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to the new Christmas magazine,from AGA Cook Shop,As an AGA owner I always. insist that I cook the,Christmas meal The results,are always so much nicer than. eating out and it is a time for,me and my AGA to shine. There is something magical about an AGA Christmas and. the Cookshop team have included all the hints and tips to. ensure your festive feast couldn t be simpler, From the first canap s through to the Twelfth Night. we have lots of foodie inspiration,Christmas comes but once a year.
With family and friends joining you for the festivities the best piece of advice. Richard and I can give is be prepared so much easier and less stressful. Featuring a detailed countdown to Christmas Dawn, and Richard have ideas for you to prepare ahead for Our countdown list gives pointers for the main Christmas Feast. the big day,Dawn Roads Richard Maggs,AGA Food Editor AGA Cookery Doctor. We have put together a guide for all the essentials you. will need for maximising oven space whether you are. cooking for a small family or a large hungry crowd 22nd November 23rd November 27th November 29th November. The AGA s capacity to cope with so many things at once. makes it far more useful in the kitchen than an array of Stir Up Sunday Order your turkey Black Friday First day of Advent Make. well meaning relatives and with the right cookware it is The last Sunday before Make your Christmas gift Head to your local AGA your Christmas Cake See. so easy to use advent tradition says that list for family and friends Shop or shop online at our recipe on page 3. the family gathers to make Remember the last order agacookshop co uk. the Christmas pudding date for AGA Cookshop is to pick up all your. Packed with ideas for decorations for the tree through See page 3 for a delicious Friday 18th December cookware essentials and. to scrumptious sauces and delectable cakes we hope recipe for the best AGA more at a great discount in. you enjoy reading this magazine as much as we have cooked Christmas time for Christmas. had putting it together for you pudding, And finally why not take a look at our gift ideas for. foodie lovers family and friends and meet Dizzie our. festive Labrador who is the star of our beautiful range of. Christmas textiles, 5th December 6th December 12th December 13th December. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas Get Ahead Make your mince pies and Check you have all your Purchase and decorate. Make your bread and freeze ahead cookware items ahead of your tree Make your own. Caroline Smith cranberry sauces See page 4 for the perfect the Big Day Contact your decorations and get the. AGA Cookshop Manager Freeze ahead ready recipe Check UK posting local AGA Shop to reserve whole family involved See. for the big day dates to send cards a copy of the perfect guide page 5 for how to make. See our recipes and a list and gifts to Christmas cooking Jewelled Christmas Tree. of items you may need See our video of how to Biscuits and Dried Oranges. on page 4 cook the perfect feast at for the tree Place your food. agacookshop co uk orders remembering any,special requirements for.
breads and cheeses, 14th December 18th December 24th December 25th December. Start wrapping your Last order date for Thread bacon rolls and Bring meat to room. Christmas presents your Christmas gifts cocktail sausages onto temperature before. and send your U K and essentials at barbeque skewers makes cooking Warm plates. Christmas Cards agacookshop co uk turning over during and serving dishes in. cooking very quick Put the warming oven Serve, Make a Menu List champagne in the fridge champagne and canap s. means you don t and set the festive table before the main feast. forget any item Pick up your fruit and Wow your guests with. vegetables Put out the our champagne coupe,Christmas stockings stack see page 11 Put. Defrost frozen sauces pudding wrapped in foil,and pies you may have in Simmering Oven all. made previously morning to slowly re heat, For more hints tips and recipes to help you create the perfect Christmas go to agachristmas co uk.
There s also a Christmas Feast Video to help guide you through cooking for the Big Day. AGA Christmas Cake,Star of the Show, A super celebration rich fruit cake not just for Christmas. If you prefer a more traditional cake cover with almond paste and peaks. of stiff royal icing with a sprig of holly,225g 8 oz butter currants sultanas and raisins. 225g 8 oz soft brown sugar 115g 4 oz mixed peel, 6 large free range eggs beaten 55g 2 oz crystallised pineapple pieces. 225g 8 oz plain flour 55g 2 oz dried cranberries,tsp nutmeg grated 85g 3 oz dried apricots chopped. 1 tsp mixed spice 85g 3 oz crystallised papaya pieces. tsp ground cinnamon 115g 4 oz glac cherries chopped. 85g 3 oz ground almonds 3 tbsp brandy,625g 1 lb 6 oz mixed fruit Decoration Glac fruits.
Butter the base and sides of an AGA 23 cm spring form tin and line the base there is no need. to put any paper around the outside of the tin, Christmas Pudding Place the butter and sugar into a very large basin or a new clean washing up bowl Cream. the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy it is easier to do this with your freshly. Traditionally the Christmas Pudding was made on Stir Up Sunday washed hand Gradually beat in the eggs adding a little of the flour towards the end to. 22nd November this year the last Sunday before Advent Get the whole avoid curdling. family to give the pudding mixture a stir East to West to signify the Sieve the flour and spices together Fold in the flour spices and ground almonds Then mix. in the dried fruits Place in the cake tin and level the top. journey of the Three Wise Men and make a wish, 2 3 4 and 5 oven AGA Slide onto the grid shelf placed on the floor of the Simmering. Makes 2 x 1 litre 2 pint puddings Oven and bake for 6 6 hours or until cooked through On a 4 oven AGA place on the. grill rack placed on the floor of the Simmering Oven Test with a skewer by inserting it. 225g 8 oz plain flour 225g 8 oz sultanas 3 tbsp milk. into the centre of the cake and if it comes out clean the cake is cooked or listen to the cake. 2 level tsp baking powder 225g 8 oz raisins 3 tbsp rum or brandy. if it does not sing it is cooked, 225g 8 oz Demerara 225g 8 oz dried figs Rind and juice of 1 lemon. sugar chopped Melted butter for pudding AGA Total Control For the best results cook the cake in the Roasting or Baking Oven at. 225g 8 oz butter tsp cinnamon basins Slumber setting. 225g 8 oz breadcrumbs tsp grated nutmeg, Allow to cool and pierce the cake with a slim skewer and pour over the brandy. 225g 8 oz marmalade 3 eggs beaten,Remove from the tin Decorate with the glac fruits.
Place the flour baking powder Demerara sugar and the butter into a food processor. and pulse until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs Tip into a bowl Add all the other. ingredients Mix well together and make a wish, Butter the pudding basins with the melted butter Divide the mixture between the basins. and smooth the tops Cover the basins with a circle of Bake O GlideTM and a double layer. of foil Allow to stand overnight, Place each basin in a large enough saucepan to accommodate each pudding I use two. pieces of wood batons to stand the basin on and pour in boiling water to come halfway. up the basin, 2 3 4 and 5 oven AGA Simmer on the Simmering Plate for 20 minutes then transfer to. the floor of the Simmering Oven for 6 8 hours overnight if convenient The longer they. cook the darker they will be,AGA Total Control and City 60 Use the floor grid. These puddings are best made ahead of Christmas but a couple of weeks is sufficient. On Christmas Day wrap the whole basin in foil and place at the back of the Simmering. Oven for 2 3 hours Serve with brandy butter or a whisky sauce make a white sauce with. cornflour and stir in 3 4 tbsp whisky before serving. Items you will need Kitchen Aid Blender Make sure you have AGA Timer. AGA Non Stick,Bakeware 23 cm,Spring Form Tin,AGA Stainless Steel W3147 AGA Chopping.
4 litre Casserole Board,W3417 97 W2948 66, 2 11 pint pudding Bake O Glide AGA Cast Iron Bake O Glide. basin Cooking liner small Traditional Trivet Cooking Liner Large Kitchen Aid Mixer. W3034 6 49 W1495 9 U321 29 W1494 14 From 449,Make your Mince. Pies and freeze,ahead ready for,your Christmas,Entertaining. Mini Mince Pies Bread Sauce,600 ml 1 pint milk 1 medium onion quartered. 450g 1 lb plain flour 8 tbsp brandy Salt and pepper 175 200g 6 7 oz. 200g 7 oz butter 750g 1 lb 10 oz mincemeat 1 bay leaf breadcrumbs. 55g 2 oz vegetable fat A little milk 3 cloves Knob of butter. 1 2 tbsp chilled orange juice, Method Place the milk seasoning bay leaf cloves and the onion into a saucepan.
Sift the flour and rub in the butter and vegetable fat until the mixture resembles and bring to boiling point on the Simmering Plate Put to one side to infuse. breadcrumbs Stir in the zest and bind with the juice If using a food processor go gently for an hour or so Strain the milk into a clean pan reheat and add the. as it is easy to over process this pastry Leave to chill in the fridge for 30 minutes the breadcrumbs Stir and cook for 2 minutes Turn into a serving dish dot with. mixture is very rich and best handled as little as possible butter cover with a lid foil or cling film and place in the Simmering Oven to. Roll the pastry out thinly and cut out 48 lids first If you prefer to make tarts cut out. Christmas shapes as shown in the picture Then re roll to cut out 48 bases Grease the. muffin tins lightly and line with the bases Cranberry Sauce. Stir the brandy into the mincemeat and add just enough to fill each pie before topping. 225g 8 oz fresh 85g 3 oz caster sugar, with a lid using a little milk to stick it on securely Brush the tops with milk and make a. cranberries Rind and juice of 1 orange,small slit in each pie if using a full lid. 175 ml 6 fl oz port, 2 3 4 and 5 oven AGA Bake for 8 12 minutes with the oven grid shelf placed on the floor. of the Roasting Oven until golden Method, Place all ingredients into a saucepan and cook on the Simmering Plate until. the cranberries pop and the sugar has dissolved Place in a serving dish. cover and keep warm in the Simmering Oven,Items you may need.
Items you may need,AGA Non Stick,Bakeware Mini,Muffin Tin. New AGA Cooks Emile Henry at AGA,Collection Plain Ramekins Set of 4 Available. Apron in Black Claret in Gloss Black Claret and,AGA Cooks Collection Blue and Green 20 cm Cast. Black Gauntlet Aluminium Saucepan Vanilla,BLK W3446 28 W3360 20. W1243 22 W3401 76,A perfect start to Christmas Day.
Drop Scones, These are cooked direct on the Simmering Plate They are also known as Scotch Pancakes. Griddle Scones or just plain Pancakes,Makes 8 10,115g 4 oz self raising flour To serve. 25g 1 oz caster sugar Maple syrup or honey,1 egg Blueberries strawberries raspberries or. 150 ml pint milk blackberries, Place the flour and sugar into a basin mix little oil on a piece of kitchen paper Drop. together Make a well in the centre and add tablespoonfuls of the mixture onto the. the egg and half the milk Whisk together surface Cook one side then flip over and. adding the remainder of the milk to make a cook the other Keep warm in a clean tea. smooth batter towel and serve with maple syrup or honey. Lightly oil the Simmering Plate with a warmed at the back of the AGA or you. can spread them with softened butter,AGA Smoked Salmon Scramble.
A delicious and easy recipe for everyone to enjoy,Serves 2 100g 3 oz smoked salmon. 25g 1 oz butter 2 bagels toasted, 3 free range eggs lightly Butter for spreading Items you may need. beaten Garnish Chopped parsley,Salt and black pepper. AGA Cast Aluminium, Melt the butter in an AGA non stick saucepan on the 18 cm non stick. Simmering Plate When the butter has melted and begins Saucepan. to foam add the eggs and seasoning Stir continuously. until just beginning to set and creamy in appearance Don t. worry as the eggs will continue to cook a little after they. are taken off the heat, Arrange the smoked salmon over the toasted and buttered.
bagel halves and cover with the scrambled egg AGA Essential Toaster. Garnish with a little chopped parsley and enjoy,Make your own Decorations. Holly Garlands Jewelled Christmas Tree Biscuits,and Front Door. 300g 11 oz self raising 175g 6 oz butter diced 32 small clear coloured. Wreaths flour 175g 6 oz caster sugar boiled sweets. Dry your own orange slices for Christmas 55g 2 oz cornflour 2 large egg whites Thin coloured ribbon. garlands Soak in a dilute solution of Milton,first to prevent future growth of mould Method. and then lay out on trays to dry in the Sieve the flours into a bowl Rub in the 3 4 and 5 oven AGA Cook in the centre of. simmering oven with the door ajar Store in butter Stir in the sugar and enough of the Baking Oven for 10 12 minutes until a. an airtight tin near the AGA until needed the egg white to form a fairly soft dough pale golden colour. Not suitable for consumption Knead lightly until smooth Roll out until. Leave to go cold on the trays then carefully,5 mm about inch thick and stamp. lift off Thread loops of ribbon through the,out shapes using a 9 cm 3 inch star.
holes in each biscuit and store in an,Christmas cutter Use a bottle top to cut. Black Friday Head to your local AGA Shop or shop online at agacookshop co uk to pick up all your cookware essentials and more at a great discount in time for Christmas First day of Advent Make your Christmas Cake See our recipe on page 3 Get Ahead Make your bread and cranberry sauces Freeze ahead ready for the big day See our recipes and

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