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Published 2019 in Singapore by,Medio Media,www mediomedia com mmi wccm org. Transcript of Laurence Freeman OSB Christian Life in the Light of Christian. Meditation 1 Discipleship Meditatio Talks 2019 A Medio Media Singapore. ISBN 978 981 14 0967 7 Talks in Singapore January 2019. The World Community for Christian Meditation 2019,THE WORLD COMMUNITY FOR CHRISTIAN MEDITATION. www wccm org,1 Discipleship 1 5,2 Discipleship 2 9. 3 Discipleship 3 13,4 Discipleship 4 17,To be a disciple is to be on the way to becoming. a Christian to becoming one with Christ to,becoming as the early church describes it.
another christ Each one of us is another,christ because of that union we have with him. This is a lifelong journey and everything is,given meaning if our life has this purpose. Discipleship 1,To be a disciple is to be on the way to becoming. another Christ as the early church describes it And. this is a lifelong journey that gives meaning to,everything that happens to us in our life. This is the 30th anniversary of my first coming to Singapore It s. from that moment that the little seed grew of the Christian. meditation community here which has become part of the church. of Singapore And indeed over the years the community of Chris. tian meditators and their friends here in Singapore have made a. tremendous contribution to other churches in Asia and indeed to. the World Community itself the hundred or so countries in. which we are present As a celebration of that anniversary we. thought that it would be good to reflect on the link between. meditation and three of the essential elements of Christian life. Christian identity Discipleship Holiness and Evangelisation. Discipleship I d like to begin with these words from the Second. Letter of Peter which describes discipleship, His divine power has given us everything we need for a.
godly life through our knowledge of him who called us. by his own glory and goodness Through these he has. given us his very great and precious promises so that. through them we may participate in the divine nature. having escaped the corruption in the world caused by. evil desire 2 Pet 1 3 4, The key phrase here that relates to meditation as the prayer of. the heart is that we are called to share in the very being of God. to participate in the divine nature And the Christian vocation is. nothing less than that It s the call to remember and to be. conscious of our vocation to share in the very being of God This. is really what it means to be a Christian There was an interview. once with a black American poet a woman who was describing. her poetry and the interviewer said to her I understand that you. are a Christian And she laughed a great belly laugh and she. said Well I sure hope I will be before I die, To be a disciple is to be on the way to becoming a Christian. We re not fully disciples yet but we are on the way We re on the. way to becoming one with Christ to becoming as the early. church describes it another christ Each one of us is another. christ because of that union we have with him And this is a. lifelong journey We don t arrive at this point just on the day of. our baptism that s just the beginning of this journey It s a. lifelong journey and the beautiful thing about this journey is that. it gives meaning to everything that happens to us in our life the. joys and the sufferings the things we gain and the things we. lose Everything is given meaning if our life has this purpose. So what does it mean for us and how can we become or be. on the way to becoming a Christian Well let s just go back to the. beginning Let s look at the first disciples who were the first Chris. tian disciples They were the twelve apostles We speak of the. church as an Apostolic Church and this means that the church is. built on these twelve apostles who themselves were built in Christ. It s an apostolic church because they model for us what being a. disciple means in every generation We ourselves can understand. what discipleship means if we look at these original twelve. You remember how they were called each one of them indi. vidually personally Jesus was praying on the mountain alone in. deep prayer and then when he came down from the mountain. he went out to call to identify these original disciples and they. would model discipleship for every generation And who were. they Were they great university professors Were they great. political leaders Were they great intellectuals Were they people. of power and influence They were fishermen tax collectors. which wasn t a very nice job political agitators one of them. was Simon the Zealot which meant he was a troublemaker and. one of them as we know was a thief Judas was a thief we were. told Peter was the only one of these disciples who we know to. have been married and his wife travelled with him later in his. following of Jesus These were ordinary people from the lower. classes The word apostle means messenger or perhaps even. more than a messenger like a delegate or an ambassador. They were uneducated they came from the lower classes and. they followed him after he had called them And they stayed with. him for the three years probably of his public ministry That was. their training in discipleship, Remember the first time that Jesus appears in the Gospel. of John Jn 1 35 39 John the Baptist is standing with some of his. disciples when Jesus passes by and John points to Jesus and. says There is the Lamb of God Jn 1 36 And the two disciples. standing with John the Baptist followed Jesus, They followed him they were looking at his back But then. he turned and saw them following him and he said to them. What are you looking for What are you looking for And they. replied Teacher where are you staying And what did he say. Come and see Come and see And they went and saw where he. was staying and they stayed with him for the rest of the day. Then St John says in the Gospel It was about four o clock in the. afternoon What does it matter that it was four o clock in the. afternoon It was actually a time for prayer In the early church. every day was shaped around times of prayer and four o clock. was one the time of the evening prayer the afternoon prayer. when they stopped work and prayed This little story is a. wonderful description of discipleship, First of all somebody has to point Jesus out to us Who was.
it Maybe our parents maybe a friend maybe a priest or a. religious or maybe somebody we met on a bus Somebody first. of all points Jesus to us Then we begin to follow but at first we re. only seeing the back of him But at a certain moment and this is. where discipleship really begins he turns and sees us following. him So we see that we are seen That makes a big difference. And that s where real relationship begins isn t it when you see. that you are being seen And this is the moment in that story. where they become related to him and he asks them this profound. question What are you looking for What s the real purpose of. your life What s the priority of your life That s a question we. should ask ourselves every day if we are disciples What is our. priority And they answer him with a disciple s question Where. are you staying He doesn t give them his email address his. mailing address He says Come and see It s an invitation And. they accept that invitation and they stay with him. So these are the stages we could say of discipleship This. might take 30 years It s a lifetime in a sense this process we go. through these stages The fullness of that relationship is that we. become one with him And the four o clock in the afternoon. reminds us that this journey of discipleship this meeting this. discovery that we are known by Jesus and he s calling us. individually personally we re not just one of a crowd that. journey takes place within our journey of prayer That s why I d like. to make this connection between deep prayer prayer of the. heart meditation contemplative prayer and our discipleship in. daily life,Discipleship 2, That s the great strength of Christian discipleship. you don t have to be perfect you just have to be,faithful and to know that he is faithful to us. These early disciples the twelve were not perfect people They. made many mistakes Often we see in the gospels that Jesus. gets impatient with them because they don t understand what. he s saying They argue among themselves about who is going to. be greatest and they bicker and they fail to understand the real. depth of his teaching And they abandon him at the end Peter. the biggest failure denies him three times So why do we look to. these disciples as the model of our discipleship, They don t seem to be very good disciples but he was faith. ful to them There was this connection And once this connection. is made he is faithful to it and even if we are unfaithful he. remains faithful to us That s the great strength of Christian. discipleship you don t have to be perfect you just have to be. faithful and to know that he is faithful to us, He had three close disciples Peter James and John who. accompanied him at very important moments in the healing of. Jairus daughter at the Transfiguration in the Garden of Geth. semane but in a sense each one of us is a close disciple We. have different roles to play in the church in the body of Christ. but each one of us is called to this intimate relationship with him. We don t have to think of ourselves as second best because. we re not perfect They weren t perfect why should we expect. that we will be perfect Discipleship is about accepting and. knowing yourself as you are but also knowing that the gaze of. Jesus the loving gaze of Jesus is on us at all times. And then there was St Paul who didn t know Jesus in his. lifetime but after his death after his Resurrection As the church. slowly began to form he became like a Taliban a persecutor He. was persecuting the Christians He was there when Stephen the. first martyr was stoned to death So Paul who went through his. moment of encounter with the risen Christ on the road to. Damascus calls himself an apostle Gal 1 1 2 Tim 1 1 I m as much. an apostle as those other twelve he said So we can relate to him. too We didn t know Jesus in the flesh but we meet him as St. Paul did as the risen Christ The risen Christ is the indwelling. Christ And this again is why our prayer is so important because. our prayer is not only about thinking of Jesus in the tabernacle or. Jesus on the throne of heaven but Jesus dwelling staying in my. heart in the centre of my being St Paul says your hope of glory to. come is Christ within you Col 1 27 This is the depth of Christian. discipleship that we know Jesus to be dwelling living guiding. loving within us, So what is involved in being a disciple Love of Jesus That.
love will grow Just as love in friendship or marriage or love of. children that grows over time our love of Jesus grows It also. involves obedience to his teaching as best we can We fail many. times but we keep walking with him, Jesus says that no one can be a disciple without renouncing. all his possessions That s a little disconcerting if we take it only. at the materialistic level St Francis lived that life of complete. physical renunciation he didn t own anything But that s only one. reflection of the meaning of this call to renounce all our. possessions Of course there is a material aspect to it It will be. difficult to be a disciple of Jesus and be a full blown consumer. who thinks of nothing except owning things buying things. shopping If that s the only thing in our life or that s the main. priority of our life or the main way we use our leisure time as. consumers it would affect our discipleship Or if we had more. than enough and we wouldn t share it with the poor with those. who needed it then that would also affect our discipleship We. would be possessive miserly, So there is a material aspect to this renouncing of. possessions But the deepest meaning of it is poverty of spirit. being able to let go within ourselves of the egotistical impulse to. possess and control That s a very deep rooted instinct in every. human being to possess and control We think it s more. important to have than to be And again this is in our prayer the. meditation It s in our prayer that we actually do renounce all our. possessions We have responsibilities to family to friends to jobs. you can t just renounce everything and put your children on the. streets But you can while being responsible about your wealth or. your possessions you can still renounce them if you become. nonpossessive and you use them generously and wisely and you. are not possessed by your possessions So this is a very. important element of discipleship that we know what poverty of. spirit really means, Another element of discipleship is nonviolence This is what. characterises the Christian life the teaching of Jesus to turn. the other cheek to love our enemies to give blessings to those. who curse us This isn t the way of the world This isn t the way. most political institutions or countries operate They take. revenge they retaliate they get their own back But the Christian. disciple is on his or her way to understand what nonviolence. means what it means as Jesus himself showed us in his own. what discipleship means if we look at these original twelve disciples You remember how they were called each one of them indi vidually personally Jesus was praying on the mountain alone in deep prayer and then when he came down from the mountain he went out to call to identify these original disciples and they would model discipleship for every generation And who were they Were they

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