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qualif cation, CIPS qualifications are regulated internationally to ensure we offer a recognised professional. standard in procurement and supply CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply is. a vocationally related professional qualification Formal recognition is included within the. regulatory frameworks of an increasing number of countries such as the UK England Wales. and Northern Ireland UAE including Dubai and Africa including Zambia Further information. on this recognition and the details of corresponding qualifications levels for other international. qualifications frameworks are detailed on our website CIPS members can have the confidence. in our regulated qualifications which reliably indicate the standard of knowledge skills and. understanding that you as a learner are required to demonstrate. A step up from the Level 3 Advanced Certificate in In this way successful learners will possess transferable. Procurement and Supply Operations the Level 4 Diploma workplace skills developing their operational and tactical. in Procurement and Supply is a stepping stone to study abilities as they strive for managerial roles and responsibilities. on the CIPS Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Procurement It is aimed at those in the profession who have procurement. and Supply The content has been written using the CIPS and supply activity at the heart of their role Learners will be. Procurement and Supply Cycle as its focus which presents expected to provide advice and guidance to key stakeholders. a cyclical process of key steps faced by those procuring on the performance of organisational procedures and. goods or services The Diploma offers the most common processes associated with procurement and supply and will. entry route to the profession and should be used by aspire to manage developments in and improvements to. learners to develop a professional tool box which learners the related functions Transferable skills are those such as. can apply in the practical environment and further develop communication teamwork and planning and completing. at Levels 5 and 6 tasks to high standards all enable the learner to add value to. the organisation,Entry level Entry level Highest Entry level. Level 3 Level 4,Level 2 Level 5 Level 6,Certificate in. Advanced Diploma in Advanced Professional,Certificate in. Procurement,Procurement,Procurement Diploma in Diploma in.
and Supply Procurement Procurement,Operations,and Supply and Supply and Supply and Supply. Operations,Operations,Next steps, This qualification provides progression to the CIPS Level 5 Advanced Diploma in. Procurement and Supply Level 5, Refers to levels within the UK RQF Other regulatory bodies may have different corresponding levels. Based on the Operational and Managerial competency levels of CIPS Global Standard. What will I study 60, Eight CORE modules make up 60 required credits required for. completion, CORE Level 4 Scope and Influence of Procurement and Supply L4M1.
CORE Level 4 Defining CORE Level 4 Commercial,Business Need L4M2 6 Contracting L4M3 6. CREDITS CREDITS,CORE Level 4 Ethical and CORE Level 4 Commercial. Responsible Sourcing L4M4 6 Negotiation L4M5 6,CREDITS CREDITS. CORE Level 4 Supplier CORE Level 4 Whole Life,Relationships L4M6 6 Asset Management L4M7 6. CREDITS CREDITS, CORE Level 4 Procurement and Supply in Practice L4M8.
Who is it for On completion you will be able to analyse interpret and. evaluate relevant information and ideas and have an. This qualification is the essential toolkit for anyone informed awareness of differing perspectives and. planning a career in procurement and supply approaches within the profession You will also be able. Developed and written using the Procurement and to review the effectiveness and appropriateness of. Supply cycle as it s focus it is at the same level as methods actions and results. the first year of an undergraduate degree course, It s suitable for those in operational roles or those Entry requirements The Procurement cycle. is the cyclical process of, managing or supervising the procurement and supply. This is the only entry point onto our Diploma key steps when procuring. function who want to develop their career and work. qualifications A minimum of at least two A levels or goods or services. towards MCIPS Chartered Procurement and Supply www cips org en gb. international equivalent or a CIPS Level 3 Advanced. Professional knowledge procurement, Certificate qualification is required Alternatively. What will I learn you will need a minimum of two years relevant. experience in a business environment, You will learn about making procurement and supply. happen within an organisation and you will be equipped Credit values. with an essential range of knowledge and tools that you. To gain a quali cation you are required to complete a. can apply immediately in your workplace Learn how to. total number of credits This is a way of quantifying the. apply practical theoretical and technical knowledge gain. required number of study hours 1 credit is equivalent to. a clear understanding of procurement and supply and. 10 hours of study Each module is given a credit value of. develop the ability to address complex non routine. 6 or 12 credits,Total credits required,for completion.
exams and your,study commitments,Objective Response exam format OR. These questions allow you to select a response from a list of possible answers. You will find these types of exams across all our qualifications levels and they. are marked by computer and then moderated by CIPS examiners. Constructed Response exam format CR, These questions require you to create or construct a response to the question. such as an essay or case study You will find this type of exam in our diploma. level qualifications and they will be marked by subject expert examiners. Your total qualification time TQT, The TQT indicates the overall number of guided learning hours. additional self study and assessment time that is required. Guided learning hours GLH, It is expected that you will undertake 250 GLH The definition of guided learning. hours is A measure of the amount of input time required to achieve the. qualification This includes lectures tutorials and practicals as well as. supervised study in for example learning centres and workshops. Self study requirement SSR, Additionally we recommend that you also commit to at least 335 SSR.
hours This includes wider reading of the subject areas and revision to give. yourself the best preparation for successfully achieving the qualification. Total exam time, All the modules in CIPS qualifications are assessed by an examination. cips org qualifications,C Scope and,CORE MODULE,Influence of. Procurement,CIPS GLOBAL,and Supply,1 1 1 2 1 3 1 4. 3 1 3 2 4 1 6 1,6 2 7 1 8 1 11 1,Module purpose, On completion of this module learners will be able to identify the key stakeholders in the. application of the sourcing process and analyse the procurement cycle evaluating the. influence that procurement and supply has as a source of added value for the organisation. CONSTRUCTED,RESPONSE EXAM Module aim s, In any organisation a significant proportion of costs are accounted for by the purchases.
of products and or services hence organisations see procurement and supply as a key. contributor to their value added strategies Equally any organisation will also be managing. the supply of products and or services to their customers be they internal or those from. HRS other external organisations consumers or the general public This module is designed. using the CIPS Procurement Cycle as its basis It will provide those who are interested in. EXAM DURATION developing an informed awareness of different perspectives or approaches within the. HOURS discipline an overview of the key stages associated with procurement and supply and. will serve as an introduction for those who are expected to address complex well defined. procurement and supply problems that are non routine in nature. 12 CREDITS,Credit value, Learning outcomes assessment criteria and indicative content. 1 0 Understand and analyse the added value that can 2 0 Understand and analyse the key steps when procuring. be achieved through procurement and supply chain goods or services. management, 2 1 Explain the key aspects of the procurement cycle. 1 1 Describe the categories of spend that an organisation The CIPS Procurement Cycle defining the stages of a. may purchase generic sourcing process from identification of needs. Definitions of procurement and purchasing and to contract award and implementation and end of. supply life disposal, Typical breakdown of organisational costs Differentiating between pre contract award and post. represented by procurements of goods services or contract award stages. constructional works, Stock and non stock procurements 2 2 Analyse the key stages of a sourcing process. Direct and indirect procurements Stages of the sourcing process that relate to. Capital purchases and operational expenditures defining needs creation of contract terms supplier. Services procurements selection contract award and contract or supplier. management, 1 2 Analyse the different sources of added value in The purpose and added value that is created by each.
procurement and supply of the stages of the sourcing process. The five rights of procurement, Defining total life cycle costs or the total costs of 2 3 Explain how electronic systems can be used at. ownership different stages of the sourcing process. Achieving quality timescales quantities and place E requisitioning e catalogues e ordering e sourcing. considerations in procurements from external and e payment technologies. suppliers The impact of electronic purchase to pay P2P. Other sources of added value such as innovation systems on the sourcing process. sustainability and market development, Defining value for money 2 4 Analyse the relationship between achieving. compliance with processes and the achievement of, 1 3 Compare the concepts of procurement and supply outcomes. chain management Organisational needs for structured sourcing. Definitions of procurement supply chains supply processes. chain management and supply chain networks The relationship between process compliance and. Comparisons of supply chain management with the achievement of added value outcomes. procurement,Complex Supply Chains,Definitions of logistics and materials management. 1 4 Differentiate the stakeholders that a procurement or. supply chain function may have,Defining stakeholders.
Examples of stakeholders for a procurement or,supply chain function. Mapping stakeholders for a procurement or supply,chain function. cips org qualifications, 3 0 Understand and analyse the key aspects of 4 0 Understand and analyse the need for compliance. organisational infrastructure that shape the scope of a with requirements when undertaking procurement. procurement or supply chain function activities in different sectors. 3 1 Explain key aspects of corporate governance of a 4 1 Classify different economic and industrial sectors. procurement or supply chain function Economic classifications including public and private. Conflicts of interest sectors charities not for profit and third sector. The need for documented policies and procedures Industrial classifications and sectors such as. for procurement manufacturing retail construction financial. Organisational accountability and reporting for agriculture and service. procurement roles and functions, The status of procurement and supply chain 4 2 Analyse the impact of the public sector on. management within organisations procurement or supply chain roles. Codes of ethics in procurement Objectives of public sector organisations such as. The CIPS Code of Conduct improving services communities and corporate. social responsibility, 3 2 Analyse the impact of organisational policies and Regulations that impact on procurement and supply.
procedures on procurement chain operations, Aspects that can be included in procedures for Need for competition public accountability and value. procurement and supply such as responsibilities for for money. procurement regulations relating to competition, levels of delegated authority responsibilities for the 4 3 Examine the impact of the private sector on. stages of the sourcing process invoice clearance and procurement or supply chain roles. payment Objectives of private sector organisations such as. The use of procurement policies procurement profitability market share shareholder value and. strategies and procurement manuals corporate social responsibility. The involvement of internal functions and personnel Regulations that impact on procurement and supply. in the sourcing process chain operations, Responsible Procurement and the International The importance and role of branding. Labour Organisation core conventions, 4 4 Examine the impact of the not for profit or third. 3 3 Examine the different structures of a procurement or sector on procurement or supply chain roles. supply chain function Objectives of the not for profit or third sector. The use of centralised and devolved structures Regulations impacting on charities. Hybrid structures of a procurement or supply chain Need for regulated procurement exercises

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