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Table of Contents,About the CPHR 3,Application of the Competency Framework 3. Path to Obtain the CPHR 4,Maintaining the CPHR 4,Overview of the Functional Knowledge Areas 5. Enabling Competencies 5,Proficiency Levels Assessments 5. Requirements 6, Appendix A HR Competencies by Functional Area Method of Assessment 7. Appendix B Enabling Competencies 10, Chartered Professionals in Human Resources CPHR Competency Framework CPHR Canada 1 17 2.
About the CPHR, The Chartered Professional in Human Resources CPHR recognizes achievement and capability The professional level. designation signifies that an individual has achieved and continues to actively demonstrate knowledge and skills within. the field of human resources Through an examination and assessment process each candidate for certification must. demonstrate the core competencies relevant to the HR profession. There is high demand for qualified professionals in all disciplines today As companies compete for organizational success. in an ever changing environment they are looking to human resources to help them effectively manage talent. The designation assures employers clients and other HR professionals that a CPHR has committed to abiding. by a professional code of ethics and rules of professional conduct. Once an individual obtains the CPHR designation there is an ongoing requirement to maintain one s competency. This is demonstrated through compliance with the standards set for continuing professional development. Application of the Competency Framework, The CPHR Competency Framework outlines 44 discipline specific professional competencies that candidates. for certification must demonstrate in order to be certified Competencies are written as statements that define the work. of a Chartered Professional in Human Resources so that the Provincial Human Resources Associations can assess whether. candidates have met the standard expected by employers and the public The competencies are kept up to date through. a national professional practice analysis, The CPHR Competency Framework specifies the proficiency level at which each competency is to be demonstrated. and how it will be assessed The competencies and proficiency levels represent the minimum requirement to be granted. the CPHR designation, The CPHR Competency Framework is the foundation on which the CPHR designation rests It is used by. Employers and the public to better understand the value of CPHRs. The academic community in the design and development of course curriculum and profession specific programs. CPHRs to validate their skills and abilities and articulate their value as a CPHR. CPHRs and CPHR Canada Member Assocaitions for continuing professional development CPD requirements. Future CPHRs to help them understand the knowledge skills and abilities required to become a CPHR. Chartered Professionals in Human Resources CPHR Competency Framework CPHR Canada 1 17 3. Knowledge Education,Professional,Membership,HR Experience.
Equivalency options may not apply in all member associations. Obtaining the CPHR, The CPHR education examination and experience requirements are designed to provide candidates opportunities. to develop and demonstrate the required CPHR competencies. The requirements to become a Chartered Professional in Human Resources include. Membership Meet the requirements for membership in their local CPHR Canada Member Provincial HR Association. Knowledge Requirement Demonstrate theoretical knowledge of the CPHR Functional Competencies. Education Requirement Demonstrate knowledge of the enabling competencies and the ability to apply functional. knowledge by using critical thinking and analytical processes in a wide variety of situations usually through the. completion of a minimum of a Bachelor s Degree, Professional Level Work Experience Demonstrate professional level work experience practicing human resources. where the depth of work performed required independence of action responsibility for outcomes and influence. with decision makers, Commit to adhere to the Code of Ethics Rules of Professional Conduct. Refer to page 6 for more information on each of the requirements. Maintaining the CPHR, Once an individual obtains the CPHR designation there is an ongoing requirement to maintain one s competency. This is demonstrated through compliance with the standards set for continuing professional development. Continuing Professional Development CPD involves the reporting of qualifying development activities that aid one. in advancing and expanding their professional knowledge and practice in the competency areas. CPHRs are required to complete Continuing Professional Development activities annually They must complete a minimum. 20 qualifying CPD hours per year and 100 qualifying CPD hours on an ongoing three year rolling basis. Chartered Professionals in Human Resources CPHR Competency Framework CPHR Canada 1 17 4. Strategy Engagement,Overview of the Functional,Knowledge Areas Total Rewards.
Employment Relations,Functional competencies are those specific. to the field and practice of human resources,Health Wellness Learning. The functional competencies are grouped Safe Workplace Development. by nine disciplines or knowledge areas,For a complete list of functional competencies. within each knowledge area refer to,Workforce Human Resources. Appendix A HR Competencies by Planning Talent Metrics Reporting. Functional Area Management Financial,Management,Professional.
Enabling Competencies, In addition to the knowledge and skills competencies within the functional knowledge areas a range of enabling. competencies are also needed to complete the successful professional s skill set. Strategic and Systems Thinking,Professional and Ethical Practice. Critical Problem Solving and Analytical Decision Making. Change Management and Cultural Transformation, Communication Conflict Resolution and Relationship Management. Descriptions of the enabling competencies are outlined in Appendix B. Proficiency Levels Assessments, Proficiency levels describe the level of knowledge or skill required by an individual to become a CPHR The levels. of proficiency for the CPHR Framework are defined as follows. Awareness the ability to explain describe and demonstrate knowledge. Comprehension building on awareness comprehension demonstrates an understanding of the process to apply. knowledge to perform the competency, Proficiency building on awareness and comprehension proficiency demonstrates the ability to draw upon prior.
experience to perform the competency by planning interpreting analyzing and tailoring to their environment. For each functional competency the minimum proficiency level at which it is to be demonstrated is specified. In addition the proficiency levels determine the method of assessment for each functional competency. Chartered Professionals in Human Resources CPHR Competency Framework CPHR Canada 1 17 5. Knowledge Requirement,The National Knowledge Exam, The National Knowledge Exam NKE serves as the national benchmark for the assessment of proficiency in the human. resources body of knowledge The exam assesses an individual s understanding of the CPHR competencies as they. relate to academic knowledge Academic knowledge refers to basic facts policies practices methods legislation etc. It is information that can be written into procedures and transferred fairly accurately during the learning process. The NKE questions are based on the competencies within the nine functional knowledge areas. Member Association Accredited Human Resources Programs. Individuals pursuing the CPHR may be able to waive writing the NKE if they have successfully completed an accredited. credit level HR Diploma or Degree that is aligned to the competencies as outlined in the CPHR Functional Knowledge. Areas Qualifying programs within educational institutions are accredited by a provincial member association and. recognized by all CPHR Canada member associations once accredited. Education Requirement, Candidates for certification must confirm that they have completed a minimum of a Bachelor s Level Degree in any. discipline A degree provides the basis for enabling competencies that allow individuals to effectively apply functional. knowledge by using critical thinking and analytical processes in a wide variety of situations The completion of a degree. also enables one to develop a general knowledge and understanding of many key concepts methodologies theoretical. approaches and assumptions in one or more disciplines the ability to gather review evaluate and interpret information. relevant to specific topics the ability to use a range of established techniques to identify problems critically analyze. information evaluate alternatives and propose solutions the ability to communicate the results of their work accurately. and reliably and the commitment to take personal accountability for decision making. Option 1 Require 3 years,Yes Professional Level HR Experience. Bachelor s Degree,Option 2 Require 8 years,No Professional Level HR Experience. Option 2 may not be available in all member associations. Professional Level HR Work Experience Requirement, The CPHR Experience Requirement is a formal step in earning one s CPHR designation requiring candidates to.
demonstrate three or more years of professional experience in human resources Through the experience requirement. candidates for the CPHR demonstrate their ability to apply the knowledge and skills gained from their formal education. and experience to a workplace environment A broad range of experience must be demonstrated in a minimum of two. of the functional knowledge areas or specialized depth of experience in one Functional Knowledge Area If depth does. not cover all of the competencies in that Functional Knowledge Area the requirement of experience in two Functional. Knowledge Areas would still apply, Chartered Professionals in Human Resources CPHR Competency Framework CPHR Canada 1 17 6. Appendix A HR Competencies by Functional Area Classification System. CODE COMPETENCY PROFICIENCY ASSESSMENT,10000 Strategy. Impact the organization and human resources practices by bringing to bear. 10100 a strategic perspective that is informed by economic societal technological Awareness Exam. political and demographic trends to enhance the value of human resources. KNOWLEDGE OF, Economic societal technological political demographic trends and their impact or potential impact. on business and human resources practice, 10102 All important developments that are impacting and will impact the business environment and human resources practice. 10103 The most important current ideas in the field of business administration and human resources management. Working at different levels of abstraction being able to see the practical implications and applications. of abstract ideas and concepts, Developing actions with different time horizons from decisions and actions with immediate impact to decisions.
and actions whose impact will be felt only several years later. Develop an understanding of the application of governance principles and methods by. 10200 Awareness Exam, keeping current with leading practices to contribute to and implement approved strategy. KNOWLEDGE OF,10201 Leading practice and governance principles. 10202 Organizational strategy and objectives,10203 Organizational development principles. 10204 Change management,10205 Organizational principles. 10206 Budgeting and financial management, 10207 Accountability matrix and decision making frameworks.
10208 Ethical standards and practices,10209 Corporate social responsibility. 10210 Information flows,10211 Global and industry trends. 10212 Research methodologies,10213 Metrics and dashboards. Chartered Professionals in Human Resources CPHR Competency Framework CPHR Canada 1 17 7. CODE COMPETENCY PROFICIENCY ASSESSMENT,10214 Planning and thinking strategically. 10215 Building and managing relationships,10216 Managing projects.
10217 Delegating authority, Provide effective leadership for human resources with due recognition of the roles. Awareness and Exam, 10300 and responsibilities of the governing body and the organization s leadership and their. comprehension experience, relationships with other stakeholders to implement the business plan and manage risk. KNOWLEDGE OF,10301 Building and managing relationships. 10302 Organizational vision mission and values, 10303 Stakeholder groups and their needs and interests.
10304 Conflict management principles,10305 Risk management principles. 10306 Organizational design,10307 Leadership principles and styles. 10308 Thinking strategically, 10309 Embodying vision mission and values in daily activities. 10310 Aligning human resources goals and objectives to business strategy. 10311 Facilitating group work and discussion,10312 Managing conflict. 10313 Process mapping,10314 Risk assessment and evaluation.
10315 Communicating verbally and in writing, Contribute to the organization s vision mission values and goals demonstrating. 10400 business acumen and participating in the strategic planning process to support Awareness. experience,organizational objectives,KNOWLEDGE OF,10401 Strategic and business planning principles. 10402 Business operations,10403 Change management methodologies and te. Chartered Professionals in Human Resources CPHR Competency Framework CPHR Canada 117 5 Strategy Engagement Total Rewards Health Wellness amp Safe Workplace Workforce Planning amp Talent Management Professional Practice Learning amp Development Human Resources Metrics Reporting amp Financial Management Labour amp Employment Relations

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