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Page 4 May 25 1981,Show Dates Royal Imperial Circus. May 28 31 Phoenix Ariz , MAGIC ,Bentley Bros Circus. May 25 Monterey Ca Florida Magic Association, 26 27 Paso Robles May 29 31 Winter Park FIa. 28 29 San Bernardino Doug Henning,Big John Strong Circus May 26 June 1 Las Vegas . May 25 26 Simi Valley Ca Nevada,Garden Int l Circus Krystali s Kavalcade.
May 28 Lamar Colo May 25 Ft Collins Colo , 26 Loveland. Carson Barnes Circus, 27 Greeley, May 25 Ponca City Okla. 28 Longmont, 26 Bartlesville, 27 Joplin Mo 29 30 Arvada. 31 June 1 Lakewood, 28 Lamar, 29 Butler Magic Jeweler. 30 Belton May 26 Berlin Germany,Hubert Castle Circus pf Miller Magic Time USA.
May 25 26 Red Deer Albta May 25 Mansfield Pa , 27 Drumheller 26 Williamsport. 28 30 Edmonton 27 Loch Haven,Coronas Circus 28 Lewistown. May 29 31 Shreveport La 29 Carlisle, 30 Chambersburg. Hamid Morton Circus 31 Spring Grove, May 26 30 Pittsburgh Pa Hil I had to take some time. Felix Snipes,Hoxie Bros Circus off and get a few things back.
May 29 30 Liberal Kans , May 25 Wilmington Dela to normal at home Wouldn t. 26 Elkton Md Starfire you know it my first day back. 28 Bridgeton NJ May 26 Beaumont Tex and we get hit by a rain storm . 29 30 Lake Charles La This lot s like quick sand and. 29 30 Paterson, 31 Clifton everything is a mess It s going. O T H E R DATES to be rough getting the show,Hubler Int l Circus. May 29 31 Cedar Rapids Burr s Fun 0 Rama loaded tonight . Iowa May 26 31 Aubum Mass Daml There goes my boot . James H Drew Exposition How s a girl supposed to look. M M Circus glamorous around one of these, May 26 28 Hastings Nebr to May 30 Marmet W Va . things , 30 31 Grand Island Hall Christ,Ringlmg Barnum Blue to June 2 St Louis Mo .
May 26 31 Providence R I Los Latinos,Ringling Barnum Red May 26 30 Pittsburgh Pa . Beany Cole Circus, to May 31 New York NY Trudy s Dalmations May 18 20Willingboro NJ. Royal Crown Circus May 29 31 Edmonds Albta 26 28 Paramus. May 24 30 Ft Worth Tex , Page 6 May 25 1981, HUBERT CASTLE CIRCUS. BY ALTON JONES, The Hubert Castle Circus had a successful KAGK LIMITED HOTD I KMS 4064 WlH A V I 0 l HD A. run of four days produing and directing for, The Magic Island a private club on Lido.
the Murah Temple of Indianapolis Apr 23 , Island in Newport Beach Ca will open this. 26 June with David Copperfield presenting the, The writer visited the Sunday Matinee on stage show . Apr 26th The Murat Temple band entertain Memberships include a Private Gold Char . ed before the show under the direction of ter at 750 each It will soon be 1 000 un . Dave Thrasher This was followed by a par , til 1 000 people are enrolled then the price. ade of the Murat uniformed units inclduing will jump to 1 4501 A Corporate member . their Oriental Band the Gun Club miniature, ship of 3 cards will cost 2 000 while a Mini. speedway cars and the Potentate who rode Corporate with 2 cards runs 1 100 Both are. a fancy horse and his Divan all well dressed, set to double when the quotas are filled En .
and supporting him , rollments are already said to be about 800 . Maestro Gregory Toca was the band leader One can bring 3 guests with no cover charge. and did a masterful job with the timing of and the menu will feature some eight en . events possibly another Merle Evans trees under 20 00 . Miss Roberta provided a dramatic opening Advisors are listed as David Copperfield . with the Slide for Life She was followed by Doug Henning and Harry Blackstone Jr . the Paulsons and the Winns with their motor Members reportedly already signed up include. cycle escapades on the high wire Then Miss Johnny Carson Lucille Ball Milton Berle and. Gilda and her Royal Palace Leopards stun Joan Rivers . ned the audience as she showed the only leo , pard to walk on its hind legs first time in Indianapolis and a great show of. After some Clown Hysteria Miss Golda and ability . Senor Vinicio performed on the trapeze with Following intermission Mike and John Winn. the Braun Duo the Pinson Duo and the Paul performed a sensational double cross over on. son Duo cradle acts The juggling section was the inclined wire Then came Lord of the. next with the Francarros Dionne and Arman Jungles Tarzan Zerbini prefaced with an il . do giving a splendid performance from their lusion where a circus beauty is changed into. respective countries Spain France Italy a fully grown lion Tarzan put on his usual. The Jorge Rossel comedy car had everyone display of handling lions and tigers who can. on the edge of their seats with the perform do better . ance of this unpredictable car The Acadis one finger stand and Les Michels. Then came the tail wagging display of the the acrobatic aehalists prefaced the Diano. Wilson s Canine Revue Trudy s Dalmatians elephants and the Hawthorn elephants The. and the Adams Dog Display They w ere ex Diano Bitj Tom the largest performing male. cellent elephant intrigued the youngsters , Following the Bustling Buffoonery and the The Quassars had a unique act playing to. Clown Alley shenanigans the Crist iani Bros the Space Age excursions of the impossible . on the bounding trampoline did many diffi Current TV shows had the youngsters allert. cult twists and flips to the brother s shoulders ed to their message . if there was a word above excellent it should The Great Wiregard Swaypole act brought. be used with this performance on the usual ah s and oh s as the pole broke . The Smaha Royal Lipizzan Stallions and Miss The final act was Captain Circus being shot. Joanne s High School Horses displayed talent from the Rocket Cannon Had seen it in Ft . galore Frank and Estrelita offered acrobatic Wayne in February and it s stilt the most ex . artistry in the air and was followed by the citing of acts . Adami Chimpanzees with the usual Barrel Especially enjoyed the ringmastering of Col . of Monkeys routine Lucky Larabee Having known him for some. The Los Gauchos really had a big display of 7 or 8 years He handled the announcements. the rope twirling Argentine cowboys The in his usual masterful way . PageS May 25 1981, MAGIC COLLECTORS HONOR JONES JOE and BETTY NAUD S Lancelot Chimps. BY JIM ALFREDSON toured with the Reid Bros Circus in the Pa . cific Northwest then joined the Sam T Pol , Magic collector from all over the country ack Circus at Wellington Ohio .
gathered in Chicago Apr 24 25 for the 12th, Annual Magic Collectors Weekend Jointly EARL K R A U Z E R visited the Royal Lippi . sponsored by the Magic Collectors Associa za n Horse Show at Manchester N H and. tion and Magic Inc The guest of honor this reports an excellent show featuring ROSA RE. year was Circus Report s own Book Worm and His Wonder Horse BENNY CRISTIANI. Lloyd E Jones Lloyd was recognized for his and his Miniature Horses and DIPRIMA S. many yean of active contribution to magic Prancing Ponies . as a dealer performer author collector re THE KIBBEY CLOWNS of the Houston. viewer and publisher , Clown School Texas were used in the post. Although the official activities began on Fri World War II film Jar s Moon which in . day evening many had gathered the day be cluded some carnival footage They have al . fore and the usual active swapping of mater so been doing some promotional work for. ials stories and greetings took place To give and since the TV special Leave Em Laugh . you an idea of how varied the programs are a ing was aired nation wide . run down of the activities follows subject gi , ven first and author in parentheses CLIFFORD E VARGAS visited the Ringling. Friday Nicola Tad Ware Lady of Magic Red Unit in New York City and then spent a. Dell O Dell Al Sharpe Performances of Bel few days with Circus Tivoli in Canada befoee. lachini and OeBiere Walter Willmann Col returning to his own show in Southern Cali . lecting Crooked Gambling Devices Terry fornia , Roses and Leslie May Craige Snader CHELA GAONA injured during the Flying. Saturday Thurston the Untold Story Bob Gaona s act in Australia last year has recov . Olson Billy Purvis the Newcastle Conjurer ered and is back flying with her brothers . Al Berlinski films of lesser known perfor TITO RITCHIE and catcher ARMONDO . mers Mike O Dowd Haenchen magic Bill They are presently with Circus Scon in Eur . Pitts Sir Edwards the Man Who Sees To ope ,morrow Tom Ewing slides of rare magic.
props John Henry Grossman M D , Then the guest of honor Lloyd E Jones. chatted about his fabledcollection now be ,longing to the Walkers his noted chicken. Report, coop still his and many other topics in his GREAT Y CIRCUS. witty and trenchant manner , The 43rd annual circus performance by the. In appreciation of being honored by the As , Great All American Youth Circus of Red .
sociation Lloyd presented those present with, lands Calif was presented at the Redlands. a complimentary copy of his best selling book, YMCA May 8 9 and 15 16 . The Dime Peny Trick in a Japanese tran,station The program featured Grand Spectacle Uni . cycle Single Trapeze Acrobatics Juggling , A fascinating audio visual presentation was Clowns Swinging Y s High Bar Double Crad . next a colorful melding of music and magi le and 3 Lane Cradle Roman Ladders Rings . cians David Linsell That Man Dante Phil Clown Vault High Wire Low Casting Hand. Temple and the evening ended with a num Balancing Multiple Cradle Trampoline . ber of the members presenting magic using Double Trapeze and Hanging Perch German. antique props Gym Wheel Balance Perch Multiple Trap . A bare bones description such as this can eze Teeterboard Webs Flying Trapeze . not convey the grand time that we have each, year at this gathering of magic collectors from Dr Albert Albo Harry Blackstone John Gau.
around the country much time being spent ghan Phil Temple and of course Barbi and. chatting with old friends Among the Calif or Byron Walker We look forward to next year. nians who came to see Lloyd honored were already , Page 10 May 25 1981. because he gave his last to a friend in need , He produced some outdoor rodeos but he. A W O R D A B O U T A FRIEND shinned best in a coliseum where they had. spotlights And it was here that he liked to, Not many people in the circus world will re use as many people with circus backgrounds. member the name of Dittman Mitchell for he as possible His performances were fast paced. was not connected with promoting that many and well balanced and all professional from. circus dates His main interest was rodeo and start to finish . good rodeo with lots of acts and plenty of pro He was innovative and worked best under. duction pressure And best of all he firmly believed. Those who were fortunate enough to work in in giving a person a chance to prove them . his rodeos were treated like royalty but you selves . payed for it a simple price that you were more Mitch is gone now having died of cancer . than willing to give The price was devotion passing away in early April He died nearly. hard work and willingness to give towards the broke not by chance but by choice as he. betterment of the success of the show itself gave most everything away to people who. When you arrived at one of his dates there needed to make it on down the road to. was an air of success about it and there was a a better day . sense of pride that you experienced no where Besides being a great producer an outstand . else If he hired you to work publicity prior ing publicity man he was above all a close. to the date you were prepared to work long friend to everyone For those of us who knew. hard hours Mitch we are all looking forward to working. Mitch as he was called by all his friends was with him again in the future . to rodeo what Floyd King was to the circus We love you Mitch . world In fact they knew each other and Bradd and Sheila Frank. Mitch has told me stories over the years when, the two would meet from time to time usu . ally in a hotel lobby someplace then they d,talk shop .
PEOPLE, Mitch lived out of a suitcase most of his life MICHELLE Bubbles MOERBE a member. carrying with him trunks full not of clothes of the Texas Mid Cities Clown Alley No 85 . but press releases names and countless files of presented clown DIMITRI with a bouquet of. newspaper people TV and radio people and red roses when he appeared in their area this. in general the names of anyone who could past month . help promote the rodeo he was working with, BIG WALLY WALLENTIN formerly with the. whether they be his or someone else He lov , Big John Strong Circus with his wife MICHELE. ed publicity and would take advantage of any, and daughter KELLY RAE have settled in a. situation to fill the seats He had very little, home near Colorado Springs Colo His broth .
use for phone promotions and said a good, phoneman was worth his salt if as long as er KENNY is working with Circus Vargas . sound public relations could be used also to JAMES Jimbow DECKER clowned at the. further enhanse the filling of the seats Dallas Texas Inwood Village Fashion Carni . Mitch traveled many miles with me over the val on April 24 25 . road sitting in the backseat of my car flash ,light in his mouth pounding away on his little. trees under 20 00 Advisors are listed as David Copperfield Doug Henning and Harry Blackstone Jr Members reportedly already signed up include Johnny Carson Lucille Ball Milton Berle and Joan Rivers first time in Indianapolis and a great show of ability Following intermission Mike and John Winn performed a sensational double cross over on the inclined wire Then came Lord of the

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