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intMPE BOLTLESS LINERS, COMBINED SELF FASTENED BOLTLESS HIGH Cr CAST IRON Ni. HARD CAST IRON LINERS, These are new products in the series of intMPE liners and are substitutes. for high manganese steel and low alloy steel liners in mines power plant. and cement works This product achieves maximum economic benefits The. anti wearing performance is four times as much as that of high manganese. steel and twice more than that of low alloy steels HRc52 65 AK5 15J The. advantages of our design are boltless no leakage of powder no repairs. during working periods with a lot of noise reduction . DOUBLE MEDIA QUENCHING, CHROMIUM MOLYBDENUM ALLOY. STEEL SERIES, Liners are a series of wear material which. is designed specially for ball mills in Output Increased 8 20 . coal fired power plants mines cement, plants etc With the intMPE special double.
Power Consumption, media quenching process the liner 8 20 . Reduced, material can not only achieve ideal, hardness HRc48 55 but also ideal. toughness value AK30 100J It can Repairs Decreased 98 . completely meet the requirement of liners, of large and middle ball mills in most Liner Consumption. 8 20 , applications The use of Middle Chrome Reduced. Liners and High Chrome Cast Balls has, given long service life in coal mills and Liners are easily installed and the.
cement mills Meanwhile the material is existing ball mill needs no change . applicable to the teeth plates armored, plates and hammers of crushers and. excavator bucket teeth , METASTABLE AUSTENITIC HIGH. IMPACT MANGANESE STEEL, It is also called Modified High Manganeese Steel It compares to ZGMn13 with a. better wear property by a minimum of 20 intMPE MAHMS is applicable to. withstand high impact commonly found in teeth plates concaves and mantles of. crushers and excavator bucket teeth Meanwhile it is also applicable to lining plates. of ball mills , intMPE Wear Parts for Crushers, Wear Parts For Cone Crushers. Concaves and mantles of new, type high manganese steels for.
all the cone crushers They have, good wear resistant property and. reliability They are not liable to, fracture , Oxidation Temperature. Endurance MPa, Material Weight gain range, 1000C 1000hr. 1000C 500hr applicable,30Cr26Ni14Si2MoNRENb 16 50 800 1300C. 40Cr25Ni20 10 50 800 1300C,35Cr18Ni25Si2 8 65 800 1300C.
30Cr22Ni4Mn4Si2N 8 115 600 1100C, high wear,Cr26 cast iron 100 600 1100C. resistance, Highly alloyed heat and abrasion resistant parts can. effectively resist heat wear and oxidation in different. temperature ranges within 600 1300 The main, products include spraying nozzles of boilers grate bars. for sintering grate plates for clinker cooling machines . furnace bed plates and teeth for slag crushers , Wear Parts for Crusher. Jaw plates and cheek plates for jaw crushers , blow barsand impact plates for impact crushers .
cone liners for gyratory crushers and hammers, for hammer crushers . Middle Alloy Cast Steel Jaw Plate Blow Bar, Jaw Crusher Specification. PJ 900, PE 60, PJ 1200, PE 150, PJ 1500, PE 250, PEX100x600. PE 400, PEX150X750, PE 500, PEX200x1000, PE 600, PEX250x750. PE 750, PEX250x1000, PE 900, PEX250x1200, intMPE Wear resistant Bends and Ball Mill Parts.
Wear resistant Bends High and Low Cr, Cast Balls and Martensite Ductile Iron Cast. Balls, They are widely used in mines cement works . power plants chemical and metallurgical industries . INTMPE products possess good wear performance, in applications that imply good engineering . Especially the Martensite ductile iron grinding, balls have great significance in wet grinding circuits. in mining proceses , Mechanical Property, Material Duration.
Os MPa Ob MPa Top Temperature Applicable C of, Life hours . ZG30Cr20Ni7Si2N 400 650 25 1000 25000, ZG20Cr24Ni14Si2N 400 650 25 1270 25000. ZG20Cr20Ni7Si2N 400 650 25 900 25000, ZG40CrMoNiMnSiRe 400 650 25 30000. ZG40CrMn2MoRe 400 650 25 30000, The Property of intMPE Grinding Balls. Hardness, Material Microstructure aK J , HRC , High Cr.
M C A 4 0 58, Cast Iron, Martensite, M G 8 55, Ball Iron. Low Cr, P C C2 3 45 53, Cast Iron, M Martensite P Pearlite C Carbide. CII Secondary, A Austenite G Graphite, Carbide, intMPE Specifications Weight. Ball dia mm 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 125, Grinding Cylpebs 35 40 20 25 15 20 12 16 10 12. intMPE WEAR PARTS FOR COAL PULVERIZER, Wear Parts for Coal Pulverizer.
Rollers bottom plates hollow balls, and wear rings of type MPS MBF HP. and E coal pulverizer impact plates, and liners of fan coal pulverizers . Material C Cr Mn Mo Others Ak HRC, High Cr 2 2, cast 3 4 13 0 2 0 5. N W V Cu 4 0 60, 28 2 0 2 5, iron, Type Specification. RP and HP coal pulverizer RP763 RP1303, MPS and MBF coal.
MPS32 MPS2650, pulverizer, E type coal pulverizer 7E 8 5E 10E 12E. intMPE LARGE WEAR CASTINGS,Large size Castings, We are capable to produce castings up to 25 tons weight in all kinds of materials for wear and. heat resistance with 30 tons electrical furnace , . BOLTLESS BALLMILL LINERS was invented under the guidance of the System Engineering Theory of Ball Mills The intMPE lining plates without anybolts are easily installed The plates are firmly assembled and easily maintained under a low cost This is an epoch making ball mill liner products in the past 100 years The reliability and

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