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First published in Great Britain 2001,Published by Peter Collin Publishing Ltd. 32 34 Great Peter Street London SW1P 2DB, Peter Collin Publishing Ltd 2001. You may photocopy the inside pages of this workbook pages numbered 1 to 58 for classroom use only and not for resale. You are not licensed to copy the cover,All rights reserved. British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data, A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. ISBN 1 901659 58 5, Text typeset by The Studio Publishing Services Exeter EX4 8JN.
Printed by Nuffield Press Abingdon,Workbook Series. Check your ,Vocabulary for Banking and Finance 0 948549 96 3. Vocabulary for Business 2nd edition 1 901659 27 5,Vocabulary for Colloquial English 0 948549 97 1. Vocabulary for Computing 2nd edition 1 901659 28 3. Vocabulary for English IELTS 1 901659 60 7,Vocabulary for English FCE 1 901659 11 9. Vocabulary for English TOEFL 1 901659 68 2, Vocabulary for Hotels Tourism Catering 0 948549 75 0.
Vocabulary for Law 2nd edition 1 901659 21 6,Vocabulary for Marketing 1 901659 48 8. Vocabulary for Medicine 2nd edition 1 901659 47 X,Vocabulary for Military Terms 1 901659 58 5. Specialist English Dictionaries,English Dictionary for Students 1 901659 06 2. Dictionary of Accounting 0 948549 27 0, Dictionary of Agriculture 2nd edition 0 948549 78 5. Dictionary of American Business 0 948549 11 4, Dictionary of Automobile Engineering 0 948549 66 1.
Dictionary of Banking Finance 2nd edition 1 901659 30 5. Dictionary of Business 3rd edition 1 901659 50 X,Dictionary of Computing 4th edition 1 901659 46 1. Dictionary of Ecology Environment 4th edition 1 901659 61 5. Dictionary of Government Politics 2nd edition 0 948549 89 0. Dictionary of Hotels Tourism Catering 0 948549 40 8. Dictionary of Human Resources 2nd edition 0 948549 79 3. Dictionary of Information Technology 3rd edition 1 901659 55 0. Dictionary of Law 3rd edition 1 901659 43 7, Dictionary of Library Information Management 0 948549 68 8. Dictionary of Marketing 2nd edition 0 948549 73 4,Dictionary of Medicine 3rd edition 1 901659 45 3. Dictionary of Military Terms 1 901659 24 0, Dictionary of Printing Publishing 2nd edition 0 948549 99 8. For details about our range of English and bilingual dictionaries and workbooks please contact . Peter Collin Publishing,32 34 Great Peter Street London SW1P 2DB.
tel 44 20 7222 1155 fax 44 20 7222 1551, email info petercollin com website www petercollin com. introduction, Introduction, The worksheets in this workbook contain a variety of exercises appropriate for students requiring a. working knowledge of English military terminology The worksheets can be used either for self study or. in the classroom and can be completed in any order Several have extensions short classroom exercises. based on the language in the main exercise All the questions within this workbook are based on the. Dictionary of Military Terms published by Peter Collin Publishing ISBN 1 901659 24 0 . This workbook is aimed at students with at least an intermediate level of English However many. people involved in the military have to use English on a regular basis so students with a more basic level. of English may therefore already have the passive vocabulary to handle many of the exercises . Specialist vocabulary, It is important to appreciate that knowing specialist vocabulary involves more than simply recognising it . You can understand the meaning of a word when reading or listening and yet be unable to. remember that same word when speaking or writing . You may remember the word but use it incorrectly This can be a grammatical problem like. knowing that import can be used both as a noun and as a verb Or it may be a question of. collocation we use mail order not post order , Then there is the question of the sound of the word Can you pronounce it And do you. recognise it when you hear it pronounced , For these reasons memory use and sound it is important that students practise specialist vocabulary.
so that they can learn to use it more confidently and effectively The exercises in this workbook will. help students to expand their knowledge and use of marketing vocabulary . Photocopiable material, All the worksheets can be legally photocopied to use in class If as a teacher you intend to use most of. the book with a class you may find it more convenient for the students to buy a copy each You are not. allowed to photocopy or reproduce the front or back cover . Using the Dictionary of Military Terms, All of the vocabulary taught or practised in this workbook is in the Dictionary of Military Terms The. Dictionary gives definitions in simple English which students can read and understand Many of the. examples and definitions in the workbook are taken directly from the dictionary Students should have. a copy of the Dictionary of Military Terms to refer to when completing the exercises using the dictionary. is an essential part of successful language learning . Structure of a dictionary entry, Each entry within the dictionary includes key elements that help a student understand the definition of. the term and how to use it in context Each term has a clear example and part of speech This is. followed by example sentences and quotations from newspapers and magazines that show how the. term is used in real life These elements of the dictionary are used to create the questions within this. Vocabulary Record Sheet, At the back of the book is a Vocabulary Record Sheet p54 Recording useful vocabulary in a methodical. way plays a key role in language learning and could be done for example at the end of each lesson . The dictionary is a useful tool for ensuring that the personal vocabulary record is accurate and is a good. source for example sentences to show how words are used as well as for notes about meaning and. pronunciation etc , III, Page Title Content Mode, WORD BUILDING.
1 Word association 1 Linking each set of four words with one. missing links other word Self study, 2 Two word expressions Combining words from two lists to make. two word expressions that fit the definitions Self study. 3 Word formation nouns Rewriting sentences using noun forms. instead of verbs Self study, 4 Word marriages nouns Completing sentences by combining words. from two lists to make single words Self study, 5 Word association 2 Completing sentences by combining adjectives. partnerships with nouns Self study, 6 Three word expressions Combining words from three lists to make. three word expressions that fit the definitions Self study. 7 Word association 3 Finding words in a mind map that fit Self study. mind maps definitions designing mind maps Pair work. PARTS OF SPEECH, 8 Nouns 1 Sentence completion Self study.
9 Nouns 2 Identifying natural and man made features. in a picture of landscape Self study, 10 Adjectives Sentence completion Self study. 11 Verbs present continuous Matching verbs with pictures of activity. in progress Self study, 12 Verbs present perfect Linking a past action to a present effect Self study. 13 Verbs mixed tenses Sentence completion Self study. 14 Verbs active passive Changing sentences from active to passive. using different verbs Self study, 15 Phrasal verbs 1 Matching phrasal verbs with their definitions Self study. 16 Phrasal verbs 2 Sentence completion Self study. 17 Prepositions Correcting sentences with deliberate mistakes. in the prepositions Self study, PRONUNCIATION, 18 Word stress Classifying three syllable words by their. pronunciation Self study, 19 Present simple Classifying third person singular forms.
by their pronounciation Self study, 20 Past simple past participle Classifying past forms of regular verbs. by their pronounciation Self study, 21 Timings Writing timings as one would say them Self study. Extension Practising saying timings with, a partner Pair work. VOCABULARY IN CONTEXT, 22 Odd one out Identifying a word that is different to others. in the set Self study, 23 Multiple meanings Identifying words with multiple meanings Self study.
24 Opposites Identifying pairs of opposite adjectives . matching each pair with a frequently associated, noun Extension working with a partner to Self study. test one another Pair work, 25 What do I do Matching officer appointments with their. descriptions Extension working with a partner to Self study. write descriptions of other appointments Pair work. contents,Page Title Content Mode, 26 Orders 1 Matching sentences with the correct heading Self study. Extension writing a set of orders Self study, 27 Offensive and defensive Classifying verbs as offensive or defensive . operations completing sentences Self study,28 Combined operations Text completion Self study.
29 Radio conversations Placing sentences in the correct order Self study. Extension practising the conversations Pair work, 30 Commands and warnings Matching commands and warnings with. their meanings Self study, 31 Orders 2 Completing a set of orders by working with. a partner and asking questions Pair work, 33 Abbreviations Stating what abbreviations stand for Self study. Extension working with a partner to test, one another Pair work. 34 British and American English 1 Identifying British and American words by. their spelling Extension working with a partner Self study. to test one another using the phonetic alphabet Pair work. 35 British and American English 2 Identifying the American equivalents of. British terms Extension working with a partner Self study. to test one another Pair wor, 36 Slang Matching slang words with their definitions Self study.
37 Armoured fighting vehicles Matching names with pictures Self study. 38 Positions and locations Matching terms with pictures Self study. 39 Categories 1 armoured Classifying vehicles by type Self study. fighting vehicles Extension working with a partner to. produce further examples of each type Pair work, 40 Categories 2 aircraft Classifying aircraft by type Self study. Extension working with a partner to, produce further examples of each type Pair work. 41 Categories 3 missiles Classifying missiles by type Self study. Extension working with a partner to, produce further examples of each type Pair work. PUZZLES QUIZZES, 42 Communicative crossword 1 Completing a crossword by working with. a partner and defining words Pair work, 44 Word search Finding words hidden in letters and.
using clues listed Self study, 45 Anagrams 1 Solving anagrams by reading clues and putting. letters in order Self study, 46 Military trivia 1 Answering questions Self study. 47 Communicative crossword 2 Completing a crossword by working with a. partner and defining words Pair work,49 Anagrams 2 Solving anagrams by reading clues. and putting letters in order Self study, 50 Communicative crossword 3 Completing a crossword by working. with a partner and defining words Pair work, 52 Military trivia 2 Answering questions Self study.
53 Military crossword Solving a crossword Self study. 54 Vocabulary Record Sheet Recording new vocabulary definitions and terms. ANSWER KEY,55 Answer key Answers to all worksheets. using the workbook, Using the workbook, Most students find it easier to assimilate new vocabulary if the words are learned in related groups rather. than in isolation For example words frequently occur in the same context as their opposites and as such . it makes sense to learn the pairs of opposites together see worksheets on page 24 Similarly mind maps. encourage students to look for connections between words see worksheet on page 7 The exercises and. activities in this workbook have all been grouped into sections These sections practise different elements. of military vocabulary enabling the student to gain a fuller understanding of the words learnt . The first section Word building pages 1 7 encourages the student to identify links between words and. to learn words that are morphologically related for example verbs and nouns which have the same. stems Within the Parts of Speech pages 8 17 section the emphasis is on understanding meanings and. how to use terms in their correct grammatical forms The worksheets in the third section practise the. Pronunciation of military vocabulary pages 18 21 The section Vocabulary in Context pages 22 41 . includes topic specific exercises such as those on Radio conversations and Offensive and defensive. operations The activities in the last section Puzzles Quizzes pages 42 54 expand students . knowledge and use of vocabulary in a fun way , Communicative crosswords. Included in the last section are three communicative crosswords These are speaking exercises where. students complete a half finished crossword by exchanging clues with a partner There are two versions. of the crossword A B The words which are missing from A are in B and vice versa No clues are. provided the students task is to invent them This is an excellent exercise for developing linguistic. resourcefulness in having to define words themselves students practise both their military vocabulary. and the important skill of paraphrasing something when they do not know the word for it . Using communicative crosswords, Stage 1 Set up Divide the class into two groups A and B with up to. Dictionary of Military Terms published by Peter Collin Publishing ISBN 1 901659 24 0 This workbook is aimed at students with at least an intermediate level of English However many

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