,K Tail lights switch ON OFF. V Wiper switch ANTI CLOCKWISE,Shift V Wiper switch CLOCKWISE. 13 liveries,Detailed internal external audio,Accurate acceleration braking physics.
Voith T211r hydraulic transmission,Wheelslip Protection WSP. Wheelslide simulation,Automatic unit numbering,Dynamic exhaust effects. Player changeable destination blind, Driver vigilance device DVD First Great Western only. Bits and Bobs,Voith T211r hydraulic transmission, Great care has been taken in recreating the characteristics of the 2 stage hydraulic. transmission used in this unit,1st stage torque converter.
When accelerating from a standing start the engine revs up and oil fills the torque. converter which allows acceleration to take place There is a 2 second or so delay. between the engine revving up and the oil filling the converter which is why these. units don t accelerate as soon as powered is applied and is what causes the. distinctive initial surge of rpm before the engine settles This also explains why you. don t get that same initial surge of rpm when powering up from Notch 1 instead of. Off as the converter is already filled with oil During this 1st stage engine rpm is. directly controlled via the notch selected on the power handle. 2nd stage fluid coupling, At 45mph the oil transfers from the torque converter to the fluid coupling which. results in a reduction of engine rpm During this stage engine rpm is directly. proportional to the speed of the train which means rpm will be the same regardless. of which notch is selected on the power handle All that varies is the load being. placed on the engine As speed increases then you will gradually hear engine rpm. rise in sync, The unit will stay in this second stage until speed drops below 35mph At this point. the transmission reverts to the first stage,Wheelslip Protection WSP. Wheelslip protection aids the driver when powering during times of poor adhesion. When wheelslip is encountered during acceleration a two stage process takes place. 1 Power is automatically reduced and the two gearbox fault lights illuminate in. 2 Once the wheelslip stops power is reapplied to the notch selected on the. power handle and the two gearbox fault lights extinguish If wheelslip. reoccurs the process starts again, Please see the table below for what to expect during each season and varying. weather conditions,Dry Rain snow,Spring No very little wheelslip Mild wheelslip.
Summer No very little wheelslip Mild wheelslip,Autumn Mild wheelslip Severe wheelslip. Winter Light mild wheelslip Very severe wheelslip, As a driver you must assess which power notch is most suitable for the conditions. and balance the occurrence of wheelslip with the maximum possible rate of. acceleration,Wheelslide simulation, When braking during poor adhesion it is possible that the wheels will lock up and. slide As with wheelslip the two gearbox fault lights will illuminate but there is no. automatic sander or reduction of the brake so it is up to you to either apply sand or. move the brake handle to a lower step in an attempt to control the slide. Automatic unit numbering, When placing a class 150 unit in the scenario editor or using one in Quick Drive both. the DMS DMSL will automatically be given correct unit and coach numbers instead. of you having to select each vehicle and changing their number manually so they. match The unit number is controlled via the DMSL coach if you wish to change it. Please note that the destination display on both driving coaches is also controlled via. the DMSL coach,Dynamic exhaust effects, Dynamic exhaust effects mean that the exhaust reacts to what the engine is doing.
For example when in notch 7 the engine will produce more exhaust than it would. when idling Also when revving up exhaust thickens before thinning out when rpm. settles Equally when revving down exhaust thins On top of that when starting up. exhaust rises in sync with the sound of the engine revving up Finally in reality the. smokiness of each vehicle varies depending on how well maintained it is so to. represent this in the simulator a random clag factor is allocated to each vehicle. which ranges from 1 to 10 1 being the cleanest and 10 being the dirtiest. Player changeable destination blind, The destination blind can be changed during a scenario by pressing either the F7 or. F8 keys For each livery a set of relevant destinations are provided Please see below. for a list of the available destinations on each livery and their relevant code if you. wish to use them via the unit s number on an AI service. Provincial Regional Railways Sprinter,a Derby m Nottingham y Bangor. b Crewe n Cambridge z Chester,c Sheffield o Wolverhampton A Cardiff. d Cleethorpes p Birmingham New St B Barmouth,e Leeds q Birmingham Snow Hill C Aberystwyth. f Lincoln r Manchester Piccadilly D Pwllheli,g Newark s Manchester Victoria E Machynlleth.
h Newark Castle t Stratford upon Avon F Not in Public Use. i Leicester u Blackpool North G Special,j Matlock v Llandudno H Blank. k Skegness w Shrewsbury,l Grimsby Town x Holyhead, Regional Railways Regional Railways GMPTE First North. Western Northern Rail Northern, a Buxton m Manchester Piccadilly y Manchester Victoria. b Rose Hill n Manchester Airport z Chester,c Castleford o Manchester Oxford Rd A Southport. d Clitheroe p Morecambe B Ormskirk,e Halifax q Kirkby C Barrow.
f Bolton r Whitehaven D Carnforth,g Stockport s Colne E York. h Preston t Leeds F Not in Public Use,i Wigan u Carlisle G Special. j Lancaster v Blackpool South H Blank,k Workington w Blackpool North. l Ellesmere Port x Liverpool, Regional Railways Centro Central Trains Network West. Midlands London Midland, a Birmingham New St m Wolverhampton y Worcester Foregate St.
b Birmingham Snow Hill n Rugby z Great Malvern,c Birmingham Moor St o Northampton A Hereford. d Birmingham Intl p Leamington Spa B Longbridge,e Coventry q Dorridge C Walsall. f Nuneaton r Shirley D Bletchley,g Tamworth s Stratford upon Avon E Bedford. h Lichfield TV t Stourbridge Jn F Not In Service,i Rugeley TV u Stourbridge Town G Special. j Stafford v Kidderminster H Blank,k Shrewsbury w Droitwich Spa.
l Telford Central x Worcester Shrub Hill,First Great Western. a Penzance m Newton Abbot y Bristol Temple Meads,b St Ives n Exeter St Davids z Bristol Parkway. c St Erth o Exmouth A Cardiff Central,d Truro p Barnstaple B Gloucester. e Falmouth Docks q Taunton C Cheltenham Spa,f Newquay r Weymouth D Worcester S Hill. g Par s Frome E Swindon,h Liskeard t Southampton F Weston S Mare.
i Looe u Portsmouth Hbr G Special,j Plymouth v Westbury H Blank. k Gunnislake w Severn Beach,l Paignton x Avonmouth. Page 2 How to install 1 Locate where you have downloaded this pack and unzip it Information on how to do this can be found here 2 Go to the location where you have extracted the files from the zip file 3 Now find the exe file called Class 150 1 Enhancement Pack Double click this file 4 Follow the steps and by the end of the process the main part of this pack will

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