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The Abbott ARCHITECT System is manufactured and or distributed by Abbott Laboratories U S A. Abbott Park IL 60064,REVISION STATUS,Part Number Revision Date Pages Revised and Added. 204805 101 Nov 2009 New Release, Any product information in training materials should be used in conjunction with the latest version of the. Operations Service Manual Operations Manual addendum ISA or TSB or Product Information Letter If. discrepancies in information exist within training materials or any other materials the latest version of the. Operations Service Manual Operations Manual addendum ISA or TSB or Product Information Letter takes. precedence, All samples printouts graphics displays screens etc are for information and illustration purposes only. and shall not be used for clinical or maintenance evaluations Data shown in sample printouts and screens do. not reflect actual patient names or test results, Each person assumes full responsibility and all risks arising from use of the Information The Information is. presented AS IS and may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors Abbott Laboratories. reserves the right to make additions deletions or modifications to the Information at any time without any. prior notification, The information documents and related graphics published herein the Information are the sole property.
of Abbott Laboratories Permission to use the Information is granted provided that the copyright notice. appears on all copies use of the Information is for operation of ABBOTT products by Abbott trained. personnel or informational use only the Information is not modified in any way and no graphics are used. separate from accompanying text, ARCHITECT i1000SR i2000 i2000SR i4000SR c8000 ci8200 c16000 ci16200 ci4100 Chemiflex. AxSYM AEROSET and MasterCheck are registered trademarks of Abbott Laboratories in various. jurisdictions, i4000 i6000 i8000 c4000 cSystem iSystem ARCHITECT ARM FlexRate and SmartWash are. trademarks of Abbott Laboratories in various jurisdictions. All Abbott Laboratories product names and trademarks are owned by or licensed to Abbott Laboratories its. subsidiaries or affiliates No use of any Abbott trademark trade name trade dress or product name may be. made without the prior written authorization of Abbott Laboratories except to identify the product or. services of Abbott Laboratories All other trademarks brands product names and trade names are the. property of their respective companies All rights reserved. Except as permitted above no license or right express or implied is granted to any person under any patent. trademark or other proprietary right of Abbott Laboratories. This guide was developed and produced by U S Commercial Training in Irving TX. Copyright 2009 Abbott Laboratories Abbott Park Illinois. 1 2 ADD CSO ARCHITECT ci8200 Technical Training,FOR ABBOTT INTERNAL USE ONLY 204805 101. Training Overview 1 4,Objectives 1 5,Hazards 1 6,Safety Icons 1 7 1 8. Introduction 1 10,Section 1 Operations 1 13,COMPONENT OVERVIEW 1 14.
Summary 2 31,Review Questions 2 32,Section 3 Maintenance and Diagnostics 3 1. FLUIDICS OPTICS ROBOTICS TEMPERATURE 3 3,COMPONENT REPLACEMENT c8000 3 24. COMPONENT REPLACEMENT i2000SR 3 41,MAINTENANCE and DIAGNOSTICS 3 42. Summary 3 61,Review Questions 3 62,Section 4 Integration 4 1. INSTRUMENT INTEGRATION PROCESS 4 3,Summary 4 31,Review Questions 4 32.
ADD CSO ARCHITECT ci8200 Technical Training 1 3,204805 101 FOR ABBOTT INTERNAL USE ONLY. Notes Training Overview, This guide is designed to ensure a consistent and standardized method for providing. you technical training to a new platform It is designed to provide the knowledge. skills and systematic approach necessary for you to perform basic and advanced. operation of the ARCHITECT System including,Maintenance and Troubleshooting. Integration, It is also designed to prepare you for your support role This preparation may include. the use of additional training guides modules designed to provide you the. opportunity to blend your technical skills and knowledge with your support role. Work with your manager Specialist Facilitator Mentor and or National Service. and Support trainer to determine your training needs and requirements. Graphic Conventions, Throughout the text icons and signal words appear where the nature of the.
information warrants special attention, The note signal word appears adjacent to an important point of. information that is relevant to the current subject matter The note. is preceded by an envelope icon,Reference Materials. The laptop icon signals a location recommending the use of. Reference Materials i e Operations Manual TSB ISA QD etc. during training Alternate media can be substituted at the. instructor s discretion,Diagnostic Information, The tool icon signals an important point of diagnostic information. that is relevant to the current subject matter, The clock icon appears along with an activity header to identify a. student activity,1 4 ADD CSO ARCHITECT ci8200 Technical Training.
FOR ABBOTT INTERNAL USE ONLY 204805 101,Resources Notes. During this training you will utilize the following resource materials. ARCHITECT System Operations Manual and component diagrams. ARCHITECT Service and Support Manuals, ARCHITECT Troubleshooting Guides and or Troubleshooting database. eSolutions,Customer Training Checklists,Calibrator and Control Package Inserts. GSS Webpage Contents,ARCHITECT c8000 and i2000SR TSB ISA. ARCHITECT c8000 and i2000SR Tech Tools,Achieving Service Excellence Connection.
The skills in the module will reinforce the Receiving Helping and Keeping skills. learned in ASE,Objectives, At the completion of this training you should be able to. Identify and locate ARCHITECT ci8200 components, Perform basic operations including daily maintenance basic run and. calibrations, Perform key component removal and replacement procedures. Use diagnostic tools and interpret troubleshooting data to isolate the root. cause of failure,Perform Integration activities, Perform customer training using Basic Training Checklist and applicable. ADD CSO ARCHITECT ci8200 Technical Training 1 5,204805 101 FOR ABBOTT INTERNAL USE ONLY.
Notes HAZARDS, The ARCHITECT System and RSH Systems have been designed for optimal. operator safety However this does not reduce the importance of safety awareness. where hazards exist, Ensure you familiarize yourself with the information in the Operations Manual that. describes the types and locations of potential hazards that could cause physical harm. or damage to the laboratory environment or where failure to follow instructions may. result in instrument failure or generation of erroneous patient results. Review the Hazard and Safety Information contained in the. ARCHITECT System Operations Manual Section 8 Hazards for. complete information, Icons and warnings are inserted throughout this Training Guide to alert Personnel to. potential hazards,Hazard Signal Words, Standard warning conventions including hazard signal words and symbols are. described below,Signal Word Definition, WARNING Denotes a physical mechanical or procedural condition that.
could result in moderate to serious personal injury. CAUTION Denotes a condition or activities that could result in minor. injury or interfere with proper functioning of the System. Note Denotes operator or service information,1 6 ADD CSO ARCHITECT ci8200 Technical Training. FOR ABBOTT INTERNAL USE ONLY 204805 101,Safety Icons and Hazard Symbols. Safety icons in this manual and on the ARCHITECT System identify potentially dangerous conditions. Support Personnel must recognize the icons and understand the type and degree of potential hazard The. following icons may be used with text or in lieu of text If text accompanies the icon it describes the. nature of the hazard and is labeled with DANGER WARNING or CAUTION In some situations. instrument labels refer Service Personnel to the manual for specific information. Safety Icon Definition and Descriptions,Safety Icon Hazard Description. WARNING Potential Biohazard Identifies an activity or area where potentially infectious. materials may be present Follow procedures as outlined below. in Biological Hazards Section, WARNING Electrical Shock Identifies the possibility of electrical shock if procedural or. Hazard engineering controls are not observed, CAUTION Class 2 Laser Warns against direct viewing into the bar code laser beam or.
Product Avoid eye exposure to reflections from the beam. laser light, WARNING Hot Surface Identifies an area where a hot surface is present or may be. CAUTION Hot Surface present in case of an instrument malfunction. WARNING Probe Stick Hazard Identifies an activity or area where probes may be present. Identifies an activity that may present a safety related hazard and advises the Operator to consult. caution warning instructions Examples Include, CAUTION Lifting Hazard Identifies an activity where one may be required to lift or move. a heavy object Obtain assistance when moving and or use. appropriate lifting devices, CAUTION Moving Parts Identifies an activity or area where moving parts are present. CAUTION Chemical Hazard Identifies an activity or area where hazardous chemicals are. present Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS or. package insert for specific safety information, WARNING Splash Spray Identifies an area where fluids may be under pressure. CAUTION Possible Identifies an area where electrostatic discharge may be present. Electrostatic Discharge Shock A ground strap must be worn while servicing the system. Note Card Cage Ground A protective grounding symbol appears on the ARCHITECT. System at any electrical terminal that must be connected to. earth ground before any other connections can be safely made. to the equipment,ADD CSO ARCHITECT ci8200 Technical Training 1 7.
204805 101 FOR ABBOTT INTERNAL USE ONLY,Notes Other Related Symbols. Icon Description, NOTE The alternating current symbol appears on the. ARCHITECT System at a terminal to which or from, which an alternative sine wave current or voltage can. be applied or supplied, NOTE On an electrical switch a vertical bar identifies the ON. NOTE On an electrical switch a circle identifies the OFF. Hazard Symbol Definition and Descriptions, The labeling of ARCHITECT System reagents calibrators controls or liquid.
consumables may include one or more of the following hazard symbols The. symbols and or other country specific warnings are used to convey properties of the. chemical or chemical mixture and to notify the user that precautions should be. taken when handling material Always consult the Assay specific Package Insert or. Material Safety Data Sheet for further information. Hazard Symbol Definition Description with Standard Abbreviation. Indicated that the material is Highly Flammable F or Extremely. Flammable F, Indicates that the material is Toxic T or Very Toxic T. Indicates that the material is Harmful Xn or Irritant Xi. Indicates the material is Corrosive C, Indicates that the material is Dangerous for the environment N. 1 8 ADD CSO ARCHITECT ci8200 Technical Training,FOR ABBOTT INTERNAL USE ONLY 204805 101. Finding information using the Online Operations Manual Notes. The information provided in the ARCHITECT System Support Training Guide is. not as comprehensive as the information provided in the online Operations Manual. Use the Training Guide to become familiar with the topics included in the. Operations Manual However use the Operations Manual to obtain detailed. information about the ARCHITECT System its user interface the procedures that. you can perform on the system and the error messages that it produces. You access the online Operations Manual by selecting Overview from the menu bar. and then selecting Operations manual The online Operations Manual appears On. the left hand side a menu is displayed that includes the following tabs. Contents Click any plus sign which appears to the left of a book topic to. expand a section and see its complete contents, For example if you expand Section 2 you will find information about. system installation and configuration software installation and backup. assay management and maintenance procedures As you click on a plus. sign associated with a section or one of its subtopics related. information appears in the right pane or topic pane of the Operations. Index Click this tab to display an unnamed search field Then type in a. topic a word or phrase or the number of an error message in this search. field to try and find detailed information If the information that you. included in the search field is also included in the Operation Manual s. Index then all of the topics related to the word or string of words that you. typed in the search field display just underneath this field in the left hand. pane which is also known as the navigation pane,Search Click this tab to display anothe.
204805 101 FOR ABBOTT INTERNAL USE ONLY 1 2 FOR ABBOTT INTERNAL USE ONLY ADD CSO ARCHITECT ci8200 Technical Training 204805 101 The Abbott ARCHITECT System is manufactured and or distributed by Abbott Laboratories U S A Abbott Park IL 60064 Any product information in training materials should be used in conjunction with the latest version of the Operations Service Manual Operations

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